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Languages: Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Spanish, Welsh

Seller: Quad/Graphics, Inc.

- Toolbar Fixes
- Fixes for Triggered Content
- Other Compatibility Fixes

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Browse our catalogue with your favorite girl anytime, anywhere on your iPad. View American Girl’s premium-quality historical and contemporary dolls, books, outfits, and accessories, all designed to help girls grow up in a wholesome way, while encouraging them to enjoy girlhood through imaginative play.

Download the app and flip through the catalogue to explore new favorites, or use the search function to find a gift fast. Zoom for close-up views of our dolls’ easy-to-style hair and realistic eyes, plus fabric details and embellishments. Then tap to purchase from the app.

Customer Reviews

  • American girl lover

    by Kitten Cat KK

    I love that I can see everything new from AG without even having the catalog

  • by Justis girl

    It's SOOOOO fun!

  • I love AG

    by Kyra<3 AG lover

    I love it because I can see I want for my birthday

  • American Girl <3

    by DolphinGirl848

    I love American girls and I love this app, but not all of the latest catalogs come out.

  • This is a pretty cool app

    by Merhai

    This is really nice I go on it all the time and there are no problems at all. It's also great because you don't have to pay for any of their catalogs. GREAT APP!!!

  • I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Sofia Zuñiga

    I now all of this because of this app that I love!!!!!

  • Awesome!

    by Emmster2201

    I love this app because the picture is perfect and I don't have to wait to get the catalogue in the mail anymore to be able to look at it! I'm so excited to see the 2014 goty edition! I totally recommend you get this app!

  • !!!!!

    by Jkfox624

    I really love this app and I love how you don't need wifi! I totally think you should get this app!

  • Totally cute

    by Jacy pooh

    I luv that you can pick any doll and see pic's of it and even order things awesome!

  • I love it!

    by American girl Tania

    I love my American girl it looks like me and this is a great app

  • Best app ever!!

    by ttaylor54

    I love this app!!!!!!!. If you like dolls you should get this now!!!.

  • I <3 American girl

    by Wolf233456798

    I love the app and the wish list part!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!?

  • Awesome

    by Lolalover1107

    I love this app. I am asking Santa for an American girl this year and now I know everything I want to get for Christmas.

  • This app is so cool!!!!!!!

    by Americangirlkate

    I love this app so much because when I am in the car I get to look at it with no wifi

  • Love it

    by Peace8899$$0179

    I personally like the sensory and pictures .if your looking at this right now I think you should get it

  • Amazing!

    by Aglover234

    I love it!!!

  • The lovely awesome app

    by Abby503641

    This app is is good just to look at when your at a store,in the car, on a plane,or just at home.

  • Love it

    by Happy:):)!

    I love this app I find every thing I want!!!!!!

  • Awesome

    by R u free

    I love love it

  • Awesome

    by Lovebird34562

    It is updated you just have to give it a chance

  • Not working on my iPad !

    by Uncooperative

    For some reason this app just freezes when I tap on the January 2014 catalogue. I wonder why? Please find a way to fix it american girl!

  • Really?

    by Allycat164

    Why can't you just read it?

  • OMG

    by A girl in the West USA

    This app is so not awesome I try to use it but it just keeps shutting down!

  • Meh... :/

    by Esi666

    Everytime I go to open the app, (with WiFi), It always closes the app. It glitches. It won't let me in the app. And without wifi, it like probably let's me in. It's like that with me with other apps too.

  • Nooooo

    by Rayraylanie

    This app is really slow nothing will come up if you fixed that I would give it a 3 star review because well that's the best I can do

  • Horrid

    by Lucky pup 6454

    Works once in awhile if you are lucky.

  • Why?

    by 123456798765

    I love this app because it shows you all the details if you zoom but... It will not let me download any more it only has the catalogs from march 2013 and I want the new ones! Is it so hard american girl?i got this problem fixed but now you CAN'T ZOOM!!!!! You can't see the detail of the clothing anymore

  • Dear American Girl.....



  • Stinks

    by Yoyo555555555

    They only give you one magazine and I am only ten

  • New catalogs

    by Mfhbyfh

    My daughter loves this app, but it will not update the catalog. She really misses that. March 2013 is the last one.

  • Frustrating

    by parismama92

    This app doesn't update new catalogs. It's been the March issue for months, even though I've deleted and reinstalled the app. My daughter is very frustrated!

  • Fun

    by Coolzie1239

    Love the catalog! It's so much easier than the website! I love American Girl.

  • Ok I guess

    by Emilyrocksu2

    I love american girl but I don't get the catalogue in time and it is really bothering me

  • Late Catalogs!!!

    by CityNNgirl

    When I got this app it was March, and now it's June and I still have the same catalog! They should seriously fix this.

  • It's okay

    by Agirl890

    Great but...if you try to zoom in something or touch it it goes to your wish list automatically and I thought ag got rid of wish list also I wish they gave you a chance to look at old catalogs

  • Great app but some problems..

    by Jordan7264

    This app is one of my favorite apps I have on my iPad. But it does have its downfalls. I wish I could keep all the catalogs but it deletes them when there not the time for that certain catalog anymore. Please make it where I can keep all the catalogs.

  • The best

    by Amy only

    Wow this is the best I pad app ever! Then comes mine craft but this is the best game ever!

  • It 's Ok but it can be better

    by Vikdimp

    I think instead of having one magazine on it keep all of ones from the past on and stop deleting them

  • It's awesome

    by May3202

    It's awesome it gets me to the website when I want something and its looks like the real thing awesome 3D

  • IPhone 4S

    by Hello12371101

    I just got the iPhone 4S and apple does not have it on the phone besides that problem the catalogues always come out late anyways

  • Umm

    by Nadjmaselhani

    There always late delivering my catalogs. And the App deleted all of my catalogs

  • Love

    by Tfyvkbkbkhb

    I love American girl I have 3 dolls plus a bitty baby I to saige for my birthday I love the store

  • Love It!

    by Zoey256

    I love american girl,the magazines,the dolls and the books. The app is Great and working great too,i rate i 5 stars. My only suggestion is i know you can tap and hold the item down to add to wish list but it sometimes cuts half the pictures of the clothes off where you can only see half of the outfit. If you add an update please add it where you have a pin and a erasers so you can circle what you want. To be creative you can do highlighters,pen colors and a refresh button so you can clear everything you have circled or written in your magazine. Thank-you, Penny_Heart :)

  • I thought this would work

    by Saturna24

    It just doesn't work I don't know why.maybe I'm not doing something right.but if it doesn't work soon I'll have to get reed of it.sorry guys.:-/

  • Love it

    by Whdjkdjdjdjdekfdjjjvkfgjvjvn

    This is great

  • I love American Girl

    by Giulianarosemineo

    I love American Girl

  • Ok

    by Mkz569

    I love the fact that I can get the catalogue on iPad, but honestly American Girl, you could do better. I've known about saige since before october and the newest catalogue it will let anyone have is October. You need to get new catalogues uploaded to the system. Saige is showing up in the preview pics, but not in the real app!!!!!!!

  • Very cute.

    by Edonian

    I love this app! Such adorable images of the dolls and I love the setup, it's very cute. I just wish the catalogues were current.

  • Huh really step it up


    I'm a kid I love American girl dolls but I live out of the us and I want to see what's new it is December and their latest edition is OctOBER REALLY!!!!!???put a new addition or I'm deleting it

  • What the heck!

    by Tiger hunter 2.0

    I don't get this. The latest catalogue is October but its November. American girl needs to put the new catalogue on there!

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