All Knives Catalogs App Review (iOS, $5.99)


Languages: Russian

Seller: Mihail Kulygin



** Greatest knives catalog ever!**

The All Knives app provides a comprehensive and up to date catalog in graphical and textual form of the range of all serial knives produced, including Folding, Fixed, Kitchen, Throwing Knives and Multitools. In addition to the standard products, the All Knives app now contains photos, descriptions and all data about every knife of all famous brands. The app updates every week, we’re adding new knives to catalog to make it biggest in the world.

- Browse All Knives app easily with 4 main menu items, use Brands, Categories and Search menu items
- Mark any knife with “star” to add it to Favorites
- Enlarge pictures of every knife
- Works with Wi-Fi or 3G connected


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