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Languages: English

Seller: Maxwell Software

✓ Add more names.
✓ Supports iOS6.0.
✓ Supports iPhone 5's screen.

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30 Ratings
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77 Ratings


Have you searched all of your brain but still cannot decide the name for your baby? This app is for you.

Baby Girl Name Assistant contains over 50,000 girl names for your choice, and also lists the top 500 most popular girl names. This app will help you finding the perfect name for your little sweety.

If you want to get both boy names and girl names, please update to our full version.

Key Features:

✓ Over 50,000 girl names waiting for your picking.
✓ Check pronunciation, meaning and origin of some names.
✓ Lists top 500 most popular girl names.
✓ Lists the names in alphabetical order.
✓ Search name by Start with, End with, Gender, and Origin.
✓ Lists similar names.
✓ Add name to your favorites.
✓ Lists the names you check recently.

If you have any question or suggestion, please contact us by [email protected].

Customer Reviews

  • Ok

    by Wizzy izz

    Missing some names.

  • Baby girls

    by Lina@

    Such a fun app! Great for girls and looking for girl names!

  • Wow!

    by Awestruck1124

    There was this other app that I could stump with names that were pretty common. But this app has it all! I've only been able to stump it with random names! And I love how you can email them suggestions!

  • My favorite

    by DLHenry

    I like being able to search for names with just a few letters-the ending or a nickname. Only thing I wish it had was a way to bookmark where you leave off when searching through all. Still my favorite-it has a lot more names that I like than other apps and my books.

  • I like!!

    by BettyBoopGirl02

    Its helpful

  • Awesome

    by Cirst03

    Its really helpful!

  • Download it!

    by Awesomeariel3

    It's so interesting.

  • Awesome

    by Lil1115

    It's great

  • Great app but.....

    by laikere7

    I think this app is very effective. Its got easy access to baby girl names. My only problem is that there r ads every where and u have to pay to get baby boy names. Any way i do recommend this app.

  • Baby names

    by Buggin'out527

    Luv this app, has been very helpful!

  • Babe girls names

    by Paraholtz

    I'm super happy every time ,when I'm looking for a good name this is it. I like it❤

  • Mom to be

    by JenniferAnn518

    Awesome app!!!!

  • helpful

    by this game rocks, and I know it

    Good namesc

  • App is useful

    by 23dfef

    I can't tell you how much this app has helped me.

  • a good girl name database

    by 3fedfe3

    you can find so many name here

  • So many names!!!

    by Fabooboo

    If you are looking for names for your baby girl this is what you need! It has all the names you can imagine!

  • Review

    by Tia Rae

    This is a great app but it does not keep or save your spot where you were last which makes it hard to keep track of all the names you have already looked at. So I give it a 4 for that

  • Thanks for update

    by dkdlfg

    I found the name I want in this version

  • Good update!

    by idfkjol

    my daughter's name in this version

  • iPhone5!!!

    by kdjfkldi

    Thank you for iphone5 support.

  • Kinda lame.

    by Myygnahh

    It has good names but i need better meanings ..

  • Horrible names

    by Asdjkk

    Its only one race

  • my name!

    by jkusslk

    I found my name after update

  • Useful!

    by Dancing Donuts 2000

    When deciding names for stories or future kids this is very useful. It also needs no wifi! I found two adorable names with this app, Claire and Averie!

  • Not user friendly

    by Evan's mommy

    This app is not very user friendly. Uninstalling now...

  • Missing Stuff

    by Khuque

    I really wish I could hear the name so I knew how to pronounce it.

  • Awesome

    by Corey's Queen

    I love it!!!!!!! Giving the meanings was helpful also.

  • cutie pie


    hows it goin???? i luv 2 fart


    by Vapixel247

    Great app!!! Totally recommend. Very happy that it lets me know what origin the name is and what the name means!!! Awesome app!!! And I also just found out that my name comes from Latin and I had noooo idea!!

  • Best of all!

    by lindaj.vargas

    Fantastic app! Clear interface and very organize! Love it anyway.

  • Awesome app and especially free!

    by mp.vedder

    Tons of girl names and easy to search the name I want. I would like to pay for it. :)

  • Best app

    by Miss "B" (Boss Lady)

    These are the bast names for girls

  • Amazing!

    by Rally69

    They help you and answer your emails. Great assistance and also great names. I'm ten and I'm obviously am not having a baby but it's amazing! I know what the names mean and where they are from! AMAZING!

  • Awesomeness.

    by Morgandddd

    I'm not old enough to even think about having kids yet but I've always loved the name Jocelyn, and now I know what it means and where it comes from! Plus, this is really great inspiration for names for characters in my in-progress-books. Thanks!!

  • Found a name

    by Envoy envoy envoy

    I LOVE IT I am 14 and I'm pregnant and when I saw that app I was like hey i could need of a name and here it is Lola

  • I love it!!!

    by turn'n burn:)

    I am 15 and gonna have a baby was not good at first and very sad but once I found out I am having a girl I am happy!!! =)

  • Crashed

    by AriNicole86

    It crashes every time I try and open the app

  • lllooovvveee iiittt!

    by Skyler jones

    This is the awesomest app ever!

  • Great for authors

    by allipab

    This is exactly what I was looking for, I would highly recommend it to any author who can't think of any good character names! :)

  • Pretty good

    by Madamfifi

    Needs a little work!! Finding names is kinda hard!!but otherwise

  • Awesome!

    by Yaitzaa

    It's a nice app to have. Has nice names also!

  • Nice

    by Eve u nena€

    Love itttttt!!!!!!!!

  • Love it!!!!!!

    by Legofever222

    This app is awesome!!!!!!! It gives names. It is helpful

  • Awesome!!!

    by tr.lakin

    After a long day of searching for a great app I found it. It contains meaning, origin without getting you to buy it. Really good app.

  • Yeah!!!

    by lt.grier

    I lvoe this app!!! Tons of names, easy to navigate….Highly recommended!!!

  • Eh

    by Lincolnleopard

    I thought that I would love this because of all the good ratings, but honestly I would never choose any of those names. If you like extra rare, weird names like Fatinn, Haala, or Eaglin, then you may like this app, but it was definitely not for me.

  • Amazing App❤❤❤

    by LittleMonster15

    This App Is Has So Many Names!!! It's Perfect!!!

  • #1 Baby name app

    by d.pricec

    The best free baby name app. I love the design and all the name has its meaning. Love it!

  • It's helpful

    by Me

    I like that I can save the list of names I chose. It helps to have them in front of me ;)

  • Good app!

    by l.mitchellj

    I have tried lots of free baby naming apps and this one is the best I think! The layout of this app is easy to use and they always update the database in time. Anyway it gives me ideas.

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