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Languages: English, Chinese

Seller: Huisheng Ye

minor bug fixes

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80,000+ high quality wallpapers for iPhone/iPod touch, update regularly.

Categories for iPhone 5:
- 3D
  - Abstract
  - Aircraft
  - Animal
  - Anime
  - Architecture
  - Art
  - Car
  - City
  - Computer
  - Fantasy
  - Flower
  - Food
  - Funny
  - Game
  - Girl
  - Holiday
  - Landscape
  - Love
  - Motorcycle
  - Music
  - Nature
  - Other
  - Space
  - Sports
  - Vector

Categories for old iPhone:
- 3D & abstract
- Aircraft
- Animal
- Architecture
- Beach
- Bird
- Black & white
- Car
- Cartoon
- Cat
- Christmas
- Cityscape
- Dog
- Fantasy
- Farm
- Food
- Forest
- Horse
- Insect
- Lake & river
- Landscape
- Love
- Military
- Mountain
- Other
- Plant & flower
- Sky
- Space
- Sports
- Water creature
- Waterfall

Customer Reviews

  • Crashes?

    by Thatpersonbehindanipod

    It never crashes AT ALL. It's awesome

  • Lies

    by The ratr

    This thing NEVER crashes! WHAT ARE YOU GUYS TALKING ABOUT!???!!!! I would give this app infinity and beyond stars!!!

  • Awesome pics!!!!

    by AwsumAustin

    The pictures are really nice and have really good quality. There is a bunch of different catagories too, not just nature! Get this app!!!!!

  • Great!

    by AppL0ver!!!

    Other comments say that it doesn't work, but mine works perfectly! :) Not joking.

  • Pretty good

    by Carabobara2254

    Well I just got this app cuz I have the new I pod and its the same size as it so I thought it would be perfect and I read some of the reviews and I think it's meant for the certain phone or I pod so it might not work but It works fine for me

  • Awesome

    by Bennythekingkong

    Couldnt ask for more

  • Won't work all the time.

    by Jfdvgd$(:,&(dhffv

    I like this app, the pictures(most of them) really exceed expectation, but lately only the cartoon category works. And the pictures on those really disappoint me. So if they fix it I will rate 5 but for now, unfortunately, a 3.

  • Great photos

    by Hero of Carthage

    Great backgrounds for free!

  • Wow

    by KitKat1059

    It's nice. It loaded in 5 seconds and the wallpaper takes 2 seconds to save. Cute and interesting pictures.

  • Cooll

    by Itilian Sicilian

    I love it BEAUTIFUL PICTURES..... Really cool....

  • Love it but

    by Selena Gomez rocks 101 lol

    I love this app it's so great! So many cute pics! One thing is I can't find a category called One Direction i love them and there cute!!!!!!

  • App crash

    by Tride11

    It's has pretty cool pictures but my app keeps crashing.

  • Aswome

    by David Allan

    Great works so darn well love it

  • Love it!

    by Lovey Dovey12345678910

    Love It! My first day I got 20 wallpapers! Honestly a great app!

  • Meh

    by Amandalinx

    It works fine for me but the pics are way too blurry and I don't think there's really 80000 pics. There are better apps out there.

  • AWESOME!!!!!

    by Secret Agent flower power

    I give this app 5

  • Me gusta

    by Selarika

    Yes, great pictures! Im inspired to write again!! The only thing that bothers me is the fact that i cant continuously scroll through pictures. I would like to scroll through more than nine at a time. :) other than that. Wonderful!! great variety and few ads.

  • Not bad...

    by SJMalosi43

    I don't see what all the fuss is about. The images have good quality, very fast and simple, and has many photos for a 'free' original app. It was just what I was looking for.

  • Great App

    by Debbie Q

    I don't know why people are complaining about this app. The free version has more than 9 pictures. It has a lot of different categories, very nice pics for Christmas!

  • Bummer

    by Ronnancy353

    This app never worked. Crashed every time. Recommend. "Pimp My Screen".

  • Waste of money!!

    by Rockula2000

    False advertising!! There is more like a few hundred pix not 8000000. What a joke!!!

  • Bs

    by Mulando2013

    Pure wasting of time

  • Crap

    by Eydgdvvhzceh

    Crap- it crashes every time you try to use it

  • No Good Anymore

    by Sabrina Angell

    Since it's last update, this app no longer works. All it does is crash when you try to select a category. Definitely don't bother.

  • No good

    by Black/blue

    Doesn't work

  • Don't wast time

    by EmilyAngel7321

    Crashes whenever you click a category.

  • What ever happened to report a problem

    by Luv birds

    This used to be a great app. Now when you save pics they don't go to your camera roll like they used to Someone really needs to fix. There's no point in having it if you can't use it. If enough people read this review you won't make anymore money.

  • Stupidido

    by Hello kitty kaylee

    Wow thought it would be a great wallpaper guess (NOT)

  • Won't download

    by Jimbobg54

    Since the update the pics say they are going to album roll but they do not appear

  • Junk

    by Jerryskidshhhhh

    Terrible. Don't waste your time

  • Gjdnx

    by Dkcndkamsnkx

    I did not like this app

  • Hate it

    by Darbs55

    I hate it!!! Dnt waste ur time dowiadibg this...if u could i wouldnt put one star but they made me put at meats one.... GRRRR...!!!! HATE THIS APP

  • Ugh needs more

    by Machine457

    I want funny on the free version because it has it on the description and I love funny if it had it I would love it

  • Uggh.

    by Rachel754321

    The app won't even download. Grrrrr.


    by Itsie123

    no one direction poster wallpaper-.-!!!!!!!

  • Hope you have time to wait

    by Krystaljuly

    I am pulling my teeth out waiting for the images to load and some of the HD photos are blurry not the best quality. Some good images from what would load.

  • NO WAY!

    by Jade2102

    This app stinks! When I first got it, it just MAGICALLY disappeared. Don't buy. 

  • BAD

    by ElectricDYP

    DON'T GET! Really bad doesn't load and it doesn't even have any good wallpapers!

  • Dont download

    by x_Lulu_xD

    This app could be way better. The images are horrible. The quality is bad. Plus it takes forever to load. My advice is do not download this app.

  • Uhhhhhhhh

    by So annoying and stupid app

    This is the worst! Takes FOREVER to load when u go to a different page.

  • by Samantha Adams

    This app doesn't work! It asks you if you want to buy the full version and it doesn't load any wallpapers, it just says there's an error.

  • by Mkhani

    Doesn't load all the wallpaper to the one you want

  • Hugh

    by Fnxdgcff

    |t d0€$ n0t W0rK

  • No good

    by The mean guy

    I wouldn't get this app or any of the app makers apps. It crashed after I got it. And it has bad picters on it like a cartoon with it's middle finger up at the camera. I wouldn't mess with this app. I give it 10000000000000000000000000000000thumbs down don't waste time.

  • Ewwww

    by Ashearon bird lover

    Terrible get wallpaper stand if u want good ones

  • Terrible

    by Troublemaker 101

    It did not even give me any images! This app only wants you to buy the full app! This stinks!

  • Bad

    by Alexis W

    The image quality is terrible....

  • Horrible

    by Falala213

    It took forever to load and it only came with 2 to look through.

  • horrible

    by bigboulders1746

    the images are absolutly horrible DONT GET THIS APP

  • Awful

    by Starcheckered

    None of the wallpapers are actually HD

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