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☆ All new improved interface
☆ iPhone 5 support
☆ New beautiful visual effects, including Rain and Thunders!
☆ Retina Display for the new iPad
☆ Usage Statistics
☆ Improved sound quality and volume controls

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"Whether you are a nature lover or just a Sound FX enthusiast, you will love this app." ☆☆☆☆☆

"Birds Songs & Guide Catalog" features over 100 birds sounds and calls where you will be able to listen and read all about them, since all birds are connected to encyclopedias, creating a huge interactive and dynamic catalog.

☆ BIRDS: 110 birds sounds from all over the world, with up to 30 seconds and multiple sounds from each one, including:

- Asian Koel
- Asian Black Hornbill
- Australian Bushlark
- Bay Woodpecker
- Barbet Bird
- Black and Yellow Broadbill
- Black-headded Pitta
- Chickdee
- Chicken
- Cockatoo
- Crow
- Duck
- Bald Eagle
- Guineafowl
- Goose
- Himalayan Woodpecker
- House Finch
- Mockingbird
- Oriental Cuckoo
- Owl
- Parakeet
- Parrot
- Peacock
- Purple Sunbird
- Raven

And much, much more!!!

☆ GUIDE: All birds are linked to online encyclopedias, so you will find all information you can possible want about each bird. Conservation status, scientific classification, habitat, behavior and much more.

☆ ENVIRONMENTS: 10 different environments to use as a background to create a relaxing atmosphere. Beach waves, mountains, peaceful night, rain, thunders, etc.

☆ MISC SOUNDS: Miscellaneous sounds that will impress you and your friends for sure. Thunders, crickets, seagulls, etc.

☆ ZEN SOUNDS: This app features a free Bonus category with sounds from my other app, Zen World. You will be able to add 9 different melodies, creating a relax harmony.

☆ CONSTANT UPDATES: We are regularly improving our huge sound catalog, and we love to take requests! Contact us and tell us what bird you want on the app!

Disclaimer: This app is for entertainment use only. For more information visit InfinityOneStudio.com/Legal.


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