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  • Category: Catalogs
  • Publisher: Emoji
  • Updated: Mar, 28 2012
  • Version: 4.6
  • Size: 48.11 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Emoji LLC

-Improved mouth movement

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Speak and the Talking Emoji will listen and talk back to you. Create your own funny Talking Emoji videos and share with friends. Also watch our help video to enable 841+ Emoji icons directly on your keyboard.

Try it out for free!

***IMPORTANT*** If the Talking Emojis lock up after you update, please click on the '?' to Restore.

Customer Reviews

  • Very enjoyable

    by AppsPr

    This is too funny

  • Fun app

    by bossjimm

    I just realize I have a cute voice when I tried this app. So entertaining. The kids and adults will enjoy this

  • Glorious

    by James PJ

    Love this little app! Funny recoding play back of your voice!

  • Kind of funny.

    by Nate4436271

    Funny voice recording, that's about it. Ads were strategically placed and timed so that I click on them without meaning to. I really dislike that.

  • It needs some work

    by 60 second dream team

    I LOVE this app!!!! But it only comes with 2 emoji

  • Cute app!

    by FJanes

    Cute emojis! Kids will love this! Voices are cute too, addicting and fun!

  • My buddies and I never laughed so hard

    by One12111

    I downloaded this at the local pub and everybody had a great laugh. Funny voice recording. Great app.

  • A laugh a minute

    by Funlovingplayer1

    I love to share my recordings. Funniest app I've played in a while. Recommended download.

  • Neat

    by dave03cobra

    Nice little spin on it. Very creative

  • Pretty funny emoji talkers

    by Tyler2879

    The graphics are very crisp! My favorite ones are the Panda and the ice cream head!

  • Just perfetct

    by Egzony

    I love to see 3D Emoji icons! I wish to eat them sometimes! Perfect app

  • Nice

    by Yinismss

    Funny app. Lovely emoji and great voices. Kids will definitely love it. Highly recommend.

  • Cute game!

    by FC Hammer 718

    My daughter loves it

  • Lol so funny

    by Jugheadz

    I sounded like a minion. Hilarious. Great app. So much fun to play with.

  • Sooo cute emojis!

    by Huntersmoochies

    I always love emojis.. Good job on this one.. Works perfectly on my end! They sound so hilarious trying to repeat what I'm saying

  • ?

    by dsdodd1988

    It don't show the icons that is on the pic of the app.....

  • Cool emoji

    by lime092589

    The icons are so cool and fun! I really love them all!

  • Nice

    by Eeeriddler08

    This app is just okay. Needs some work.

  • Fun


    It's funny and kids love it. My little brother likes the panda.

  • Awesome game get it

    by •Wïłłö•

    But it keep's not letting me get on it

  • Not that great

    by Jeffrey Gregg

    Keeps going back to the App store & barely gives u enough time to do 1 before u get a pop up ad for other games ..!!


    by Flameman21


  • by Strawbeeeerry

    Seriously? Waste of time. Only gives you 2 FREAKING EMOJIS!!

  • Hate it

    by Pizza22812

    Worst app ever there are only 2 faces

  • Waste of money guys!

    by Jr east464

    Never thought this would be boring want money back don't get it if u do plz dont buy the pack!

  • by Marsh_to_da_mellow

    Before I start, I wanna say that I wouldn't have rated it anything....

  • Don't get it

    by Meerkat cutie

    This app is dumb Plzz don't waste your time to download this app then click on the app then find out that you can only get two. The people who made this app just want to make money again Plzz don't get this app

  • by Hit his is roi

    I loves this app but what would be awesome is if there was a favorites tab, so you don't have to scroll through everything to find it!! The recents tab Is sir of useful but I'll use one emoji once and it's there taking up space for a different emoji that I might use more often like

  • Awsome

    by  Professional Caregiver

    Is a great app peoplez!! Every body should get it before its 99 cents! :)

  • Try this

    by Turtleoblol

    Opening general on settings and go to keyboard. When you're in keyboard settings hit keyboards. Next hit add a keyboard. Scroll down until you see Emoji. Click it and you're done. Now when u text u can hit the

  • Only 2

    by Manays7

    Is app is bad is only two emoji rather be using the Dog one is a little better and in the Emoji app you have to unlock the dog only

  • Funny

    by 1564orange

    It's really funny


    by  MattShaikh

    I Love the variety & quality of the Emoticons ! S.P.


    by LiliFunHope22543

    I think it is horrible! Its just like all the other games i get! They are RIP-OFFS!

  • Bad

    by Blueberry500123

    This app is horrible. All you do is record your voice! What the heck is this apps purpose?! Do NOT waist your time getting this OR the paid version. It is horrible

  • Awesome!

    by BananaDahliaDanielsJelli

    I love this app and it's so cute! Don't listen to the haters..they just want attention..they know this app is great. ;D definitely recommend downloading.

  • Huh?

    by Nadia Star Love

    This game doesnt make sense!All you do us record it then it says what you said.

  • Neat but fails

    by Dennis Zarger

    Records and repeats but can't save anything always an error up loading.

  • Terrible

    by tbo11

    Doesn't even work

  • Downloading

    by Popdoplopfop

    It's cute can't wait to use it

  • Lol

    by Asia espinoza

    This is so awesome

  • Softball emoji

    by Super cool kids

    Please make a softball emoji! It would be awesome and make this app even better. Needs more emojis.


    by T444!


  • by JPisa534

    I think this app STINKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Very good

    by Coldar 

    So easy to use, all my friends has it very fun!! Emoji's for almost everything

  • CUTE!!!

    by CeCe Duck Dynasty

    This thing has a lot of features that I love!! But here is the list of things that I don't like: 1. You only get two emoticons Exactly!! This app is AMAZING!!!!

  • Wow good job!

    by Maiaalize

    I am saying" wow this is just ridicoulus!"

  • Emoji

    by  RemyA95

    Somebody could Tell me how to install it?

  • Ehh

    by Jameshart14

    It's cool but this app only comes with two emoji characters u have to buy the rest that's so stupid

  • By saed

    by Saed laham

    This app is cool

  • Love it but....

    by  FLGoober

    I love this app. I would have given it 5 stars but I'm actually alittle offended that there isn't a black face... I am not black but my man friend is. It's not fun texting him trying to use them with out a black face... I hope you update it soon. :)

  • love n it

    by Dodokh 

    dis app  I love play n wit dis lil pics

  • Ehh

    by Yet dyxurx

    It's ok

  • .

    by Tiffany Cisneros-Yardley

    This app stinks

  • العراق

    by مصطفى محمود

    جدا رائع

  • Ehh,

    by TheThing-izz

    It's not the Real thing? It doesn't show up on your Keyboard as u were thinking

  • Awesomeness

    by Kaykay_kraziii_kid

    This app is awesome but they should include cats though.

  • Awesome

    by Marina1124

    This app is so cool!!!

  • Let me out

    by Tfszvbhnm


  • Lol:)

    by SabSab26

    This isn't a app you would use every day, but it's super funny when your bored and your friends and family are with you! But I wish we didn't have 2 BUY the other emojis

  • So...

    by Cool piol

    So... FREAKING FUNNY! Hilarious

  • Emoji

    by I Rock MM

    I really like it and all but you can only have two emojis. But other than that the game is awesome.

  • Just do this

    by NotAMoron:)


  • by Sallygirl1478


  • Junk!

    by Kristrev


  • Mya master

    by Myajeam

    This is the greatest funniest thing I have ever downloaded

  • Mad and smily

    by Xxlexerxx

    There is only two you can start with a mad face and a smiling face you have to buy all the others if you want them

  • It doesn't even work?!

    by Lara1324

    I have an iphone 5 and it won't talk back... The mic was even on.

  • Awesome

    by Naval_freak33

    Get this now its awesome

  • Okay....

    by Banana Hannah!

    Great idea! But having it where u can only use TWO?! Crazy! That's cheap! It would be a 5 star app but not today!

  • Very cool concept

    by karridy_a

    Well executed. Easy to use!

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