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  • Publisher: ElvisGames
  • Updated: Dec, 31 2012
  • Version: 1.0.1
  • Size: 37.9 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Elvis Asaftei

Bug fixes.

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If you are a fan of architecture or you simply want to build or buy a house, this is the FREE app for you!
3D Houses Free offers you a variety of 3D realistic houses to pick and explore surrounded by a peaceful environment.
With the explore or 3D rotation features, you can get ideas from each house for future construction or structural modifications, new roof designs and materials, stairs placement and so on.
This is a great app to use if you want to plan your future home, get new design and architectural ideas, or, simply put, if you just want to modify your own house in a new fashion way.

Customer Reviews

  • Ads

    by HaJaLe

    This game looks great but I cant even play it cause theres ads in the way on my buttons...

  • :/

    by Z v

    Really u can't make your own oh well can u be able to go in pls then i rate 5 and some good update

  • This game is awesome

    by Bfgfhhvufhfhcjdkdidodorii

    I like this game a lot because it helps me build for minecraft houses. And they turn out very nice you should try if your reading this so I would download this game take it from me, so I would rate this 5 stars. Try it. Oh try minecraft to it is so cool I rate that game 5 stars but I would rate it more. So try this game it's nice.

  • Wish there were insides

    by Doglover898

    This app is good but I wish you could go inside of the houses besides 1 and 2. I also think that the controls should be easier to control and that you should be able to explore the land!!! Most of all you should be able to build and edit the houses!!!!

  • Not listening to bad reviews

    by It's not the best but it is ok

    Every one says this game is bad but I'm going to try it unlike some people Iight like it. DON'T LET OTHER PEOPLE TELL YOU WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Good... But how about doors???

    by Schoolgurl112

    Why is it that some houses have doors and some don't??

  • Shut up

    by Sonny day cool

    For all you people out there who just clicks download with out looking at the describe box, it clearly shows you what the app is about all about so shut up stupids

  • What's the point of it!?

    by Beachlova20

    Are you just supposed to walk around or can you put furniture in and stuff!?

  • Ok

    by Me235758

    EVERYONE WHO RATED THIS: read the description before you download!! IT IS NOT A GAME!!!!! It is for ideas for your home. It does need better controls, and better graphics

  • Gay

    by Jeowhisekagsh

    U can go in side!!!!!

  • Sorry

    by SouthParkFangirl

    It's kinda sad..it seems like this could go far if they fixed it..

  • Boring but kind of cool!By daisylemon.

    by Carla cake

    Cooooool!Kind of lame

  • Not Happy

    by Vdmdks s

    It was very slow looking around and you should be able to build your own house and go in it . In then , ads keep popping up in the way so you can't use some of the features , Terrible !

  • What do you do

    by Annillissa

    What do you do this game is useless :( Elvis games do something about this

  • Please improve this app

    by Catching fire addict

    It has ads that covers the buttons at the top and you can go inside but I accidentally hit a button that was uncovered but now I can't get back inside please fix

  • Boring

    by Oppiu34556789

    This game is so boring you nothing

  • Waist

    by Bigbrucla

    What's the point of this app. To look at a pre designed house that you can only look at. Bs. ZERO STARS

  • WHAT?!?!?!

    by _renity_

    I expected to BUY OR BUILD a house don't name it build a house if you can't you can't even do anything! Worst app ever! I DELETED IT!!

  • I don't get it!

    by Kinda weird

    You practically don't get to do anything with the game I can't even find a way to get in some houses to just look please add more to this.

  • I don't like it

    by Lyssa_1018

    I don't like this game because it is stupid

  • Stupid

    by Pndpop

    Terrible app

  • Not Fun

    by Slyther1nG1rl

    This was not a game and the controls were difficult to use.

  • House review

    by Olivia buss

    It was not a good game because most of the houses you can not even go into.the doors are closed.you,should be able to turn your head faster . It is hard to walk.every time I went onto a house I was under the world.i would not recommend this game.it should be fixed in the next update

  • Okay...

    by 121212<3

    This app is worthless! Why even bare to try it out!!!


    by Buckeyeguy23

    this is a really stupid app. u should be able to decorate the house and move around more freely! and u should be able to make your own house... I was just looking for some app where I could build a sim house without using simoleons

  • Stinks

    by Woodsball

    This game stinks there's nothing to do and nothing to put inside the houses.

  • Questions questions

    by Iursdgxb:)

    How do you stop going BACKWARDS ,I thought that when I turn the dial upward it should go straight .am I wrong?

  • No point

    by Karma294evr

    The description says u can build your own house but all u can do is look at the ones already programmed. It doesn't DO anything. Stupid.

  • What a joke

    by mos140

    You have to be kidding me. What can you actually do with this app, nothing.

  • Ads

    by Meg Meg 0808

    I can't play this because when i girst clicked play the ads covered up the buttons that let you choose something. ;(

  • Really? Thats it?

    by 16920675

    It doesnt make any sence! Whats the point of looking at houses that you cant walk into! I know its not supposed to be a game but seriously if you cant look at them to get inspired how is this any use! dont get this app!

  • Worst

    by mbowdy

    Copy cat app. Same as Houses 3D app. The worst app ever doesn't do anything but move.

  • Messed up

    by Rape sloth

    You can't even design the house

  • Help me!!!

    by Ggggggxcnchbghbvbnv

    How do you get in the house!?!?!?!?!?

  • Game

    by Zoe_barrera

    U can't go in some of them and u can't have furniture inside so all u can do Is look if u see this comment DONT BYE THIS GAME!!!!

  • Horrible !!!!!!

    by Viva vegas15

    This app is horrible I bought it and it was a waiste of my time! DO NOT GET!!!!!

  • Jay2222

    by Cassie's girl

    Get home design

  • Waste of time.

    by Starberry123

    I don't understand the point. Description is misleading.

  • Stinks stimks stinks

    by Hello cat 55

    Well seriusly guys take my word for it house 3-8 stink you cant go in them there so many bad reviews cause it bad it not fun

  • by Emma = awesome

    Stupid u look at houses and its slow boo the rateimg of nothing

  • Stupid

    by Ninja1587

    Does not work


    by Sherlock21

    U can't go inside the house

  • Make it better

    by I master cheif

    Make a update to go in all houses

  • ???

    by Ozwald01

    I didn't know an app could be so... worthless.

  • hard to use!!!

    by Angie5456

    I hate the way I have to walk and look. I can't manage to get in these houses, and the ads are driving me crazy because they are always in front of the buttons!!!

  • Um.. Useless

    by Draco241

    I'll be honest. It LOOKED fun, is it fun? No. You look at stupid houses with graphics that a 3 yr old could fingerprint. You can't even open the doors, the only house I actually found I way into was 5. And also what's the point, they describe it as a perfect house where you add things and make it pretty... I get stuck in walls, and fall off staircases. So waste of my TIME.

  • ?????

    by m477645

    all u do is look at houses u should be able to build one

  • How do you

    by Gamer36

    How do you put stuff down,it's stupid and a

  • You can only go inside two houses

    by MamaMouhot

    I guess I was hoping for more from this app than I got. It's just a small selection of 3d houses, only two of which you can actually go in. No option to arrange any of the rooms, or do small changes here and there, nothing. Just walking through two houses and admiring the outside of the rest

  • Worst app ever!

    by Dianasx5

    This app is so stupid! You can't even go inside the house and whenever you click on a button it goes right to an add popup. This is the worst app I've ever bought! Do not buy it unless all you want to do is look at a fake cartoon house!

  • Don't get it!

    by Catherine bran 49

    You can't go inside some of them, and you can only look at houses

  • Worst app ever

    by Jlost0425

    Don't wast your space on this app it do not work I wanted to put 0 stares but it would not let me DON'T ACT Domb and get it

  • Bad:(

    by Fdtrhg,h,y

    Worst app ever! Don't get! You could do nothing but look at the outside of the house!:(:(

  • by Asianay 34

    This game has no purpose its not a game u can play like have families u just look at the houses

  • Worthless

    by Ęœ


  • Pointless

    by ShawnHill88

    Pointless app; I was cpnfused on the point of it. I deleted it after realizing there was nothing to do but rotate around a home.

  • Horrible

    by Vjhvfgkjgdr

    This app is horrible. There are so many ads you can't even click some of the buttons. How do they expect you to use the app with ads in the way!?!?!?

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