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Fast Player is a fast, efficient video player that plays divx and many common video formats! Play videos you have saved on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad quickly and easily!

- Extremely fast, efficient player
- Simple and easy to use
- Supports divx and a large number of other formats (see complete list below)

Supported Formats:
- mov
- divx
- xvid
- avi
- mkv
- mpeg
- mpg
- wmv
- wma
- mp4
- 3gp
- mp3
- caff
- aiff
- ogg
- ogv
- m4a
- m4v
- vob
- …and more!

Download Video Player now and start playing your videos!!


Downloading videos to your device is easy! First, connect your device to your computer and open iTunes. Select your device from the list and go to the 'Apps' section. Scroll down to the 'File Sharing' section at the bottom. Select the Video Player app and add your video files. You can now play your videos using the app!

Customer Reviews

  • Plays Everything!!!!

    by magician named GOB

    Love it, it plays all of my videos !!!!

  • Atoseh

    by Atoseh


  • Awesome

    by Ralpha2012

    Awesome play anything from the web so for that I use :)

  • app

    by larocax699

    i like

  • Plays Everything!!!!

    by magician named GOB

    Love it, it plays all of my videos !!!!

  • Fast Player WMV

    by JDubya67

    Works great! Easy to use too. Now I can watch WMV files on my iphone and iPad.

  • O ya

    by 44234488

    O yua

  • App works great!!!!

    by Myramomo

    Totally love it!!! Works great!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Flash

    by John boy2012

    Great App

  • Great app!

    by saysay21

    Love being able to play my flash videos! Finally! Love it! :) ❤

  • Plays videos great. Finally!

    by xSparrow82

    I've been trying to use flash videos forever on my stupid iPad. This works great! ❤

  • Good

    by Saman zarrabi


  • Yay

    by Losersfgk

    Love it

  • muy buen

    by Gamaliel187

    lo mejor

  • Enables Americas Test Kitchen videos

    by PeasPodnMe

    Now my mom can watch Americas Test Kitchen videos on her IPad! The cooking show like a hybrid consumer reports but into a cooking show to help you make great tasting meals (also on PBS). Plays anything else too. Copy the web address for the video you want to watch and paste it in the browser window of the flash player app.

  • احسن اختيار

    by رتوش

    من اسرع المتصفحات ويدعم الفلاش بلاير والتحميل

  • Nice

    by Coldangern

    Very good app

  • No brainier

    by Da__GAMER

    Get it

  • Great

    by Backs-boy

    I like it...

  • It's a good app

    by Ywj Pheej

    I love it

  • Refund

    by Ghostoid

    I bought the app and I deleted it the same day because I had to download the movie to watch it and I just wanted to stream it. I don't want to download movies to my iPad I just want to be able to watch them. I would like my refund back because I only had the app for like 5 minutes. If you could do this for me I would appreciate it instead of going through Apple. Thank you.

  • Flash player

    by Shaharia

    It's not work they chit with me

  • useless

    by Lucas Linhares

    the only flash player that works is photon flas

  • Does not work

    by SantanitaG

    Don't waste your money.

  • Scam

    by TheGuy98

    When I bought this, it was called a "flash browser", and was described as being able to play flash videos in the browser. Not true at all. They cleverly combined a video player and an HTML 5 browser for the sole purpose of trying to trick you into thinking it is a flash browser. I'd also like to add that the browser doesn't allow you to download anything as they make it seem. In fact, it doesn't even support multiple tabs! Now they've changed its name probably from all of the poor reviews like mine. Despite their changing of its name, I still hold a grudge against this app and its developers. Don't trust these people and don't buy this app.

  • Kw

    by 23645363728

    Do not buy this I was ripped off.

  • Downhill

    by Shalack attack

    This used to work alright for me when I first got the app. But now the pop ups are horrible and it always crashes. I wouldn't waste your time.


    by Celimercyordie


  • not a substitute for flash

    by smilorem

    it doesn't play videos that require adobe flash; the name is misleading and deceptive; don't waste your money on this

  • Disappointment

    by Who con

    Total waste of money...make sure you check the type of video it plays before you buy this app. It doesn't play swf videos

  • HH

    by Geruerch

    Totally useless

  • Crap

    by Cosmo328

    Does not work, give my money back

  • Did not work for ecards

    by Dog3Lady

    I tried to use this to download Hallmark e-cards but it didn't work. Tried it for 10 seconds or less. I hope I get my money back.

  • I want a refund.

    by Odontoceti svdfbwdfbqdfbqefb

    Don't wast your money.

  • F Player

    by Thewushuman

    just downloaded...does not work...would not buy

  • not working

    by yarperann

    video works sound doesn't

  • Doesn't show Flash videos

    by Doc28111

    I want a refund

  • Waste of money

    by JayCee100

    Don't waste your money like I did. Still can't view any pics or videos from web sites using my iPad 4, and there is no menu for any options. Total waste of money and time!

  • useless app

    by Soopermum

    unable to down load any videos from one of my favorite website that uses flash player. a useless tool for me. can i get a refund?

  • Thanks

    by ShadowDude01

    I watch anime as a hobby and because of your flash player I can watch it on my IPod now. It could be improved with a method that lets you go to webpages you have recently visited, but is still very good.

  • Junk

    by Motel 66

    Not worth it... Job, July 13, 2013

  • Truly a Scam

    by Meritle

    Don't buy this app, this is a scam..


    by Mr. ProfessorSaab

    What a waste of money! I tried three websites and NONE of them worked! I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!

  • My review

    by Iceman1122345

    It does what it says and it's really convenient

  • Works great

    by peridotpirate

    Just what I needed!

  • No

    by smavaddat12

    Doesn't show flash videos on browser (JV Player on noobroom)

  • Love it's

    by Jtotheehomeboy

    It's grate

  • Joke

    by Patio sitter

    What a joke! This app did absolutely nothing! Total waste of money and make me so furious that I pay for something that does NO GOOD at all. MAJOR RIP OFF!

  • I don't get it yet but when I do...

    by Nicholask42


  • SCAM

    by Bra ndo

    It didn't do anything more than other browsers do

  • Terrible

    by Rilakumr

    crashes and crashes, can you fix it ?

  • Epic Fail!!!!

    by skjersaas

    I got this thing because I wanted to watch a video. I tried it several times and didn't work.Be smart. Don't waste your money! And I would've put 0 stars but you know!

  • Waste of money

    by Juxmee

    Doesn't play flash and I uninstalled it within 30 sec. of install and they still charged me.

  • Flash

    by Midgetmacl

    Great work real fast needed this app

  • Works.

    by Mgh24172

    This app works and is easy to use


    by G.J.G.T


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