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The best, cleanest and most powerful Birthday Calendar / Reminder / Countdown app on the App Store, NOW FREE!

Ever wish you had all birthdays in one place? Here's your chance. Birthday Sweet will help you track all those special days in your life.

With this app you’ll never forget any birthdays! It's FREE but beats most paid apps of the same kind because:
-You can import all your friends’ birthdays from Facebook and from iPhone contacts in seconds!
- Gracefully displays which friends' birthdays are coming up, how old they will be and the days remaining until birthdays (with age, photo and zodiac!)
- Configure alarms and the time when you will be alerted for the upcoming birthdays
- Easily message your friends and wish them "Happy Birthday" along with custom message with just one click!
- It's never been easier to send a happy birthday greeting card: you can personalize and send a beautiful retina-quality eCard in just two clicks!
- Post birthday greetings and the stylish birthday cards to your friend’s FB Wall!
- Support large data set: you can create and save as many events/days as possible! No performance loss!
- Support Chinese calendar (lunar calendar)

- Get reminders for friends’ Birthdays and family Birthdays and send them awesome eCards on Facebook
- Send a greeting/happy birthday card to your wife, children or best friends
- Impress your friends and family with beautiful birthday cards and greeting cards sent directly from your iPhone

★★★★★ Mar 29, 2012 by Gus'smom
Cheap & Easy! - I honestly wouldn't change ONE thing~This free app is exactly what I was looking for~ so easy & convenient... Took only a few minutes to sync over 500 birthdays from Facebook... I am impressed with this awesome little app!

★★★★★ Nov 20, 2011 by Cezmae
Great app - I love this app. I'm able to store all of the birthdays of the people i love in one place. Great app and good integration with fb too. But i hope they will give us notification without opening the app first so we wont totally forget it.

★★★★★ Nov 15, 2011 by Bootaful
Reminders, if anyone needs them its me! - I’m so forgetful and I struggle to stay organized and keep up with life; keep my agenda/calendar, list of to-do's up to date. Be present in life and for my obligations. This app helps to remind me to, slow down, remember and celebrate all the people I love in my life. I'm dealing with a horrible disease, life is so crazy and painful. Every chance I get to stop and remind those special people I don't get the opportunity to see that much anymore, just how much they mean to me. Also reminds me to count my blessings, be grateful. And just break to Pray. Thank You, I Love this App!

Customer Reviews

  • Great app

    by Penguin0924

    Love this birthday reminder app. Works great and helps me keep up with everybody's birthday it's the best birthday app I have tried.

  • Great app!

    by KiraJ07

    Very useful!!!

  • Best Birthday Calandar

    by Coolwolf_99

    It combines FB and Contact list Birthdays and reminders me every single birthday. Really awesome. I love it. PERFECT.

  • Very Helpful App!

    by NancyJ6975

    Thanks to this app,I don't miss birthdays anymore! I've chosen to receive notification a week prior to and on birthdays. Perfect! It helps me remember ages, too.

  • great

    by A.Sobati

    i like it

  • Birthday App

    by Reviewwwee

    Great application. I works Great!!

  • Great app.!

    by TheBeck

    Helps me remember everything!!

  • Great App

    by DRod150

    Great App! Reminds you of someone's birthday the day before and the day of!

  • Best bday app

    by Happy smiley t

    I love this bday app! So easy to use. Now I won't ever forget a bday.

  • Good tracking App

    by Rahul Goswami

    This is nice app to keep track of birthdays

  • Love it!!

    by Cricket Thomas

    I love this app! Remind u of birthdays and make it easy to send a wish!

  • Great app

    by Professor Grandma

    Love it..

  • Best ever

    by Mrs Blues

    Reminds me of upcoming birthdays

  • Love it!!

    by ajs29410

    So much easier than other birthday alerts!!

  • Great App!

    by Newbiemommy689

    Does what it is supposed to do. Helps me keep track of birthdays since I am very forgetful.

  • Easy

    by Myi9

    I like quick and easy. Very helpful. I use this app a lot. Just missing anniversary sections.

  • Well done

    by Royce2211

    The app is extremely easy to use and makes remembering birthdays easy. I love it!

  • Nice app

    by VuDangvn

    I love this, never miss any bday

  • Just what I've been looking for!!

    by pRpLmOn73

    Love this app! Easy to use! Love the reminder a week before and day of. I have tried other birthday apps over the years and never stuck with them. This one is a keeper! Thank you!

  • Love this app!

    by Time is $

    So easy and useful!

  • Love it, except...

    by Captainmycaptain1974

    I use this app a lot and love it, but I wish it would allow a separate category for anniversaries. I also wish it would say "will be 24" a few months before a birthday, and would say "29 today" on someone's actual birthday.

  • Great reminder!

    by Yogachick1979

    App works just as it should. Reminds me with a pop up notification and a little note on the actual tab as well. Synced perfectly with my FB and contacts and it was easy to add my own as well. Love that it tells the age too, makes writing cards much more personal.

  • Awshum!

    by KurosakiXTeru

    This app is cool I love it!!;)

  • Reliable

    by Insurance Traveler

    IPhone, two iOS, keeps me posted to upcoming birthdays. An anniversary option would be nice Alerts me to buy birthday and anniversary cards 10 days in advance.

  • Well done

    by bdig

    Very good app

  • My review

    by Shorté

    This is a boring app !


    by Uncle Tookie

    Just started using this about 2 weeks. At first the ads were annoying. Than I decided to pay the 99 cents and no more ads, plus you get I Cloud to backup your birthdays and emails. I hope it stays at 99 cents and does not go up.

  • Handy app. Works great

    by 1144Rob

    Works very well.

  • Love it

    by Tone - AJM

    No birthday is ever forgotten now. Priceless!

  • Wow!

    by CowboyFan321

    I should have started using this app a long time ago. Flawless! I never miss a b-day or anniversary now. Very user-friendly and visually appealing.

  • Birthday App

    by Ejm7

    I love this birthday app and the options offered for sending a birthday wish. The app is colorful, organized and efficient.

  • Great app

    by Michael Shrout

    This program is a simple app that reminds you about up coming birthdays. You can set reminders several days ahead and on the birthday as well. Great if you need to send a card in time to arrive on their birthday or if you want to call on the day.

  • Love it! Plain & simple

    by •reubenski•

    After trying several similar apps, ran across this one and love it. Simple to use. Works good with phone contacts and Facebook, couldn't ask for more. I highly recommend. Never miss a date again.

  • Nice

    by Videct

    Like it..❤

  • It really works great but?

    by JerseyZ28

    I really love this app I always forget birthdays and this one is easy and really works...... But the beep reminder is so short not loud and is only once so if your phone is not is not in front of you then your not going to hear it and it does NOT repeat the reminder.. A text too would be nice or an acknowledge feature to say you got the reminder those two features would make this app the best.. But it does work great just needs improving!

  • Very sleek little app

    by (LesTay)

    Easy, concise, straightforward. Would like to be able to sort the birthdays by name or by month, etc but cannot. Maybe in another version....

  • Good

    by Mydestini2000

    It's pretty good

  • The review process is cumbersome though.

    by TwinMommy!

    This app really helps me remember birthdays & anniversaries too!

  • Love the alerts

    by Palm Coaster

    I love having everyone's birth date in one place and having an alert in time to send a card.

  • ML

    by Minamiki6


  • Awesome

    by Reneemother

    Great app easy to use, however, wish they offered other greetings.

  • Great app

    by Alex_Dogwood

    Love this app. Name is a little girly but it doesn't exactly what I need it to do!

  • Just what I needed

    by Edsfind

    Works just fine, I like it and use it all the time. Keeps me posted on birthdays, recommend this app.

  • Very good app!

    by RAKTK

    Very good app!

  • Super if not for the ads

    by urinato

    This is great b-day reminder telling you all the info you need, age, date of birth, name, and even zodiac sign. I love it. Easy to navigate. But the pop up ads at the beginning is probably the only weakness of this app.

  • Great app to remember birthdays

    by ShaCoe

    Never forget a birthday again!

  • Love it

    by DEM-Lodi

    This app makes me look good when I remember everyone's birthday everybody should have this app

  • Simple

    by Mrs MoJo

    Very simple to use. Grt to have all my special dates with me at all times. Helps me to stay organized and not miss a special date.

  • Birthdays

    by Connonsnana

    Great reminders!

  • Great App

    by sir jacob

    Thanks for such a great app. I really needed this.

  • Handy

    by John De Lorenzo

    Great app ever!

  • Great

    by YeseniaZhou

    Very helpful app! It reminds me of friends' birthdays and you won't miss them anymore!

  • Love it

    by Stops to early

    Love it, it helps me keep up with everyones birthday.

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