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Many internet marketers and "online gurus" are still using made up numbers to scare new business entrepreneurs into purchasing their business building products.They state that over 95% of small businesses fail and they have the "secrets" to being in the other 5%, but this 95% number was actually picked out of the hat as a marketing ploy and is in no way approaching reality.In fact, we were recently investigating one such site touting four sure-fire business strategies for a successful business. This particular author cited the same old 95% scare tactic in his online sales letter webpage.Our first reaction was that if he got this statistic wrong (or perhaps deliberately using it), what else in his eBook is incorrect or misleading?By the way, he was selling his eBook for $97 - a guaranteed waste of money for new-to-the-net folks, but a whopping money earner for him!Was it an incorrect statistic or an immoral duplicity? Only the author can answer for sure, but our best educated guess is that it was a "scare-them-into-buying-my-product" marketing scam; something that is unfortunately quite prevalent online these days.

About Tree Frog

Tree Frog Reader was created with the end reader in mind. Tree Frog lets you easily navigate through your book with books being organized into Chapters/Verse.

Tree Frog Reader Features Include:

-Adjust Font Size
-Adjust Font Type
-Write Notes
-Portrait/Landscape Mode
-Auto Rotates into Portrait/Landscape Mode
-Ability to Lock into Portrait/Landscape Mode
-Day/Night Mode
-Read it anywhere no Internet needed
-Opens to last spot read
-Easy Navigation
-Books Sorted into Chapters/Pages
-Images can easily be viewed within Reader

About PublisherApp

PublisherApp creator of the Tree Frog Reader, PublisherApp is software development team located in Southern Utah. Our technology includes our proprietary Publishing Platform and Tree Frog Reader which is dedicated to making it easier for Experts, Coaches, Professionals,Authors and Publishers to share their great content in a digital format!

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