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A1 Health History Help v 1.2

Health care has become one of the leading cost elements of the family budgets. The health care industry has the highest inflation rate of any part of the American economy. What does all of this mean to the average family?

The person who manages the family budget needs to understand the complexity of the family medical billing. Medical billing is complex and has the potential to inflict major costs on your family. YOU NEED a tool to manage and track health care.

This program is simple to use, and it is a powerful tool to manage health care history.

What is healthcare history?

As an individual or a family you have occasional illness or injury. Most of us who get sick or injured tend to ignore our health history, or information related to the sickness. We cannot afford to do this anymore. Insurance companies demand accurate information related to illness or they will not fully pay doctor bills.

A bigger benefit is the tracking of insurance billing and payment history. As an illness happens there are doctor visits, and medical procedures that are performed. Doctor bills are not like any other service. You will not get a quote for services. You may not get a billing for weeks that establish your part of the cost, and what the insurance company has paid. If there are errors in the billing, or the bills are unclear you will need to refer to your health history to support any disputes.

Another large cost is the ongoing medication that you need to stay well. This is also tracked in the A1 Health History. This program can be used for any form of health care service, to include dentists, elder care, all form of medical support or products.

The A1 Health History program is unique in that it can be taken anywhere on the iPhone or iPodTouch or iPad. Because this program was originally designed for the PC/Mac, you can also use it on your computer and sync data between the computer and iPodTouch/iPhone, or iPad. You can visit your doctor and have your full health history with you. While you’re at the doctor you can add additional data.

This app was most recently updated to be used on the iPad. The screens were optimized to work with both the smaller iPhone and now for the full iPad screen. Because this same app has a PC/Mac version, you can purchase the computer app to allow you to work on the app from your computer. The two apps share data using a file sync process. Since the screens are nearly identical on both apps, we will use the iPad screens to provide help in this document.
Read the A1 Health History help file at our support web site for more details. http://sites.google.com/site/appsbyvaughnclement/ Note: a computer companion apps is available on the support site for PC/Mac users.


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