Scanner Pro by Readdle Business App Review (iOS, $2.99)

  • Category: Business
  • Publisher: Readdle
  • Updated: Oct, 09 2009
  • Version: 5.1.5
  • Size: 28.44 MB

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Turkish

Seller: Igor Zhadanov

-Featured by Apple as the first App of the Week in 2014.
-Also, we've completed 9 localizations.

If you have iPhone 4S and Scanner Pro crashes on it - please reboot your device to fix that.

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"Scanner Pro is perhaps the best app for quickly scanning and saving a digital version of a paper document." - New York Times.

Scanner Pro transforms your iPhone and iPad into portable scanners. It allows you to scan receipts, whiteboards, paper notes, or any multipage document.

Scanned documents can be emailed and printed, uploaded to Dropbox, Google Drive and Evernote, or simply saved on the iPhone/iPad.

The application incorporates special algorithms that remove shadows, make scans sharper, correct perspective and make them as readable as possible.

“I will confess to some serious love for Scanner Pro ” - Rick Broida, CNET

“Scanner Pro is an excellent app for those who'd like to digitize and organize their paper worlds.” - Marc Saltzman, USA Today

“There really isn’t a better scanner app for iPhone than Scanner Pro” - Matthew Panzarino, TNW

Experience the simplicity of document scanning:

+ Scan receipts to keep track of travel expenses
+ Convert paper notes and sketches into digital copies
+ Sign with a pen and scan a contract to email it back
+ Save interesting articles and book pages for further reading

What Scanner Pro allows you to do:

+ Scan documents +
Scanner Pro scans any type of document, ranging from a receipt to multipage documents. All scans are saved as a PDF.

+ Process images smartly +
Automatic edge detection and advanced image processing help you to get great scans blazingly fast. You can also adjust the crop area manually, by tapping on the screen.

+ Real-time border detection +
While making a scan, borders are detected visually and in real time. Thus you can choose the best position to get a perfect scan and skip manual borders adjustments.

+ Scan documents into a PDF file +
All scanned document are produced as industry-standard PDF files. You can add new scans, delete or rearrange pages within a PDF file.

+ Email or print scanned documents +
Just scan any document and tap the "Send" button. If the document needs to be printed, send it to any printer nearby.

+ Upload scans to online storage +
All your scans can be uploaded to Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive or any other
WebDAV-enabled online storage.

+ iCloud sync across all devices +
It brings convenient access to all your documents on your iPhone or iPad. When you take a picture on your iPhone, seconds later it can be accessed on your iPad vice versa.


If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions please contact us directly at or
NOTE: The new iPad has an excellent 5 MP camera that makes great scans. Scanner Pro runs on iPad 2 and the first-generation iPad, but with limited capabilities.

Customer Reviews

  • My favorite scanning app

    by Satchfan71

    I bought this app shortly after it came out on the App Store. It has improved a lot since then. I really love this app.

  • Awesome.

    by gingerdawgson

    Works its magic.

  • Great, much improved!

    by stringman2012

    This app keeps getting better. So handy to have a scanner on my phone that works with dropbox and creates PDFs so quickly.

  • Exeptional

    by Josesosa57

    Fabulous App. Easy, practical, and great quality of images from scanned documents.

  • Gets the job done

    by Dp2239a

    Love it

  • Amazing

    by moori 1

    Great App

  • Great app

    by Don'tjenksme

    5 star I use every day

  • Makes scanning on the go a breeze

    by Aungkhut

    I've been using this app for some years now and I love the ability to be able to scan documents and receipts without having to be connected to a printer and computer. No more waiting for someone to email me a document; I can scan it right then and there and either email it to myself or upload it to Dropbox. My sister had purchased this app first but I bought it myself so I could quit asking to use her phone.

  • Very good

    by Dixx999

    Very good app it's work.

  • A great help!

    by junemarie22

    It has worked really well for me and is very useful when scanning varied sizes of documents.

  • Graet app

    by abo ALWALEED 7


  • Good results

    by Yanbin


  • Good

    by György Csöke


  • Great app, seriously.

    by Akam7

    Makes it look like a pdf. Nice professional. Awesome app.

  • Great

    by SH6391

    Best scan app, ever. Easy to use, good rendering.

  • Worth It!

    by Ramen Shi

    It's not just good for documents, I use it for drawings and sketches too! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

  • Works

    by iApplefanboy7

    Good app. Good app. Good app.

  • One of those Must-Haves!

    by Russell62

    Although I was late coming to this app, I use it daily to create PDFs in support of my paperless lifestyle. Stable, fast, sharp on my 5S.

  • Excelente!

    by Romeulc


  • Really like

    by AnitaRo

    Very easy to use and useful

  • Good features, missing easy Email Option to yourself

    by Raisin Brahms

    Really good scanner app, but wish there was a one-click button to email to file to yourself.

  • Great app

    by Auber rapini

    Great app, sometimes doesn't work very well, but still be a great app.

  • Great

    by Pinballlllllllllllllll

    I use this app very frequently, and couldn't be more pleased.

  • Awesome app

    by 76083

    Performs as promised on IPhone and iPad. I use it several times a week for work. Highly recommend.

  • Great!

    by Danecule

    Hands down the best I've used!

  • Simple to capture

    by AustinNewsJunkie

    Easy to use and pretty accurate. If only the crummy copies of copies of copies i've scanned were the legible originals!

  • Use to be very good but no longer

    by Esorcc

    Using on ipad mini and iPhone 4S. Crashes most if the time when using camera to add new scan. Vendor suggests rebooting device. That sometimes helps, but come on, no other app requires me to reboot just so the app can work. If the issue is not resolved soon then I'll replace it with an app that works when I need it.

  • If you use Evernote, buy this app!

    by Vollyball9018

    Great app. Easy to use great results! I use this app almost every day!

  • Organized.

    by Shriekingshack

    I love being organized and this app really allows you to file your receipts and other things to keep your space nice and neat. This makes things much easier to access later. Plus, the quality of the photos are superb! I recommend this application hands down.

  • Just what I needed

    by LOMA Behavior

    I was looking for an app that would make collecting and filing receipts on the go easy. This is working great. Love the auto sync with several cloud storage services and the ease of renaming the file after scanning.

  • Scanner Pro

    by Fleonard

    Out of an array of scanner Apps I have used over two years SCANNER PRO gets top marks in my book. SCANNER PRO has all the tools you'll need in am easy to use, intuitive UI App.

  • Has replaced my flatbed scanner!

    by Zondervin

    Has replaced my flatbed scanner!

  • Better than the real one

    by Vivien02936

    In good light with my iphone 5 I get a better scan than with a big scanner. I would recommend to take it as a picture first and than convert it into a PDF

  • So easy!

    by Fancy345

    Just take pics of anything you want to scan and you have an instant PDF.

  • Jeffrey Job

    by NWimport

    I love this app. User friendly,clear readable text documents and adjustable brightness, contrast and color.

  • Finally

    by Student Dr

    Finally what I was looking for. Nice integration with other services like dropbox

  • Such a great tool!

    by WeldInc

    Works like a real scanner; gives me quality scans of documents and is very easier to use.

  • Great app

    by Mahjgn

    Have had no crashes and scans are clear. I use my link to my Evernote account to keep and tag what I want.

  • Not worth it.

    by Cocobean1

    Still needs a update. I'm using a 5S and when you push the shutter button to take a extremely long time to take a picture. The quality of the picture is not great.

  • Nice scanner but missing upload over cellular

    by RaceH2O

    App works great for capturing pages and finding their borders, then bundling multiple pages into a single PDF. I really like the auto upload. Except, there is no option to auto upload over cellular network (3G/4G/LTE). This is a serious omission, especially for those of is with high capacity data plans and often no WiFi access (my phone is my Internet). Extra funny that I have tethering on my phone. So the scans sit on my phone until I get to WiFi (but then I forget to get the next stops done once my data is online). One can still upload via cellular manually (including uploading a group). But that means one needs to make sure to know which ones are pending or clean out the documents once uploaded. So it is management work. A very minor item... Update the icon to iOS 7. It looks so... 2000. Image is important, especially with imaging software ;).

  • Exceeded my expectations

    by CoachGeorge

    Great app

  • Amazing!

    by SuperDude 1000000000

    By far the best scanner app around for image quality and ease of use and it also lets you fax your scans which can be so very important with fewer and fewer places having public fax machines.

  • Great app


    This app works great . I email lots of paper work and this saves me the time to look for a scanner . I scan from anywhere and send .

  • Artist's dream!

    by seabeard

    I love this app. I've used it for numerous documents so far, but the best use has been for my artwork! I could be in the worst light ever and it still scans so cleanly. Waaay better than any clunky thing attached to my PC could do.

  • Scanner Pro Excellence

    by Adultlooney

    Perfect app for on the go scans. Sometimes docs need to be stored for safe keeping and this is the perfect compliment to that need.

  • 非常棒的软件!

    by Fjzzzxl


  • Good app

    by Chattaksia

    After downloading this app I found myself using it a lot more then I thought I would. I would recommend this app

  • Great app

    by Hadidude

    I love being able to scan papers anywhere now

  • Great

    by Dczhang

    Easy to use, all I need

  • Great scanner

    by MegBryMc

    Great scanner - I use it all the time Thanks - worth getting

  • Best app of its kind.

    by PartyOfSe7en

    I use it to scan all my business receipts, and with automatic upload turned on they get sent right to my Dropbox (or Google Drive). Then I can attach them to my transactions in QuickBooks with ease.

  • Great photo App

    by PREM KS

    Easy to use and it finds the edge of the photo and scanning document easily md processes right to Dropbox, gmail, drive and many more

  • Better than expected and I had high expectations

    by BadNuzJr

    Great app that does everything you'd want it to and more.

  • Improving app

    by Debbiektd

    I use it somewhat regularly. I do have a couple of issues with it though. First, and most importantly, the copies end up being much darker when they are saved than when they are scanned. Secondly is the focusing. It's sometimes difficult to get it to focus and keep it focused. Thirdly, it doesn't appear that you can edit the name of the document after it is saved. Despite the issues, it is the only scanning app that I use.

  • Great app

    by Llama Mama 6

    Very user friendly, easy to scan anything!

  • Scanner

    by 988ij

    Excelente app

  • Great... when it works.

    by Hollieismyname

    I loved this app so much at first as it was very convenient to scan in documents which I needed electronic copies of so that I could easily share them or store them, however, now whenever I take a picture of a page to scan it, the app crashes and doesn't save the picture taken. It is pretty embarrassing to have to take multiple pictures in class and have none of them work.

  • Great quality scans and syncing

    by Jacob Hantla

    Very easy to use to scan and super simple to sync to google drive or other cloud storage. Couldn't imagine not having it

  • One of the more useful apps

    by sinemac

    Great app if you're going through signing physical documents and want a quick digital copy. It works well for creating multipage pdfs of the scanned docs... And Dropbox integration has made it particularly easy to make sure my scans are accessible wherever I need them.

  • Amazing ❤️❤️❤️

    by jkahmed

    all I can say this app help me alot in my life THANK you so much for developer

  • Great app when ir works!

    by Mo Urena

    Is a great app my only complaint, is having to restart my phone every time I use the app. If I don't do it then the app crashes and doesn't work.

  • Best one so far.

    by Username not already taken

    Out of the three apps that I have for scanning documents this is the easiest one to use. So far it has done an excellent job at detecting the margins of my document.

  • Great

    by André1014

    I love it

  • Always Does well

    by 20bended

    This app never crashes and it always finds borders of the page automatically. This app is amazing and I suggest you get it. DEFINITELY WORTH THE MONEY

  • Best App Ever!!!

    by Kassassin2

    Love it!

  • Useful

    by atom_aton

    I create lots of sketches to visualize workflows during user testing. I use this app to capture these drawings. The app does a great job of capturing the detail.


    by Robert Serio

    I thought this app would be junk, but it truly allows me to quickly put any school handout on my iPad in a short amount of time

  • Great interface

    by fegarcia

    Love the app

  • My most useful app

    by sudoku-planet

    I downloaded this app after my scanner broke and found it exceeded my expectations. It works well with Dropbox but not so great with iCloud.

  • Well done

    by kmsmolk

    All around solid app

  • Very good

    by Qdnj

    excellent,easy to use

  • Expense Reports

    by Mike in Newark

    Awesome for getting receipts organized for business travel. Allows me to scan in receipt as soon as transaction is made, in case a paper copy is lost. Then I've got it all ready to go to email to myself for submission as soon a a travel is completed.

  • Excellent !

    by iT'sUpToMe Productions

    Absolutely wonderful and ease of use ! So wise to be able to adjust corners even without taping on the blue markers. Pull from further and it will function perfectly. I would just add a grid line so that when you adjust the frame manually you could assure a perfect geometry with 90 degrees angles Cheers

  • Can't live without :)

    by Arabizooo

    Love the app, its practicality, the interface, the folders classifications and organizations, etc... I would also love to see: - The image to text scanning feature incorporated within. Would make it SUPER SCANNER! - An option that helps remove (room) light reflections on scanned docs or at least a post-scanning treatment for light reflections. Way to go with all da love!

  • Love

    by 96kiloblips

    Great with Evernote

  • exelent...!

    by AlanCorteez twitter

    Me a ayudado mucho en mis tareas lo bueno que la descarge gratis

  • Super app

    by Babolek


  • Does the job

    by CombatCop

    Great app! Makes great pdf's easily.

  • Pretty Good

    by Lvos88

    Only problem is that the picture doesn't take quickly.

  • Easy to use and really handy

    by hellowijaya

    Gf is across the country and this app saved me money from sending the tax form. Take a picture and you can email it to the other person

  • Pretty Awesome!

    by jazzy941


  • The best scanner app ive ever used

    by sfromd

    The best scanner app ive ever used

  • Love at first scan

    by sdjohnso

    I use this app religiously. Personal documents, chapters from books, business documents, you just can't match this program. Spend the money. You'll be glad you did.


    by BruinGoalie'12

    I'm an artist, and it's hard to get good pictures of my drawings. Plus, most scanners are bulky, and some can't handle my larger drawings. This app solves that problem. I love it because it gives me a multi-size scanner that fits in the palm of my hand.

  • Works like a charm!

    by Ironheadslim

    I can practically go paperless. Fax is obsolete. I love love the time saver this is.



    This app gets the job DONE!! If desperate enough you can fax right from it. How cool is that!

  • A must have App!

    by GBiker

    Absolutely love this app. Quick and easy to use and the documents look as good as a professional scanner!

  • A must have app

    by ZeroDarkFifty

    So useful for students and professionals alike. Use this app to digitize all my paper documents

  • Scanner Pro

    by Redzombie85

    Great app, having a scanner in your pocket comes in handy so much more often than you would believe.

  • Great app! Perfect for receipts and business cards

    by Madagary

    Flattens and enhances images. Makes expense reports a breeze!

  • RAD app!!!!!

    by Heres2cents

    If you need something that does this task...this does it extremely well!!!

  • Love it

    by Jthreezy

    I use this to scan and send to my Evernote account. Also it backs up to Dropbox so it's very secure!

  • Great!

    by Jose Carlos Faz

    Love this app. Gets the job done and uploads automatically to Google Drive.


    by Awesome Rocket77

    Best scanner app available!

  • Wow!

    by Budget Blinds

    This app is great. I think I'll be able to permanently retire my scanner!

  • Nice!!!

    by Mac Muscle Nerd

    Best UI out of all scanners I used.

  • Great!

    by piratesbooty

    Really useful, especially for college students!

  • Good at scanning but...

    by rossi141

    The application has changed how it integrates with DropBox - it used to be that it could be set to automatically upload to Dropbox using cell phone data, however, this has now changed, and now only allows you to upload when you are on a wireless connection - this has changed how I must use it, and I do not like the workflow that this has imposed on me - its inefficient.

  • Nice application

    by Spiritual pain

    Nice application for business.

  • Great app

    by Andrew--k.

    I love the border tool for scanning!!!

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