Amazing Universal Detector - BS, Metal, Virgin, Geiger and More... Business App Review (iOS, Free)


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█ FREE - Amazing Universal Detector lets you detect absolutely anything and everything!

All-in-one FREE app.

Customer Reviews

  • Rad

    by Haylynnn

    I think it is a great game if you are reading get this app it is awesome for your iPod iPad iPhone or an I something just you should get it!!!!!!!!

  • LOL

    by Aridja138582

    I can't believe how many people actually think this would actually detect metal or whatever. I'm beginning to feel the human race is doomed. That being said this could use some variety in the graphics and sound. Potentially funny but mediocre.

  • Reviewers don't get it

    by Dman01989

    Sure, all you have to is tilt it - i mean come on, iPhone doesn't have any way of detecting metal or radiation. It's just fun to screw with your friends' 4stars-innately pointless, but free and entertaining.

  • Yay!!!!!

    by B. E. A.

    This app maybe dumb, but it found my earring!!!! Yay for now I think this app is pretty amazing. I give a thumbs up. I thought I would lose my earring forever. Yay!!!

  • I like

    by EDSLocklear

    I know you turn it one way and it goes off, but this is hilarious!

  • Wow

    by yung_wild21

    Even tho I mo the trick... Tomoro at skool will be fun

  • Brilliant, loads of fun

    by StevenLM

    I can see I'm going to get some use out of this. :-)

  • Are you kidding me

    by S1crow

    This app would be more fun if it was random but no. You can control it. The only thing this is good for I s to see if your iPod still works.

  • So stupid!!!

    by Alyssa52097

    Hate this app. Nothing works. Apparently my metal spoon isnt really metal but i am? Dont waste your time.

  • Worst app ever

    by patrickgorski

    This is the f***ing dumbest app out there!!!!!!!!!

  • This stinks

    by Me stupid

    If u are looking at this review then listen to my advice do not ever buy this app all u have to do is tilt it in order for it to work it is stupid and please I am telling u it is a waste of ur time

  • Hate

    by Suckkkklkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkks

    Title says it all just tilt it to make meter go up

  • This is a rip off.

    by Tyguy27

    All you do is tilt it.

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