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Create your personalised Business Plan in just 5 minutes on your mobile device.

Create an unlimited number of business plans Key Features: - 90% Less Typing than traditional Business Planning methods - Your one page business plans will published online (free) or delivered vial email (Confidential)

The option of publishing and sharing your business plan with your friends via Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter via the web. With The 5 Minute Business Plan you will: - Make key business decisions - Develop your 12 month goals - Identify key competitive strengths - Prepare your business for rapid growth The 5 minute Business Plan app helps you create a winning 1 page business plan in just 5 minutes. At the end of the dynamic questioning process, you will be emailed a completed 1 page business plan as an HTML email. New Feature: Share your 1 page business plan on the web, with our automatic publish to the web feature. Our full product creates a complete 40 page business plan and can be found at www.businessplanninghq.com Create your Business Plan Now

Customer Reviews

  • Great App!

    by ntrlwmn

    I never filled out a business plan before but this app got me thinking about the direction I want to take my business and how I'm going to get there. If you don't have a clue and need a little focus, do yourself a favor and download this app.

  • Great Little App

    by New Apple Man

    Got me thinking clearly about where I stand in the marketplace.

  • Owner

    by Ray70blackstar

    Great way to learn how to write a full business plan. I definitely will recommend this app to others!

  • Does what it says.

    by maarburg

    This is a great app I you have never done, or don't like to do a business plan.

  • 5*****

    by Prieandre

    It's useful and super

  • Great App

    by Meiangelo

    If you are starting a business and have never done a business plan thus is the way to go!

  • Good starting point

    by Bigbear113

    Good starting point for a business plan. Pretty concise and helpful if you've never written one before.

  • Startup tool

    by Jam Columna

    It's a great tool for startup.

  • owner

    by minnesota disc golfer

    great app!

  • Much better than expected

    by Bisd12b

    Really useful in helping to plan direction and course of action in the real world. Helps take dreamers to entrepreneur in minutes.

  • Cool

    by Newbusinessman

    Cool and interactive.Wish it covered more detail though.

  • Good

    by Jmaymoney


  • Great App

    by Mella Bella Beauty

    Great app. Very thought provoking. Simple to use.

  • The best

    by Sweetietwitwitwi

    The best App of its kind, interms of outlining the Business plan.Its very easy to use ie user friendly and produces the business plan like magic! Best way i have ever spent my 15 minutes

  • Easy and effective

    by Jmunye

    This app helped me put form to my ideas and made me really think about what I want as my bottom line objectives.

  • Makes you really think about what your plan truly is..

    by Startup Entrepreneur

    Absolutely a big help and challenged the mind to make you really think about what your plan truly is. A simple step by step guide/questions, and the ability to edit and change the wording once completed. As a starting entrepreneur this app gave me a foundation to start on and stay focused from. I would have given it five stars but the app only allows you to view your new business plan online. If you want to download it, there are are small packages and pricing options to choose from.

  • Business plan help

    by Eulf

    This program seems pretty neat for writing a plan.

  • 5 Minute Business Plan

    by Nanafifteen

    Helpful In Focusing Business Strategy

  • Great

    by Dffghhddgvc

    Fast and easy plan

  • Simple tool

    by Sdough3

    This App is a simple tool to help you organize your thoughts on developing a business plan. Through answering a few simple questions, you receive a simple but structured business plan.

  • Scam

    by AdvocatesDevil

    Collects your personal info and threatens to publish it to search engines when you're done with your business plan

  • Great app

    by Mos Jones

    Really detailed and easy

  • Owner

    by Markruby


  • 1st business plan ever

    by Kendh

    This was my first business plan attempt and for the most part, the questions were straight forward. There were still some terms that were too "businessy" for me to understand clearly, but all in all i like the progress this app help me make.

  • Simple & Quick

    by R302

    Seems like great tool to start with!

  • Nice

    by The wizard of little

    Gets some juices flowing, but not spectacular

  • Great Intro App

    by Sleepyheadman

    I have never written down a business plan for my dental office. This helped me think through some of the key pieces that will be needed to be successful. It was a good exercise and a great place to start.

  • Gets the job done

    by petalandbean

    Just tried this app out and it gets the job done. There are lots of other options out there, but this app simplifies the process quite a bit.

  • Great Start

    by GettingLotMoreDone

    I think most struggle on getting started with a business plan. In less than 10 minutes this got the creative juices flowing and produced a nice end result as a starting point to build on.

  • Clear and concise

    by Business Man Atl

    Great tool!

  • Intriquing

    by Dwell in

    I am impressed, this app drew out ambition that i did not know i had. My original goals don't resemble my post app goals at all. This is as much a physiological evaluation as it is helpful in ascertaining desire. Thank you, i will be back for further assistance.

  • Awesome

    by Mcc6722

    Truly great!!

  • PlanB

    by Badcity

    It was a cool experience

  • Great app

    by Uluruajshfk

    Great for those new to the business world

  • Wonderful app!

    by Kamila Abdulhalim

    This app makes composing a business plan simple & straight forward. A great tool for first time aspiring business owners

  • Great app!!

    by CincyJoManda

    Quick, easy & user friendly

  • Excellent

    by Trey Banks

    Love it

  • Deleted after 10 sec of clicking through it

    by Don'tWantToType

    Does not seem promising, not user friendly. First impression: charges for everything and easier to just do a google search instead of clicking through here not knowing when you may be charged.

  • Not bad

    by Somgerjan

    Wanted to try out the app to see if it might be functional for real life business plan writing for others - would give it a 5star rating if it had financial projections I could do myself that produced tables

  • Well done

    by Heavy Google docs user

    Really like the product. Helped me go farther with a business plan than I've ever been in a shorter amount of time. Could have used more explanation at times for some of the concepts, but overall very well done.

  • Not sure yet

    by Seavast

    In the app they literally make you come online and give a review in order to proceed. A bit cheesy if you ask me. So here I am writing a review as they require!!! But I really don't yet know if this will just be a waste of time or not ... Update/ Lost my plan, And Wasted my time!!! This app did not work well for me!

  • Starkdental

    by Jammin1033

    Great app


    by DaJavi

    This app was extremely easy to use and i literally finished in 5 minutes! I will definitely use this again!!!!

  • Cool app

    by Diesel2damax

    Good app

  • Great app

    by Nik <3

    It will save you a lot of time.

  • Great App

    by Front Desk U

    Great One-page Biz plan app.

  • Amazing

    by MercedesJ.57

    This app is wonderful

  • What I needed

    by T New Business Owner

    Very efficient

  • Great!

    by Children's parties

    It was super easy!

  • Business plan

    by Repicker

    This is an awesome app. Even though I had what I thought was a good idea of what I wanted and how I wanted to structure my company, 5 minute Business Plan gave me some things to think very seriously about.

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