BestSeller Salesforce Business App Review (iOS, $49.99)


Languages: English, Spanish

Seller: Mario Montoya

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Bestseller is the *integrable* salesforce sell for your company.

NOTE: This program is made for small companies with several salesman. Is not the right tool for freelancers or individuals. A update for that is planned for the next months.


Is necessary to use this free sync server. Get it at

Check for compatibile ERP/Accounting software at

Simple, fast and can synchronize with a growing list of ERPs, CRMs & accounting packages.

It's great for your salesforce. It can work with a big list of customers & products/services. Search is fast!

* Features *

- Create & send invoices and/or purchase orders directly to a compatible ERP/accounting package
- Manage your customers
- Manage your products & inventory
- Instead of inserting all your customers or products in the iPhone/iPod touch, BestSeller fetches them from your ERP/Accounting package. This way it is possible to have all your customers listed more easily
- Manage big list of products and customers (tested with more than +15,000 items)
- Use to sell services
- Have up to 5 price lists, configurable per customer/product
- Work offline (saving data costs). The sync process is optimized to save big on data & time.
- Available in English & Spanish
- Support in English & Spanish
- (Optional): Integration services can be purchase from

Sync with your ERP/Accounting software

Use the free sync server at h to sync your data.

Includes an open source SDK to make the integration between your ERP/Accounting software & BestSeller (the hiring a developer, or in-house programing skills necessary).

With the SDK it is possible to integrate almost any software package in use.

Right now our service is used by dozens of wholesale suppliers with their custom-made ERPs in cobol, dos, sql server, .NET, foxpro, etc.

Questions, suggestions, report bugs at


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