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Opportunity is always within reach with the LinkedIn app for iPad and iPhone.

The LinkedIn app for iPhone and the new LinkedIn iPad app make it even easier to connect and grow your network, engage with professional content and gain insights right from the updates feed. The intelligent navigation is personalized just for you based on how you use LinkedIn everyday.

• Connect with more than 259 million members worldwide
• Stay up to date with people in your network
• Search for people, jobs, companies and groups
• Follow Influencers to get insights and original content from industry leaders in your stream
• Update your profile from within the app*
• View and save recommended jobs
• Read the latest industry news
• Follow and learn more about companies
• Keep up with your favorite groups
• Purchase and upgrade your account to a LinkedIn Premium Subscription*

* The Profile Edit functionality and Premium Subscription upgrades are currently only available for iPhone.

- The LinkedIn iPad and iPhone apps only support iOS 6.0 and higher. Please update your device operating system prior to updating the app.

Customer Reviews

  • The best mobile social network!

    by CrabDude

    Fast, convenient, easy and reliable.

  • Works for me!

    by wijim

    LinkedIn provides me a great place to keep in contact with decision makers in my industry.

  • Amazing company and App

    by Superdave711

    Amazing app. Great company. Love u, LinkedIn.

  • Friendly interface

    by Wheelman-US

    Easy to use!

  • Socially relevant to me.

    by Thetrax

    I am not into Facebook or twitter or all these socially frivolous websites. As a working professional with a long career I want to know what's relevant to the people that I worked with and the business world in general. This is a great way to maintain your network and contacts.

  • Excellent

    by Rick0024

    All what I expect from Linked In at a single App.

  • Great business connector but needs work

    by Kwatching

    LinkedIn is the only app that requires you to sign in for any reason. When I see the emails on discussions I want to read, can't just click on topic. It takes you to new app, install or sign in required, then the article is never found.

  • Accessibility

    by Use me lord

    The basis is related to other social media, but is very helpful with my search for a career.

  • Great app! Stable!

    by Eriks Richters

    This is a great app! Very functional and stable. I've had none of the crashing issues others have reported.

  • Great professional network

    by Big Felder

    This is a great way to make professional connections. I have had some issues with the push notifications that are sent to my email. I'll click on the link in the mail and it asks me to sign in, but then it just takes me to my homepage instead of the article or blog I was trying to read.

  • Great App!

    by Tbone31976

    Linked in allows me the ability to stay connected in my industry and with my peers. I have used this app many times and have had many successful hires!

  • Good enough

    by Mattispogi

    I like it.

  • It's Good!!

    by D-Nice22

    I like Linkedin. The app works well. Keep it up and get back to work!!

  • Convenient but not super functional

    by Elizabeth Hubbs

    Love having the app but not a fan of its limited functionality. Wish I could upload files...

  • Better but still needs work

    by Springtime6287

    This upgrade is much better than before but I think it still needs to evolve a little more. The actual website is great but I wish that the app had more functions that the website has like editing your profile. If this could be done, it would be perfect!

  • No difficulties

    by Treefaith

    Useful app

  • The idea behind it is great ...

    by benderr2001

    ... and the app is solid and continuously improving!

  • Great

    by Na No


  • It's LinkedIn

    by twight

    This latest version of LinkedIn is better than past versions, but it still feels a bit clunky.

  • Love it!

    by CatrinaRocks1978

    I love this app and use it all the time! Highly recommend.

  • Can't update?

    by BelaMommy

    Why would you be able to update your profile on iPhone, but not iPad?

  • Changes my job title

    by MediCalvinMeyers

    I have 3 jobs at the moment and without my approval the LinkedIn website or app will change my job title between the three. It'll say "congratulate Lionel, he has a new position, then an hour later it'll change it again and then again an hour after that. It's getting ridiculous and their support staff is baffled. What a terrible service.

  • Love the old app not this version

    by akhour

    Would be nice to have auto log in for iPhone and iPad like the older versions did. Also linking between opening articles sent to email. These features are used every day and older versions were great and worked fine. New version does not and seems like a video game. I don't need lame features I need the important ones to be intuitive and work.

  • Great way to look at connections but not edit your profile

    by dpicetti

    Please enable full editing of profile.

  • Nice, but not so nice

    by Carlos Henrique Dente

    It is a good app, it really help me go to everywhere keeping in touch, however, it is not stable and completely like on website!

  • Great Networking Tool

    by WhirlyCycle

    It is very helpful to connect with others, enable collaboration on projects & stay up-to-date with what the people you are linked to are doing. And you aren't inundated with a lot of useless information.

  • it's come a long way.

    by danRapp

    much better design and more intuitive interface. navigating between messages and news feed still feels a little clunky but great content is being delivered so I can get past that.

  • Easy to navigate

    by Megs6485

    No real problems for me. I enjoy using the app.

  • Good

    by Rob23kim


  • Garbage, doesn't open

    by Knuckledragger999

    Whenever I click in a link to an article, or a discussion in an email, this app doesn't open. Instead, it tries to open the linkedin web page, and the first thing it proudly proclaims is ' you should try our new app'! What is the point?

  • New to LinkedIn

    by Family.of.5

    Haven't been on in an extremely long time but so far very easy to navigate. Updated all my info quickly and without difficulty.

  • Great App

    by Faris0606

    It's great resource for any type of business.

  • The best business tool of our time

    by True2it

    This is one of the best thought-out apps on my iPhone. I use it daily and as long as they continue to make it easy to use I will do so.

  • Very Meh

    by Kagedtiger

    Decent for quick check-ins, but doesn't capture the full functionality of the site. What's the point of me doing job searches if I can't narrow down the results by location? Overall, you're better off just going to the website.

  • Nice!!!

    by Jeremiah Mumbower

    Clean simple to operate . Thank you!

  • Frustrating

    by SPfister9

    App is a good idea, but having it always ask if I want to install it or login is annoying when it should just open.

  • Great app

    by Randall King

    Does everything I'd expect. One problem is that notifications don't clear when viewing them. I have to go back to the menu and tap the flag again to clear them.

  • Good almost great

    by Likeaboss007

    This current version is certainly an upgrade from the old. It is easy to navigate and all the bugs seem to be worked out so it's very user friendly. My only knock on it is that it does not include all the functions of the website. You cannot see, for example, interests or the ability to edit skills at the same level of flexibility as you can on the computer. These are minor details that wouldn't matter to most and even with these issues this app is among the all around best I have ever used.

  • President

    by Process Filtration

    LinkedIn is truly to "media" for business!

  • Like

    by BambySS

    Good app!

  • Almost there...

    by Trini Lawyer

    The app is great, but as with many things in life, it needs some tweaking. One annoying issue is the constant request to install the app when it's already installed, EVERYTIME you click on a linkedin link in Safari.

  • Awesome.

    by Madhur Badal

    Really great app

  • Good

    by Liiiiiiing

    Good tool for job hunting

  • Awful User Experience

    by BrooksGregg

    This app is completely dysfunctional. While most companies offer a seamless experience, linked in has yet to figure it out. Email/web/app experience needs to shake hands at the least. This has been going on long enough. This company needs to fix this experience ASAP.

  • Generally good

    by Stacey Davenport

    LinkedIn website is fantastic, the mobile app is okay. Mobile app sometimes loads slowly, but is generally good.

  • It's like a needy girlfriend…always asking for more.

    by The Creel

    Needs more intuition and stability.

  • Mobile app is good but not great

    by Deassoc

    Love the desktop app, but there's too much going on in LinkedIn for it to do justice to the limited real estate on a smart phone. The iPad is a different story. The mobile app works fine on that device!

  • Love it

    by T-O DBL

    A great way to meet sharp professionals

  • No issues, works great!

    by Morrison loves this app

    Love the app for quick hits

  • Awesome!

    by Savings101

    Love this app.

  • Student

    by BekahSH67

    I love how easy the LinkedIn app is to use. My only complaint is that my volunteer experience doesn't show up on my profile. It does on the computer, so why not on my phone? Annoying.

  • Linked-in

    by Jose Carlos Garduno

    Great way of networking, as well as getting scout the various markets for connections, contacts, and potential development in any given area of expertise.

  • Review

    by Kewilliams2007

    Great app!

  • Network masters

    by Brutis1

    Great app

  • LinkedIn

    by BirdinTree

    The more I use LinkedIn, the more I get out of it. Although I now pay for enhancements, it has been worth it because it has brought clients to me. I've also gained insight into who is interested in my profile and network. So far, so good.

  • Love the new design

    by Bitterermoth1

    I have seen several negative reviews but I don't understand why. I have been using this app on my phone for a few years now and am very pleased with the updates. It is very functional and intuitive. Thanks!

  • Great app

    by Aaron4231

    I like the ease of getting around. Especially easy to endorse others, read messages, and see what contacts are up to.

  • Best App

    by Tristan.B

    Best way to stay connected business wise and yet find jobs all over the world.

  • Love the business concept

    by Real hood shizz

    But would love to see iChat meeting for members to correspond with each other on a business level. Features should include entrepreneur and investors only or one for a complete advertising format.

  • LinkedIn simply stunning

    by Idata5

    The new format is designed with the best user friendly features for iPhone. The clean lines and simple menu options are stunning!

  • Easy to use

    by Eric Demers

    Good functionality in the mobile app. Works well with iPhone and contacts.

  • Great app

    by Gregk5224

    LinkedIn is a great resource for any type of business. It is also a great way to connect with others in my industry.

  • Needs fixin

    by Gilsinthewater

    Bad user experience. Had my whole comment erased, apparently u can't write a comment and scroll up, It will just erase everything. App never really updates I have to check my desktop if I want any updates. I'm on an ipad.

  • Mobile App

    by Sharpie6th

    Mobile app leaves a lot to be desired. Online PC app is great!

  • Simple and Reliable

    by Nicatracho

    No major issues with the mobile app. It's easy to navigate through and the recent changes are an improvement. I spend a little but more time on LinkedIn now reading. The content that is being published on a weekly basis is very informative, relevant and entertaining. LinkedIn has become a Professional version of FB for me. Great job linkedin, keep it up. Is there a way to customize my LinkedIn URL?

  • Not like it used to be

    by Kiboyak

    Lost its way - endorsements lose their significance when it is prompted, congratulatory notices are often out of context and lose their meaning. I good way to connect but gotten silly as it appears to be trying to attract Facebook like users.

  • LinkedIn

    by Marajaba

    Great app. Still needs some work to be as functional as the web version, but I like it. It does crash every once in a while.

  • Awesome app

    by Supportdatainc

    Keep making it better!

  • LinkedIn

    by TheBlackCat-Odessa

    This is a nice app to use on the go. Some functions could be done better, like correspondence with people in the list. It is easy with push notifications and news. I like using it.

  • Wow

    by Katmist6899653

    It's sometimes hard to navigate but still like the app

  • Good

    by Mehdi Kalantari


  • Badge notifications

    by Jeff Boots

    My notification badge show that I have a notification even when I don't.

  • Great program on the go

    by Al thur

    Great way to access linkedin on the go

  • Had to upgrade my iPad app

    by MacCavity99

    And now I have a phantom badge. No note, no announcement, just a badge to nowhere. Great update...

  • Powerful app

    by BigDuck47

    Great app

  • Not worth the trouble

    by Scotty Mac 58

    This app is so poor that I prefer accessing through the website. Changed my profile a week ago on the website and still has not been picked up by the app. Information about who has viewed my profile is days behind and inconsistent with the website info. Not worth the trouble.

  • Buena app

    by Wilmarys

    Me gusta mucho esta aplicación para estar en contacto con personas que se desenvuelven en el mismo entorno profesional que yo. Observaciones: no he podido hacer actualizaciones en mi perfil.

  • Ok

    by Awcw77

    Nice if email links were opened in LinkedIn instead of browser.

  • Love LinkedIn;

    by Anna Mochi

    however their UI/UX can definitely improve!

  • Great professional connection software

    by Rjjski

    Great professional connection software. It also really helps keeping friends from previous employment.

  • unreliable

    by pa_eng

    a majority of the time, I use the web version instead of the mobile/ipad app. Til then, 3 stars.

  • Use It all the time

    by rlwspark

    I don't use Facebook I prefer using this. The only downside is that emails and the app do not work together

  • Not bad

    by JMay137

    Seems to keep getting better.

  • Interesting

    by Julie/Texas

    I have connected with sonographers all over the country. Still not sure what you do with the connections. I have enjoyed information from some of the groups. I have used a couple of items in QA meetings at work.

  • Works great

    by Dr. Wood

    Best of its kind.

  • Good App, functionality missing

    by HansWorldTravels

    Overall I like the App, however a few key elements are missing (iOS 7)... 1) unable to like comments or see comment likes. 2) unable to view comments if you redirect thru notifications. 3) unable to scroll comments while writing a response. 4) the App opens a new Safari window each time it needs it, instead of 'rebooting' the existing LI page. 5) character count missing until 'post fail' on App. Otherwise, very useful App, 80/20 user of App/website

  • Overall good

    by dippadeedoo

    I don't want to have to log into my computer, but I have to from time to time. I'm not able to do everything from the app. Sometimes it shuts down, sometimes it asks me to download the app when I already have it installed, etc. I still use it but there is room for improvement.

  • It's okay...

    by Amiee Carr

    The app itself is well configured. However, the concept of LinkedIn really needs to be developed more.

  • Connects

    by Fai-zan

    Very good for business networking!

  • LinkedIn - easy to use

    by Eliotf

    Much less distracting then the desktop version - it keeps me focused. Not 5 stars since they don't have the desktop functionality. Yes I want it all

  • Clean interface, Always Improving

    by many reviews on the main site at businesslaunchexpert dot com

    Nice user experience. I think it's great but my one complaint is the clunky-ness in giving and receiving reviews. Even the desktop experience makes it hard. I have people willing to give them but LinkedIn makes it really hard to find and execute the process. Anyway - that's my big gripe so 4 stars.

  • App Not Responding

    by Bgavagan

    App is flaky and no longer responding. Can't find direction on how to uninstall and no update is available. Waste of iPad space...

  • Needs improvement

    by PxlSlngr

    I like it. However, it is a bit cumbersome. Seems like an ocean of info trying to squeeze through a cocktail straw. Lighten it up a bit. Otherwise, works fine, keeps me well connected and endorsed :)

  • My daily app

    by Rose-z

    Love it! Keeps me up to date on news related to my profession, and truly enjoy networking.

  • Useful app

    by laszlo mao

    It's a Very useful app,

  • Good app.

    by Duke_Nukem

    It has issues but it's useful.

  • Simply Outstanding

    by Pop_Musikal

    An indispensable app for business users.

  • Time to catchup with desktop version

    by DrBobbb

    Hopefully many capabilities of desktop version become available on mobile including ability to customize invitation to connect among others.

  • Good stuff

    by Go Mariners

    This app is a fantastic upgrade from previous versions.

  • Great Resource

    by Dserrault

    You would be stupid not to join is truly a great way to maintain current connections, build new connections, find a job, or gain knowledge on a certain topic. These are just a few of its capabilities...

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