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Easy Convert PDF to JPEG,A widely welcomed conversion tool, use it, you can easily convert The Pdf File to The jpeg format,so you can send the photo to your friend Anytime Anywhere Anyway.

Key Features:
★ Build in PDF Image convert: you can convert pdf images from PDF file quickly.
★ Supprot File manager, rename, copy, move and delete.
★ You can copy and Paste file(s) from clipboard.
★ Print photo to AirPrint printers.
★ Import PDF FIle Mail, Safari, PDF Reader, GoodReader, Dropbox and other apps.
★ Mail out documents as email attachments or Send files to other apps("Open In.." integration).
★ Wifi file transfer(Ip Sever)
★ USB file transfer(iTunes)

Customer Reviews


    by Fleeeex


  • Does not work!!!

    by Hector n Michelle

    Does not work as advertised. It's doesn't create PDF's

  • worthless

    by Jendinsho

    worthless app do nog purchase

  • Does not work!

    by Matthew Zartman

    This app does not do anything worthwhile and half of the buttons do nothing. It doesn't even convert PDFs to JPEGs.

  • Rip off

    by Cindy4278

    This ap doesn't do anything. It does not convert PDF to Jpeg.

  • Piece of garbage

    by major uncool

    Does not work

  • How Fraudulent...

    by 14913

    ...a waste of money! This gets one star just so I can submit it.

  • Lie

    by Tmcluvin

    This is a lie. I total waste of money. I demand a refund.


    by HappyPhysicist

    Unfortunately, I did not read the other reviews before wasting two bucks on this piece of garbage. THIS APP DOES NOT DO WHAT THEY CLAIM IT DOES!!! Shame on Apple for allowing this type of fraudulent app into iTunes!!!

  • What a rip off!!

    by Robertdean916

    Support site is in another language!

  • Boooooo

    by Htztrtz

    Doesn't convert PDF to jpeg and has no instructions on how to use. Ie. useless!!!!

  • This app doesn't work

    by Fongus

    How do I get a refund?

  • Doesn't work

    by 174joe

    I would like to have a refund. This app doesn't work.

  • Does NOT work

    by BeagleWorld

    App Doesn't work. Very disappointed.


    by Chinese crap

    HOW ON EARTH DOES APPLE ALLOW THIS JUNK!!! It does N O T H I N G. I want a refund. Worse $0.99 spent in my life

  • Total Crap

    by WGD2345

    There is no ZERO star -- Why would Apple allow an app such as this to be made available? Performs none of the functions for which good money was paid. It's sad when an app isn't even worthy of the $0.99 that was paid. What is the process for a refund? Or even better, kindly remove the app to prevent others from experiencing this crap.

  • Worthless

    by Smurgs

    I'd like my money back please. We spend good money on apps and all we ask for is for it to do as advertised. I shake my head at this. Absolutely worthless.

  • App does not appear to work as stated

    by WyrdWarren

    The app loads a PDF file but does not appear to have any way to save as JPG. So I'll delete the file and wonder why Apple would allow this app in the store.

  • Does not work!!

    by Rmont769

    Will not convert! It's a shame apple allows worthless apps like this to be sold!!


    by Shartung16

    Does not do what the title advertises. A waste of money and time.

  • DONT BUY !!!

    by Jceem21

    It is misleading. It does not convert PDF to JPEG. Shame on you !!!

  • Waste of money.

    by skybagel

    This app does not convert PDF to JPEG. It's almost worthless.

  • Misleading name

    by JamScoBal

    Does not convert PDFs to jpegs but the opposite

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