TurboTax 2013 Finance App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Finance
  • Publisher: Intuit Inc.
  • Updated: Jan, 09 2014
  • Version: 1.0.3
  • Size: 99.31 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Intuit Inc.

- Squished some bugs
- Resolved a few crash errors
- Updated Password Protected Tax Return experience

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Taxes done right. Swipe and tap your way to your biggest tax refund possible with TurboTax.

Do your taxes on your iPad from the comfort of your couch. Snap a photo of your W-2 (supports iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPad 3 and newer), answer simple questions, and then e-file securely. That’s it! No tax knowledge required.

Try it for free – pay when you’re done.

You don’t need any tax knowledge, TurboTax asks you simple questions and coaches you every step of the way. We automatically double check as you go, and put the information in the right place for you, so you can be confident your taxes are done right.

- Snap a photo of your W-2 and we’ll enter the info for you (supports iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPad 3 and newer)
- Get step-by step guidance through over 350 deductions and credits to maximize your refund
- E-file your tax return and get your refund fast
- Securely store your tax return in the TurboTax Cloud

Prices start at $29.99 per return for federal tax returns. State is additional.

To learn how Intuit protects your privacy, please visit: http://security.intuit.com/privacy

Customer Reviews

  • Finally! Tax software that is user friendly, helpful, and intuitive!

    by BeerSnobbery

    Every year I attempt to do my taxes myself on one or more of these programs, if only to get an estimate of what my taxes will be, then head to a tax prep business where a human being does it--on a computer--for about $400. This year, I really need the money, so I thought I would bite the bullet and go straight to a professional. After sitting there for over an hour, the tax prep person told me she wanted to show it to her manager the next day to make sure it was correct, and that by her calculation I owed over $3,600. I had already been financially devastated by my experience during the Great Recession, and now I was mortified. In fact I was downright scared. There was no way that right now I could handle paying $3,600 and it also didn't seem possible. So I went home, really upset, and downloaded TurboTax. I thought this would be a nightmare that would just verify what the pro had told me if I could get through the program at all, but was surprised to find that this time--using my iPad to do this for the first time--it was actually really easy, thorough, and gave me opportunities to get more deductions that the tax prep pro didn't even look into. The result was that I get a net return of about $300. Since it's the end of January, and I'm currently unemployed for only the second time in my entire life, and since I am confident I will be working again by tax day, I decided--and was surprised that I was able to--file only the return which would give me about $1400 now and pay the others on tax day. This really saved my butt, and again the pro wouldn't offer this. Needless to say, I am tremendously grateful to the folks who created this version of TurboTax.

  • Don't pay H&R block

    by Oldrumguy

    Get this app put it on your iPad and You can quickly and cost effectively file easy easy.

  • easy but select yes to update

    by Brookeashleyttu

    Love this app on my IPad, this is the easiest year filing our taxes ever. My favorite feature was taking a pic of our W2's and they filled in the info automatically, then all I had to do was review it, so simple.***At the END make sure you say OK to check for updates before you file, because if you don't it won't allow you to file*** Also, look up your new E-file PINS, they're not the same as last year. Over all great experience, just wish we'd get more money, but that's no fault of turbo tax, filing married vs single is so different.

  • My Fastest Tax Return Filling to Date!

    by Uncle Waldo the 1st

    I've been a TTax user since the early DOS version days, (That's before Intuit days when Chip Soft was producing it). I installed TTax on my iPad2 from the Apple App Store last night (01-11-2014), and imported last years information. Got all my income, and part of my deductions entered then. Today (01-12-2014) I finished entering all deductions, and credits. Verified return and e-filled it in just under an hour and a half! That is a record for me, the fastest filling to date! I owe it all to TTax's faster response and easer data input. Thanks Intuit

  • I kept my Billions

    by Billy Barrell

    As always, Turbo Tax makes me feel like I am surrounded by a room full of Tax Pros. Second year filing from my iPad, and it is the easiest year yet. Highly recommend this App, and the Intuit world of Turbo Tax.

  • Great app

    by Cym73089x

    I've used turbo tax for years , this app made doing my and my moms taxes so much easier , and I love that I can email a password protected copy of the tax return because I'm horrible at keeping up with paper returns year after year.

  • Make sure to select update app...

    by jennamonkey

    When you are nearly ready to file, the app will ask if you want to (in the future, based on wording) check for updates. If you select no, you may very well regret it. The App Store doesn't remedy this - it seems to be internal somehow. I tried over & over to submit taxes - I kept receiving instructions to close app and relaunch it (using old multitasking instructions, incidentally, which made me reeeeally wonder about the quality of app). I did all the things, restarted iPad even. Nothing helped. After somehow finding option to update app again (basically by walking through taxes all over again) it checked for updates and FINALLY submitted. I've used turbotax online for years without incident. I was not thrilled with my almost having to submit hard copies to IRS. This was AFTER I had paid the $30, naturally. It eventually worked out, but only because I'm stubborn and futzed around with it. And my printer is out of ink. Otherwise I would've given up sooner & considered the cost mostly a waste. My taxes aren't that complicated, but I like the convenience turbotax provides. When the app itself complicates things, that's a serious consideration. Good luck & happy tax season.

  • Nice App

    by Multar

    I used this to double check my taxact refund. This is much better software, but it comes with a price.

  • Great App

    by NMOP3PISdn

    The app is great and easy to use. I had 5 W-2 and that it was so easy to enter all the required fields because all you have to do was take a photo and it enters it for you. All you have to do was check if everything was correct. Very easy to use my 5 year old niece would be able to do my taxes using this app. Btw i went and got a quote from JHewitt and they were going to give me the same refund but were going to charge me $150 (and that was with a coupon of $50 off!). Everything was the same to the last cent but they were going to charge me almost triple the amount of what TurboTax was going to. Two thumbs up for TurboTax! It's true when they say that you will get an accurate return. Awesome app and I highly recommend it!

  • Great product

    by Puertodorian

    Been using TurboTax for many years, but know to have it on my iPad, invaluable. Great product. Very accurate. Awesome

  • User Friendly Service

    by Sshazz

    This is my second year filing using the Turbo Tax app. It walks you through each step and provides a running total of your refund. There was a glitch where I was not able to transmit the final returns, but going into the "Help" section within the app pointed me on how to "fix". Sure is a time saving option and reduces the anxiety of filing returns!

  • 15 Minute Filing

    by Matthew_ATL

    Very easy use. My only frustration being I received an invalid w2 control error at the end. My w2 didn't have a control number, and I had to research online what it was, and that it was okay to leave blank if your w2 doesn't have a control number.

  • Excellent app

    by Chipdogwa

    This is my second year using the iPad version and it is every bit as good as the disc version. The fee was cheaper too. The only thing is the directions for updating the app are outdated. Instead of holding app to get minus sign, slide the app window upwards off the screen.

  • Best tax prep software keeps getting better

    by Adrian Staff

    It's the best - easy, convenient and secure!

  • Easy to use...

    by SportLoverJon

    Format is concise and easy to understand. We'll done. As usual.

  • Every Year

    by JulesDR

    I have used TurboTax EVERY year since I had to start doing my taxes. From a single W2 to owning my own business, it does everything.

  • Mr Mario T

    by Moneyblacc0213

    Very helpful and easy to use and I never really looked towards this way of filing my taxes buy after all the high fees at other tax places I decided to give this a try and it was way better

  • Awesome App!!!

    by $howMEtheMONEY

    I'm not big on writing reviews, but this is definitely an awesome app. A must download..it walked me thru all the way & doubled my projected refund.

  • easy and reliable

    by Andrewmallinger

    very easy to file, and nice format.

  • Awesome!

    by cwmckinley

    Makes doing your taxes a piece of cake!

  • Force you to buy Deluxe Version

    by N3a1

    Forces you to purchase Deluxe Package. I'm a single, childless, non home owner, without any non qualified investments. I don't need anything other than the basic package. Having said that, everything with the app is easy. Makes it effortless to navigate through your return. There is however no way to view your return on the computer if you filed out your information on the iPad and vice versa. The two systems are independent of each other. That is a big flaw in my book.

  • Stay away!!!

    by Kenny75k

    Unless your a 1040ez keep a way from this app. It's full of flaws and the "pros" are useless. As always good luck getting a refund from iTunes.

  • Very Dissapointing

    by !VLF!

    All the advantages of using Turbo Tax, lost in a single year. I have been using Turbo Tax for over a decade. I've always enjoyed how the information carries forward year to year. In the iPad app you start all over from scratch. Total Bummer. I'll be shopping around.


    by Austin93-12

    I've always used turbo tax for my tax returns and it has been great. But this app is pure hell. It took my money and now it won't transmit my return!

  • No control number on the w2

    by Hunter527A

    If your w2 doesn't have a control number on it, I wouldn't waste my time or money on this app. It will not let you efile if you do not have a control number. I have used the computer version and never had any problems, but this is really frustrating!

  • Rip Off

    by Tami107

    Worst app ever! Go all the way to the end and they want to charge you?!! Why would I do that when I can file online for nothing!!

  • Do not use!!!

    by Rh39

    Do not use this app. I paid and successfully transmitted one of my sons tax returns. I paid and was unable to transmit a return for another son. Not only is turbotax refusing to refund my money for the return that was not transmitted...I found out today that the son whose return was successfully transmitted was not filed! Turbotax refuses to refund our money!!! We will never use their product again.

  • Sneaky developers almost made me overdraft my account...

    by JackelynLawren

    App is very deceiving. Got so close to getting charged without my consent...from the card on my iTunes account. Yikes.

  • Disappointed

    by Man w/o clue

    I have been a Turbo Tax user for years and I have never had a problem. For the past three years I have saved my information to Intuit's cloud. This year I started my taxes on the computer, and I decided to download the app to complete them. When I went to retrieve my work from my iPad it was missing. It appears that if you start your taxes on the computer that you can't complete them on your iPad and vice versa. This is a very disappointing development.

  • iPad App Won't File (Says iPad Software Out Of Date) Using iPad Air iOS7

    by FusionAES

    Faulty Software. Bad experience so far. I just hope I wasn't charged that $29.99!

  • Meh

    by bh718

    Hardly more convenient than doing it online when none of the back-ups work and neither does paying. Never had an issue with in-app purchases until now. Had to do the full return twice; might as well have done it by hand.

  • Watch out, costs extra! You must pay with iTunes.

    by Bats smudges

    Really smooth software....does what it says it's going to do. However, be aware, this forces you to use the Deluxe version. There's no warnings when you start the return process that you will be charged. I then tried to do m tax return on my computer and it wouldn't even let me start a new return online. On top if that it didn't let me pay for the filling using my return, it forced me to use my iTunes account. I filled using the app because I didn't want to wast any more time, but I really feel deceived by TurboTax. Definitely won't be using this app next year.

  • Won't let me efile

    by Buddyj1227

    I needed to update app and I did, took my payment now it keeps crashing when I go to finish....can't efile such as hassle ..been using turbo tax for years...please fix

  • too many issues filing

    by Jennifer kitt

    The app worked great until it came time to actually e-file my taxes. I got several error messages, and all of the suggestions provided by Turbotax customer service didn't work. I feel like I wasted a bunch of time working on my taxes. I don't see value in doing all of this work online to only be given the option to print the forms and file by mail. I would stay way from this app.

  • Crashes at start up

    by Crabboil

    App crashes at start up. I clicked on app support for this product and it takes me to a forum! :( Where can I get help for this???

  • Issue with transmitting


    I would have given this app all five stars but it took me days to transmit because it kept saying I needed to update app even though it was updated! So there is some glitch with the program. And trying to get assistance from customer service is not possible. They only help when it has been filed. Probably a great app but need to work out the bugs before charging you 60 bucks.

  • Takes your money then flops

    by Tebaliah

    Like other reviews it took my payment and THEN said that I couldn't efile. I'm not sure wether I feel more like screaming or crying. If the app will only let new iPads efile then there should be fair warning. I would NEVER have spent a few hrs and $65 to have to go snail mail. Outrageous!!!!

  • Awesome!

    by VicToriano H.

    Easiest thing you'll ever do!

  • Higher than online - but unable to get website to work!

    by Pizzazz37

    Convenient that it is on my iPad and I can complete anywhere, but frustrating that all the discounts are offered only through the website and the website isn't working! TurboTax needs to get it together, or I will not use them again.

  • Can't add property tax entries...what's up

    by KUbrewman

    Not impressed with iPad version. I've been a loyal TurboTax user for at least 10 years but this version is no good. I can't enter property tax deductions for some reason. Guess I will try the Windows PC version or another tax preparation program.

  • All by myself!

    by DJ Fresh

    I did it!! Usually paid someone to prepare my taxes... Saved myself almost $150 by using this app and doing it myself!! These days, you gotta save where you can!

  • its was easy!

    by Chess ate

    Thanks for the app!

  • Works great!

    by AlCFIpilot

    I'm 36 and not the most tech savvy but pretty ok I'd say. When it comes to taxes.....well I need help for sure. I had no issues at all. There are tons of active text to touch and explain just about everything. It walks you through it all. I have a kid and not married so it was awesome to fill out and immediately see what our best options are for who to claim the child. It has a running total as you go that is very nice. It's $65 and worth it. I would have never gotten the veterans property tax break that added a healthy sum to my return because I had no idea it existed. You don't have to buy it until you want to file. Try it, you've got nothing to lose and $$$ to gain with zero risk.

  • Couldn't transmit

    by 250000 Points

    Had to restart program multiple times in order to transmit over.

  • Ridiculous

    by Patman350


  • Awful. So mad.

    by Tenico08

    I just finished using the TurboTax app for iPad to file my federal tax returns. I wanted to use it for my state returns as well, but it wouldn't e-file and it wouldn't let me print them, even after I had paid $29.99 for federal and $34.99 for state. I ended up using the website provided by the state. When I contacted TurboTax customer support they offered very little customer support, telling me that because it was an app purchase there was nothing they could do and asked me if I wanted apple's phone number.

  • Works like a charm

    by Brianterry45

    2nd year in a row I have used it. Great product.

  • Don't waste my time

    by Taxman2014

    Filling out the forms was easy but when it came time to file, it kept coming back with a validation error. I had to delete the app, and reinstall to get it to work. Plus now I'm reading I could've saved 15 dollars by filing through the website and not the app....jjjeeeeeeeeeeezuuuuuuusssss


    by Tiffany Ross

    I think this is the easiest way to file your taxes! will be doing it this way from now on

  • Useless

    by Help 555

    This app is useless for people who have the original IPad (IOS 5.1.1). Have used app for three years and now can't due to the IOS 6.1. Thanks Intuit. You may have lost a lot of customers.

  • Wouldn't File My Return

    by sc1m4n2

    I've used TurboTax online for four years. Love it. The app worked great until I got to the very end. When I instructed it to file my return it started getting glitchy, stating that there was an error in the system. The window of instructions to fix the problem seemed to be for iOS 6. Now I have snail mail my return. I won't use this's app again.

  • Easy

    by Erac


  • Easy

    by Mrs.Shane

    Easy to use.

  • Great!!!

    by Panama C

    So easy even I could do it!

  • Not impressed!

    by DFD293

    There are a couple things about this app that I was really disappointed about. First off, I used the TurboTax 2012 app to file my taxes last year. When I went to finish my taxes on my computer, it would not pull up the work I had done. If you start your taxes on the iPad, you have to finish on the iPad. The second reason I did not like this app is because my iPad quit working this year. I am not able to pull up my 2012 return on my computer. TurboTax's solution is to pay $50 to the IRS to have a copy sent to me. The online, computer version is much better and I can pull up previous years returns. I will never use this app again!


    by emybobemy

    I have been a TurboTax customer for the past five years and have always used the online website to file my taxes. This year I decided to use the iPad app and I am very disappointed with my experience. When I tried to file my federal and state taxes, I continued to get errors saying that my iPad was out of date (it is not). Before filing you have to pay the filing charge (combined for me was 65) which is charged through your Apple iTunes account. Since the app continued to give me issues I decided to try filing online instead. I saved my returns to the turbo tax cloud and was ready to file them online until it asked me to pay, again, for filing--but online filing was $15 cheaper!? I tried to go through their support services to either get the iPad charge canceled so I could file online or to get the 15 refund but I've been bounced around and have had an incredibly difficult experience. I will not be using this app in the future.

  • Fast. Easy.

    by Vargasemi

    Great fast and easy.

  • Best

    by Dummy proof

    The best and easy to use

  • Easy Peasy!!!

    by RNHMIA

    Filed in 45 minutes on my own. So simple! Even for a tax clueless 29 year old girl

  • Easy!

    by Stacyjuhl

    I first downloaded the H&R Block one that I'm used to using on the computer and it was buggy and I'm sure it miscalculated by property tax amount. I gave up and used this one instead. Way better and seemed more accurate. The cost ended up being $65 for state and federal including filing fees. A little steep but worth it for peace of mind.

  • Even better on the iPad

    by Drooooo

    I have used turbo tax for years now. Always liked the ease of use and liked the transparency. The iPad version is even better. You take a picture of your forms and they are uploaded immediately. Highly recommend!

  • Better than Block

    by Treetopflier

    Very easy and quick for a basic filing. Explained options and IRS process very clearly!

  • Fast, simple

    by Riyahhjo

    Everything was just so simple!! Plug and chug

  • Very frustrated!

    by Newhope203

    After payment, I tried to transmit my taxes and an error message came up that I needed to update my ipad2 os. I did that and tried again and I keep getting the same error message. I have used turbotax the past 3 years with no problem. Please fix this or contact me so I can get a refund.

  • Love it

    by Jeff-good

    I love using this app. It is so user friendly. Highly recommended!!!

  • Frustrating

    by Pixonti

    After I first downloaded the turbotax iPad app several weeks ago, I downloaded my 2012 return and imported all my info and started my return. I never complete my return the first time out. So I came back to it days later when more of my information became available from my employer. I just came back to it yesterday again, only to find my return completely empty. It seems that turbotax was updated, and this seems to have left my return empty. What's worse is that it can't even locate my 2012 return. I'm going to try to open the turbotax 2012 and export it again (I used the cloud export), but I'm getting really frustrated by the fact that I will have to enter a lot of information in again. I've Ben using turbotax for years, and this would have to be one of the worst things to occur.

  • So easy. A few bugs

    by The Benmiester

    Bit more spendy than other sites or doing it yourself, but I did my taxes in a hour and a half. Pretty sweet!

  • Super easy!

    by Stonetress

    2nd time using this. Very easy and convent.

  • Love the app!

    by nat_cartwright

    I always use Turbo tax online. This is the first time I used the app and it was just as convenient as the website love it!!!! Thanks for helping me fund my trip to Peru!

  • Bullspit

    by Bucktown 814 rocks!!

    Great until I got to the end. It keeps giving me an error message saying to update my software. My iPad is brand spanking new, no updates available! Fix it!!

  • Turbotax

    by Statix928

    Easy to use

  • The most efficient way to do your taxes!!!

    by Daisy11467

    I can't say enough. Turbo tax is fast, uploads your info from previous years. Saves aggravation and time!! 100% worth it. Won't use anything else.

  • Good

    by Josh840

    But not without flaws. The "Snapping" of your W2 (taking picture and it uploading information automatically) isn't perfect and had a few errors. Proof reading highly recommended! Also, you don't find out what the price for the app costs until you're nearly complete with entering all of the information. It's a little costly considering I'm not getting the box, cd and shipping cost to the store isn't a factor....yet the app still cost as much as it would in a retail outlet.

  • Turbo Tax App for IPad FROZEN/BROEKN..DO NOT USE

    by Mrs. Neighbors

    My federal return was rejected and the since the Application is frozen, no way to fix it myself and a complete waste of money unless they fix it.

  • Better than H&R Block's app!

    by Nate606

    I have filed with H&R Block for the last couple of years. This year I tried their ipad app. The final numbers seemed off so I decided to try turbotax. Turbotax saved me HUNDREDS in deductions H&R Block didn't find. Be warned though, using this app to file federal will cost you $29.99.

  • Most I ever got back

    by Kri3stin

    This was the easiest way to file my taxes myself. I never got so much back they literally go through everything with you step by step. It made me feel confident about doing my own taxes. I love this app!

  • Great app

    by MrITMTA

    Very easy to use, only thing I didn't like was the price to e-file.

  • Good!

    by _dlang_

    TurboTax is a GREAT tool for tax returns. It's easy to use and reliable. There are very minor issues, one being that I started my tax return online and when I sign on using the app, I have to start all over - it doesn't load what I've already done/saved.

  • Useless for me

    by DJMiho

    As a DoD contractor OCOUS, the app did not give the option for me as I am tax exempt up to a certain amount.

  • Great!

    by Iris J

    Can't wait to use it again next year!

  • Can't Transmit

    by Myself123456

    App is having trouble transmitting but had no problem taking my in-app purchase. Tried for three days now to transmit and keep getting an unable to transmit error. Fix this!

  • Good product

    by margie high

    I wish the app and the Website shared information. My passwords are different and it doesn't show updated tax info. The product is easy to use but a bit expensive for basic fed & state efiling.

  • Easy

    by UnrealRoshambo

    ... super easy

  • Easy

    by Shade27

    Easy Peasy

  • Rip off

    by Brandon white

    The point of this app is to CONVENIENTLY file your taxes, I get all the way to the end and pay turbotax and they tell me I can't e-file, I have to mail it like a barbarian. I want my money back so I can give it to H&R block.

  • Taxes Gone

    by 11kts

    I updated once in order to file; my return was lost. I completed my taxes for a second time, and was prompted to update. It would not let me continue without updating; I lost my whole return for a second time, and was charged. I am now starting my return for the third time. Very easy to use, but many programming glitches it seems.

  • Great app until...

    by TerraDelu

    The app worked great, no trouble at all. UNTIL it got to the payment of the fees. There is no way to have them deduct your fees from your return! The only form of payment the app will take is a App Store transaction. I re-filed through their website, and was able to have the fees deducted from my return no problem (well, there was a $20 fee for the "privilege"). Allow people to have the fees taken from their returns through the app too, and don't be such greedy jerks and charge a fee for it!

  • Very user friendly

    by TurboTerrific:)

    Very easy to use & found several deductions I would have missed on my own. I loved how it walked me thru everything, & the best part? I took a picture of my W2 with my iPad & was able to upload everything instead of entering it all. If you're debating using this product, definitely go for it! Turbo Tax will be our tax expert from now on!!

  • Fast and easy

    by jess7davis

    Fast and easy. I usually buy the cd but I thought why not try the app? Same stuff as the cd and didn't have to leave the house.

  • Easy breezy

    by Suzystinkadora

    I've been using Turbo Tax for years. I'm a nerd who looks forward to getting my W-2 in the mail so I can play with the various line items in Turbo Tax to see ways to maximize my refund. It's super easy and dare I say fun? Sure you pay about $65 at the end to file electronically for federal and state, but it's cheaper than an accountant or store-front service.

  • easy to use

    by Guilym

    any one can use this app and its cheaper than goin to a tax office

  • Awesome

    by Phillyfool

    Perfect app, will use again, go eagles

  • Great service

    by Spiketwo89

    This is my third year using turbo tax on the iPad and every year i always get a great return its simple to use and makes taxes less of a headache

  • great app for tax return

    by 3sequiel

    Just did my 2013 taxes and Im no professional but this app walks you trough all the steps and tax reductions you can get, much better then going to a place where you gotta wait and they dont ask as many questions. worth the $30 to file my taxes

  • 2nd year on iPad and Loving it

    by Honest American

    Most info is imported for you from previous year or electronic w2. Too easy!

  • Almost perfect

    by luigiFSU

    One weird glitch prevented me from visually comparing federal return breakdown from 2013 to 2012. Also, it would've been nice to have this information sync with the web version as well as the mobile (iPhone) version so you could easily switch between the different versions.

  • Issues with device integration and payment

    by whales1

    You would think turbotax would allow you to go from working on an ipad to working on a computer, but they don't: unless you want to do your whole tax preparation on an ipad, don't use this app or you will find that you have wasted your time when you need to continue working at a computer. I also didn't like how the app forced you to pay through the iTunes Store, rather than paying turbotax by credit card. (I don't want a big purchase to iTunes to show up on my credit card statement or on mint.com, but a payment to turbotax!)

  • Love

    by Golf2222

    This is my second year doing taxes with TurboTax. It is so easy and less stressful because it goes through EVERYTHING with you. The app is great and user friendly. No problems, crashes what so ever (iPad mini).

  • Very convenient

    by FrankieM702

    I've been doing my tax returns with turbo tax nearly a decade. This iPad app fits perfectly with my busy life. I can stop and continue anytime anywhere. I have all my digital tax documents in a secure cloud base and are accessible through iPad app as well. The things I noticed different from the online version is not able to deduct the turbo tax fee I paid for through In-App purchase and not being able to continue online. If you start here you need to finish it here. I am unable to access the cloud back up offered in the App through turbo tax online. Hope they fix this to be able to sync between iPad and online.

  • worked great

    by Macleod644

    I'm giving this 5 stars because it worked exactly as it should've last year and this year. Turbotax was able to get me an extra $1,300! If i didn't use this app i wouldn't of known i could qualify for that massive $1,300 deduction for non-degree education when I took my pre-licensing course for insurance school. That alone was worth 5 stars... the only thing i didn't like was that i had to pay $29 for the deluxe version, it wouldn't let me continue e-filing if i did not pay. But i guess they have to make their money one way or another.

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