CamCard - Business card scanner & Business card reader & scan card Business App Review (iOS, $2.99)


Languages: English, French, German

Seller: IntSig Information Co.,Ltd

1. Add updates push feature for AR Card
2. Optimize batch scanning feature
3. Capture card backside
4. Simplify the process of creating and verifying AR Card
5. Easily search contacts
6. Optimize card sharing via WeChat
7. Optimize map feature
8. Support VoiceOver
9. Other improvements and bug fixes

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35 Ratings
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2448 Ratings


60% off for a limited period of time. To celebrate the exhilarating release of CamCard HD. Original Price: $6.99, Special Offer: $2.99.

CamCard, read your card, mind your business.

CamCard reads business cards and save instantly to phone Contacts. It syncs all your cards across smartphones, tablets, computers and the web app.
Brand new AR Card feature allows you to better demonstrate yourself, your products and company by adding various contents in text, graphic, video, audio or file formats. It keeps you posted with the latest updates of your partners and help you attract more business opportunities.

* More than 50 million professionals’ choice around the world
* Apple App Store Rewind 2011/2012 Top Business App
* CamCard is a great example of how storing and sharing contact details has been brought up to date using smartphone technology - BBC News
* Must-Have Apps for Salespeople -
* The business cards just jump into your phones. It’s that easy to use! - CBS TV
* Bringing Order to the Chaos of a Business Card Collection - The New York Times
* CamCard lets you quickly and accurately scan business cards into your iPhone, BlackBerry or Android-based device - New York Post

Device Requirements: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod Touch 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPad(Retina), iPad mini

Why CamCard?
* Eliminate your business card clutter
Accurately read all your business cards instantly and save to phone Contacts and other email accounts. No more need for keeping all the paper business cards.
* Keep all your devices updated with latest data
Sync cards data across all your devices. Now you can sign up and log in to your account on smartphones, tablets, computers and the web app to always get the latest data
* Attract and find more business opportunities
Brand-new AR Card allows you add multi-media contents to your business card. When others scan your card, they’ll see your photo, product graphics, and even video clips about you.
* Easily manage cards on the go: With CamCard, you can easily search, sort, group, merge your cards on both smartphone and website

Better Demo Yourself with AR Card
* Augment Reality technology: add text, graphic, audio, video, files and links to your card
* Once an AR Card is created, partners will read your card 100% accurately with 200+ languages support

Read Business Cards Accurately
* Read any business card instantly by taking a photo of it
* Auto-detect text orientation and rotate card
* Smart-crop card images and enhance scan result
* Offline read 12 languages including English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian, Hungarian
* Batch scan multiple cards
* Read email signature and QR code on cards

Sync Cards across All Devices
* Sign up to sync all the cards to your CamCard account.
* View, edit and manage cards across smartphones, tablets, computers and the web.
* Save cards in Card Holder, as well as phone Contacts and other email accounts
* Backup your cards and restore
* Export all cards to vCard or Excel files

Easily Edit and Manage Cards
* Edit, group, search, sort or export your cards
* Add backside image or note to a card
* Locate field while editing information
* Merge with exiting contact
* Directly make phone calls, send SMS/email, browse web pages or locate address with map app in card detail page
* Set password to secure Card Holder

Share Cards via Various Methods
* Conveniently send your friend’s contact info to other friends
* Share contact information via Email, SMS, QR Code
* Search a contact on LinkedIn website and send an invitation

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Customer Reviews

  • Best and absolutely necessary app for business!!!

    by WesFromLA

    I'm on my fourth iPhone and have never lost a contact due to this app!!!! Absolutely the best and most beneficial business app!!!

  • Great app

    by Lenny Gil's

    I've worked with several different kinds of applications like this they all have inherent issues because business cards very so differently but this one does a really good job of getting through information and allowing you to easily modify And change any issues you might have during the scanning process I would recommend this to anybody who's dealing with a large volume of business cards and contacts.

  • Works Great about 30% of the time

    by UberXY

    I use this with an iPhone 4 and and iPad 3. If the card is a simple, old school card, it works really well. If there is any artwork, or creative design, not so good. Of the first 20 cards I tried, 6 worked perfectly, ten worked with some manual editing, and 4 just did not work at all.

  • Awesome app

    by Andpinna


  • Is ok by avg for a card reader app

    by Obarbadi

    Does not recognize country by phone country code default us Does not recognize .com.xx where xx is the country abbreviation So manual intervention still needed needs a bit more intelligence

  • My best tool for business contacts

    by DrWeld

    All those bad reviews out there are from people that don't deserve this app, I have sign up for an account for more than a year, I can manage my cards online on my own personal camcard website and when I'm done editing, boom is in my phone ready to be used, I can dial directly from the app and even send emails and SMS, simply saying it, now I can worry about other things than having a wallet full of cards or expending my family quality time putting this in my contacts

  • perfect app

    by andy zhao usa

    Even recognition is not 100% accurate. It already saved a lot of time imputing. Also excel email feature is great.

  • Amazing!!!

    by Jmendrin

    One of my favorite apps. Snap the card and all the information is transcribed and added to your accounts. No more need for a bulky business card holder anymore.

  • Great App

    by Latynes

    I just added 115 cards in about an hour. Had to do a little tweaking here and there but overall it was great! I used cardmunch before this app and cardmunch was awful taking forever to get the data downloaded and crashed each time I opened the app. This worked out well.

  • Great App!

    by Googly&Whoopie

    Works great every time!

  • Very useful one

    by GoldBlack

    Can anyone help me to figure out how to make an e-card or voice card on it?

  • Former CardScan Lifer Converted

    by Brookwoodfarm

    Moved to Windows 7, CARDSCAN wouldn't work, saw poor reviews...tried Worldcard which was pretty good, bought CAMCard and it is a level above. Better OCR, LinkedIN feature is nice. You can link up their picture from LinkedIN separate from sending an invite. This is a convenient way to remember what someone looks like (so long as they posted a pic). So far the best OCR and cloud app I have used. Well worth double or triple the small fee they ask, especially of you know what PC scanner based programs cost. Awesome! 12/2013 update Been using now for 2 years, still awesome!

  • Excellent

    by Clopes67

    Wonderful app!

  • Great App

    by Eric W Seidler

    This is one great app, very useful, saves time. A must for everyone!!!!

  • Requires access to your contacts to function

    by Trxnyts

    Bought the app - scan functions well - but requires access to all your contacts to save scanned card and share across multiple devices. You are essentially handing over your contact list, if u are ok with this buy the product, if not look elsewhere.

  • Camcard

    by Buddingg

    Make things much easyer.

  • Great App

    by Pinakin

    Great app for business, throw away your old card holder, just get this app.

  • Much faster than entering manually

    by iMert

    This app works well, but very dependent on the print quality, fonts, and contrast in the original business card. I like how it saves the card image, saves the contact to the selected resource, and allows categorization of contacts in the app. The only thing I would suggest would be the ability to re-read a portion of a card when confirming. For example if it didn't find the email address the first time, if you could point to the email address on the card, it would be able to scan only that spot. Regardless of any minor issues, this is one of my top business apps, and with recent updates is getting very close to 5-star.

  • Great app!

    by davwilli

    Great app, just take a pic of a card and save it to contacts, easy and you don't even need to keep the paper card, Love it!

  • Awsome app

    by Imbrandal

    Fantastic app saves all my business contacts and shares my information whenever needed works perfectly almost every single time

  • Inaccurate

    by ezjake

    Very inaccurate. I wish linked in would bring back their reader again.

  • Read privacy policy carefully!

    by psyche808

    The scanner functions relatively well. Their privacy policy, however, is very concerning

  • Great app!

    by Armchair chef

    This app has saved me a lot of time typing in contact into. It is pretty accurate with standard business card layouts but gets confused when there is too much color, shaded area or weird fonts. Otherwise, well worth the $.

  • Solid app. Big time-saver.

    by Tropikalpijin

    Love that there is a web site for managing content. Makes corrections MUCH faster & easier than phone entry. OCR works reasonably well. Wish they offered a transcription/review service.

  • Great App

    by Trevor P Evans

    I had for a few years now, it's getting easier to use and seems to be a great app to have, if your doing a lot of business and exchanging cards all the time... Make sure you "double check" your scan cards before saving them! Makes life easier if u do...

  • Was a 5

    by Jabalula222222

    This last update wiped out all my cards. Not cool.

  • Prefect!

    by Moira_dee

    Just what I needed! While it is not always correct as people have crazy business cards. It is very easy to edit and organize!

  • Game Changer - Thank You

    by Abamba

    This is my first time reviewing an App in 6 yrs of having an iPhone... Excellent App! Thank You!

  • Update removed functionality

    by Vagieray

    I loved this app when it would sync to all my accounts. It seems like they removed that functionality or at least I can not figure out how to do it anymore. If I am mistaken contact me and I will update my review.

  • Documentation needed

    by HFloc

    It would be nice if there were some documentation available. I scanned a card; the scan is there, but how to get it into Contacts. I tried the obvious, but no joy.

  • Fantastic application.

    by WorldTravelguy

    Insane application. Works better then any app on the market. Have tried 20 others. They simply fail to OCR properly. This app actually works on any card type.

  • Beyond good

    by Dancieban

    In my opinion, anyone who gives this app in its current version less than 5 shining stars, isn't being objective. There's a lot of great apps out there. There is an ocean of poor to bad apps. This app demonstrates the brilliance of our smartphones capabilities combined with the intuitive use of a seamless app to create a powerful tool. Download, launch, use, be wowed. I've tried at least 4 other card readers. Only one was terrible. This one simply does it all, easily, out of the box. The accuracy and filing options are surprisingly good. Thank you!

  • Great app

    by zazzn

    Works fantastic scans my cards and adds them just as advertised! Lots of updates as well

  • One of my favorite

    by djeniuss

    Lovely app and very useful .

  • Bought and deleted in an hour

    by Brad Walsh

    The scan-to-text is terrible. Multiple large errors in every single card I scanned. If I wanted to manually type everything into contacts, I'd do so without paying $2.99 for a useless app. Not a time saver at all.

  • Amazing & one of my favorite apps

    by Hillary Harrington

    I love this app!! It did just what I needed. I tried a ton if card scanners & apps this one had the best recognition. It's not perfect but some of my business cards are hard to read in the hard copy & it works better than any of the ones I tried. You can sync if you want to w your address book but you don't have to & it will still let you call from the app. It also cut way down on the things I was carrying around for work. Love it!!

  • Tries to take over

    by JayRP1

    It works but it tries to take over managing your contacts. The OCR is pretty good if the card has a white background but it often gets the company name wrong. It is hard to fix when things get put in the wrong field. I am still looking for a simple app that just scans and makes it easy to fix the things it gets wrong!

  • Omg

    by Ellery27

    This is the best!!!! I never di ratings but I had to on this one !

  • Pretty well done

    by Watash33

    Works better than expected but sure is hard to line up for photo.

  • Great App

    by IDIVE4

    Works great and save a lot of time. Syncs across all my devices perfectly

  • Nice app, OCR still lacking

    by woodcreeper

    I bought this app to reduce my 'Costanza wallet'. All I really wanted was the ability to quickly add business card content to my iOS contacts. This app does just that, but (1) has a hard time with the OCR on all but the most plain business cards. Also, (2) when an address is misread by the program, and you go to make edits, all lines are blank. This makes entering the information frustrating since in most cases I only need to edit the misread, not fill in the entire line. Also, (3) I have a lot of out of country contacts, so it would be nice to be able to enter the country as well... as of now Panamanian and Honduran contacts default to USA with no apparent way to change it.

  • Better than Most

    by K-town girl

    This is a better value than many of the other card scanning apps. Still must perform some editing on most cards.

  • Well...

    by Nick Danger, Third Eye

    I'm not thrilled in a word. It can't OCR much of anything. It automatically imports all the misspellings and bullchit into your contacts. Then it turns around and spams everybody you scan into it try to get them to download it too.... read the privacy statement, it's eye-opening. Short version is it kludges your phone up, and spews garbage to all your contacts. A real POS.

  • Good tool

    by Kwong Min Chan

    Very good tool to store business card info with photos, especially new feature of scanning the cards.

  • Superb!

    by KCross77

    This app is head and shoulders above the rest!

  • Cam card

    by Firewalker30

    Work great, makes saving contacts simple. Well worth the price. Ok well worth 3 times what I paid.

  • Why no iOS7 version?

    by Maurice Ward

    This is a good app, but it now looks very dated with its leather look, etc. Where's the iOS7 version?

  • Awesome!!!!!

    by Roushjm

    In a word: AWESOME!!!! One if the very best apps on the market. Thanks guys!!!!!

  • Very impressive

    by ManAlive!

    I was 50:50 about buying an app that would help me organise the pile of business cards I have dotted around my home and office. I am immensely impressed with this product and its speed and accuracy is quite remarkable for a sub $3 app. Why would you consider buying one of those physical scanner devices when this does it all and immediately syncs data to your contacts? Well done to the innovators and developers of this app.

  • Great app

    by 핫쟝

    it's greate app, but can't read Chinese. When do you plan to upgrade for Chinese?

  • Great app

    by Piano man I am

    A must have for the business cards "collectors" Love it!!!!!!

  • Love this app

    by Phanphun

    I travel all over Asia. This app has made my life so easy. Thank you.

  • Just wanted a simple organizer

    by Tryon Wilson

    Although this sort of works, it is rather convoluted and seems to lack options to really understand what it is doing and where it has taken over your phone! The OCR works but usually with errors . Auto crop and scan is nice, but still confused about how to delete images from camera roll and folders without loosing the business cards in this app? I've screwed it up more than once. Not sure it is worth the aggravation .

  • Outstanding App

    by ematto

    Does what is says - WELL!! I use google has my main contact sync point - all scans have uploaded to gmail contacts. Not sure what the other reviewers issues are.

  • Great products,don't stop

    by Michael2012a

    Great product, don't stop innovating, keep it up! More export,integration features would be nice.

  • Everyone should have this app

    by Young85

    You will not regret its a great app easy to use

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