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  • Updated: Jun, 08 2009
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Seller: Indeed

- Find jobs in Vietnam and Thailand
- Bug fixes and improvements

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Find jobs using Indeed, the most comprehensive search engine for jobs.
In a single search, Indeed offers free access to millions of jobs from thousands of company websites and job boards.
From search to apply, Indeed’s Job Search app helps you through the entire process of finding a new job.

World’s #1 Job Search:
- Join over 100 million job seekers each month that use Indeed
- Find jobs in over 50 countries and 28 languages
- Search the Indeed database of over 15 million jobs

- Simple, fast-loading job search
- Find openings in cities near you using your device’s GPS
- View new jobs added since your last search
- Search by job title, company and location to find your dream job
- Find full-time, part-time, contract, freelance and internship jobs

- Use your Indeed Resume to easily apply to select jobs
- Create a resume, joining Indeed’s network of over 15 million resumes
- Personalize a message for each job before applying
- See how many employers viewed your resume
- Don’t want to apply just yet? Send a reminder to apply later

- Recent job searches are remembered
- Save or email your favorite jobs
- Create a free Indeed account
- Follow favorite companies to get the latest jobs and updates
- Have the newest jobs delivered to your inbox
- See which jobs you’ve visited, saved, and applied to

- Preview page displays full description of job posting
- See how companies are rated by employees
- Read over 3 million company reviews
- See photos of what it’s like to work at companies before you apply
- Review your employer

iPad Optimized
- Use the world’s #1 iPad jobs app
- Design optimized for iPad and iPad mini
- Two-pane view maximizes use of screen size
- Keep your search open while viewing a job

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Customer Reviews

  • Five star app.

    by EBoge

    The app is as good as the site. is the one stop shop for all things jobs! Love this app!!

  • Rating Indeed Mobile Site:

    by sjcwee

    I think it is great and easy to use.

  • Nice

    by Job122

    Best job app!

  • Gets stuck in foreign language

    by Empochado

    This app will strand you if you select a country with a different language with no way to get back to your own language ( since you can't read it). So be wary if you want to look for a job in another country. I clicked Korea and since I don't read Korean could not see a way to get out except to delete the app and reinstall it. It would be helpful if you could set your language.

  • The O N L Y career site I search!

    by @iDoBillboards

    Would gv u 5 stars if the advance search was available thru the app. And what happened 2 my "Apply By Phone" tab?! Otherwise, thanks 4 an great app that's easy 2 navigate & that does not contain a lot of fluff like career builder or monster.

  • Great app.... Very user friendly

    by Polfan


  • My go to app for job search

    by Xenochrony

    It's convenient.

  • Good Job App

    by Grayoaks1984

    Good app for job seekers

  • Awesome App

    by Scrundel23

    This is the best job app I've ever used. Very user friendly!

  • Great app!

    by DivaDezz

    This app has played a big part in helping me get interviews. Not only does it have the most recent jobs but it's allowed a lot of recruiters to see my résumé. The only thing is that it lists non HR jobs that are not a part of my search.

  • Great app

    by Yd224

    Easy to navigate and upload resumes. Easy to apply for jobs.

  • Great App!

    by Jeanclaudefandam

    Easy to use and is trafficked by the employers you want to see your profile

  • What happened to Favorites?

    by Duster426

    After using this App for more than a year helping friends and family find jobs, I open it today to discover all of my "favorites" are gone. There isn't even a "star" function. What happened? Otherwise, this app des what it is supposed to do simply and easily.

  • Great

    by Moviediva

    Love the app.

  • Indeed

    by Cindy18 (infamous)

    I love this job application app it's pretty cool helps a lot :)

  • Bring back Recommended Jobs

    by 3dhouseofmagic

    Love this app aside from the occasional job posting being old. But recently the tab for "recommended jobs" is gone. This was a great feature that often pulled up jobs my regular searches did not. Please bring it back!

  • Great app for job search!

    by lldesll

    You can build a resume and apply over the phone! Awesome!

  • Great, not perfect

    by CraigslistKiller

    Indeed is a really clean, intuitive app. They make it easy for employers to match up with employees. I just wish there could be an advanced search to weed out irrelevant job matches. I.e.: search for maintenance and see cashier openings. Still a very useful app.

  • Indeed

    by KevManthaa'


  • Love it

    by Mrsjuju

    Best job site

  • Keeps crashing

    by DuckFist

    At least three times a week it will freeze up and I have to delete and re-install it. Very irritating!

  • Not great at all

    by Purple_bomB615

    Ok so I've applied to at least a hundred jobs on here AND I NEVER GET A CALL FROM ANYONE!! My resume is on board and everything .. Seems like a waste of time .. Anybody have a review saying how employers contacted them?? No, not to my knowledge .. Is this even real ??

  • Needs work

    by Macker612

    Generally helpful, but I don't like that you can only have 10 keyword searches at a time, and some days when I open it it's just blank.

  • Needs work

    by Macker612

    Generally helpful, but I don't like that you can only have 10 keyword searches at a time, and some days when I open it it's just blank.

  • Not job specific

    by VT95

    I set my job search specifically to my profession, but instead it throws at me a bunch of totally unrelated jobs, I'm no longer gonna use this.... thanks but thanks.

  • Read

    by Jdoenshd383

    This app is garbage

  • Bad search engine

    by SifuBates

    Type in construction and get parking lot attendant???

  • Just a bookmark

    by DRCinDC

    The Indeed website is great and I've been receiving job agent results for years, but this app is a huge disappointment. You can do nothing except look at jobs. You can't sort by criteria and you can't access your profile. It's a virtually useless app.

  • Sucky sucking

    by Ki. J.

    It used to work great but now it seems to be failing, the jobs I apply for are no longer hiring and I also receive a lot of spam in my email now because of this site. There are a lot of scammers on the site as well telling you to make a yahoo account to have a interview by chat

  • Disgusting

    by @officecleanings < twitter

    After monitoring you app and web site for over 6 weeks. I have been actively applying for a new career and reverting back to the actual companies web site to verify the position is actively available and to my surprise a GOOD AMOUNT of positions on your site are old old. Not a couple of days I'm talking months. And you update the date so it actually shows up under 1 day posted?????

  • Great for applying for multiple jobs.

    by -DirtyDevil-

    As long as the company does there part and provides a good description of the position available, this app is pretty straight forward. I like that I can apply from my phone & use the options tap to only view jobs where applying from a mobile device is possible. Upload your resume and get started. You'll see how easy it is to apply to many jobs in a short amount of time. If the company has further information needed, you will be contacted via email to do so.

  • Love it

    by Indeed.comsupportor

    I love using I've found my job using this sight and refer anyone looking for a job to this site as well. Even though I have a job I still keep a an eye on the latest jobs.

  • Fake job killer

    by WilburCatStrong

    Does a better job than most for not presenting fake jobs

  • Very useful, but lacking a few things...

    by Zeusfire69

    This app is missing few of the search criteria that the website has...but the coolest thing about indeed has always been the reviews from real people. The one thing that really NEEDS to be here is the reviews should be sorted by LOCATION just like the job listings. It is very difficult to get a picture from these reviews when they are from all over the country...

  • Like it

    by Horsestealer

    Good app...very useful...wish u could apply more from the phone but i dont think thats the apps fault

  • Great app!

    by JayCue68

    Love the app and its so easy to use. Thanks indeed! :)

  • The O N L Y career site I search!

    by @iDoBillboards

    Would gv u 5 stars if the advance search was available thru the app. Thanks 4 an great app that's easy 2 navigate & that does not contain a lot of fluff like career builder or monster.

  • Safari opens?

    by Thesis_in_progress

    Every time you hit 'Back' to enter new search terms it will switch to Safari and go to and then switch back to the app. Very annoying. Might as well just use safari. Not sure if this is a bug or a way to provide them with stats or send cookies or what. But I will not be using this app until that is fixed.

  • Useful

    by KrystalBrooke83

    I've applied to many jobs on here, the only issue I have is that quite a few that I have applied to have already been filled or are no longer hiring. I'm not sure if that is the company's lack if attention or Indeed not updating their job search. Either way, the website has been very helpful.

  • Very helpful

    by Cedezzzzz

    Love this app. It's very helpful in finding the right job that fits your needs and is so quick and easy to apply!

  • Great!

    by The.real.wiz.khalifa.412.

    Easily accessible very helpful!

  • Driver

    by B2j81

    Have not landed a job yet but good job leads!

  • Not Mssng Around

    by T England

    After many years with another web based job site, shall leave name out today. Indeed, keeps you on your toes. I have over the years wondered if it was my résumé or just location that needed updating. It was refreshing to find a site that have a clear rollover listing and legitimate posting regiment. Gets the thumbs up .

  • Saved Jobs

    by nonda

    Where is the option to save jobs. Please bring the feature back

  • Fixed...

    by Xrayb


  • Where did the save option go?

    by David Kaplan

    Great app but noticed today the ability to save a job disappeared. Where are the stars?

  • Saved jobs?

    by Bkster4

    It was great. Where did all my saved jobs go? Pretty useless if I can't save jobs. Please bring this feature back

  • Where's the option to 'Star' jobs??

    by Prpl haZe

    When I first started using this I found it very handy as I could quickly peruse job headlines and store them for future review/application. Now when I search there is no ability to save that job for later investigation, which pay much makes this mobile app completely useless

  • Quick and Easy

    by Kait154

    Has a wide selection of job openings and you can narrow down search criteria.

  • Always says "network unavailable"

    by Carboncanyon

    I'm sitting next to my wifi router, and this app claims that the network is unavailable. Indeed is working fine on my PC. This happens all of the time, and there's no way to make the app recheck its network connection. It's okay when it works. They finally fixed the network issue, but no option to search title only? You have to wade through so many unrelated postings.

  • Depending on the individual state, it's a good asset.

    by ummmmm sumthin

    Although generally this is a good site to look up job opening, only particular states use it for the majority of their job openings. So I suggest researching job openings in your area to validate if the majority of employers use "indeed" for listing their vacancies.


    by ALL4Kicks

    This app is great, helped me find the exact job ive been wanting for years. Absolutely recommend it!

  • Great app

    by Clairechj

    Love it! Especially the "apply from phone" option. It is so convenient to use!

  • Language Setting

    by Todd Seffrood

    I'm an expatriate living in South Korea. Having a language option regardless of the country you are searching in would be a logical setting to this app. You'd reach a wider scope of potential users.

  • Great app

    by xxxlljmsllxxx

    Easy to use

  • Overall a Pretty Good App

    by Cirrusmonkey

    The only thing I didn't like about the app was, if you are looking for a specific job title (ie. Process Operator, Pilot etc.) you get several results which have nothing to do with your search query.

  • Network unavailable

    by Nflwatcher

    Loved the website...until this "network unavailable" bug showed up!

  • Server error

    by justtryit

    Keep getting an error message when I try to do anything. Please update and fix.

  • Yay this app WORKS!

    by Bad_Andy LIVE 

    Just got a job at Olive Garden less than a couple if weeks :)

  • Great Job Seeking App

    by M@23

    always up to date. very user friendly.

  • Indeed



  • Still searching

    by Mare027

    This site offers the most up-to-date listings.

  • Great source of employment

    by 23asdf123

    Many different job listings that are easily navigated and followed.

  • Love this app

    by Mrs murph111

    It is great. Updates your saved searches as new opportunties are added. No bugs noted yet very quick searching.

  • Fantastic

    by Sjoegomez

    Great app to find variety of jobs all around your area. Indeed never fails me!

  • Warehouse

    by On the job search...again

    Indeed has bee an excellent resources for me. My last three jobs were all due to indeed and the consolidation of job boards in one. Thanks

  • Not great as an app - just a glorified bookmark

    by Wavlngth1808

    The app itself does not have any of the advanced search features available on the Indeed website. In order to access the advanced search, you have to sign into your account. All this does is link you to the actual website. Why do I need this app taking up valueable storage space on my iPad, if all it is going to be is a glorified bookmark?! I do like the Indeed website; but I don't see the purpose to using this app.

  • More convenient than a shamwow

    by Murphy_brother


  • Got to love it !!

    by godlythinking


  • Five star app.

    by EBoge

    Helped me find a job!

  • Great place to find current relevant jobs listings

    by Alex Elejalde

    Like the title says

  • Indeed a good worksite

    by Tweebre21

    I've been using indeed for quite sometime and I find it useful and easy to navigate.

  • by Tensjunkie

  • Great app!

    by PiroFamily1985

    It works well and never crashes.

  • Everyone should have it

    by Bkinney81

    This is an awesome app, I think it should be put on phones for everyone.

  • Easy Job Searching

    by Utokens

    Great app to have. Simple to use. And does what it needs to do.

  • Freezes up

    by Lakeshia Wright

    Work very well except when it freezes up or starts going slow. Update needed.

  • Terrible

    by rm_77

    Broken or poorly-designed UI. These kinds of low quality apps do not belong in the App Store. Just use their website on your phone instead. Indeed- please read Apple's HIG document.

  • Easy

    by Mysexylife4now

    Absolutely love the fact that all job searches are in one location!!!

  • Most used app

    by  bshilling

    This app is the first one I check everyday. I love the fact that it shows u how many new jobs are listed for each search. I've been on the hunt for a few months now & indeed always shows me the newest jobs before any other job search apps. It is also very easy to use. Keep up the good work guys!

  • Great app

    by Beach Life Productions

    Great app! Makes it easier to search.

  • Indeed The Best!

    by  michaboxx

    If your tired of searching high and low for a job then Indeed job search can cut down the leg work. They do that for you in a very simple no hassles application that gets right to the point. Let's just say there the best at pulling it all together and putting it all in one place :-)....

  • HR Job Seeker

    by Sophia Picture it

    It's a solid app.


    by Frogmama1208

    Love it! Very easy to search for jobs, look them up, and apply. Highly recommended.

  • So far so good!

    by MimiBabe

    Super convenient & easy to use!! Hope this helps my job hunt!

  • Needs update for multitasking

    by Chowier3951

    Indeed is fantastic, but please, please update the app to support multitasking so that if I switch to Safari to look up something, when I return to Indeed I can pick up where I left off. This has been supported by iOS for over a year!

  • Needs Improvements

    by Yashekia

    As a 3 year user of this site and App there is much to be desired. A staffing site should allow you to search based off of education and skill level and your alerts/recommended jobs should reflect that as we'll. I do not like getting job recommendations that I do not qualify for or have only one qualifying skill or past experience. The employers will not glance at my application if I so not meet key requirements like years of experience or education. Please step up your site. But do not feel to bad Linkedin and Career Builder are guilty of the same things.

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