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Languages: English, Chinese

Seller: iHandy Inc.

- Optimized for iOS 7
- Optimized the sensitivity of brightness controller

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The brightest, fastest, and most versatile Flashlight in the world! Instantly turn your iPhone into the brightest possible Flashlight. Enjoy 30+ special light effects.

iHandy Flashlight comes with numerous stunning illumination effects; it is never just the most convenient flashlight:
- Glow sticks
- SOS signals
- Disco light
- Neon signs
- Police light
- Fire Truck light
- Reading light
- Night light

- Quickest and brightest flashlight: shake your iPhone/iPod touch to get instant full white screen
- Cool lighting effects: Strobe, Trippy, Spiral, Emergency, Motion Control and more...
- Multi-color realistic glow sticks
- Fully customizable colored lights w/ beautiful color picker
- Multi-purpose neon signs: show to your friends and get WOW effects
- Adjustable brightness w/ indicator (just slide your finger up and down)
- Beautiful and innovative UI design
- Easy navigation
- Many more excited features, Download and discover!


Customer Reviews

  • Flashlight

    by Grayheybaby

    I love this app, when it's dark and I don't have my glasses I turn my flashlight on. Love love love it

  • Awesome

    by Happy wishes

    Works great

  • Turn on light

    by set sansook

    It 's working great!

  • Great flash light

    by Olgie60

    Love it

  • Flashlight

    by PMDesign2

    I really like this app.

  • Flashlight

    by Jennifer Hollenbeck

    I love it !!!!!

  • The shatoyah app

    by Shatoyah

    I love this app

  • Ok

    by Nog0986325

    That's ok

  • Great

    by Joe Melton

    I think that this flashlight app is unique and has great progress. I love this app, although I do think it could be cooler

  • It's good

    by Starry Girl

    It's good

  • It is bright!

    by Llpro

    I love the light, very bright exactly what I wanted.


    by FalelePop

    Not sure, but it looks good

  • freaking bright!!

    by Big Flop 4 Relll



    by RITAAY

    To know I always have a flashlight with me!!

  • Flashlight

    by Zy'quirabunch

    I love it

  • Flashlight

    by Danny Col

    Very handy at night.

  • App review

    by Razor111qwerasd

    Excellent lighting app

  • Super

    by Roseoneal

    Nice & bright!!

  • Love it

    by Bregirl10

    Great for blinding people

  • Mr

    by Pepgroupcorp

    Good app

  • Excellent!

    by Tita Japanica

    I really love this apps! I've been using this eversince I downloaded it.. Goodbye to all my old flashlights! Good job & thanks so much.

  • Flashlight

    by Sodaestereo

    Very good

  • Awesome!

    by Grammyflake

    The only flashlight you will need for any job!

  • Its to bright

    by Adamsrad

    I was caught watching my parents doing it.

  • Hello!!!

    by Justto69

    Had to keep the upgrades coming!!! Lol

  • Flashlight...

    by Marthalee73

    It would be dark without it!

  • by Cam Davignon

  • Flash bright

    by Lgs7

    Bright & convenient Love!!

  • Great it works perfect

    by Apizzer

    Very bright I love it

  • Let there be light!

    by TDA675

    Great app. Can't imagine not having it.

  • LOVE IT!

    by Sunshine9107

    Love this app so much! It has saved me tons of frustration! I no longer have to search the house for new batteries or flashlights when storms knock out the power or when coming home after dark and its also fabulous to use while walking at night so that cars can see you. There are a million uses!

  • Infuriatingly slow

    by Vic63

    Slow to "boot up" when you select the app. Feels like a year as you're standing in the dark, waiting for some light to appear. Slow to react to on-off button. Probably busy loading ads to rub in your face. You get what you pay for. Can't recommend this flashlight.

  • Great App.

    by Sandrainia3

    Never have any problems with this app. Works 100% of the time, and it's bright white light !!!

  • Awesome app

    by Msmeliss1000

    Good app I like how you can adjust how bring the flash is

  • Love the lite

    by birder426

    Flashlight is bright--so useful and easy to use

  • Love it!

    by weluvhmsl

    I use this all the time!

  • Great

    by Awesomethrees

    Amazingly bright

  • Mil gracias!

    by AnaDSmith

    Que ayuda! Muchas gracias

  • I love it

    by Nice cutie pie

    It is so cool and amsome

  • Flashlight

    by Tomáseqsanchez

    Tomas Enrique Sanchez Sanchez loves this application to used for important events, read, light an alley, stairs, sidewalk , balcony and to watch my steps in the sidewalk . Really, I'll love to include my evaluation to this feature and Application with 5 Stars .the first day to write my evaluation . I love the Flashlight App. Thanks,

  • Retired

    by Joseph T Reilly

    Aone App great application have used several times

  • Flashy

    by Tootafanute

    I can see the light

  • JimTom

    by Click Clack Moo App Hater

    It's just like any other flashlight app. No specials here.

  • Current version

    by nazrul86


  • Helps a lot

    by -Kaite_88-

    This app helps a lot when I'm looking in my closet this is a great app

  • Flash lite

    by Tazman1366

    Pretty cool

  • Does it's job

    by Jammin246

    Decent flashlight.

  • Awesome!

    by Alagzandra

    I can see perfectly with this app! :)

  • Great app

    by Ellanier

    Use all the time!

  • Good

    by Al the Awesome alien

    The extra stuff is really cool, except some of it isn't really useful. Overall it's a great app

  • Love this app

    by dw9295

    Exactly what I was looking for.

  • Flash light app

    by Jjkkkkjh

    Handy app!!!!!

  • Great app

    by Boydie53

    Wow great app

  • Great app

    by Luisbane

    * * * * *

  • Extremely Beneficial Tool

    by shawt1

    Very useful tool. Everyone that one that I have either told them about this App, or shown it to them, never hesitates to install it on their phone.

  • Does what it says it will do. This app is better than the rest, to date 12/23/13.

    by Amy from San Mateo

    The app is fine for what it is- given it's obvious limitations. Quite useful in a pinch. Due to it 'a powerful illumination and flexibility as more than a typical iPod/iPhone flashlight application I rate this a five ***** (Stars) application. One caution, however, with one's front LED on high setting for any more than the briefest time, one's battery level indicator will climb down fast, like a top mounted telephone pole linesman with an acute boot spike malfunction. Heaven Forbid

  • App

    by Silverdove1984

    Good app lots of options

  • Cool

    by Ms shan zmn

    I think this app is cool and nice and I like this app alot

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