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Seller: iHandy Inc.

- Built-in Compass Mini Map, by tapping on the compass*

* Compass and Compass Mini Map are only available on iPhones (as iPod Touch hardware does not have compass capability).

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Bright. Fast. Simple. The most elegant and functional flashlight app, ever! And it's the ONLY flashlight app that goes with a compass, giving you the direction in the darkness. Don't miss it!

New feature:

• Built-in Mini Map, by tapping on the compass
• LED brightness control
• Full support for iPhone 5 big screen


• Brightest Flashlight instantly ON
• Always-On compass
• Strobe mode with 10 different frequencies
• Built-in SOS signal
• Intuitive and elegant UI design

Continued use of the flash may dramatically decrease battery life.

Customer Reviews

  • Great

    by Brionna jade

    Great app.

  • Quick N easy

    by Moe Jo Jo Jo

    Easy to use with adjustable Brightness and additional SOS in case of emergency

  • VERY Useful!

    by Heidi (Schnepp) Pierce

    I, probably, use this app more than any others that I have on my phone - It has come in handy so many times. I LOVE IT!

  • D

    by Aawssdfs


  • good

    by tyr6Oo9

    works fine

  • Awesome

    by Chele_0915

    This app is great for concerts, reading, and walking in darkness. Love it. Great for reading when bit using iPad.

  • I got that crinack

    by BearM

    Yea I got that crinack and yea I dropped it out my linap and had to use this linite and found this shinite so the cops ain't find it so I'm alrinight

  • Awesome app!!

    by AleCruzMejías

    The compass is completely reliable and the " dimmer and brighter" feature is very handy.

  • Let there be Light

    by MBH Kid

    Best flashlight app. I can adjust the brightness and stuff.

  • Light

    by Big billy bucks

    Great app

  • Good job the glad light

    by Swedy333


  • Great App

    by RyderRiggs

    Works great seeing the front door lock when getting home at night. Compass a plus.

  • Best Flashlight App Hands Down

    by Raptorman1925

    Compared to numerous others that I have tried, this far exceeds it's competition.

  • Amazing

    by Ladybug62996

    You need to get it best flashlight app ever! I tried it at noob and I could still see the light it made! I will never need a real flashlight ever again! Ps it has mores code settings too! <33333

  • Great

    by Conscienceap3


  • It works

    by I just tell the truth!!

    This app really works, and the light is a lot brighter then your iPhone/iPod or device. It also has other cool features to play around with, and it help me do my homework at 5am

  • Good app

    by Well???

    New to this app but so far so good

  • Awesome

    by Immheerallnitee

    Works great, no problems. The compass is pretty neat

  • Love

    by Love my kidz

    This app very easy to use :)

  • LOVE this app!!!

    by Joannabonanna

    This flashlight came in handy SOOO many times just when I needed it!! It's the greatest flashlight ever!!

  • Dios. Es amor

    by Que Dios bendiga

    Que Dios bendiga al mundo

  • Annoying

    by Sterling comet

    When I set it on a flat surface it always triggers the flashing option. Really annoying, especially since I then have to find my phone again through a flashing light in the dark, but then I have to adjust it several times because there are 10 flashing settings to flip through and I really just want it to stay on 0.

  • Good job

    by Wale21brah

    Just wish you could keep it on while on other apps

  • No one knows what the shadow does in the dark

    by BuddyG14

    There with this light you could find him ... Lol

  • Great

    by Tidy mike


  • 10 stars

    by Valrod25

    Perfect love this app!

  • How does it feel?

    by DaSneakerHead99

    Knowing that iOS 7 renders you completely useless?

  • Cool light

    by Mercidis

    I like it.

  • Useful!

    by RzlRys

    It does what it's used for. No interesting stories to tell here (for now).

  • Look at how it shines for you

    by Happy little gurl gurl


  • Nice app

    by DerDer145

    Rated 5 stars

  • Works

    by Pimpjitsu master

    Works well

  • Shiny

    by TM1800

    I love this app because it makes a bigger glow than other apps.

  • Bright little light

    by Krysti.n.ky

    It works better than I thought it would

  • It's great

    by Da Doggy

    I love it. It's the best thing ever.

  • Very good useful and simple

    by Mp87

    Its a simple and very easy to use flashlight app and i recommend this over all the other apps

  • Flashlight app

    by precious_angel

    Great app!

  • Great App

    by NDDelney

    Love This.

  • Great apps

    by drsuhan

    Any update

  • Was great

    by seadams

    I've enjoyed this app for a very long time, but it just started shutting off the light & going to a web page or the App Store without me touching the screen. It's unpredictable, unusable and irritating now.

  • Great

    by KatieAEM

    A handy light when you find yourself without one.

  • WOW!

    by FalelePop

    Comes in handy.

  • Best flashlight app there is!!!

    by Kuhtfderhb

    Works great on iPhone 4s. Is a lot brighter then I expected. Great app!!!!

  • Comentario

    by Zury

    Es muy buena la linterna

  • Greater

    by RoboTeck10


  • Great App!!!!!

    by Crafty carol

    Perfect app & easy 2 use. Just gr8!!!

  • Wish I had an incredible story

    by Itsbabberdo

    I love it and will someday figure out all it does but it is perfect for me. I broke my foot in four places and am now bed ridden until surgery next week. I can't get up to turn on the light but my flashlight on my cell phone works great so there's no need.

  • Great app

    by Helps me write

    Love it!


    by App User 33

    Great App... Helpful for every day use!

  • Good app

    by Oinkette


  • None

    by Lynn0111

    Amazingly bright for an IPhone

  • Great app!

    by Charmler

    Should have been standard for sure

  • Very good design and style!

    by Puk66

    All those apps written by a script kiddies are annoying, and that's why this one stands out: well thought of, and nice design! A "MUST TRY"-app!

  • Great light.

    by SillyNat

    Works well.

  • I'm batman

    by He-man2.0

    It's very helpful

  • Awesome

    by Wet puppies

    This app is bright and reliable it can help no matter what it's easy to use as well

  • Good light

    by Skillet 88

    Like it

  • Pretty handy and neat!

    by Frobisher Lwanga

    The fact that its got a compass!

  • Awesome! Very bright!

    by Kalanieldon

    Love it

  • Flash light

    by Nalijo

    I love it!

  • Very nice

    by Mcneely101

    This is a very nice app. I love it

  • !!!!

    by Naniesbabies85

    Great app!!!

  • Love it

    by EyeFone1982

    Works brilliantly!

  • Amazing

    by RCesar A

    This is one of the best app ever, I really love it.

  • Awesome app

    by Joy025


  • Very good

    by Manuedm


  • Great convenience

    by Twinkle7967

    I always know where my phone is so now I also know where my flashlight is as well

  • Great app

    by Forestarius

    Works great, comes in handy especially in the attic and at night when you drop something

  • Great

    by Nick click

    Awesome flashlight! Love the S.O.S mode and the mini map

  • Interesting, Useful

    by nachtmehr

    I really have to admit, these seems like it will come in handy. Hopefully I'll never need it, but blessed be if I do

  • Best ever

    by Southernvixen1983

    Best flashlight app I have had

  • Flashlight

    by 73.1

    Very nice thank you

  • This is an awsome app!!!

    by El seis siete

    This is an awsome app!!!

  • Excellent ! Does what it should. Does well at it.

    by LG VA

    Good app

  • Awesome Flashlight!!!

    by BoneShkr

    This app is exactly what I was looking for from a flashlight, and more. Controls are very easy to understand & use. Thank You for a great product!!!

  • Great flashlight

    by Tiny panda

    Very bright! A very useful app.

  • Goodie

    by High-fai

    Nice app

  • Best flashlight ever

    by lmviele

    It's a great flashlight a lot of people use it that's why you should too. It's nice because you can make the flashlight light the shade you want

  • Bright and easy to use

    by Hockeyaddict27

    Great app that has a bright, adjustable flashlight. It's easy to use and much more convenient then going to find a standard flashlight.

  • Good

    by Donna6366



    by Fire. J

    Prefect awsome keep up those updates!!!!!!!

  • Light

    by Cody Shelby

    Love it works great for when you need some light and also good for reading

  • برنامج ممتاز

    by ياسر ٢٠١٢


  • Great

    by T_MartSWAGGER

    Comes tooooo handy

  • Groovy

    by MuzikLuvvr

    Great lil app, love the dimmer control and graphic panel

  • Me

    by Crossarch

    Fantastically easy!

  • Flashlight

    by Mamaw87

    I really like this app. I use it all the time.

  • Great!

    by The Dancing DJ

    Work awesomely!

  • It's good

    by Someone really cool

    It's good and I like it

  • Flashlight

    by Franky 8

    Great app

  • iHandy Flashlight

    by Ivy92911

    Great app! I love this app. The only thing that would make it 5 stars is less ads! But I would recommend this app to anyone! Hands down the best!!

  • Artist

    by Sheilameow

    Love it! Works great!

  • Wow great light helped me find my ring!!!

    by Snowballgc

    What a great flashlight. Recently I lost my ring outside and went out side at night in the pitch black shining the flashlight app on the ground and I found it with the flashlight app !!! My regular flashlight didn't uncover it ! Thank you flashlight app!!!

  • Love this!

    by RA1548

    So helpful and handy... What a great app!! Love this on my phone; use it often!!

  • Great tool

    by PeachStateResident


  • Update

    by Ajgotswag


  • Great Idea

    by cgm_iii

    Every day brings new, useful functionality to my i-phone!

  • Simple and effective

    by citroends

    A good idea, works well

  • Amazing

    by Jarred benze


  • Love it!

    by CaliGuy74

    First rate app. More lighting app than I really need, but I love the options. A keeper!

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