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Seller: Idea Blitz Technology Solutions, LLC

This version introduces a couple of bug fixes.

1.) Decimals were not handled properly due to an incorrect data type. NOTE: Since the initial release was not a suitable data model, we are NOT migrating existing data. Upgrading to this version is going to clear out any existing applications. We apologize for the inconvenience and can assure you that migration will happen from here on out.

2.) Weather updates were not handled properly, thus only allowing one weather update per launch of the application. Subsequent attempts could also crash the app. This has been corrected.

3.) The date was missing from the emailed report. This has been corrected.

4.) The time on the Farm Information screen was not properly configured, causing incorrect times to be saved. This has been corrected.

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Ag Lync is an evolving suite of farm management tools for your iPhone. Our current release is focused on spray applications. This allows you to track general application information such as the field, acres covered, products applied, carriers used, and equipment operator; just to name a few. Ag Lync also uses your phone's location and data services to log current weather conditions at the time of application.


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