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- Adding analytics to application to determine which features are most used.
- Bug fixes for iOS7

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The HotSchedules mobile application is a powerful, fast and intuitive tool that gives current HotSchedules users the ability to manage their work schedules right from an iPhone.

With this fast and secure application, HotSchedules users can conveniently check schedules, release or swap current shifts, pick up available shifts and input upcoming schedule requests. Download now to take advantage of this easy-to-use application, and with the click of a button, you'll be in command of your schedule. Don't forget to keep an eye out for additional features and functionality in future releases.

- Requires a valid and current HotSchedules user account

Please visit to discuss or get help with the iSchedule application. HotSchedules employees monitor and answer questions on these forums.

Customer Reviews

  • Buggy

    by SweetLeaf

    I really like that I have my schedule and messages on my phone, but I wish that the push notifications worked. They worked before the upgrade, but now I don't get any. Fix it, please!

  • Auto pick up

    by Bella36915

    Love this app so much, but the auto pickup needs tweaking, the fact that I cannot specify what job class I would like to auto pick up is redic... Just like the site I should have an option

  • Useful

    by Kon Jon

    I use it everyday, way easier then going on the laptop, the app is worth it fereal.

  • Latest update has problems

    by Scarrylarry 32707

    The latest update of this app. Has a couple of bug issue problems with it. It constantly doubles my schedule in my calendar app. And keeps resending shemales of messages that are on my system anymore. Please update and fix love the app otherwise

  • Great app

    by BurnStatus

    This is a great app, but would be better if I could view my pay stubs too. I can't even view my pay stub on the mobile page. Please consider fixing this function or add it to the app.

  • Good app could have more functionality

    by chefjayaca

    Everything works as it should in the app but it should have a couple of more features. I should be able to adjust a schedule done the app. Not talking about making a schedule but assign house shifts to an employee when I find coverage for a shift. Also it would be beneficial for us to be able to see more reports.

  • Love it

    by MegganRhyan

    I love this app. It's super easy to get my work schedule and does everything I need it to. But for the past few weeks anytime I open it, a pop up things say. "No calendar set." And I have to hit ok on two weeks worth of it telling me my posted schedule. It would be great if this was fixed. But over all I love this app!!

  • by rpp2017tamu

    I use it all of the time, and it has made my life so much easier!

  • Great!...but...

    by Shmagoofna75

    This app is great! The only thing keeping this app from five stars is the fact that you cannot save more than one account. I work at two different places that use HotSchedules and I have to save one account to the app and save another on Safari. My only other option is to always logout of the app whenever I use it, and login using whichever account I intend to use at that moment. Both of those options are rather annoying--and I have to say that I would give this app five stars otherwise. However, it's four stars from me for now.

  • I love HS

    by EmyKristine

    I check my hotschedules more than any other app. I love the easy use, and everything I do on it is quick. Love love love. So worth the price!

  • Great but one problem...

    by Lhk261

    This app is great and so far I've only found one problem but it's kind of a biggie: when I try to send a message the app closes and my message does not get sent. :(

  • Love this app!

    by Bricheese

    I use this app because I had to buy it when I was hired at my new job. I'm so glad my employer uses it. I can check my schedule, work messages and contact my coworkers anytime, anywhere.

  • Miss the old app

    by Christopher Mendez

    Seems like the new update is kind of buggy. Why when I sync with my calendar does it ALWAYS double schedule the event? So annoying please fix

  • Awesome App

    by Kaboby749

    I really enjoy using this app. I'd be lying if I said there were never problems, but they seem to fix quickly. Syncs my work schedule with my calendar amazingly. Totally worth the $2.99 to purchase.

  • Love

    by Hafhkkf

    So convenient!

  • Does it's job

    by Your name is ____________

    Good job

  • Great but missing one thing

    by Serverlife

    The app works really well and I use it all the time, but I really wish (for the auto pickup/release) that they would make it so you can select your specific schedules and jobs, like you can on the website, for people who work multiple positions and only want to pick up a certain kind (i.e. someone who works as a food runner and server but only wants to pick up server shifts). That would be a great update! Other than that the app is awesome!

  • Does Its JOB

    by JMiLLZ6993

    I purchased this app for my current job, so that I could see my schedule. Not only do you get to do that, you get notifications for everything thats very inportant. Interface is nice. Very easy to use. And it automatically syncs into your calendar and shows your schedule on your "TODAY" Tab if you use iOS7 which is great! No problems for me here and I'm using the iPhone 4. 100% Satisfaction

  • Good app but needs updating

    by Xyz941

    The app does its basic job, you can see your schedule, pick up or release your shift. The newest update has an auto pick up/release feature. However, you cannot automatically pick up a shift in your selected area. You can only pick a time frame. Also, when you go to the app, you can't see if you have new messages unless you click on the item. It should be shown in bold or 'messages' word should have a number next to it.

  • Awesome!

    by 0bie-1

    Great app! It works very efficiently!

  • Annoyed!!

    by Bazaar90210

    For the last week and a half the app is completely blank. My schedule doesn't appear on the app but when I go to the actual website it's all there. I'm forced to use this app because of my job but not being able to see my schedule has made things very difficult. Not happy!!!

  • Disappointing

    by aakemp

    This app is unacceptable. For a paid app to have so many glitches and bugs as this one does.... Smh. The only reason I bought it was cuz my managers said we needed this app for work.

  • Since update

    by jeremy gerics

    I used to LOVE this app. Since the update it is horrid. Slow, buggy, harder to use. Takes forever to get info. Not loving it.

  • still no iPad app?

    by JRuckus

    with how easy xcode makes it to make an ipad app especially if you already have an iphone app being developed it makes no sense. and on top of that they are charging the end user for this app?! If you want to charge, make sure it is full featured, (editing schedules is a big feature missing) and works on all recent ios devices, including retina support.

  • Disappointed

    by Catbird417

    No iPad app, wow way to charge us money for some thing our job forces us to use. And you can't even have an iPad app, weak!

  • Too limited.

    by npa

    Limited functionality for a $3 app and no iPad version leave this app as overpriced.

  • iPad functionality

    by NAllen85

    I would gladly give the app 5 stars but it's been several years now and there is still no iPad app. Truthfully all I want is the app to go into landscape mode. If that could be fixed I would happily rate 5 stars.

  • Some people have 2 jobs

    by Mature viewer

    I work in 2 restaurants that both use got schedules and I would like to access both schedules on my app with out having to login each account without having to look up my login info . Reason for 1 star is cause people have been asking this since 2009 I've seen people ask for this .

  • Great until error message fail

    by Nicole865246

    Works amazingly for a month, then decides to say, "Authentication Error / This operation couldn't be completed. / (NSXMLParserErrorDomain error 5.) / (null)" when I go to the app one day. Now I can't log in, and am afraid to uninstall/reinstall it bc I don't want to be charged twice for an already pricey app. Also, I agree, show # messages on home screen in app. Also!!! Tapping the App Support link in the App Store description just leads me to an empty page! What a joke!!

  • Please

    by Shanahan<3

    Fix the bug in this app. I can't see my schedule at all :(

  • Good

    by Joe77775555


  • I'm amazed!

    by They connoisseur

    It's phenomenal how simplistic they've made everything. You will not regret downloading this app, it's worth every penny. Anytime someone needs to look up their schedule while I'm at work they always ask me because the apple app is easier to read than any other format.

  • Needs an update

    by Samsam113

    I have the new IOS and the app crashes a lot and repeatedly says domain error and will not load my schedule. I have to log in and out almost every use.

  • From good to terrible.

    by Worked fine until yesterday

    I have used this app for years and just recently it gives me constant error messages. It went from daily use to completely worthless.

  • Fix

    by Leifish

    I keep getting a domain error null message. Please fix!

  • IPad app

    by BRtrainer

    Great app, I encourage all my new hires to buy the app. It's certainly worth the couple dollars it costs. Only thing we need is an iPad version of the app!

  • Love it!

    by King

    The new layout is better across the board. Notifications need to be a little sharper but otherwise I love the reports, subscribing is a cinch, staff journaling is easy too. I definitely give it a thumbs up

  • Please update

    by Kristopher Padgett

    Love the app, quite possibly the easiest way to interact with coworkers on scheduling issues. However, bumped my iOS to 7 and now get stuck with notification notices etc. and have to close pop-up to get to app, before the pop-up returns. Other than that it's great.

  • Caved in after 4 years!

    by CrisMV

    Heard my coworkers talk about the app so I decided to get it. Very convenient, to make it perfect I would LOVE if on the schedule the request on/off were color coded red/ green like on the website. Also would love if the request off page showed you what position your request is like it does on the website:" 6 out of 12 request off. " Those two things would make me so happy and worth the $2.99 I just spent on the app!

  • Just one thing .....

    by Lrdiaz88

    Does it's job perfectly! I just wish it would sync with the calendar on my iPhone, so I could just drop down the top part to see what time I go in tmrw. That would make this app AWESOME ;)

  • You decide

    by Ms Serenity

    I was told you only had to purchase once and would be able to have access anywhere however that is BS each time I have tried to access my account I was charged on my tablet, laptop, and iPhone this really need to be fixed I don't expect I $5.98 bc I should have listen to my baby sister it was a scam know I know so everyone beware you have to pay each time you try to access your account and for every computer you use......

  • Faulty

    by Nuttygenius

    It won't load my schedule

  • Excellent!

    by Guitar_Surfer44

    Wish all jobs would implement Hot Schedules!

  • Lock Screen

    by tuckerhazel

    I like what the app does but it won't show up in the lock screen. If they fix it 5 stars

  • iPad

    by mrMONTES


  • It does its job!

    by Meezey

    And it does it well. A+

  • Keeps crashing

    by Chan8865

    I can't get past the login screen any more. I used to use it every day, now have to use computer.

  • Overall ok, keeps shutting off

    by TarynS13

    I like the functions that it lets me do, but it doesn't always pop up and notify me if I have a new message and doesn't allow auto-release or pick ups. Also, the last two days it won't open.

  • New update

    by iLuvMy iPod

    The app won't let me login since the last update, it always tells me "account is inactive" for some reason when it's not.

  • Frustrated

    by Modo#5

    Can no longer submit any requests on the app after latest update!!! Have to go to safari or computer!!! Very frustrating wouldn't have paid for it if I couldn't do that. Needs fixed!!

  • Annoyed

    by akdhalsgaldhalan

    Won't let me log in..fix this!!! I want my money back.

  • "Network Connection Was Lost"

    by Smackydoodledandy

    I got logged out, now there's an error message that reads "Network Connection Was Lost" and I can't log back in. Even tried deleting app and reinstalling. Would be a good app if I could use it...but only got to do that once.

  • Eh

    by Tommiedrums

    Good if it works

  • Great app but...

    by Rt5689

    I try to adjust the settings and receive notifications but they don't show up in the lock screen. All that happens is the sound. And then in the app it doesn't tell you where those notifications are. Also, my calendar sync is wacked out. It tells me 5 times the same thing.

  • Broken app

    by Stud128

    It's no longer working for me. Whenever I try to log in all I get is a white screen. I tried restarting my phone and everything but the app has just stopped working for me.

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