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IMPORTANT UPDATE: HBR All-Access Subscribers receive unrestricted access to the monthly iPad® edition issues. You can now easily connect your account and access the magazine here for the remainder of your current subscription by clicking the “Sync” button upon updating the app.
Welcome to the Harvard Business Review app. The app is free to download and includes free access to live feeds from HBR’s popular blog network, including The Management Tip. And now, you can browse our bookstore with bestselling titles like The First 90 Days. Here, you’ll get the inspiration and best practices you need to excel in today’s complex business environment. Take Harvard Business Review with you, wherever you go.

Here are the subscription options for Harvard Business Review magazine:
• 1-year subscription for $89.99, automatically renewed until canceled
• 1-month subscription for $10.99, automatically renewed until canceled
• Single issue for $12.99

Payment for all purchases will be charged to your iTunes account at the confirmation of your purchase.

SUBSCRIBERS' AUTOMATIC-RENEWAL FEATURE: Subscriptions automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. Your iTunes account will automatically be charged at the same price for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period (another year for annual subscribers, another six months for half-year subscribers, and another month for monthly subscribers) unless you change your subscriptions through your Account Settings after purchase. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during an active subscription period. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication.

For more information, you can find our privacy policy and terms of use at: http://harvardbusiness.org/about/privacy-policy

You can also visit customer service at: http://hbr.org/help-customer-service-home/ipad

Customer Reviews

  • Bathroom read

    by Still,believe,there's ,hope

    Great for a little bit of bathroom reading if you know what I'm saying,,,,,

  • New version work well

    by Player not allowed

    The new version works perfectly fine for me. I also like the design and how easy it is to navigate. I just wish they had an audio version of the issues, just like The Economist does - it would be perfect to "read" on-the-go.

  • Disappointed with old app, love the new one!

    by HBR_Reader

    The new app is great! Big improvement over the disappointing older version. Only need to log in once and very easy to use. Thank you HBR.

  • Thank you for fixing this app!!!

    by MrFashion

    Just downloaded the new version of the app and it works great, I didn't have to search around to figure out how to get my subscription to sync up!! Thanks HBR!

  • Cool

    by $PrMaN$787


  • Ok

    by Hajdkjdjdk

    Interesting app but not the best

  • I like this app

    by Caddisbug1994

    I have not had the problems many expressed here... but the cover of my magazine is not showing up in the newsstand... it is a generic cover that says "magazine" on it. I opened the magazine and it read just fine... thought if i started reading it it might make it appear... nope... still says "magazine.

  • Terribly dysfunctional

    by Global-100

    These are the management experts - I don't think so. If they can't manage a simple APP - why would anyone rely on their management expertise?

  • Almost Unusable

    by Phil195401

    This is the most confusing and frustrating experience I’ve encountered on my iPad. I had trouble syncing my print subscription. It resides in Newsstand (which I can’t stand). I may end up canceling my HBR print subscription if this is the best they can do.

  • Terrible and extremely slow

    by themajic

    This is not fully ready for release. It's a confusing app, and a bit misleading when you sign up. They access to two years of online content, but they charge $12.99 for back issues. Their partner Zinio has no Apple Safari view capability. Save your money.

  • Won't even open

    by dentman333

    Crashes on opening. Maybe someone from Stanford could fix it?

  • Horrible

    by DJAxDJA

    Just bought a subscription and the app won't even open. What a waste!

  • Zoom

    by Readder12345

    There is no zoom on the font size

  • This App is So Slow

    by IQI

    It takes more than a minute to load on my iPad Air even though I have the magazine downloaded already. If you switch Apps, sometime it take 30 seconds to come back. There is also no zoom or font size selection.

  • Update


    Tried to download update to iOS 6 and gets 80% before dieting out. Love the app and to have this interruption is unacceptable especially when I use it all the time. Please fix immediately.

  • Will not install

    by Buy the print version

    Won't install but requests updates when there are none. Cannot find it on home screen to delete.

  • Latest update issues with IOS 6,1

    by Pjbclarke

    I tried to install the latest update on iOS 6,1. The install starts and runs through about 80% then terminates saying it can't complete. I have retried multiple times with no success, including restarting ipad. Hopefully they will have a fix for this soon...which doesn't involve deleting app and reinstalling which would mean downloading all issues again. Only other app that has issues like this is the Economist

  • Utter piece of putrid crap

    by uqbar

    Cannot even sync my print subscription. Cannot believe I paid all that money. Pull this piece of crap and fix it so people who have paid money can actually use it.

  • Beware!

    by KMWPA

    As an alum, I have to say this app is an embarrassment, as is hbr customer service. I purchased an article that never downloaded. When I called customer service, the first two people I spoke to said they couldn't do anything about it...Finally got someone to help but still haven't gotten refund and I can't repurchase. What a mess. Update: Still no refund two weeks later. Unbelievably poor customer service! Another update: It's now almost 3 weeks since I tried to buy an issue that never downloaded. Still no refund!!!!! An embarrassment to bothHBS and Apple!

  • Retired

    by BobPrintNeedy

    How do I get out of this! Hangs up.

  • Doesn't work

    by Vicki--s

    Doesn't work. Paid a lot of money for something that doesn't work. it worked once but now can't get new issues.

  • Junk

    by Gghjjennn

    I am subscriber. But this app is junk. Don't bother.

  • Horrible app!

    by KMReader01

    Do not waste time or money on this app. HBR support poor.

  • Just subscribed

    by A. Benelli

    After downloading my first issue and trying to view it, all the pages are blank and say "content error"! I've tried to redownload several times and there is no point. The same problems happens again and again.

  • Can't access my subscription

    by prsman

    I subscribed a few days ago but to date I have not been able to access anything. Everything I can navigate to wants me to buy the content. I have been to all the sections of the support site and I see no detailed instructions or answers to what I am experiencing. If this is typical, I want my money back.

  • Can I rate less than one star?

    by rodolforts

    This is the worst magazine app ever! It just doesn't recognize my full subscription... I've tried everything and the technical support takes forever to answer my emails! Stay away from this magazine!

  • Unusable

    by BigPoppa13

    I have to agree with the masses on this one. I was trying to determine if I wanted to purchase HBR by evaluating the digital version which is about the only way I read now. A portion of the content within each magazine is unreadable due to poor programming which means I wouldn't be able to read most of a magazine that I would have to pay a lot to get. Sounds like a waste of money to me. Think I'll pass until this app gets better. Which is a shame because the content of HBR is actually good. Given the brain power that works on the content of this magazine, you would think they could get a simple iOS app right...it shouldn't be this difficult.

  • Terrible

    by EF@HMS

    The HBR app crashes all the time. Can you guys get the same app as The Economist? Everyone with a subscription to HBR iPad should get reimbursed. That would be good customer service!

  • Dumb

    by Dusty Hollier

    It made my App Store freeze it made me mad it will not let me get out I want to get a GAME

  • Keeps crashing

    by Bounboun34

    Purchased full access just to able to use ipad app but guess what happens? App keeps crashing , what a dissappointment.

  • Really?

    by michael holcomb

    Each time I open the app I have to restore purchases and jump thru hoops just read what I subscribed to! Why is yours the only app that can't get it together? I read the print edition because it's easier - go figure.

  • HBR App issues

    by Ratings

    Rec'd email prompting me to sync my print and online acct to the app so I could access on my iPad. Went through the process and it confirmed the sync but the only access it provided was to the retail side so I couldn't access prior mag issues unless I purchased them. Tried sync'ing a second time but still wouldn't work. Tried customer service but couldn't get a live body without my acct #. Working remotely and didn't have so dead in the water. Ridiculous.

  • Absolute disaster!

    by Micael Holmstrom

    Simply does not work and keep in mind that this is HBRs third try at a working app for the magazine. It's an absolute disgrace!

  • Slow...

    by BW Nickname

    The latest version seems to be taking a long time to load, and while navigating between sections, most of the time it's waiting for something - minutes, not seconds - or just frozen. And it cannot "queue" a download - you have wait for one to finish before you can click on the next one to download. If you are downloading, be fearful - do not switch to another app, do not let the iPad go to sleep, you must not leave the app as it downloads for the next 20-30 minutes until the download is completed: If you do, you might find the app frozen or the download corrupted, and you have to waste more time re-downloading the same item again. But once into reading, the app is fine.

  • Terrible, terrible, terrible

    by Blessed for Sure

    The app is pretty much useless. You seem to have to validate your credentials to gain access to content every time you enter the app. The content it too pricey to have paid for it and to not be able to access it more easily.

  • Aweful application

    by Russell_W

    I am an HBR print subscriber with an iPad account. Do not buy an iPad subscription. The application crashes frequently, uses 500MB per edition to download, and you cannot download the past month.

  • Crashes a lot

    by neuromancer84

    Buggy crashes a lot

  • Just Awful

    by Robbit22

    Cannot download issues, constantly crashes, terrible app. Please look at the businessweek app and copy theirs as a good example.

  • Useless waste of time

    by NomoreHBR

    I recently bought the HBR comprehensive digital subscription and downloaded the iPad app. The only result has been a waste of two hours. The app repeatedly demands password authentication. I downloaded a single issue of HBR, started reading it and paused for a few minutes. The downloaded issue then vanished and cannot be seen on the menu anymore. I am canceling my subscription.

  • Huge disappointment

    by Flogvuli

    Is anyone at HBR listening to your customers at all? I have not been able to download last 2 issues- paying you, but you are not delivering at all. I love HBR as a whole. However, this iPad app however makes me wonder. I am a subscriber and was so excited to hear about your iPad app. What a disappointment. Can't scroll to things, very clunky, crashes, absolutely poor UI. Just tried to download the latest publication and app freezes- so paying for something I cannot use. And yes, I do have latest version. I LOVE HBR overall but your iPad app is an embarrassment to iPad apps. Worst app ever! Try again!

  • Needs serious bug fix

    by NQ38

    I have been an HBR subscriber for 10 years. This year I though it would be great to switch to an electronic format for my business travels. The app worked great at first and then I could not download three issues in a row. The HBR customer service has not been good - slow to answer questions, often deflecting the blame on apple (which has nothing to do with bad apps) and not providing an adequate solution (such as sending me a print copy for the issues I cannot download). I would not recommend you subscribe to HBR via iTunes until this issue is fixed. I will repost once I judge the app fixed.

  • Very bad login process

    by Yerkebulan

    I bought all access subscription and it turns out I cannot use ipad edition because the countries of my apple ID and my subscription do not match. Tech support advised me to create a new apple account in the country of my subscription. Very stupid, irritating and inconvenient. Please fix this ASAP.

  • Trouble downloading new issues.

    by Dad2peep

    Process to download new issues appears to be very random. Support is through iTunes, not HBR. Can't figure out how to consistently load newest issue. Very frustrating.

  • Please HBR...

    by Mhdspud

    Listen to your best customers. Fix your most basic of issues and let us download content for which we've already paid. This is one of, if not the most frustrating app I own.

  • This is a joke

    by Elbrunetto1

    To make a long story short: it doesn't work (downloading older issues). And this is a complete disgrace for HBR.

  • Horrible

    by Wasteaa

    Cannot access content I have paid for. This is ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. Customer service said they would fix the issue. Still waiting. Do not use this app.

  • Please fix

    by Yogesh Chavda

    Just cannot download latest issues. Please fix.

  • Terrible app

    by SAFilms

    Very user unfriendly. I'm amazed HBR can't do better.

  • Did not expect this quality from HBR

    by Vaibhav Bakre

    Pretty bad app. The download functionality is not working, after some time if I click on any button the app crashes. Useless app.

  • Crashes

    by Debbie Yu

    It crashes when I want to access the most recent issues. Is there way to solve this? It's frustrating...

  • Worst app for magazine type content

    by Exploreamaze

    (Update) I have been trying to get some support from HBR for the past 10 days with no luck - they redirect me to Apple iTunes support when it is their issue download that is not working. Seems like they have no clue how the app works. I feel cheated :-( I have used this app through 3 different variants and I wonder if the app is indicative of the type of technology management taught at HBR. The latest issue( July-August 2013) does not load. The app frequently crashes and requires repeated login to retrieve content. The design is not intuitive or useful for rapid consumption or cross referencing of content. I'd strongly recommend that the team that manages the app take a leaf or two from NYT or Conde Nast on how to publish a good magazine.

  • Poor app

    by Mr. Taadow

    I NEVER. EVER write reviews but I had to I'm this one. If you feel like throwing away your money this app is for you. Working now to get my money back. I've never been able to open the mag....CONSTANT crashes.

  • Crashes a lot

    by Facebook over Fifty

    Crashed 3 times in 5 minutes. Got stuck when I pressed my location on the subscribe page, when I went back in a blog search, etc.

  • Crash

    by Rheanne<3

    It's good just not when I'm trying to download another thing on it, it always crashes!! So I warn you... It not the best app out there

  • White screen of death

    by dazdarren

    The app recently seems to have issues and when I try to open issues that I've paid for an downloaded I get a white screen and nothing more. What a waste of subscription dollars.

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