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  • Category: Business
  • Publisher: Glassdoor
  • Updated: Jan, 11 2013
  • Version: 2.2.2
  • Size: 16.93 MB

Languages: English, German, Spanish

Seller: Glassdoor, Inc.

• Bug fixes and performance improvements

From previous versions:

• Show your interviewing skills by answering interview questions from the community
• Go to an interview question page and tap "Add answer or comment.." to show your stuff!

• Add your salary - Now you can submit your salary to the Glassdoor community right from the iPhone app
• It's finally here! - Submit company reviews right from the iPhone app. Tell the Glassdoor company about your community and what it's like to work there.

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
8 Ratings
All Versions:
920 Ratings


We'd like to introduce you to the completely new Glassdoor 2.0 app with a revamped design and the all-new Job Feed.

Get an inside look into jobs and companies with Glassdoor, the most comprehensive career community. Job seekers get access to the latest job listings as well as company reviews and salary reports – shared by those who know the company best – the employees. Research open jobs, your earning potential and see what it’s really like to work at thousands of companies worldwide.


The all-new Job Feed
• A powerful tool that searches Glassdoor’s millions of job listings on your behalf and discovers new jobs for you
• Receive push notifications as soon as we find your new jobs
• Create a job feed for any job title and location of interest

• Fast and easy-to-use job search
• See company salaries, reviews and other information right from a job listing
• Save jobs and apply later so you'll never miss out on a good opportunity
• Share and email your favorite jobs

• See salary and compensation by company, job title and location
• Research averages and ranges for base salaries, bonuses, stock options and more

Company Reviews
• Read reviews from employees about the work environment, culture, senior leaders and more
• View pros, cons, and advice to senior management
• Get opinions from current and former employees about specific companies

Interview Questions & Reviews
• Read reviews from applicants about the interview experience
• See questions that top companies are asking

The Glassdoor iPad and iPhone apps support iOS 6.0 and higher.

Customer Reviews

  • Good app overall

    by dcalpha

    Helpful and useful even when searching abroad for jobs. It sends too many updates by email though even though I have turned off the setting...

  • Helpful

    by R. Rocha

    Very useful app, was able to negotiate a better pay based on salary reviews. However the Apps user interference needs to be updated a little cumbersome.

  • Add advance search please

    by Redhaali

    Add advance search please

  • Great app for job searching

    by Julez0625

    Love this app and so easy to use but could have some more features and isn't many options for settings. Also it sends me many emails everyday of job alerts of the something. Also should let you know once a job you've saved has expired because when searching for jobs it could be old and doesn't let you know right away that job is no longer hiring. But other then that it's pretty awesome

  • Good app

    by Michael Chunn

    Very convenient to use. Lots of opening posted

  • In search

    by Mandeenee

    I'm not in desperate need of a job. But time is ticking and this app is great for me at anytime. Looking up companies I'm interested in working for and job positions I'm interested keeps me put to date on it all. A few key strokes, and I'm on my way combing through them all. Saving the ones I love for later when I'm in front of my comp. this is the app I was in search of, everything in 1.

  • Business Development

    by Too45678

    United Healthcare provides a stimulating environment to grow and work with highly talented professionals. Very much enjoyed my tenure there.

  • Great!

    by karlee Burney


  • Great App!

    by Stephen M

    This app does a wonderful job executing what its creators say it can do. It's sleek, user friendly, and constantly updates the feeds you choose for your job search. My favorite feature is that you can create categories for different areas of work that you're interested in, the app saves those and continues working on bringing you potential areas/positions of interest, while you're away from the app.

  • Great app

    by Man in ville

    Love it.

  • So far so good

    by Icbtbamyyy

    Just signed up, heard about it through reddit. So far, pretty good.

  • JR Bigs

    by J R Bigs

    I am going to give this app a five star because it is one of the most comprehensive sites that is inclusive of every aspect related to employment and simplifies coalescing employers and employees... Amazing

  • A great app

    by Poopondegras

    I found this door while looking through possible career fields. This door opened my eyes, let me see the experiences of employees and wages. What's not to like. I highly recommend. Also great place to find paid internships for experience is here. Love this app!

  • Sneaky

    by SidneyWoody

    You have to give a review of you current or past employer to keep access to jobs. I've tried to give a review but there seems to be a glitch.

  • Manager

    by Jjbcog


  • Great

    by Blakestake

    Easy to use

  • Essential for job seekers

    by WelcomeClass

    Glassdoor helps you weed out the noise and see which companies are actually worth working for. I love the new feed and the clean design.

  • Interesting

    by Abbie LaClaire

    It does give listings to jobs you can seem to find elsewhere.

  • Wealth of information

    by So_U_Thought

    The app provides many jobs in different fields. It's up to each user to drill down their search and apply to the job openings.

  • Great app

    by Marz973

    Love this app

  • No jobs

    by Spacemanmatt

    Three whole results for software dev in Austin? I think I'll stick to next time I'm looking.

  • Used to be useful...

    by Skweegene

    Not sure what they did because it used to work great, but lately the salaries for types of positions aren't showing up, additional information is available, not great anymore. Too many "no information" responses.

  • App don't even work

    by Grhhggftt

    This was advertised in one of my games. The app don't work right. The accept button to upload a file from drive doesn't work. Some jobs don't require a resume with the apply and those don't let you click to the apply screen either.

  • Can't add new companies

    by Staring Berry

    Gave me insight to a second job I was thinking about getting this summer but it's terrible if you have a job that's not for a commercial company. There's no way to add new locations so I could input my job and help people out who want to apply there.

  • Playing games, Glassdoor?

    by Dreamaria

    Your credibility is at issue!!! Why do you put reviews out of order showing positive ones on top, even though there are many recent ones that happen to be negative and that you should be showing? Interesting to see positive reviews from early Dec. showing first and only if you scroll down...way you see 1 star reviews that were submitted in late Jan. Happens across the board - multiple companies. Hmmmm! Now, what shall we think of you, Glassdoor?

  • So so

    by 2009accountant

    No way to sort jobs by date. To much time wasted looking at jobs older than two weeks

  • Why an App??? Looks like the website to me!

    by Jewels & Jaz

    Love Glassdoor, but not sure of the purpose of the app....this is not optimized for the iPad/mobile purposes. This app functions just like the website. Do the side by side comparison.

  • Part timer

    by Gigi270

    Lack of support, broken promises, and inadequate pay for the north shore -- not a good place to work, at least in my department.

  • Poor Location Filter

    by Craig_AggiePE

    Terrible for finding jobs nearby... For example, I was looking for local engineering firms nearby and only shows large national firms in the search. Some that might have offices within 60 miles and some not even within the same state before showing regional or statewide only firms that might have only 200 or 300 employees.

  • Useless waste of time for medical professionals

    by notmdnp

    Inaccurate job descriptions, wrong websites and reviews listed for employers, and poor search engine all add up to a worthless app.

  • No value add - use the website instead

    by SoonerJohnInDallas

    I see nothing this app offers that can't be done more easily on the website, and there are several things you can't do in the app. Therefore, the app is pretty much useless - especially considering that the normal website works very well on the iPad.

  • Unethical/Shady

    by Taylor Stud

    So a little know trick they built into this apple is when you install the app and try to login, it gives you the option to use you user & pass or do that classic login via Facebook. They prefer that one because it gives the app access to your Facebook. In this way, the 3 options to sign in don’t work and amazingly enough, the only icon which works on the startup screen in the login via Facebook. Even I find I’m inclined to say oh well and use Facebook. Shady!!!

  • Most jobs posted are no good

    by puenteroto

    Poor quality

  • Great App

    by M. Kay

    I love this app, it is very helpful to find a job.

  • So helpful and convenient

    by Mgtstudent

    I am a current student looking for an internship for the summer and this has made the process much more enjoyable.

  • User entered

    by Zwick Dogg

    This is a great app, as long as the info entered from past to present employees is correct and honest. As I always say, take reviews with a grain of salt.

  • Needs work

    by j355ga

    Constantly asking me to login even though already logged in. Tapping links often do not respond - have to repeatedly tap link.

  • Great real people reviews

    by Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

    I like that you can see what people have to say about any company you look at. There's a large number of companies that you can search for, but the problem I have is finding jobs actually in MY area, it's very hard to do a refined search that's location specific.

  • I'd rather use the website

    by FaithEllenLove

    App navigation is poor, and doesn't allow for easy browsing. Cannot adjust font size or hide side bar.

  • Frustrating to say the least

    by Smurftasticical

    It gives you the option to sign in via Facebook. I wanted to do that so my iPhone and iPad apps would be linked. Does not work. You get a blank screen (even after Facebook has notified you that your account has been accessed.) The Facebook connection really needs to be fixed. I cannot even save a job because it tells me I am not longed in.

  • Pointless

    by Kristina4796

    Put in property managment gives me jobs for bank teller construction got insurance agent contractor more ins n bank. Builder got web site companies. This was a worthless download finds jobs for things have nothing to do with your request.

  • Finally the real voice of the people that matter

    by bg2958

    1. This is a great tool and it's up to all of us to use it honestly and wisely. 2. Every section from corporate culture, interview questions and salaries allows you to go prepared to be the best choice. 3. I'm an executive recruiter and this will put me out of business at this level. But I know a good thing when I see it!

  • Helpful to learn about companies & job hunt

    by Courters1109

    Easy to use and awesome job search!

  • Great app. But apply now button is hidden on all postings

    by Jillian Piering

    When you go to a Job posting and it renders the page the bottom where the "apply now" button is is to far down. If you drag the page up you will see it but when you let go it snaps up back out of view. No way to click it at all.

  • Real experience in real time

    by carlacaldera

    I like the way you can really compare fresh and former experiences. Good app and good well of information.

  • Too cumbersome

    by Jamesjet08

    Requires you to sign in- annoying. Pop ups - irritating. Navigating thru menus need to be simplified. Can't go back to home screen.

  • Senior Account Executive

    by Wolfofpine

    Awesome app, easy to navigate. Wish you could see the individual salary reviews versus just the overall average.

  • Jobs too far

    by cindirela

    I hate that it shows me jobs that are more than one hour from my zip code. I get around 200 job positions that I have to go thru everyday.

  • Great app for a great service

    by Rick Boulanger

    The app has a great UI and the content is amazing.

  • App is great

    by Ezzn

    I love this app

  • Skewed reviews

    by ZombieGod2

    I noticed two reviews that were not favorable to two separate companies removed within couple of weeks being posted. They were written within the guidelines, but I guess they spoke the truth and were pulled. Not so "Glassdoor" after all. Jan 9 2013 - another unfavorable company review that was posted around 3 weeks ago was removed. Folks - this is a censored app/business model. Do not put much trust in it.


    by neverdevidebyzero

    It's irritating that I can't view reviews because I don't have an account on another website.

  • Need better filters

    by Obxbums

    Seems you should be able to filter jobs in a feed by salary, proximity, etc like online job sites do.

  • Looks good but lacks functionality

    by Dr. Zoltar

    The iPad app really needs the same functionality as the full website. I want to be able to enter my reviews and salary info from the app, not just search.

  • Excellent App

    by General.13

    Nice App. Good design and concept. I like the salary benchmark.

  • Great for job search

    by Jgk16

    Very useful when looking for jobs and preparing for interviews. Lots of useful information.

  • Fix Facebook link!

    by teejei

    In-app problem trying to sign-in through Facebook account only results in a blank page. Tried waiting for 5mins, but still didn't load, not even a confirmation or an error message popped up. I checked my Wi-Fi connection and it's working just fine with the other links in the app. Please fix it soon!

  • Great user content

    by C Burns

    I have found it to be great for the user generated content, specifically the salaries. If you can figure out how a company names their jobs, you can get pretty accurate information on compensation. The app itself does a great job of mirroring the website, short of how it gets confused between capitalized and non-capital letters. That can be annoying.

  • Review

    by Fgaappl

    They need more up to date jobs. The jobs are 15 to 30 days old

  • Nice app

    by Meihilo

    Interesting to see what approximate pay peeps receive.

  • Quite impressive

    by nneh7

    This is an impressive app I must confess. It covers a lot of regions too.

  • A lot of features are missing

    by Rodrigo Medeiros

    It's a very solid app, fast, no bugs, etc. the only problem is it doesn't have a lot of features you find in the web app, like the "follow" button and the graphs.

  • I like it a lot

    by RickyPowell

    I got real feedback from people who are currently in the positions I want. It was very insightful. And interview reviews?! Best way to look for a job

  • Awesome and accurate

    by Cjowsley

    I never write reviews but I feel obligated to write one for this app because I use it so much. Great app and highly accurate in my experience

  • Limited Functionality

    by Believer in Singapore

    Seems to be coming along. Look forward to more functionality. Good luck.

  • Decent App, but buggy.

    by Flyin' Ryan.

    Everything works fine, except I cannot click the "Apply Now" button on job postings. So, I'm forced to get on the computer to apply. I can only use this app for job alerts and to save jobs.

  • App is too limited

    by Frankiegoeshwood

    Why cant i see all open jobs at a particular company? Salaries, reviews, yes and yes but no jobs. Seems fairly obvious to me but not there.

  • Not helpful

    by RealJazzKat90

    This app has not been helpful when searching for a job. The majority of my results were Pizza Hut Driver and some online jobs that require startup fees.

  • Awful

    by Dkm1976

    Conditional use

  • Crashes Constantly

    by sethfri

    I'm sorry to put this in a review instead of through an email to your dev team, but I can't find a way to do that in-app. With the latest update, the Job Feed section is unusable. Trying to fetch more jobs is almost always met with a long hang and then a crash.

  • Great App

    by Mdawg316

    Great info just wish I can categorize reviews by positions posted.

  • Worked fine, now it crashes immediately

    by DHO1821

    It had been working like a charm until a week ago. When it was working like it should be, it was a very helpful app. Now, because it opens and crashes after a few seconds, it's worthless. My suggestion would be to just access the website on a PC or MAC.

  • Conditional access-no thanks

    by Riko54

    Conditional access-no thanks

  • .

    by Hddyifyiijgg

    This app crashed every time, even after updates.

  • Buggy

    by LF345

    The app used to work great - now every time I try to load more jobs it crashes & quits.

  • Better than the desktop version...

    by PSI42

    Great app! One of the best features, besides all the company info, is the ability to set up live job feeds. This is good because one can see jobs posted immediately, thus allowing them to be amongst the first to apply. I set up live feeds for all companies on my target list :-)

  • Essential for job seekers

    by WelcomeClass

    Glassdoor helps you weed out the noise and see which companies are actually worth working for. I love the new feed and the clean design.

  • Improved interface...lacking features

    by Prince Asuyu

    The newest version is vastly improved over the old version, but considering the old version and new version still lack 90% of the features the website has, it still has a long way to go.

  • Helpful

    by Madkatrob

    The reviews, salaries, and interviews are extremely useful. However, it is a bit difficult and confusing to navigate the app.

  • Good App as far as it goes

    by Tom RS

    I believe that Glassdoor is a very useful tool and am glad that a nice App has been written. This App goes has a lot more potential. Please keep adding features. For instance, I am CEO and need to be kept informed of any reviews about my company. Would be a simple but nice feature.

  • Great! Very useful app

    by DaniaLatrice

    I absolutely love this app and the information on here is usually pretty accurate.

  • Extremely useful

    by Amaryllis16

    Before I apply for jobs I always check the employee reviews here. It gives me a general idea of how the company culture is like, the salary range of current/ former employees, and the interview process. My only concern is how reliable the ratings are for me personally considering there's so many variables to consider: the integrity of the reviewers, biases, difference in perception. Nevertheless, it's beats blindly applying to jobs.

  • Great App, accurate listing

    by mrafigh

    Very useful in terms of showing salary range. The listings that are emailed are pretty accurate and corresponds to key words I put in. The only thing that I wish I could fix was- I put in Architect in the filter and I receive a lot of listings for data base architects (computer, IT). I wish there was a way to filter that too. Other than that its great and I've searched for reviews on firms I worked that and they are pretty accurate too :) great app to get an understanding of salary expectations and receiving up to date job listings.

  • I like it

    by Gunner Beal

    But there needs to be a way to see the reviews you've posted for companies from your profile.

  • Very useful

    by Mikangel0193

    Great app. Reading up on reviews for various companies is great.

  • Nice

    by Hussein4Max

    Good work.

  • Best app ever

    by Cornflake82

    for researching companies before considering interview.

  • nice

    by DOnBrade123_007

    good concept

  • Good, could be great

    by GuessWho181

    This app needs more comprehensive filters that you can apply to ALL companies not just individual ones. Also you should be able to 'toss out' a job listing from your feed if it doesn't interest you (same with companies). Otherwise it gets so cluttered in there. When looking at the salaries, give the job description as well, not just salary information. Good stuff though

  • Crashing

    by 1HugoDoesit

    This was an aite app, & I liked it bc it was helpful, but now it just has an constant crashing problem.. It'll work for exactly like 3-4secs. and then crash smh

  • Expected much more

    by Cdaska

    Slow to update. A lot of paid reviews. No updates in over 10 days. How can ANYONE trust what is on this site if it is not CURRENT.

  • Seems to work GREAT

    by downeypr

    Great design, functionality. I need to log more time using it, but so far, so great.

  • Eagle Communications

    by There Just Long Enough

    From what I experienced..CEO has great ideas and concepts, however, they are not followed through. Young management needs additional training on how to act, train and coach and manage people. Fancy tools implemented on the computer will not increase sales numbers. It's all about pounding the pavement, prospecting, being in front of the client and building relationships. They need to appreciate the good sales people they have and the closers, before they are gone.

  • App keeps crashing

    by Macandcheezebowler

    When I try looking at postings within my searches the app crashes. Other than this I like the new redesign.

  • Can't upload resume!

    by Putnamehere2011

    I want to rate higher but when I go to upload my resume it brings my only to my photo album, I store my resume on Google Drive. I had the same issue on the website when I went through my iPad. This very well may be an iPad issue so if someone from your support staff contacts me to overcome this issue I would seriously consider higher stars. Also there is glitches in this app such as trying to populate the email address when applying to a job, not so easy all the time.

  • perfect

    by Weiszcasey23

    this app is very helpful and is easy to understand

  • Bad listings

    by Mjjflynn

    Tired of looking up expired job listings, like many services, GD should delete ones that no longer exist, but they don't , just like all the other lame services

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