Forbes Magazine Business App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Business
  • Publisher: Forbes
  • Updated: Jan, 04 2013
  • Version: 4.5
  • Size: 24.4 MB

Languages: English, French, German

Seller: Forbes Digital

ALL NEW design, features, and functionality!

Forbes is now completely redesigned with a layout, images, and graphics optimized for mobile screens and we’ve made it easier than ever to Clip and share content. PLUS… we’ve added exclusive, FIRST-OF-ITS-KIND functionality that lets you connect with other Forbes app users through our private social network. Using the new “Stream” tool, you can effortlessly share or save anything you see in the app, and then discover what other users are Streaming without ever leaving the app!

To experience the ALL NEW Forbes app, download or update to this version and check out the latest “30 Under 30” issue!

Please note, with the release of iOS7, Apple is phasing out support for earlier operating systems. In addition, older iPad models (1 and 2) may be incompatible with the new software. These circumstances may result in performance issues for some app readers that are beyond our control.

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
36 Ratings
All Versions:
259 Ratings


Truly unique among magazine apps, the Forbes app acts as your gateway to the ultimate Forbes experience by combining the power of the print magazine with the dynamic and content-rich Web site — all of which is enabled for easy sharing.  The app offers the freedom to seamlessly glide between Forbes magazine,, and the social web — to discover, to learn and to share what you find interesting, valuable and inspiring with people who are important to you.
The Forbes app starts with Forbes magazine and its stories about the entrepreneurs and executives who are changing the world; the innovative companies that are changing how businesses work; and strategic insights to help shape your investment strategies. But it goes much farther from there. Throughout each issue you’ll find buttons and links, all of which launch more related content and the opportunity to interact with it. Inside the app issues, you can:

• Dive deeper into a story by opening related posts on or watching video or digging into our wealth or company lists or viewing photo galleries, and more.
• Join the real-time conversation around a story by following the link to its comments section on
• Connect with a writer by simply pressing a button to access their Twitter, Facebook, or contributor page.
• Share any content from anywhere inside the app with your social networks: a magazine story, chart, or infographic; content from; ads and content from advertisers’ Web sites, etc. Using a simple two-finger tap, actual images of the content itself are “clipped” and can be sent directly to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Pinterest, or via email or saved to your photo roll.
• Experience straightforward navigation and a completely integrated environment that allows you to move clearly through the latest issue of Forbes and without ever leaving the app.


The Forbes app is free to download. All readers can explore a free issue and have one-tap access to and Forbes’ Twitter page.

Current print subscribers can upgrade their account to a combination Print+App subscription for only $9.99.

1-Year Subscription – $29.99
1-Month Subscription – $2.99
Single Issue – $5.99


Forbes Media LLC is a media startup founded in 1917. The company, which publishes Forbes magazine and, is an authoritative source of news and information on business, investing, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership and affluent lifestyles., a leading business website, reaches 49 million monthly unique visitors, according to Omniture. Forbes magazine, Forbes Asia and Forbes Europe attract a global audience of more than 5 million readers. The Forbes magazine iPad app merges the power of print storytelling with social sharing and the web. The Company also publishes ForbesLife magazine, as well as 29 licensed local editions around the world.

Customer Reviews

  • Forbes

    by lucygraham

    Its latest upadates are great...very nice app..its look is great and bery easy to use.

  • Great app, great content

    by GeneHoff

    I love the recently added stream feature, that helps me connect instantly to all other forbes readers. I now get to see what others are liking and reading about. Keep the good things coming forbes..

  • Love the Stream feature!

    by HorseRacingRobot

    It’s such a nice addition to be able to see what other readers are choosing to share and save for themselves. The new design of the issues is also so much easier to read on smaller screens and looks really nice. I’m glad magazines are finally starting to get that they need to put in a little work to make their issues better on devices.

  • Awesome update

    by jcan299

    New layout of magazine makes it a much more enjoyable reading experience. Great additional content and videos. New stream feature is also awesome. A+

  • Now my favorite iPad magazine hands down

    by franklapitas

    They redesigned THE WHOLE MAGAZINE it’s incredible. Looks perfect on my screen, wary to read and it's just so much better than other magazine apps. The new Stream thing is crazy, it’s like the clippings they had but now I can see what other people are sharing in the app. I don’t understand why all Newsstand apps aren’t like this.

  • New design, super engaging

    by Csc228921

    I spent almost an hour reading every page of Forbes. Really liking the layout and new stream function. Awesome update!

  • Incredible update

    by gary3838

    Long time reader who's blown away by h new sharing features. So sleek and addictive!

  • Whoah

    by Clark NY

    I always thought Forbes did a great job with the app, and the new update looks awesome. The app no longer looks like a print mag replica, I wish ALL magazines would re-design their app like this. The sharing functionality is also incredible. I love the ability to clip anything I want in the matter of seconds. Overall, an impressive job done.

  • Great update. Amazing new social sharing feature

    by PeterS2012

    I LOVE the latest update to my Forbes app. It looks like they completely created a new (and in my opinion better) publication specifically for mobile. It just looks better and easier to read. They've added lots of bonus content like galleries and links to related content on the web. Best of all, they have added a new feature called Stream which I can now use to share stuff I'm reading I their app to a "private" or "Forbes only" social network and visually (actually see the clippings) discover content by seeing what others using the app are reading. I've never seen anything like this before. Very very cool. Keep the cool updates coming!

  • This is it !

    by Sifar apper

    An amazing update to an already solid app! Love the stream feature. Simply awesome !

  • Unable to access downloaded content

    by aujourd'hui17

    Since iOS 7 haven't been able to read the mag. Hope an update or fix is in work. Before 7 great way to access Forbes.

  • Attractive design and reliable

    by thomaspinckney3

    Very good looking layout and the app works reliably.

  • Worse than useless because so frustrating

    by Bma4378

    You be charged 29.99 for a year subscription to this great magazine, which is fine for me. But then, it will not download the content - only downloading the upper half of the content, etc. To straighten this out, you should delete the app and start over. When you do this, you have to log in to the account you created when you paid for subscription. But when you did that, you only entered your credit card details and email. It asks you for an account number (which you will not have) or alternatively enter your address, email, etc. When you do this, the app does not recognize the data, so you cannot activate it a second time. And around and around you go. Try The Economist Magazine app - bulletproof, perfect. So it CAN be done, just right now Forbes is a great magazine with a useless app, and thus only paper and no digital yet for them. Its pretty sad for me because I live in Russia and cannot even buy the paper version in English.

  • This might cut it for iPad, but not iPhone

    by B.L. Scott

    Why must I view a page at a time; can you not just give me the text of the articles in an issue? And why should I pay full (physical) newsstand price for a poorly optimized digital version that contains ads!?

  • Loads of ads instead of content

    by iPad-790998

    It is impossible to find smth interesting among your piles of glamorous ads. To delete.

  • Klutzy

    by X0001

    Cluttered twitchy interfering social and cut/save links

  • Apparently Forbes is more interested in sales than service

    by HudsonDL

    As a 30 year subscriber I am severely disappointed. Forbes isn't providing a service just trying to renew subscriptions. Can't get in because it is trying to renew a subscription that has not runout.

  • Pay extra for digital?

    by Mshade88

    Only this company would charge more for amedium that is LESS expensive for them to release. They do it with all of their publications. How about instead of charging me extra to add a digital subscription, instead maybe you could refund me part of my sub fee if I surrender my paper version.

  • Can't login :(

    by Monils146

    Apparently, I need to renew my subscription to log into the app even though my subscription does not expire for several more months????

  • Pay for digital edition?!?! You're kidding me!

    by OhAppydayOhAppyday

    I cannot believe that you have to pay for the digital edition when you are already a print subscriber. Bad business Forbes!

  • Needs Improvement

    by billvdk

    It may not be, but it's buggy and doesn't install well on iOS7. I love Forbes content, but this app is an embarrassment.

  • I'm not going to pay for digital subscription too!

    by Mac Daddy Brad

    They can keep their entire subscription if they expect me to buy print and digital separately. I'll be canceling my subscription today.

  • Aren't very vigilant

    by grumpythedwarf

    Please let me restore my purchases Forbes. I would appreciate that. It doesn't look like they do much of anything judging from the long list of unanswered negative ratings.

  • Rip Off!


    I have to pay an additional $9.99 to use the iPad app? Makes me want to cancel my print subscription. What a joke!

  • Print subscribers must pay for digital editions

    by Ddkdds

    Really was disappointed to find out I would need to pay nearly 10 dollars to get the digital edition when I am already a print subscriber. Fix This!

  • :(

    by Uiiiiuytregg

    I love the content of the Forbes, but current app didn't work. In Q&A, it suggests delete newsstand and re-download. After did it, I can never login in again, even I use my apple ID correctly. Please fix it!!!

  • I would give zero stars if I could

    by ShahinKohan

    This app is very badly designed. I have a subscription but the app keeps asking me to pay for the issue. I have to uninstall and reinstall for every issue. The developer should try debugging their code.

  • Disloyal to customers

    by No longer a Forbes subscriber

    Long time, loyal customers who've paid for a paper subscription have to succumb to the disloyalty that Forbes have shown to us by asking to pay for a digital subscription. I highly doubt I'll renew my paper subscription. So long Forbes!!!!

  • Cannot login with print subscription

    by mag-reader

    Login does not work. Instead you are guided to extend your subscription (even though it's not near expiration). Customer service says it's an iTunes problem. Nothing like shifting the blame for an app that does not work properly.

  • Will not download

    by Thomas42

    I have tried everything that Forbes suggests in the FAQ section. I cannot get anything to download.

  • Purchased issue wii not open

    by wa rai

    No matter what I do I can not open an issue I purchased. Now what?

  • Shady practices

    by jzipps

    Forbes will offer / promise digital access for print subscribers on certain pieces of collateral and not on others. I think they are deliberately obscuring the fact that they will later charge add'l money for an iPad app sub. I've been given the runaround by their terrible support dept. on this matter for a while now and in the end the answer was essentially "oh well, sorry you were so confused by our chicanery, now pay more for this thing you thought you already bought." Stay classy, forbes.

  • MAZ is a trap-door in a canoe

    by Crestwood147

    Can't believe Forbes hired MAZ. Completely unresponsive customer service to the 4.0 app fiasco incapacitating iPad Forbes' digital subs for 3 weeks, now this. I still can't access the current magazine nor the issue archives I paid for. MAZ website highlights the x-Apple, x-Adobe, etc. pedigrees of the MAZ exec mgmt. X does indeed mark the spot - no need to wonder why these geniuses don't work for Apple, Adobe, etc., any more, right?

  • I can't sign and the Forbes customer is the worst!

    by 33royboy33

    I bought Forbes Magazine for the IPad, everything worked fine until I restored my IPad settings and changed my password and Apple ID. I have contacted MAZ which Forbes uses for technical issues and support. They will not respond to my issue of not being able to sign on to read the Forbes issues. Apple was very nice and said that MAZ had to help me. I have emailed 6 times for help and I get the same automated form letter giving me FAQ. So I spent $29.00 for nothing.

  • Don't waste your time

    by Eddie1694567

    Terrible app full of ad's . Locks up your iPad and difficult to delete . Technically a virus!!!

  • Forbes is cheap

    by Wolfbalden

    Print subscribers have to pay again for online content. Is that Forbes secret to growing wealth?

  • Content gets 5/5 Stars. New update gets none for crashing

    by Juan Navarro

    App refuses to open since the latest update version 4.0. I saw the subscription bill in my email a few days ago and it was hilarious because I can't even read the magazine because app crashes upon opening. I tried deleting app and downloading it again and still crashes in the welcome screen. They better do something soon about this or I'll be unsubscribing and deleting app.

  • What did I pay for?

    by Codowlsky Polopumus

    Cannot access any content

  • Crash-n-Burn w/ iOS 7

    by JuanO#1

    Just downloaded the Forbes 400 issue. Pumped to dig in and, lo and behold the bloody app crashes every time I hit the read button. At least it's consistent does the same thing on all of the other issues as well. FIX IT NOW Forbes!

  • Awful

    by jkepley

    Does anyone from Forbes read these posts???? FIX THE iOS7 BUG

  • When will you fix it?

    by Enlightened 11

    I absolutely love this app, when it worked! It's been a week an a half since iOS 7 was released and still nothing. Adding insult to injury, you charged $5.99 for access to the 400 issue (which is normally included in a subscription) only to not have it work. Time to get on the stick folks!

  • Do NOT get a subscription

    by Minority Shareholder

    Paid for subscription, unable to view content, Maz/forbes sits back & counts the cash. Flawless business model. Oh, and I WILL be getting my money back.

  • App crashes on iOS 7

    by Jab1226

    Like others when I try to open an issue, the app crashes. This is a continuation of the decline of the magazine and a very poor digital strategy. Compare reading fortune to forbes on an ipad and they are 2 very different experiences. Forbes is essentially a PDF like doc to read. This latest problem is disappointing.

  • The app won't allow me to open the current issue!

    by An AVID observer

    The app won't allow me to open the current issue! It crashes every time!!!

  • iOS7 Bug

    by stking10

    After updating to iOS7, app crashes when trying to open a specific issue. Not cool...

  • Crashes on iOS7

    by SouthAfrican

    So much for subscribing to the magazine - the software crashes. If you click "READ" the app just quits. Don't BUY until these folks sort out this mess...

  • Great Magazine but...

    by Disciple1183

    Great magazine but keeps crashing every time you open it with iOS7 newstand. Please fix! I can't even read my downloaded magazines

  • Bugged iOS7

    by Yaoyaoooo

    Please fix bug for iOS7. Old issues can't be accessed as it will just shut down

  • Must pay as subscriber?

    by HB98503

    Should have read reviews first. Now I have to delete. Not worth 9.99 for print subscriber. Or at least me.

  • Greedy

    by MoreJunkFromDevelopers

    $10 additional dollars to access my subscription on the Ipad ? Drop dead !! All of my other subscriptions include the electronic version as part of the subscription....Greedy !

  • Why

    by AsainOnRice

    Paying for something I already paid for. Come on guys.

  • Forbes

    by labjr

    As a paid print subscriber, I didn't expect Forbes to charge an additional fee (of $9.99) in order to read Forbes online. A very poor value from a top notch business periodical. Not worth paying twice.

  • Probably the worst magazine I've downloaded

    by Miz Sinister9

    Honestly, I wanted this magazine to wow me. I really did because I often find the website to be informative and useful. However, this experience has turned me off the site AND the magazine. First off, the font is tiny. And you can't zoom in at all, even on the tiny graphics or images. It would be nice to be able to follow along with the story but the UI made that impossible.I'm not old by any stretch (unless you call 20 old) and even with my retina iPad i had so much trouble even getting through one article. And the worst is, when you flip it to landscape, the font gets even smaller! I read Vogue and the Economist religiously and those magazines know how to make it easy to read. Another problem I had was captions. There are no captions on any of the pictures. At all. Good luck figuring out who they're featuring in the magazine. You'll have to flip a long way to try and find it. My last problem was content based and I guess this is why I should have picked up a print copy before wasting memory space. All the articles are written by old people who like to put alarmist, outlandish titles on their pieces. From how they write, I would guess the world is ending tomorrow. Bummer. Well, Forbes, I guess I'll just have to ride out the apocalypse with another magazine.

  • Taxing loyalty

    by musicianeer

    Hard to be a loyal customer when Forbes is the only magazine that wants to charge me, a print subscriber, extra for digital access. Fortune is eating your lunch!

  • Ripoff

    by Oberon2010

    Really? Charging people $10 even thought they already subscribe? Lame!

  • Print subscriber to pay 9.99

    by App_Pursuit

    Kidding me?! I have to pay extra to access ipad version. Now I am thinking of canceling my Forbes subscription. Stupid policy makes me lose faith in their contents.

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