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Languages: English

Seller: Escargot Studios, LLC

fixed missing timestamps resulting from a craigslist website change

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cPRO (aka CraigsPro) features an intuitive interface and essential set of features to browse and post to Craigslist. It also includes Notifiers that run your Craigslist searches in the background and notify you of new matches.

"iPhone users have a secret weapon in CraigsPro, which lets you search Craigslist much more easily than the Web site, and it offers a handful of other great features."
-- Bob Tedeschi, The New York Times

"The entire world of Craigslist in the palm of your hand, with all gazillion listings: antiques, real estate, job openings."
-- House Beautiful Magazine

"All of the features of Craigslist, but with a search agent option that notifies you of new results that match your terms."
-- Forbes.com

• simultaneous MULTI-CITY searches
• search results with PHOTOS and listing previews
• all Craigslist cities, states, countries and continents
• enhanced 20+ SEARCH OPTIONS tailored to different search categories - for sale, housing, jobs, gigs, etc
• NEIGHBORHOOD support in metropolitan areas
• TIME SINCE POSTED indicators
• REFRESH results directly from the results view page
• Best of Craigslist!

• Over 1,000,000 successfully posted ads with the use of the app!
• POST a Craigslist ad directly from CraigsPro+
• post from MULTIPLE Craigslist ACCOUNTS
• take pictures with your CAMERA or use photos from your PHOTO ALBUMS
• full-fledged Craigslist ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT including REPOSTING with photos, editing, and deleting/undeleting posted ads

• save/bookmark FAVORITE Craigslist ads
• add NOTES to your FAVORITE ads to keep track of your discussions with posters
• save FULLY-CONFIGURED searches
• EDIT saved searches
• a TRACKING SYSTEM for saved searches with new match indicators
• HISTORY of searches. REPEAT a search by tapping the 'bookmarks' button

• REPLY to posters by email
• CALL / TEXT posters directly from CraigsPro
• EMAIL / TEXT a listing to a FRIEND
• attach PHOTOS to replies
• share Craigslist ads on TWITTER
• MAPS and DIRECTIONS to the posted location

• PHOTO WALL with matching results listed as photos
• ALREADY SEEN listing indicators (green checkmarks)
• TIME SINCE POSTED indicators
• FLAG inappropriate and best-of-craigslist ads
• save posted photos to your PHOTO ALBUMS
• SORT results by date, best match, or low/high price
• ORIGINAL listing web page
• results with DATE, LOCATION, and PRICE
• PIN code lock protection

• fully configurable MULTI-CITY notifiers
• register any of your searches as a NOTIFIER
• notifiers keep checking Craiglist until a new listing matching the search criteria is posted
• new match INDICATORS
• notifications using SOUND alerts, vibration, and badges

cPRO results are always identical to Craigslist. You have the power of 20+ search options to narrow down the search to whatever you are interested in.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

The craigslist and associated trademarks are owned by craigslist, Inc. and are being used under licensed permission from craigslist, Inc. for a limited purpose. www.craigslist.org


APPADVICE: "Craigslist Pro isn’t just a website wrapper; it takes searching, posting, and managing your Craigslist account to a whole new level"

CNET: "If you want a better way to search or post to Craigslist ... Craigslist Pro has plenty to offer"

CHICAGO NOW: "It features a GPS-based auto-location of nearby Craigslist areas and a fast, streamlined selection of search areas"

TAPSCAPE: "The whole browsing experience is so much improved you may never go back to the actual website"

Customer Reviews

  • 9/10

    by Getaradeway

    works great easy to use. occasionally will freeze.

  • Love it!

    by Gilbertf

    Works well. A nice app! Hopefully no more bugs.

  • Great

    by KNT RDR

    Great app

  • Craig's list Mobile

    by rockingrannieLisa

    Love it, just to darn handy, I can search multiple locations at once, from my FAV locations.

  • Fan-tastic

    by Devin745

    Fantastic app, really easy to use and a wonderful system.

  • Best Craigslist App

    by Link006

    I love it! Fast, clean, simple!

  • Great app

    by iAm T- PAin

    Best Craigslist app ever

  • Good

    by Eduard0wwe

    Craiglist iphone great!!!

  • Great

    by 75/02

    Better then I expected

  • Stable

    by Ljbbb

    Did not shut down

  • by Nae2919

    Not bad at all... Comes in very handy.. Need to work on stalling.

  • Review

    by Nycclreview


  • I use it every day…

    by Red.Sabre

    I love this app. I use it every day to look for things or sell things; it's a full-service full meal deal. Serious and casual users will find the full app advantageous, and I recommend it highly.


    by Wicked Ravynn

    Love how easy it is to navigate, and to save search filters

  • Very nice!

    by Will Smith

    The best solution for a Craigslist app with great features. Can save posts and other better features if you get pro, which is worth it.

  • Very nice app

    by -=BREEZY=-

    Very functional and pro!!! Well done I must say!!!

  • Not too Bad

    by RavenOakGoddess

    It's ok. If you're posting in the romantic section be ready for your serious ad to be flagged and removed faster than you put it up. Even though it's very much within the bounds of the rules and regulations. There isn't a review process, even when you buy the app.

  • great app!

    by Marguerite4ever

    Great app, I save so much money shopping this way!

  • Works great

    by Justin Briggs

    This app is awesome, I like it better than the web site for the organization and multi city search, totally worth the dollar.

  • 5 stars

    by Drillmaster

    The best craiglist easy to used yet very professional put together

  • They reduce function then ask for mor money

    by BuddyLove1844

    I used to use this app. I could save my searches. Now they reduced the function and ask for more money for the cPro+. I will wait for a trustworthy designer. Shame on them.

  • Keeps crashing

    by Bussted42

    Can not even post! Three days of crashing! No matter what i have tried! Grr!

  • Don't buy it, it don't give time after u buy it.

    by Docs 123

    I bought it 4 times once u buy it the time goes to 0 ha ha if u r a buyer what's that tell u?

  • Freeze and Crash!

    by Abcdefg867676

    So far all this app has done is freeze up and crash. I haven't been able to complete, or even attempt for that matter, even one search.

  • What happened?

    by sisterkisser

    It's been a really good craigslist app,probably the best,but since the last update,I can't post with it. New problems?

  • The app either works or it don't

    by Tcracing264rx

    What a joke, as soon as you pay the $1.99, it don't work!!! I've done this twice, same crap both times!!

  • Can't post

    by rockstar43

    Constantly crashes.

  • Great app but has some problems

    by Spider267

    This is a fantastic app when it works. I've emailed the support team and it is just a response from a recording thing and they take forever to fix problems and they just happen over and over again...

  • Nice App

    by C Ski

    I find Craig's List very usefull and use the app all the time.

  • Love

    by Chikityboo

    I love it thanks!!!!

  • Love it

    by QueenDefender


  • Nice format

    by ShankDeadleft

    Nice format with various viewing options including saved searches, new listing alerts, and removing unwanted items. Need to pay small amount for full favorites list and no ads. Only con is I wish favorites synced across devices.

  • Awesome Possom

    by ete77

    Loved it

  • Great app

    by Krzychoo_vwmania

    This app makes very easy to pick the deals on CL and in addition makes very easy to email or call the person of the interest. Great app!

  • Great app

    by Motorman 2121

    I love it it's worth down loading 4sure

  • Watch out!

    by New game button

    I had the paid version of this before upgrading to iOS 7. I started noticing different elements of the app not working. Tried to reinstall and guess what? My paid version has magically disappeared and I am left with a choice of this version with ads or paying up again. Not! I'm going to uninstall the lying thieves app and try out csmart's app. Oh! And by the way, the button that says look for a previous purchase, it's still looking. Wouldn't be so bad if they were upfront about it. By thief, sleep well.

  • Boo-Yah!

    by John.Vahos

    Works just like it should, unlike the others.

  • Awesome

    by Malcolm Thomas


  • Awesome

    by Lil strongman 92

    This app is great for shopping around craigslist. I've used it to make my last 2 vehicle purchases.

  • 631

    by Jrock11798

    Love it!!!!!!

  • Buyer beware. Broken now.

    by ColfaxJones

    Crashes when I try to post. Useless. Refuses to restore my iap. Dev has been scamming with this app for years. Pulls a previous version so you can never download it again, then releases a new version you have to pay for. Has happened to me twice. Also has an army of bots bumping fake reviews.

  • Craigslist pro

    by tamib12

    Great app! Pretty easy to use and browse.

  • Awesome

    by Pana89

    Works great !

  • excellent application

    by gutshiboy


  • Ok app

    by Mamaluz

    Like the app but sometimes freezes

  • Crap

    by Binkleyk

    I paid for this app. It was great now it don't work and the developer WILL Not reply. I assume they have abandoned this app

  • Best CL app

    by itsNore

    If you use CL often then you will want/need this app!!!!

  • Easy peezy

    by Rx7hrm

    Much better and smarter

  • Great app!

    by Nsa_18

    Very useful and dependable

  • Cool app!

    by Miiyyaa

    Cool App!

  • Touchy...

    by carrie reynard

    As much as I like this app...it keeps freezing. And I can't for the life of me get it to move from the home screen

  • Luv it

    by Karliexox

    Easy to use.

  • Very good ap

    by ابو زين العابدين

    Very good

  • Absolutely the BEST way to shop Craigslist!

    by Vicflash

    So much better than the websites that try to search craigs. Set up multiple regions, exclude nearby, sort how you like and search away.

  • Very nice!

    by L. Michael Scott

    The cPro app is a wonderful use of technology. It has all the power of Craigslist with a portable and well designed app. Great job!

  • Good

    by Quaigon

    Good resource!

  • They discontinued cmobile

    by tommEE pickles

    I downloaded this one because cmobile pro is broken and yet I have to pay for the new version to be upgraded?

  • Craigslist

    by 8080


  • Great app!!

    by Sara J babee

    Works good!!

  • App

    by Justin1003

    Great app best one I've tried on here

  • Yeah

    by pastor_al

    Hoo ha 2 times tuesday

  • Toyota

    by Benybenks

    Very good app easy

  • Great

    by Gennow1


  • Excellent

    by Newpy

    Love it

  • Best craigslist app

    by KAPA///

    This is the best craigslist app in the appstore !!!!!!!

  • Oh Thank Goodness!

    by Playing around

    FINALLY! Had the old app and it had ISSUES! From being able to ( not) post an ad to not knowing how old an ad was, to having no email contact info and sometime no phone number. Looks like you've corrected these issues!!(= would have givin you five stars but I just uploaded the new app not even a week ago! But I'm liking what I see so far. Thanks again

  • Pro

    by En4cer501

    I have been using it for a short time,I just got it. I used Craig's list before, this is an improvement.

  • Awesome

    by Kevin v apple

  • C Pro Crashes

    by Linn Murphy

    This application program crashes. I deleted the app from my phone. I reinstalled it. When I go to post a ad and choose the city it closes and will not post. It was working fine for over 2 years but now it does not work on my phone or iPad. Linn

  • I'm not satisfied

    by Cvybfgbg

    I do not like the way the search engine is set up. It is missing many topics that could potentially help people sell And buy one

  • Ridiculous pop-up notifications

    by kreg37

    This app has two extremely annoying pop-up notifications. One constantly begs you to upgrade to Pro+. The other one is worse... it says "Many new items posted today." It's an iOS notification that pops up several times a week with a badge that won't go away until you open the app. Besides forcing you to open the app... it really insults the users' intelligence. Lots of new items are posted to Craigslist everyday! I thought maybe paying for Pro+ would make it go way, but it still pops up as much as it ever did. Why??? Basically, you have to decide whether having this app on your device is worth the annoying pop ups. To the developer: GET RID OF THE USELESS POP UP NOTIFICATIONS!

  • Fail

    by LosAngeles90631

    Does not show personals ad photos. Does not mention or give a reason in the app description so I will assume it is a developers issue and not an Apple policy. If it IS an Apple policy, this needs to be stated up-front in the description. Deleted.

  • Great!

    by Lefluffball

    Makes it very easy to list items for sale, as well as to shop for items. Love it!

  • Nice!

    by Maskedjellybean

    The best craigslist app.

  • Diamonds for sale

    by SissyBar

    Easy to navigate, clear pictures, good source for diamond engagement rings.

  • Craigslist

    by 4X4Him

    Great app. I love it. I have many searches setup and saved!

  • FAIL - No longer support paid app

    by Asfhjkllouyt

    It would have been nice of them to warn us they won't support the paid version and now we have to download yet another app on our phones. A big fail for them from me.

  • Bmw

    by Bmw classics

    Great app

  • The best!!!!

    by Oh yeah tour

  • I love craigslist

    by Krizz313

    Love the app just don't like asking to upgrade to pro everytime I open the app

  • Good app

    by MikeTunerBros

    Good app

  • No bad

    by Sweet3*

    But you can have more then 5 favorite

  • Craigslist fanatic

    by RetroFantastic

    Helps me find the stuff I'm looking for easy and fast. Would recommend it to my friends.

  • Makes Craigslist accessible on iPhone

    by QuantitativePleasing

    Awesome app

  • Clist pro

    by Ceegamez

    Great app, functional, and easy to navigate.

  • Best craigslist app

    by Rizilla

    Awesome app easy to use.


    by Pickle me

    NOTICE ALL THE COMPLAINTS AND SINGLE STARS! This WAS a great app. I wonder if the company is having financial issues....no response from customer service after multiple emails for assistance. The alerts stopped working, even after troubleshooting with all of their recommendations....still no joy. Don't waste your time setting notifiers or favs.... I have the PRO version and it simply stopped working. Maybe they'll get this working again soon in the next update making this app different from thee rest.

  • Best Craigslist app but...

    by fitypenny

    There needs to be a swipe to navigate feature, as in pull from the left edge to go back and from the right to go forward.

  • $$$$$

    by Joew601

    Love Craigslist Best Site Ever

  • Best craigs app

    by Ricky hussain

    I use this almost daily. I love bargains..,

  • The rott man

    by Joe the Rott

    Awesome !! What else !! Its all good.

  • Don't waste your money

    by cbasics

    Biggest piece of non working crap. No support,sent 4 emails not one reply

  • Great App

    by Jason19812

    Thank You!

  • Great app

    by Runforlife1

    Love it! Easy to use

  • Craiglist

    by Ayeeooo


  • Love it!!!!

    by 99Buggy99

    It works really well

  • Craigslist Pro is boss!

    by EmiWhoa

    Just downloaded this app and though I was iffy about it at first it certainly blew my mind after I used it. It works phenomenally and is fast. I love it!

  • Great app and could be even better

    by Carnuck1

    Maybe set up some "permachoices" for posting ads. How often does your location change? Maybe an automatic footer option? It could include things like your phone number or email that can be accessed easily.

  • I love Craig's list!

    by Squeeeker


  • Very Useful App!!

    by Knubbiz

    Great App !! This App I use every day to find great deals, sell and look for what I need. I highly recommend to download and upgrade this awesome App.

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