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Accounting Handbook (Professional Edition)
Accountancy is the art of communicating financial information about a business entity to users such as shareholders and managers. The communication is generally in the form of financial statements that show in money terms the economic resources under the control of management. It is the branch of mathematical science that is useful in discovering the causes of success and failure in business. The principles of accountancy are applied to business entities in three divisions of practical art, named accounting, bookkeeping, and auditing.

Accounting is defined by the AICPA as "The art of recording, classifying, and summarizing in a significant manner and in terms of money, transactions and events which are, in part at least, of financial character, and interpreting the results thereof." Accounting is thousands of years old; the earliest accounting records were found in the Middle East which date back more than 7,000 years. The people of that time relied on primitive accounting methods to record the growth of crops and herds. Accounting evolved, improving over the years and advancing as business advanced.

Customer Reviews

  • Total scam!!! Do not buy!! Should be banned!

    by todd999

    Scam! Do not buy!! Negative star! It is called handbook, priced $9.99, I thought should be a nice accounting book. It is not. Only 2 pages long! 1 minute of garbage content! Can not believe app store would approve to sell this junk! I am disappointed at AppStore quality control. Or do they have quality control! I reported the problem of this product. Nothing happened. The "handbook " is still listed at App Store! Ridiculous! Totally irresponsible. Please take this junk off the shelf!! So that no more buyer will have to pay for this useless junk. Edward Choi' is this your real name? Shame on you! You have other scam products? Where did you steal the 1 minute of garbage from? You know nothing about accounting, do not you??

  • ridiculous

    by Unimpressed101

    This product is a complete rip-off, Ive just recently purchased 5 items including the above said, & maybe all combined together have 2o minutes of reading... thats if your a 5th grader. Interested @what Im getting at just follow the links above for the support or the Edward Choi website. Infact, I believe the BBA should be notified of such business practices.


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