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How much money can you make selling things online? What if somebody else has already made the product or service, and all you have to do is sell it? This is the draw of affiliate marketing; nothing to lose, everything to gain. That is, if you can catch on quickly. Jeremy “ShoeMoney” Schoemaker became famous amongst affiliate marketing circles by pulling a high volume of traffic into his award-winning blog, where he famously has detailed affiliate marketing tactics that have become common practice today.

Ready to earn your share? With this app you can watch detailed tutorials by this affiliate marketing legend, from the basics to more advanced tactics. Read articles that break down the best forums, networks and tools, and detail how to recognize fraud. Browse or download ShoeMoney’s own guides to internet marketing, and get started building your landing pages before it’s too late.


1) 45 HD videos by business founders and CEOs
2) 10 downloadable documents and templates
3) 22 in-depth articles and guides
4) Share feature enabling document email and printing
5) 10 in-depth chapters

Topics Include:

• What is Affiliate Marketing
• Getting Started and Registering
• Landing Pages
• Testing Tools
• Avoiding Fraud
• Paid Forums
• Advanced Tactics
• The Advertisers Perspective
• Scrubbing and Shaving
• Successful Case Studies

**Note: This app functions best with the latest version of iOS **

Customer Reviews

  • Great info but...

    by MeAlexYouNot

    Great info but it crashes frequently.

  • Complaint

    by Jyspease

    The chapter 3,4 till 3.12 will not work

  • Life changing

    by ms Storm Fire

    I'm very thankful, this is life changing info.

  • Thank you!

    by Pritebrd

    Great information delivered in an easy to digest way. Highly recommend for anyone looking to learn about affiliate marketing. ;)

  • Amazing!

    by Tommyboy129

    I'm new to affiliate marketing and I learned a ton. Excellent resource, highly recommended.

  • Very Informative.

    by crlogan22

    Great way to start if you don't know anything about affiliate marketing.

  • Informative

    by gr8stlove

    This is very good way to learn about affiliate marketing without having to pull out your checkbook! Would recommend this to anyone!

  • Great information

    by Mike The Carpenter Cain

    The information is great. Learned a lot.

  • Oh great!!

    by Jugnu4life

    La la la la la la la la la

  • Great info

    by Sunnedaze11

    Great info but Chapter 3 videos did not load.

  • Thanks

    by moonlight2010

    Thanks Shoemoney!!

  • Great info!

    by Recordmr

    I am very pleased with this app! If you are looking into affiliate marketing, this is a great resource!

  • KISS

    by A town calls it

    Keep it simple stupid! At its finest, good insight, and gives just enough to make you see the next video and also alows you to picture yourself making your business successful!

  • Founder

    by MC Sleeper

    Shoemoney is a top notch app with great advice a real life actions that one can implement for success.

  • Amazing app with a few bugs


    I just discovered ShoeMoney a few days ago and I've already learned so much about affiliate marketing! Cons: Once you get to the Chap. 3 videos they do not load. Once they fix that this app will easily be 5-star app!

  • Most information packed app I have ever seen

    by The shoe fits

    Affiliate marketing mastery from the master of affiliate marketing!

  • Love his philosophy of sharing

    by Doghhhhhg

    Very smart advice from top affiliate.

  • Great informative app!

    by Graham Gochneaur

    Super informative app for anyone looking to build an online company. Covers various topics and has something for everyone to learn, even savvy industry veterans.

  • Excellent App

    by kdollar

    The best affiliate marketing app in the app store!

  • Awesome app!!!! Great job docstoc --

    by Vikdug

    Jeremy and docstoc have teamed up for an amazing resource. Definitely worth the download.

  • !! Ahhhh!!! missing video lessons!! Why ?

    by Shariq77

    Ok if you gonna put together app! Why not make sure and test that fully works before it's published!! I Iike the guy Jeremy he seems cool! But whoever made this app did terrible job!

  • Crushes

    by Yedidiap

    Overall it looks good and informative but it keeps crushing

  • Missing videos

    by Abadebos

    I just started this app and so far most of the videos for chapter 3 are missing.

  • Doesn't work with IOS 6

    by kewlkid999

    If u have a iPhone 5 THIS APP DOESN'T OPEN!!!! What the heck?

  • Misleading and often just wrong

    by Wahoo4

    The videos are too short, designed for nine year olds and presented by a strange looking guy who is sometimes just wrong about the things he says about affiliate marketing. Weird.

  • Misleading

    by VonDutchess867645373

    Shoe money does not teach anything practical. Simply theories that have no substance or allow the user to achieve substantial monetary results.

  • Very helpful and convenient

    by BW-SF

    Great content and easy to digest

  • Awesome App!

    by ProBeachbum

    This app is full of great information. Normally this information isn't all in one place and definitely would costa you 1000s.

  • My first review ever - yeah, it's that good!

    by Affiliate CEO

    Very informative and holds your attention throughout. Presented by one of the masters in affiliate marketing Shoemoney, Docstoc nailed it on his one!

  • Great App


    Awesome app and content for someone looking to get started making money online and driving traffic to your business .

  • Great info for affiliates from ShoeMoney

    by fthead9

    Solid info, worth checking out

  • Fantastic info

    by spirkster

    Jeremy is down to earth and spells out the basics of affiliate marketing and then takes it to the next level. Look forward to more insights from him in future.

  • Great information

    by DavidWilson

    Terrific app. Great information and visors that are full of useful information

  • Great info!

    by John Holloway

    Lots of great info for those looking to get into affiliate marketing.

  • Enlightening !!!

    by Uread2me

    Really great video series about video marketing. Well produced and great information. Better than any paid for products.

  • Great info

    by BengyUSF

    You would normally have to pay for this kind of info! Good stuff. And it's free!

  • All you need to know about affiliate marketing


    I Think this is by far the best resource on affiliate marketing out there. Never does he try to sell you anything in the videos, but for some reason he is actually giving you the exact things you need to know about making money with affiliate no cost! Love it love it love it. No sales pitch or sign up to get the rest of the story...just pure, usable knowledge. Thanks for this app, Jeremy!

  • Great app

    by ShoeMoney


  • Great app

    by Jrh6575

    Great app with alot of useful free content. Thanks Jeremy.

  • Awesome

    by JustinB001

    Great content and it's free!

  • Exceptional education tool

    by huskerakz

    Wow I cannot believe this is a free app! Thank you so much Jeremy and the docstoc team for putting this together for all of us out here that need a step by step guide. And the quality of the videos are amazing!

  • Right on!

    by amer1canparatrooper

    Great work Shoe. Thanks for sharing your extensive knowledge on aff marketing. Just did a site launch today and now have a better grip as to better monetize on my passion. You rock kid!

  • EVERYTHING u need to know about making $ online

    by CrazyBird858

    I honestly can't think of what else you would need to know about how to get started making money online. Great Job. Keep it coming!!!!

  • Perfect app to learn how to make money online

    by boxing addict

    Great videos.everything you need to know to make $$ online.

  • Unbelievably comprehensive!

    by Sutty3

    So far I have only studied about half the system. However, the insights that I have gained have already made a dramatic impact on my business.

  • Perfect for beginners

    by Rott23

    This is THE perfect app if you're thinking about getting into affiliate marketing. Shoemoney has done it again!

  • Consultant

    by Lrcrz

    Unlike any other app - this one helps you make money by giving you a step by step guide to online success. For those of you who ever wanted to work from home, Jeremy gives you an easy to follow frame work to do just that!

  • Amazing Wealth of Information

    by Bobonaz

    Jeremy gives perhaps the most comprehensive overview of affiliate marketing I've ever seen online. And its by the biggest expert in the space!

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