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Do you have a great looking website.... that gets BARELY any traffic?

Having the best website in the world means nothing if no one visits it.

We all know that “Traffic = Customers = $$$”

And if you’re here you probably know there are two main ways to drive visitors to your site:

1. Search Engine Optimizaton (SEO)
2. AdWords (aka “Search Engine Marketing”)

Simple, right? Not really.

If you’ve done any Googling you know that there is a TON of conflicting information on the web about how to “optimize backlinks” to your site and “boost your CTR” on your AdWords ads.

Have no idea what I’m talking about? Good, this app is for you.

Even if you’ve already got the basics down and are ready to take your SEO and AdWords results to the next level, keep reading because we’ve got the advanced tips and tools you need.

This app contains over 30 video interviews with seasoned AdWords and SEO experts who walk you through exactly how they set up optimization campaigns from start to finish. If you are serious about driving either free or paid traffic to your site, this is the inside knowledge you’ve been looking for.

Here is a full list of everything you’ll learn:

• Intro to SEO
• Tips and Optimizations
• Advanced SEO: Tools and Tricks
• AdWords 101
• Advanced AdWords Tutorials

**Note: This app functions best with the latest version of iOS **


“You can spend days and nights searching for advice on how to use SEO and AdWords on your own or you can save time by downloading the free Adwords and SEO Secrets app for iPad and iPhone...This free application is good for beginners and professionals, and it reviews various traffic subjects including PageRank, plugins for WordPress, free traffic generation, ad writing and keyword research.” – Ali Gorelova,

Customer Reviews

  • SEO

    by Fredjim1

    Super... This is helping me so much in my new business. Can you be more specific like explaining the tips a bit more. Thank you

  • Excellent!!

    by Nizzy22

    A great introduction to SEO basics in a palatable format, well done!

  • Great SEO teaching

    by Jonathan Pollow

    This app is extremely useful for anyone who wants to learn SEO basics. I find this app extremely helpful as a Marketing major with little technical training. You don't need to know a lot of IT knowledge to understand the videos.

  • Owner

    by TomChanLa

    I always want to learn how to do SEO for my website but find a little time to do research on it. Until i download this app, now I get the big picture of SEO plus valuable resources on the topic! Great app!

  • Good stuff

    by Nickglassfl

    Good quick snippets of SEO info for the beginners.

  • Good useful

    by Moprius

    Good app very useful

  • Awesome !

    by SEO J

    Business Gurus !

  • Love it! But buggy :/

    by StephenReviewsApps

    Love everything about the apps you guys make! I've downloaded almost all of them! As a broke college student looking to learn as much as I can to help make my Uncle's small business successful, I think it's amazing that you've made these apps and that they're free to download. That being said, they're a little buggy and prone to randomly quitting on me. If that was fixed, I'd give you 5 stars in a heart beat! :)

  • Thank you for a cool app.

    by e-teck

    I use it to get ideas and review ideas cool app thank you!

  • Great learning tool

    by Brookhollowdr

    Just enough information on important topics.

  • Videos do not work

    by Jason Wright Studios Dot Com

    The advice is great but pls fix video.

  • Very helpful for my online business some tips are worth thousands of dollars

    by Svlepour

    Very great app. Thank you guys. This is truly an awesome app that will teach you some quick tips nothing in detail but its definitely a life savor.

  • Great info

    by Tangocash45678

    I want to say thank you for sharing some valuable information about seo it has been very helpful while set up my blog.

  • Helpful and credible

    by TangueroLS

    Their style is completely non-hyperbolic, simply enthusiastic and matter-of-fact. For me, it helps. I don't need to be scared to death to be encouraged to contact them for help.

  • Very helpful

    by Cheesehead aced

    Very helpful and informative information. Cuts right to the chase with short videos, and helps you learn more about how to increase your rank in google. Fantastic

  • Aykut Yararbas

    by Aykut yararbas

    Great videos from the people who actually lived these steps. Thanks

  • YES.

    by ConnorTraut

  • Nice

    by Onda2000


  • Great App!

    by Rbillz

    Very informative.

  • Good app

    by Fux69q

    Good info for beginners.

  • No content

    by Amende@Tahoe

    None of the checklists bring up anything and I don't want to watch a bunch of videos...

  • Good theme, but has a Big bug

    by EduCoCar

    Videos are great... But the section "resources that You look at" doesn't works

  • Duplicates?!

    by stuartcmackey

    The first 6 or more results under each category appear to be duplicates of each other and you have to scroll past them to find anything other than the same two repeating articles. And is there anything in this app that isn't available in the original docstoc app?

  • No longer working!

    by George Kellon

    Since OS6 broke this app... I'm Deleting it .

  • Videos don't play

    by Apple touch fan

    It would seem that IOS 6 might have broken this app. Hopefully there will be an update very soon. I'll update my star review when/if that happens.

  • Good app

    by Saranitery

    Great apps for starters exploring SEO and to get some background

  • Video streaming

    by Pmorrow12

    Videos will not download. It's probably a great app but not if I can't watch the video!!!

  • Great app

    by Mighty Mateo

    Good info and tips

  • Cheap Adwords Coupons


    Facebook And bing coupons and VCCs

  • pjsicon

    by Paul Bertino

    It has been awhile since I considered looking for a job and this package has a lot of good hints and really helps. Since I have used this package I have had a great job offer. SEO has really helped!

  • Nice

    by Udi223

    Nice app Thank you guys (:

  • Great App

    by Bridge Squeezer

    As a small business owner with a web site, I found this app to be very informative and helpful.

  • Great App with good content...

    by Chris Brunner

    The main focus of this app is the content, which is excellent. The downfall, and it might be just my original iPad, was that it crashed pretty frequently. Fix that and it's a 5 hands down!

  • Great app

    by YaBoyLV

    Seriously a great app!

  • Free

    by Sobum

    Good app for free

  • Not very good

    by Seo girl

    Not very good

  • Alot of content for a app

    by Icanrankyouhigher

    Great overall app must have for a Some one trying to learn SEO

  • Love this app!

    by ShMoriOrre

    I have never bothered to rate an app before, but this one is so good, I couldn't help myself...

  • Very useful

    by Nikolastm

    This is some good stuff right here!

  • Like it

    by Jacketelbow

    Like it

  • Good stuff

    by billzimm


  • Really useful, simple to use. Good content.

    by Why I like this game


  • Great App

    by KelleyTX1960

    If you're just getting started in SEO this is a simple & informative must have app.

  • Fantastic

    by Mylls

    A fabulous app for those looking for help getting traffic towards their website. Two thumbs up.

  • Easy to use...

    by Wakhwja

    This layout is so simple and easy to use. I like how clean and organized it feels.

  • excelente business app

    by Gabilandia

    a great app for people how wants to know the corporate world and learn good tricks

  • Review FEEDBACK

    by varunchapelli


  • Awesome App!!

    by AngelPrincess6879

    This is a very cool and easy to use app. The videos are very clear and full of info to help you. I definitely recommend it. Plus it's free.. What do you have to lose??

  • Good tips

    by Victor1981

    This is a nifty little app with practical tips for SEO and online marketing. Organized by chapter. Each chapter has videos and some resource pages. I already learnt a few things.

  • Superb

    by Rh!no~

    Lots of relevant info and good interface

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