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Think you know how to get your brand out there? Think again.

Lesson one in marketing and promotion: nothing is set in stone.

You may have some proven methods, but so does everybody else. Being forward-thinking, creative and open-minded will be your greatest asset.

No one can pull an idea out of thin air, so most people’s promotion acumen derives from watching, learning and building on what others are doing.

So where can you find these innovative ways to increase exposure?

You can start here.

We’ve gathered proven lessons from business insiders who’ve spent years marketing, networking and promoting everything under the sun.

Discover how to get press attention, host live events and get the most of out social media.

Whether your business is established or just getting started, see how these marketing gurus can help you build partnerships and ad campaigns that will count (while staying within budget).

Here are some skills you will learn:

•Marketing for Cheap
•Live Events
•Social Media Tips
•Getting Press

**Note: This app functions best with the latest version of iOS **

Customer Reviews

  • Entrepreneur

    by WonLuv

    This is a great network marketing app for Entrepreneurs who are building their business through network marketing

  • Rating

    by Aziz Ben Taleb

    It is a very good app that I advice every one to check it out Aziz Ben Taleb

  • Great app

    by Federal Realtors

    This app offers great ideas that cost very little to implement. Great app at a great price. Thank you for creating it.

  • Great for businesses

    by ArtByReem

    I think this app has a great wealth of knowledge! Definitely worth the download, and it's free!

  • Docstoc is really a competition for SEO firms

    by Davidbsh

    This is really nice and quick app for business entrepreneur. A must have kind of app. Thanks to the whole team.

  • Very helpful

    by Naomi Rosen

    This application was extremely easy to operate, well organized, and helpful. I work on a college campus and consistently struggle with attendance for events. This app features sections on getting more people to attend events and features a pro/con list on charging for events. I look forward to using this app in the future.

  • Informative app

    by SimpleMan714

    I found this app to have very useful information. It uses a nice combination of documents and video to learn from. I definitely would recommend it.

  • Very helpful!!

    by Cyntbanu

    The app give help on ways the help in advertising one business

  • Excellent App

    by Sravanti

    Excellent App...lots of helpful videos and excellent information on various topics. Great job Docstoc Inc!!

  • Awesome Marketing Tool

    by bizmanbarry

    Marketing 101 and much more! Without the tuition cost.

  • Nice

    by RruleZ786

    Its a good app, which helps to advertise my small website in an more organized manner, but if they were some examples of people who succeeded it would add more to the app.

  • LexiKorinn

    by LexiKorinn

    Great resources! Very good information! Every chapter on this app has very helpful videos and tools to help you every step of the way in getting your business known.

  • awesome app

    by boorla

    I am very thankful to docstoc for introducing this app which will be useful to consumers and retailers.Recommended!!!

  • Just what a small business needs

    by Elvis Law

    This app has some great resources for those that own a small business and want to do thier own PR and advertising. There is no doubt that this info will come in handy and can really help you get some new traffic to your busniess.

  • A great app

    by Mdrn01

    In conjunction with the "Social Media and Business'" app from the same dev, you will obtain a plethora of knowledge for business marketing. I used this app for a paper at school and it proved a great resource!

  • Great App!

    by Hambone242424

    This app has a lot of great tips for advertising your business! I can't believe that it is free!

  • Killer app!

    by mattvolp12

    Wow wow wow! I thought I knew how to advertise, but now the creative door is fully open thanks to this app!

  • Great app

    by Just in F

    Helpful app for advertising.

  • SmallBizOwnerAdam

    by SmallBizOwnerAdam

    Really great content and you can't beat the price!

  • Great app

    by Dgeof

    Thank you Docstoc, this is a great app with quality content!

  • Do NOT download this app if you want to miss out on AMAZING advice (and it's free)!!!

    by Stop2win

    Do NOT download this app if you want to miss out on AMAZING advice (and it's free)!!! This docstoc app is a MUST OWN for any entrepreneur!!! I have successfully built, run and sold several high-tech companies and are now mentoring entrepreneurs who pay me a lot of money for some of the advise Jason (who luckily is a friend of mine) is giving away in these awesome apps for free. Don't miss this!!! Ben of

  • Excellent content

    by John Wolanin

    This is a great find and even better resource.

  • Social Media marketing

    by Brandon Jay Moofaces

    After reviewing this app, I recommend this to consumers and businesses worldwide. Being an entrepreneur it's important to understand the influence that social media has on the growth of your business! Brandon Jay co-founder/vp

  • Good stuff!

    by aseemb

    Lots of good video tips here to help advertising your small business and products.

  • Must have!!!

    by Nathangiby

    If you didn't you know

  • Very Practical!

    by Juan Vasconez

    Love the chapter called "Marketing for Cheap." If you're bootstrapping your company, then you know how important it is to get buzz without hiring expensive PR. Just what I needed! Thanks Docstoc.

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