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Seller: Digifun Studios

● Improved App Performance
● Fixed Minor Bugs

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7 in 1 : Percentage Calculator is a quick and easy way to solve
percentage related problems.


Calculations are now more quick, easy and accurate. 7 in 1 : Percentage Calculator is very useful to business professionals and students. It reduces the number of steps and the time it takes to calculate percentages. Calculate a percent of a value before and after, or find the percentage change between two values, and see how to calculate each one.

◉ App Features ◉
● Include 7 Very Useful Percentage Calculators
  1. Percentage Calculator
  2. Percentage Increase
  3. Percentage Discount
  4. Tip Calculator
  5. Percent Margin
  6. Percentage Change
  7. Percentage (What % Of)
● Professional and intuitive interface
● Simple To Use, No Hassle Just Answer
● Fully Supports Retina Display Graphics
● Get Result With Explanation
● History of Recent Calculations
● Reverse Inputs [Swap Two Values]
● Inclusive, Exclusive & Faster Calculations
  And Much More

Customer Review:

Nice n easy - *****
"This app does what it says it does, and does it quickly and easily. Great little app!"

Great tool - *****
"easy to use…"

Useful - *****
"It is a very useful app. Thanks"

Works Great! - *****
"Works great on my IPad 2!! Very handy"

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Tech Support Email: [email protected]

Customer Reviews

  • Percentage calculator

    by Hannahmckinsi

    Very nice percentage app, I recommend it!

  • Nice

    by Khalid Saeed

    This app is fantastic sooooo much I Recommend it too Much

  • Great

    by HotRod3888

    I like this app. I am out in the field selling and this app helps me with my numbers.

  • Percent Calc

    by WSNH

    I use this while watching "The Shark Tank" to calculate the value of a company.

  • Excelente

    by Los RoKi

    Muy útil

  • It's there when you need it...

    by USA Rat

    It has some very good features. The only issue is that I forget I have it so it gets unused a lot. That is the downside in that it is not that flashy, although I can see using this as a teaching tool. The biggest concern with people and math are calculating percentages, so once you get familiar with this app, many of the percentage calculations will be a breeze. Deserves 4 stars for that.

  • Not a bad app

    by Jwshopper

    Not a bad app. I use it for a small business at off premises events on my cell or iPad, and it does what I need. I've also used it to determine the price of something that is marked % off. All in all, I like it. 4 stars instead of 5 because I get a pop up for their other app.

  • Very nice

    by Hoooblaaaa


  • Almost very good

    by 5e32u

    It's a good app, but it's not quite there. It's a little dumbed down. I know I went to public schools and that 8th grade Japanese students can outscore me on the SAT, but I'm not that incompetent. Interface is also a little clumsy. Combine the % calculations under one button. And get rid of the margins calculator to make other functions larger. And PLEASE default the keyboard to numbers -- not letters. It's a calculator. A dictionary doesn't default to #s. But that all said, it's good. Thank you developers.

  • Good but

    by Makenote

    Very useful but needs capability of calculating the value given percentage and percentage value.

  • Useful...but

    by Bernardhhi

    ....it needs a numerical data entry keyboard by default! Very annoying having to press .?123 Key. Should be an easy fix!

  • Useful

    by Fishvarsky

    It is a very useful app. Thanks

  • Ads...why?

    by mfldmike

    Why are there ads in a paid version of the app. Its also slow as molasses...fix these issues and I would give it 4 stars.

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