Agile Project Manager (Scrum Sprint Planner) Business App Review (iOS, $9.99)


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Seller: Darsoft Inc.

- Agile Project Manager has been updated to support the new iPad with Retina display
- Now you can set custom Sprint Length and Task Duration
- Some bug fixes

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Agile Project Manager is a software tool for project management which uses all advantages of Agile methodology known as Scrum - flexibility and adaptiveness to changing project requirements.

The Agile Project Manager allows you to plan and track the progress of your development cycle on your iPad during multiple sprints. This gives you the possibility to be always intact with your team and project stakeholders.

With Agile Project Manager you can quickly create a detailed plan of the sprint and then manage the sprint tasks by all canons of the Scrum methodology rules. All stages of the project creating and management process are placed on separate tabs for your convenience.

The sprint progress is displayed in a form of burn down chart, which gives the clear visual picture of the current state of sprint to project stakeholders. Also you can send automatically generated sprint report at any time by mail.

Each sprint can be saved at any time as a separate project file, so you can manage multiple projects with Agile Project Manager. This feature also allows you to have a substitute of common project backlog in a form of a separate project file.

Agile Project Manager provides an enhanced support of Dropbox synchronization. You can save projects in Dropbox folders to prevent data losses which cause additional risks in your project. As the main purpose of Dropbox service is convenient joint work with documents, you can share Agile Project Manager documents via Dropbox to quickly inform all team members and project stakeholders about any changes, that is one of the core points of Agile methodology.

The tool is created mostly for Scrum masters, but it also can be used by all persons are involved in the project, as the core of Scrum is knowledge about the current state of development process.

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Customer Reviews

  • Dropbox export ok,but a sync would be better

    by nolimitsdude

    I have 2 iPads a icloud sync would be nice to have the Dropbox upload download is awkward and error prone.

  • Great focus tool!

    by Momma 711

    Too many projects and too little time. This app helps you place the details & timing schedule in your face. Nothing forgotten nor slipping to the sidelines...thank you, developers...

  • 3 stars for potential

    by BeefiestRob

    I love the design and interface. I want more colors as an option for additional flexibility. I also want the burn down chart to function properly. When I move cards to done, all the points end up on the first day. Is it cause I'm using an iPad mini? If it is, please fix it. I paid a lot for this app hoping it would function as it should.

  • It's ok

    by Techiemac

    Aside from the apps high cost for what it is, there are a few things that need improvement. I usually create user stories around each collection of tasks to insure that we are meeting our UX expectations. There is no way that I have found to do this in the app (see some of the other, physical agile task boards out there). Some of the the behaviors of certain controls are a bit strange (such as the project manager list doesn't really seem to follow standard Apple conventions). That said it does meet somewhat of my needs but will not replace a physical task board.

  • Love this App!

    by R2ick

    This is really helping me be organized and actually provide updates to my project managers more efficiently!

  • Beautiful

    by Corman Narrol

    Amazing look and feel on new iPad. Retina support is very well made. The software works very stable and I can recommend it to any iPad user who wants to start working according to Agile principles.

  • Very easy

    by Paul Deboer

    This tool is so easy to use even if you didn't work with Scrum technics earlier. Well done!

  • Improvements

    by shirle_prather_00

    It works ok, but really needs improvements. Please, add common backlog and team members panel with possibility to sort tasks by any allocated worker.

  • Cute app

    by etalips01

    Very cute design and interface. Great execution!

  • Needs Retina

    by RaymonPaulXII

    The app has a very nice interface and looks great on my old iPad, but it needs retina graphics urgently. I bought a new iPad recently and it looks blurry on it. Hope to see this update soon.

  • Awesome

    by Edward_Wickham

    Awesome look and feel! Like a good old cork task board in my iPad.

  • Enough for me

    by MalcolmBJ

    Current functionality is enough for my personal projects, the only one requirement is retina interface for this beautiful app.

  • Waiting for more

    by kaminsky!

    Works just fine, although it is pretty limited in terms of resources allocation and team work. The only way to share projects is Dropbox sharing, which is actually done really well. Waiting for more in future!

  • Rare tool

    by Sammiecv

    I'm a fan of Scrum technics in development, so I couldn't pass this app. Got it with great discount, lucky me! :) The app has awesome stylish interface and works according to basic Scrum principles, but, for the moment, it can be used mostly for personal project management, not for teams. Please, add resources allocation!

  • It is good

    by Ryilegg

    The app looks very good and works very reliable, although it lacks some features for project management and team work. Hope the developers will hear me and we will get a new improved version soon!

  • Great style!

    by nestolarson

    Definitely worth buying if you wish to get rid of a task board on the wall and move your project tasks to iPad. Completely the same look and feel!

  • Basic

    by Annabelle Presson

    The app is pretty basic, but overall direction is correct. Wait to see more cool Scrum features in new versions, intended for team work, not only for personal use. If you will release such version it will be worth it's high price. For the moment, I gave it 5 stars only because I bought it on sale.

  • Does what it says

    by R1Ew1s

    Allows to manage project tasks and track performance. Well done app. A little bit overpriced, but I suppose that future versions will have more features.

  • Good-looking

    by Dockery_90

    Nice interface and artwork. I'm going to upgrade to the new iPad so it would be nice to have retina interface in the next version.

  • Nice app

    by steppenson

    Works according to Agile principles. Even the task board in the app has a cork texture, so you will find it very easy to use instead of usual task board and paper tickets.

  • Waste of your time

    by Jerry Harrison

    I feel like being over charged for its price, it's difficult to set the duration time, I failed to do that for several times, still don't get how to use it....Bad interface!!! How am I going to plan my project with this kind of interface!! It CRASHES a lot on iOS 6, don't know where went wrong, it kept jumping out the program. Very disappointed!!

  • Works well

    by Harris Miller

    Works well for me as a task management app. I think that it's regular price is too big for current functionality, but I've got it on a sale so I can't complain. :)

  • Looks great!

    by Siren from the Far Sea

    The app looks great on my iPad 2! Very good design and interface. Works very fast and stable.

  • Agile manager

    by Jane74tor

    Very intuitive and easy to use app for project management. However, I wish to get some extra features, e.g. resources and common backlog.

  • Easy!

    by LikeAPRO!

    Very easy to use app! Great design and functionality!

  • Well designed app

    by brett_aguilar

    The app is very well designed and programmed. For the moment, it lacks some important Scrum features, but clearly has a big potential and I wish to see those improvements in the next versions.

  • Great useful program

    by Karen_Correllll

    Very good application for keeping a personal "copy" of corkboard in your iPad. You can view it whenever you want and the huge plus is that you have all the projects saved there. As well as you can share a sprint report and a burndown chart with your team by e-mail.

  • Good app for first steps in Scrum

    by kessarron

    I'm new to Agile and Scrum techniques, but I can say that this software is very user friendly and intuitive. Works stable and helps me a lot in my firt steps in project management.

  • Looks good

    by Perepaul

    The app looks really good on my iPad 2 though I hope to see retina support in the next version, as I will get a new iPad soon and I really used to use this app.

  • Well done!

    by Henry Jessica

    It is obvious that developers are used to work according to Agile principles - all tools are similar to real life Scrum tools. They even implemented a cork board!

  • Cool!

    by firebreathingbaron

    Great look and feel! Works very smooth and so intuitive! Feels like a real Scrum-board on my iPad!

  • Convenient planner

    by Terica_Batson

    Started using it for daily project tracking. Works pretty good. Easy to use and looks awesome. I need some extra features for this app (for example resources adding) and hope to see them in future versions. Giving it 5 stars in advance!

  • The best

    by Shell in Ivory Tower

    The best Scrum app for the moment. Works according all Agile principles and very easy to use.

  • Worth the price

    by Crawfordorge

    Pretty rare app on the app store. Looks awesome! Real task board with paper tickets! :) And burndown chart works great!

  • Dropbox support

    by Charles Casner

    I like that I can work with Dropbox in this app. I used to store team documents on our team account, so it is very good to have such possibility in this app.

  • Project manager

    by Laurenteix

    Good project manager app. Looks great on my iPad 2 and very easy to use. I didn't work with Agile earlier, but it seems quite convenient for tasks management.

  • Easy to use

    by dotacket

    If you worked with Agile earlier you will master this tool at once. The process is completely the same as in real life - tickets with tasks and columns with states, burn down chart and backlog for the sprint. Any project can be shared via Dropbox. All in all, awesome app, but a little pricey. I got it with a discount, so I'm very happy with it.

  • Solid app

    by Virginia Howard

    Solid app for project management. Most Scrum tools are present in this version, and I hope that the rest will be added in future versions.

  • Nice

    by rteteteter

    Good set of cool design and useful features. Nice planning tool with possibility to run several projects at once and backup them using Dropbox.

  • Pretty good

    by John Rdrgz

    Seems that the app was developed by people who know something about Scrum. :) The task board looks simply awesome and the whole process was moved to the iPad with very native look and feel. I wish they add more cloud services, except Dropbox, but actually the app works for me very good.

  • Awesome look and feel

    by bonnie_awesomeness

    Looks really awesome on my iPad 2. Feels like you are working with the same good old task board, but in your iPad! The app looks very good, but is missing some team work features (e.g. common backlog). Hope to see them in future versions.

  • Great!

    by Meredith Diggs

    Started using this app for my daily tasks. For the moment, it is mostly for personal usage, but it can be used for team work using great support of Dropbox.

  • Not 100% Retina

    by nicknamesarehard

    Not all the graphics have been updated to the retina display resolution on the new iPad. Yeah, I know that's minor, but it bugs me when they list it as a recent improvement and it's incomplete.

  • Good basic scrum app

    by Joanna the Bloom

    Love the interface very much! Besides that the app has all the basic functions. And a burndown chart is an awesome addition! Hope for more features for the team work in future versions!

  • Big potential

    by Taylaow

    A little bit pricey app, but as it's pretty narrow specialized, I suppose that it's normal. So far it works very well on my iPad and very good for personal use. Currently it supports Dropbox for team work, but this is not enough. Will wait for more options for team work.

  • Good Agile tool

    by volleyball DCR

    This is quite efficient Agile app. All the principles of the methodology are followed, although some instruments are missing. Apparently we will see them in future versions.

  • Basic and pricey

    by Wendyfuji

    This is a pretty basic tool. Sure, it has a burn down chart, but if you add any tasks, the chart does not adjust accordingly. Once the tasks are made and added to the iteration, you cannot change the order that they are listed in by dragging them, you have to take them off then add them again. You cannot add different typed of lists to a task. It is just a text field. It is ok for what it is, but for $14 I was expecting a whole lot more. Trello, which is free, is much more useful.

  • I love your software!

    by Marine Sport

    Agile Project manager is my own personal task board! Very useful tool for me and my team. Thanks for the outstanding tool.

  • Easy to use tool

    by Laura Larsson

    Very easy to use especially if you worked with Agile before. Great user interface and full set of project management tools in your iPad - planning panel, management and tracking panels, charts and reports. Awesome tool!

  • Awesome

    by cmchcn

    Very useful and love the Dropbox

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