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  • Updated: Oct, 30 2009
  • Version: 1.2
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Seller: Box-office BVBA

All bugs from formar version have been removed. Sorry for the inconvencience. Please send us your suggestions for improvement.

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1 VIEW to follow up all your contacts & tasks for somebody
All your contacts are in a "tocall-todo list", sorted on date,
solving the same PROBLEM FOR EVERYBODY :

To remember who you have to call or what you have to do, you now probably put it in your agenda (like a visit, loosing the overview of your available time) or tasklist (not linked to a contact) ...
... always jumping from one programm to another and then you still have to retyp every time the name and to look up the person in your contacts if you want to call him...
... or you write a it on a piece of paper ?

DO IT FASTER & EASIER : manage ALL in 1 LIST :
your contacts can be linked to a date and a "To Do". You have a chronological list of ALL your contacts, and see what you have to do, when and for who in 1 VIEW.

Just look in the chronological contactlist who you have to call today or what you have to do. Click on the name of the person and you go directly to his contact details and you can call him while ...

... DRIVING SAFELY : you do not have to look up the phone number or the name of the contact (and the reason why you have to call him) anymore : just follow your list and improve your efficiency and productivity !

You can filter your contacts to locate customers in the same area or to make a search on their interests (your to do's for them) to manage your priorities.

Using Sell more you will always know in 1 view WHAT you have to do, WHEN and for WHO and only 1 click to make a call.

It just creates a skin around your normal contacts : the standard functionalities you have in your contact list remain the same : you can do a search or add a contact (+) directly here and if you click on a person's name you can change all contact details.

IT IS SO SIMPLE & INTUITIVE IN USE : on top of the list you have in a chronological way all your contacts for which you have a task and if you scroll down you will find in the same list all your other contacts. If you want to change the date for a contact just click on the left side of his name in the list to change the date and to write the interest=task for that person.

If someone calls you and you just have to write a quick reminder in order to remember what to do, you just put it in the list, linked to the contact and a date.

In this way your iPhone becomes your memory !

And you are able to use your agenda again for what it is meant for : a clear view of your appointments and available time, not polluted by other things.


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