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  • Publisher: Citrix
  • Updated: Mar, 29 2011
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  • Size: 22.1 MB

Languages: English, German, Chinese

Seller: Citrix Online LLC

• One tap to dial into the phone conference with a GoToMeeting. No need to dial a phone number and remember access codes anymore. This is also a great alternative to internet audio in low bandwidth situations.
• Turn volume to zero with the “disconnect from audio” option. iOS 7 users may have noticed you cannot turn the volume down to zero due to a change in iOS 7. With this update, just tap the “disconnect from audio” option in the new “audio” tab available while you are in a session.
• When hosting meetings, you can now mute attendees and they will be able to unmute themselves. Previously, attendees could not unmute themselves after they had been muted.
• The presenter’s cursor will now be displayed when viewing a presentation
• Addressed a problem that caused GoToMeeting trial users to be unable to access their meetings
• Several bug fixes

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1250 Ratings


Download the free universal app and join, host or schedule a meeting on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch in seconds. View slide presentations, design mockups, spreadsheets, reports – whatever meeting presenters choose to share onscreen. And iPad users can even present and collaborate face to face!

Not a GoToMeeting customer? You can always join meetings free but now you can try hosting meetings free for 30 days and buy a plan directly from the App Store.


•New: See all upcoming meetings and join with a single tap.
• Schedule future meetings or launch an ad-hoc session. Invite people easily through email or text message.
• Present content using your mobile browser, email attachments, ShareFile or Dropbox (iPad only).
• Brainstorm with the onscreen highlighter and whiteboard (iPad only).
• See up to 6 meeting participants with HDFaces video on iPad.

• Join meetings and webinars in seconds by tapping a link in an email, or your calendar.
Connect to audio through your Internet connection (WiFi or 4G/3G) or dial in over the phone.


You don’t need to purchase an account to attend GoToMeeting sessions. After you download the free GoToMeeting app, there are a couple of easy ways to join a meeting: 

• Tap a link in an invitation email and then follow the prompts.

• Tap the GoToMeeting app icon and select the meeting you want to join or enter a meeting ID.

Use your GoToMeeting account username and password to log in.

• Tap Meet Now to start an ad-hoc meeting. Or…
• Tap a previously scheduled meeting to start it. (Meetings can be scheduled from your desktop as well as your iPhone or iPad.)

• Pass presenter controls to anyone in the meeting or present content from your iPad. Find the content you want to share and press Play.


Upon joining, you will be automatically connected to audio through your Internet connection (WiFi or 3G).

• For the best audio experience, plug a headset into your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

• For iPhone users, if you prefer to dial in over the phone line, you can find the designated phone numbers in your meeting invitation email. Once you’ve joined the session, U.S. based numbers can be accessed with one click in Settings -> Meeting Info. (Note: iPhone users on the Verizon network will be unable to connect to the GoToMeeting web-based data stream and dial in over the phone at the same time.)

HDFaces VIDEO (iPad Only)

Upon joining the meeting, other’s webcams may be on and you will automatically see them.
• To turn on your webcam, tap the webcam icon, then tap the Share My Webcam button.
• We highly recommend using a strong Wi-Fi connection for best experience and connectivity.
• While it is possible to stream video over 4G/3G, we do recommend Wi-Fi. As operator data charges may apply, we highly recommend using an unlimited data plan or Wi-Fi connection.

Customer Reviews

  • Great app

    by Cetronia62

    Works well just if you start meeting in phone settings a window pops every 3 seconds telling you to use the audio connection,other than that it works well.

  • User

    by Todd In California

    It would be a great feature if you could make the ipad the presenter in the meeting.

  • Very pleased

    by mdz0739

    Worked great for a webinar I attended online. No problems and worked flawlessly.

  • Video functionality not avail on iPod

    by soulzyQr

    It's very important to be able to view the video conference and share my camera as well. Without that functionality cannot use app on iPod

  • Well done

    by kvnox

    Very good. Works well

  • Great App, mute volume changes...

    by Nullcoda

    I love this app and we use it a lot, but this current version appears to suppresses the ability to mute the audio in mic and speakers mode. This can be corrected by changing the audio mode within the in meeting settings to telephone. Not hard to find, but not exactly the first place I would look.

  • Finally!

    by Oooooh Snap!

    Great modern design and much easier to find/join your meetings!

  • Works like a champ!

    by John Sisk

    I use this app on daily basis and it's never let me down, but I did encounter one small problem recently. During a webinar the presenter posted embedded survey questions. Users of the iPad app were unable to see any of the questions. Is a fix in the works?

  • Works on 4s fully up to date

    by Willlyyyyy

    And it's better than live or webex.

  • gotomeeting voiceover accessibility

    by Jude-d

    the app seems to work with voiceover except for one thing that happens once you get logged into a meeting. For a while all controls remain on the screen and accessible to voiceover then for some reason the screen goes blank and I have to restart the 4s with ios 7.04 on it to shut down the software. I've been told gotomeeting is also acccessible on the mac but haven't personally verified that. The windows version I have personally verified as a total accessibility failure both for jaws and nvda users.

  • Decent

    by Darnell, T.

    The most recent version of this app doesn't work with airplay.

  • Good alternative to my desktop PC

    by Pickylistener

    I was trying to log on for an online class that I was taking but somehow my home PC and wifi didn't connect. I decided to download this app and was able to log on to the class using 4g LTE. The connection was fairly good. I was able to hear the other folks on the call and they could hear me. This app did its job so I can't complain.

  • Fantastic Tool

    by Pastor T07

    I was pleasantly surprised that I could hear the presenter and see the slides. This app is definitely great and worked for me. I recommend it to those doing a webinar. I am not sure if my questions were posted, but I think they were.

  • Daily use: pretty solid

    by GrahamFreeman

    I use this every day for 1-3 meetings per day. It works pretty reliably, and at this point I find it to be one of the better tools in my daily work routine. I was especially happy to see the new calendar integration feature - much better than having to dial those ridiculous codes! Naturally, as this app uses your data or wifi connection instead of placing a phone call, your data or wifi connection needs to be solid, otherwise your call will fail or sound awful. I do wish the app was a bit more aggressive about canceling or leaving a meeting. It seems to be waiting for confirmation from the server before it will complete the process of leaving a meeting, which can be frustrating when I'm trying to switch from a flaky wifi network to LTE in order to rejoin a call. I often find it faster to force-close the app and then reopen/rejoin. All in all, this app has transformed Gotomeeting from the part of my work that I liked the least (codes! Ridiculous dialing codes!) to one of the easiest parts of my work.

  • Awesome, had zero problem downloading

    by Suzzj

    I was able to join the webinar in less than a minute. I figured I would have problems since so many others did, but I was an hour ahead of the webinar. Haven't actually done the webinar, so who knows if there will be an issue, but getting it on my iPad was no problem whatsoever. Maybe it is because I have some memory left for the devise.

  • Worked Fine

    by sgrabor

    I just downloaded this for the webinar I was attending and it worked just fine - Thought I'd share since it looks like a lot of people had problems. Have only used it the one time so far though.

  • Works for iPhone 5s iOS 7

    by Phlit

    App works great with all included features. Wish iPhone app could include hd faces.

  • Works perfectly fine for me

    by CrimsonAnex

    Able to setup, join, and record meetings. Able to utilize video. Able to view shared desktops. Does what you need it to do.

  • works for me

    by RiceMan77

    this app works fine for me

  • Plese add the option to raise you hand.

    by Chavo 1999

    This app works for me and I use this for school a lot and if my computer crashed or something this is really helpful to me but I wished you would PLESE add the hand button to this app.

  • Bad again!

    by Ssyed1780

    Keeps getting worse, doesn't even recognize my upcoming meetings, so I have to manually input the meeting id and then says 'waiting for organizer' - even though the meeting has started. Great update!!!

  • New version crashes continually

    by Tiga FF77

    the app has worked well up until the latest revision. Now crashes continually. Hoperfully there will be an update soon.

  • Garbage

    by Citadel man

    Audio is total garbage. Stay away!

  • SOS! Your current version is not working at all!!!

    by Ismael Vertiz

    Please fix ASAP! This release crashes after connecting EVERY TIME, even after restart, or reinstalling! I'm using iPhone 5 iOS 7.0.4 Please fix ASAP. Our industry uses gotomeeting 4-5 times daily & it's crucial to our customer!!

  • Audio always fails.

    by Kelley Lee

    Says it's working but no one can hear me. Doesn't allow me to dial in during meeting either

  • Not supported

    by Dart440_72

    What's the point of this app? Clicked the the meeting and it told me these meetings are not supported. Login using a PC or a Mac.

  • Locked up my iPad

    by AndreaJW

    This app locked up my iPad when I tried to enter a question in the question pane. I had to switch to my laptop so I could see the screen. This meant I had to re-register for the webinar, since each link is unique, and I missed several minutes of the program as a result. Don't use this app!

  • Failed video

    by Widths brick

    The app worked well except for the video which said it was waiting for the other party to load. The other party had no issues and said they were sorry that I couldn't get it to work. Bad impression.

  • Used to be better

    by Ssyed1780

    Keeps getting worse, not sure what's being accomplished here. Can't even join a meeting through my phone.

  • Horrible!!

    by AmyS11

    Doesn't work!!!!


    by Izzy yang⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    nobody ever joined the meeting so I was on hold for a long time with this annoying beep

  • Unhappy

    by Chel808

    This app took forever to download. Totally missed the webinar because of it.

  • Disappointed

    by deja vu 2

    I used to use this app but lately it has been hit or miss as to whether it will launch. Pretty useless theses days. I hope the updates catch up with the iOS changes soon.

  • Terrible!! 17 min to install, can't open!

    by Ihatethissite

    Terrible!! 17 min to install, can't open!

  • Does not work

    by Ilya Skalin

    Downloaded, but was not able to start using: log in page is frozen...

  • No prblm

    by donavocado

    Worked fine for me

  • Don't waste your time

    by Mikegghfdyu

    I downloaded this app, but I still can't find an icon. Junk! Too bad, it could have been useful...

  • Useless

    by Schlitzy Anderson

    In my experience the application did not work. I started a meeting using the app and no one, myself included, was able to join.

  • Didn't work

    by Leifbot

    It literally didn't work. Not even when I tried to attend the meeting by telephone! Don't waste your space.

  • Seenbefore

    by Alineedrootseen

    Hhhhhh good

  • Audio issues

    by SBGeek

    The app works great once you get it started but I couldn't adjust the volume to zero.

  • iOS 7 update?!

    by Chirodewar

    Great in concept, but must keep up with current software.

  • Needs Airplay support update

    by mmermaid

    Doesn't seem to work with/over Airplay to AppleTV with iOS 7 which was a feature I thought was great. Hope an update fixes it soon.

  • Johanathan

    by Summersault1

    Well, lacked immediacy

  • Works pretty well!

    by Brian Yackel

    Great app with a lot of great features, use them! The new auto-join meeting feature is great when you open the app.

  • Random Sounds

    by Z...a

    I only use this app for joining visual meeting, NOT AUDIO MEETING. I use SKYPE for audio meetings and these random beeps always come on. I want to disable the mic and sound for this app. The sound is so annoying! STOP! I AM DELETING THIS APP. There needs to be an option in the app to turn off sound for THIS APP ONLY. I use skpe in the background and muting or reducing the sound does not help this issue. FIX

  • Social Media Thrive

    by ngphoto12

    I love that I can connect on my iPhone but it really needs a video connection too! It would make it that much better!

  • No longer works on iPad 2 running iOS 6.1.3

    by Dorelda Doremus

    Used to LOVE the convenience of having this app on iPad. Now I get a message saying this platform is not supported. It makes me VERY sorry our enterprise contracted with GTM.

  • Doesn't work anymore!

    by Shawm1866

    What the title says!!!

  • Crashes??

    by FranklinFolder

    Logged into a webinar I was invited and the app crashed repeatedly.

  • UX fix required

    by Benny Wilder

    If in a go to meeting and I decide to type a message to a user - then change my mind - there is no way to close the keyboard and return to the previous meeting screen. Please fix that. Thx!

  • Raise hand missing?

    by JakesKwet

    Great app. Works well in participation mode. One thing missing is the capability to raise ones hand. Will that be available soon??

  • Does not mute!

    by Chuk33

    I just found out the hard way that when this app says you're muted in a webinar, you aren't. I just lost my job because my landlord visited in the middle of a conference, and everyone in my training class heard it, and knew just how many months behind I was. I'm going to get evicted because of this app!

  • So buggy.

    by Ebergman

    Can't join a meeting for 5 minutes.

  • Needs fixing and more functions

    by Ekaube

    I love GoToMeeting; the full web version works great. Unfortunately this app has a long way to go. I've tried it for 5 meetings and 4 had insurmountable problems such that I had to give up and fire up my laptop or switch to Skype. Once we couldn't hear each other, though it showed us as unmuted. Twice I logged in as the organizer but the app said the we were waiting for the organizer. Then just now it didn't give me the option to log out the wrong meeting I accidentally started. Once in a meeting, also need more of the functionality if the full version, though I can't remember what because IT'S BEEN SO LONG SINCE I'VE ACTUALLY HAD A MEETING WORK IN THE APP

  • Good but lacking one critical piece

    by DeltaBiZnizzle

    Really need the ability to share anything that's on my mobile screen. It's great I can join a meeting remotely from my ipad and share from the cloud, from the browser or from a whiteboard but what I really need is the ability to share my mobile desktop....basically whatever I see they see. Share an app, etc. I demo mobile apps for a living and this would be much better if I could demo to customers from my mobile device w/o having to use things like airplay, etc.

  • No video

    by Sjbrownie

    Lame. Couldn't see the meeting. Connected no problem. Audio no problem.

  • Won't work

    by Txjacksons

    Although the description lists that the app is for the iPad, it won't work. I get a message that says that the platform is unsupported and I must use a PC.

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