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Citrix Receiver lets you access your enterprise files, applications, and desktops to help you be as productive on the go as you are in the office. If your company uses Citrix, you have the freedom to work on your favorite device from wherever you are. Just ask your IT department how to get started.

Customer Reviews

  • If you like your keyboard...

    by Newlaxmi

    You'll miss some fundamental mappings such as use of the Shift key to select multiple. Very annoying. Otherwise, ya know, it works.

  • Lotus notes

    by PathMax


  • It works! iPad all day, every day...

    by sxebldhd

    Needs better instructions from both parties… You have to talk to your IT team (bribe with good treats) to get all the necessary settings, and there are a lot. I wish it was more automatic with minimal info. That being said I poked around a little and got it to work smooth as silk. I’m in an EMR class that utilizes Citrix servers for deployment. This App helps in a BIG way allowing mobile access to the course material and actual program. No need staying late or going in early to class when I can now jump ahead at home or on the go. Great job guys, thnx!

  • Works for me

    by User1792

    I don't understand the one-star reviews. Works well for me on "the new ipad" with iOS 7.

  • Works

    by Bloopeed


  • Great remote tool

    by Reblm

    Remote into work, connect to server and apps without problems. Iphone 5s ios 7.

  • {BO24}

    by Megawalt1234

    Warnings Black Sabbath in the house

  • Citrix

    by Mcar428

    Now works with apple upgrade. Having trouble switching btw apps and adding fav. Apps

  • Update - Receiver initially did not work for me in iOS 7

    by Crazyhawki

    The Receiver initially would not work with iOS 7. Any other iOS versions we have (iOS 5 and iOS 6) do seem to work with this version of the Receiver. I resolved my issue of an error to check my network connection or credentials by doing the following - Go to Settings > Safari > Block Cookies and set it to "Never" or "From 3rd parties". Initially I had this set to "Always". After making this change I was able to successfully connect and launch published applications.

  • Works great butt...

    by Freakypcteck

    Would be nice if the mic would work when accessing my vdi desktop that way I can make jabber calls. Maybe in the next update?

  • I don't understand all the complaints

    by the original Scottly

    This is the first version of the receiver that works with any level of reliability, and it works perfectly. I guess if your company is too cheap to use current products, then you deserve what you get. As it is, I couldn't be happier.

  • Works on ios7.0.2

    by dskittle

    I was able to get it to work after removing and reinstalling.

  • iOS7

    by Mukund I

    Works fine with iOS7

  • iOS 7 Works for me

    by Brandon Streator

    Everything seems to work fine for me with the iOS 7 upgrade on iPad. In general Receiver is great. Please enable us to turn on the mouse "pointer" and leave it on - it's annoying to reselect it every time.

  • iOS

    by iOS and Reciever User

    Excellent and seamless. Updated my iPhone to iOS7 and installed the latest Receiver. Installed and connected to my apps and desktop without any issues. Will provide more feedback from usability point of view.

  • Well done

    by d'Etroitdoc

    Thank baby Jesus the pointer is back and the scrolling is working

  • Latest update problems

    by Practicing Pulmonologist

    The right-click on the pointer now works… There is an old problem that has not been fixed however. When you insert text with the text insertion device [for example dictating a text report] the text does insert appropriately, and it appears to go away, but when you bring the text box up for the next insertion, your prior text is still there… It requires time to delete that text before you can dictate the next text insertion… Hope this makes sense

  • Pointer is Back

    by DisappointedxAlot

    Very glad to see the pointer again .. No issues with using the receiver with my work Citrix environment or supporting client environments ..

  • Server currently unavailable

    by Bob02135

    There is definitely something wrong with the iPad and iPhone Citrix network- while I can easily access via my laptop; I get the message "Server currently unavailable" while I try logging in from iPad or iPhone - whatever it is needs to be fixed ASAP!

  • Did some 4th graders build this site ?

    by Effin chit

    I was forced to use this app through work, and it is plain and simply the worst app I have ever seen . It is not possible to use with an IPhone !

  • Reinstall everytime

    by neill53

    Have to reinstall everytime. Please fix!

  • This App doesn't work at all

    by TravelerGyul

    Even after updating the app, it doesn't work. I keep getting a message that no apps are available. Complete waste of my time. Please fix it.

  • app does not work!

    by hsw1989

    This app does not work at all. At least previously it would work occasionally, although it constantly crashed every 10-15 minutes while I used it; I NEED this app to access my work server and I unfortunately have no other option! PLEASE get it working!!!

  • Awful with iOS 7

    by Epronske

    I would rate this app as 0 if I could. I am a physician. I have been using Citrix Receiver so that I could access our hospital's Cerner electronic medical record system from my iPad. It worked well with iOS 6 and now doesn't work with iOS 7. I no longer can use my iPad to access the hospital EMR. I contacted the hospital's IT department and we deleted and reinstalled the app and no luck. He said it was an incompatibility between iOS 7 and the Citrix app. Please fix this app.

  • Please Fix

    by johnspins

    Not able to log into my company's server on my shiny new iPad Air. Sounds like its an iOS7 compatibility issue.

  • iOS 7

    by Peter Horvath

  • It ain't working

    by TimFromLA

    It isn't working. They need to patch this.

  • Useless waste of time

    by RaceFan#1

    Worked once, but never again!

  • I want the old app

    by Fix autosave

    It takes very long time to load the app if you switch windows. What is so difficult in making it run faster?

  • Does not work.

    by Raddray

    Worked great before iOS 7.x. No longer works at all.

  • Not working

    by josh1890

    This app does not work at all it never connect to the server.

  • Very slow

    by Brian_27909

    This is so slow, it's unusable

  • extremely slow after iOS7 update

    by PKGp

    Not able to use it at all. Please fix.

  • Only works on WiFi

    by Ford-2000

    Mine only works when I'm connected to wifi for some reason. They need to fix this I'm running iOS 7 on an iPhone 5.

  • Very unprofessional app

    by Jonnala

    Never seen this app working straight . Btw -- if any one not able to login , or get unable to find app error , just uninstall, reinstall , do not login from app ,but login from safari , select option already installed and open app in receiver .it worked for me

  • doesn’t work on iPad mini w ios7

    by barefootbianca

    i can no longer log in with the receiver after updating my iOS, please fix!!

  • Still Not Working!!

    by JDGunn

    Not working with IOS7! I've uninstalled and reinstalled the app many times, always with the same result. Doesn't work with 3G or 4G but works fine on WIFI.

  • iOS 7

    by Joesully328

    Now does not work at all with iOS 7. It is impossible to do my work with my iPad now.

  • iOS 7

    by Aksufn

    Ever since iOS 7 came out it won't work on 4G or LTE, only wifi.

  • Doesn't work

    by Fsudrew16

    Doesn't work with iOS 7...

  • No connection

    by iOS 7 problem

    I just got it. I try getting on. It doesn't freaking work ughhhhhhhhhhh

  • Crappy

    by himanshupant

    Considering the fact that app is for corporate usage, it is very crappy. It is always saying check your network and logon credentials even though when everything is all right. Not at all reliable

  • Not working

    by Joecottrell1974

    Not working on 3G or 4G on the new iOS 7 !! Only works with wifi ...

  • Does not work with iOS 7

    by Jp23456

    I've deleted and re-installed, I've tried everything. Just doesn't work with iOS7. What a shame.

  • Not working

    by Prabhu88

    When trying to open any resource it gives an error message "server is unavailable". Please fix it ASAP. This app is very important for day to day usage.

  • Please Fix!

    by FFwizard

    Does not work after iOS7 update

  • iOS 7

    by Eric vanGoethem

    Not working. Please fix ASAP

  • Please update for iOS 7

    by DJ Special-T

    People use this app to perform their daily work-related assignments. Please update. I have not had problems with Citrix up until this point. Be prompt and update this app as it should. Thanks...

  • Not working on iOS 7

    by Mikmeister

    Suddenly not working , just as for everyone else.

  • iOS 7

    by Cmmtbr

    Does not work on iOS 7!!

  • Citrix Receiver for iOS7

    by Silvermac59

    Latest release appears to break with any but the very latest versions of Citrix server, thus requiring all server operators to upgrade to maintain compatibility. Citrix needs to patch this or admit they they are inflicting incompatibility on iOS users in order to maximize their revenue stream...

  • Doesn't work anymore?

    by Goofgyrl

    App no longer works since the new iOS became available-it didn't work with the old operating system, so I updated, and it still says "the app is no longer available or you no longer have access"

  • Mouse

    by Justin7776

    App crashes and goes to home screen when URL entered.

  • Sales manager

    by Khadaw

    Citrix does not work with the software update for iPhone 5 iOS7

  • iOS 7 breaks Citrix Receiver on iPhone 5

    by Cheeemo

    iOS 7 breaks Citrix Receiver on iPhone 5

  • iOS 7

    by Gamer1000011

    Still not working on ios7 just crashes when try to enter URL

  • New update not working

    by Steve Kroll

    Used to work great, now won't let me login. Keeps saying my session has expired. Would someone please help with this? I need this app to work ASAP. Thanks!

  • Horrendous

    by Roxas2153

    Confusing and can't open the apps I want to. Might as well get splashtop

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