Box for iPhone and iPad Business App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Business
  • Publisher: Box, Inc.
  • Updated: Oct, 24 2008
  • Version: 3.0.0
  • Size: 21 MB

Languages: Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese

Seller: Box, Inc.

・Completely re-written app!
・New navigation and redesigned UI
・New preview experience for documents, photos and videos
・Faster document rendering and photo loading
・Real-time search (for files and within files)
・Better sharing and controls
・AirPrint, Bookmarks, and savings videos from Box to your library coming in future releases

Customer Ratings

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527 Ratings
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9167 Ratings


With 50GB of free storage, Box makes it easy to store, manage and work with all your files and documents wherever you are - on the web, from your desktop and on your iPhone and iPad.

Box for iPhone and iPad helps you get work done on the go. It's fast, secure and simple to use, so you can be productive from anywhere. More than 20 million users and 200,000 companies use Box - including 97% of the Fortune 500.

With Box for iPhone and iPad, you can:
・Get all your files at your fingertips
・Always have the most up-to-date information about your business
・Use your iPhone and iPad to present in meetings
・Share important files
・Review projects and leave feedback on the go
・Stay connected with your team

Box for iPhone and iPad features:
・High-quality rendering of 100+ file types
・High-fidelity PDF, PowerPoint and Word viewers for reviewing and presenting
・Offline access to files and folders
・Real-time search of files and folders and within documents
・File-level encryption and security controls
・Photo and video import

Do even more with our hundreds of Box OneCloud partner apps, that let you annotate, e-sign, create presentations and more.

Customer Reviews

  • What happened?

    by ignora19

    I loved this app until yesterday. Now it shuts down every time I try to upload a file. I tried turning my iPad off and on to clear it... no help. :(. iPad 4 running OS 7

  • Officially Now the Best Email App for iOS

    by Noidzone

    As of the latest update, Box is now my most favorite email app. You just got to love how it handles email. Too many features and customizations to count. Come folks, time to make an OS X Box and complete the set. My money is waiting on it and I'll pay for it, your app is that good. Customize swipe actions, view only unread, mark email for later, flags, on and on and on and on. Stable and the most used app on my iPad, iPad mini and iPhone. I had not included my work email until now on all of my devices, but the latest update convinced me that you folks are serious about email. Excellent job, keep it up.

  • I love the app

    by Bendeko

    I just want the properties of the picture like the date it was taken. (not uploaded) To be able to view.. Or the option to sort them all by date they were taken.. I hate how I can't view that. Please fix asap.

  • Crashes when saving for offline viewing

    by XenoLovegd

    Crashing kept me from saving an mp3 to my phone. Deleted the app and re-installed, works again.

  • Earns The Grade A+

    by 1512 Mayo

    For over 2 years I have been using to provide the case study information to my Masters and Undergrad Accounting students. The students love using to complete the case study. provides a realistic experience for the students. The use of in my Accounting courses helps me bring the concepts presented in the textbook to life.

  • Started crashing

    by Jedfw

    Not sure what has happened, but it suddenly started crashing on me when I try to upload photos on iPhone five.

  • jim

    by J76_JB


  • Makes life easier

    by Techcrunch99

    Thanks box

  • All good and all what I need

    by Sanket's iPhone

    I tried Dropbox then skydive and the google drive but BOX is totally different just one feature in this app is missing you can't save images or videos to camera roll the feature which I need most is missing please fix it as soon as possible and then I will be uninstalling google drive from my iPhone and pc as well waiting for the update!!

  • One of the best Cloud services

    by Ronnieflx

    I use a lot of this Cloud services For daily life (school, work, photography) and this is one of the fastest that I have! It starts you with 50gb!! How good is that? Very friendly interface also, can't go wrong with this one !

  • Preview .pages documents

    by netobiker

    The cloud is revolutionary, such as the 50gb avaiable But it's extremely important the possibility to preview pages documents on the app. This sure will make the app experienci much more pratical

  • Amazing Update

    by fOURisENUF

    I had already been using box on and off but the new update is pretty fantastic. Everything feels a lot quicker, it's a lot more ergonomic, and the organization is better. Good job guys.

  • Wow, excellent cloud storage!

    by Charmanderik

    Previously I used google drive but they spy on you and jam you with spam, and skydrive which is unreliable and screws up syncs all the time. Box is so much better. The performance is solid, and this iPad app is amazing! I love it's flexibility and intuitiveness. I finally found a solid and safe cloud storage solution. Will buy more storage as needed.

  • Needs "Select All"!!

    by Libertyforall

    Needs "Select All" in your library, especially with 1000 photos & videos!! How could they miss this critical useability feature?!

  • Great update

    by iHomeschool Mom

    Love the new features and the extra space.

  • Almost worth it...

    by Twojordans

    Pros: You get 50Gigs Cons: Uploading crashes all the time. When you upload it creates duplicate data - meaning your local drive will get filled up because it's duplicating the files you are uploading. I had was uploading one gig of video and only had one gig if space left. Right when I started uploading I magically ran out of space. Found out it was this app duplicating file space. Can't recommend this app. I prefer skydive.

  • Would be even better if...

    by Starragirl

    Some of these bugs were fixed! The app does not show recent activity (viewed/downloaded files) from shared folders after the recent update. I also experience bugs on the web where I'm emailed every time I log on despite updating the privacy settings several times. Fix those little annoying things (which were not issues before the update) and you'd have 5 stars from me!

  • Good but there's a flaw

    by Windixie11

    every time I try to make a file available offline the app crashes. please fix thank you.

  • It was a great app....

    by Jspronk

    But now when I try and upload a photo by selecting "Choose from library", the app crashes. Please dont make me install dropbox!

  • bulk uploads don't work

    by riley ravis

    when I try to upload multiple photos to box it keeps crashing. If I do just one it works.

  • crash crash CRASH

    by SavageNacho

    Can't upload a thing without it crashing... when I first installed the app it worked (granted, I had to "retry" the upload several times since images kept failing for no reason, which was über annoying). Waiting for an update soon, otherwise this app is a goner.

  • Buggy

    by nmock

    Marking files available for offline causes it to crash. Files I marked previously offline don't remain available offline. Please fix. I am on vacation and it is such a bummer to have the files I thought I had available, unavailable and needing an internet connection.

  • bad update

    by luis.galonso

    After the update in January (or so) 2014, the app crashes all the time. It opens, I can see my folders, but when I try to see the documents in any folder, some of the show, most don't, and the application crashes within seconds or minutes, making it unusable. Previous version was just perfect. I use it for work, and need to be able to access my documents from my ipad either through wi-fi or offline... Please solve the issues with the current version.

  • Not an upgrade

    by Abb171824

    I wish I had the old version back. This one is slow and not as easy to navigate. It takes forever to open my files - even the small ones. It also freezes frequently and displays nothing but blank pages until I close out and reopen the file....which takes forever. Very frustrating, hope they release a fix soon.

  • App crashes and burns

    by Download savvy

    Every time I go to upload photos, it crashes. I haven't even been able to upload anything yet because the dumb app keeps crashing. Please fix

  • Crashes on Third-party App Uploads

    by mkpub

    Any uploads by third-party apps to Box seem to crash those third-party apps.

  • Crash

    by رائد السعيدي

    It's crash when I upload any file , so please try to fix this issue soon ..

  • Google sign-in broken, app a no-op

    by charlton

    I was really keen to see all the goodness with the new Box iOS app. However, sign on using Google Accounts has bee broken by the new app. Thus, it is unusable until fixed. I can't rate an unusable app more than 1 star, sorry.

  • Upload

    by Bill Plantz

    ...crash....upload crash...upload crash.....

  • It closes automatically

    by carlospct

    with the last update, the app closes everytime y try to load a file. This happens with Iphone 4S and IOS 7.0.4

  • Crash masters!

    by Quaker-Baker

    Open app, press plus button, crash. Delete app, install app, open app, press plus button, crash. Restart phone, open app, press plus button, crash. Get drop box or google drive. They always work. You can give out 10000gb, but if it won't work might as well be 0.

  • keeps crashing

    by Gummyslut

    Glad they improved functionality on the app, but it's still whack. It keeps crashing every time I wanna upload a video.

  • It's ok but..

    by Fireboy2070

    It's good but it takes waaaay too long to download to another app and it can't save to camera roll! Why??? And it takes way too long to upload from computer to iPad and there is a glitch where it won't let me delete the videos it just exits app when I click on delete. Plz fix

  • Crashes!!

    by davidt100

    Every time I try to upload a video it crashes... Even after a reboot.

  • Unable to use it.

    by Wastedmytime!

    Every time I try to upload anything, even one picture, the app crashes.

  • App crashes when uploading from 5S

    by hardrock87

    I used to use this app regularly, then came an update (that was automatic, thank you apple, not!), but now I am unable to upload anything to the cloud from my phone. The app crashes whether you try to upload 1 or 20 files, making this app almost useless. I used to recommend to colleagues, not anymore. Please fix the app from crashing!

  • I think I figured out this app upload issue

    by Ben5339

    I think I figured out the upload crashing. I went back and looked at the promo video again and nowhere in the video does anyone upload anything nor does the specs say anything about uploading anything from your iPhone or iPad. They only say you can view all types of files and it's pretty slick at that. So bottom line it's only a file viewer. You still have to upload files on a PC or Mac, not quite what you expect from an iOS app. To draw you in they give you 50 gig okay I'll use it as a file viewer but stay with Dropbox and Skydrive (Onedrive) for pictures.

  • Meh

    by julzlove25

    Crashes any time I try to delete.

  • Keeps crashing

    by Arch2Angel

    I love Box but it keeps crashing when I'm trying to upload something :( Please fix

  • Useless after update

    by Beaveruk7

    After the update they took away the ability to download files to your iOS device via the app. That's the ONLY reason I used Box. See ya.

  • Crash!

    by pdeep

    The new update crashes constantly and emails sent using the "feedback" link get returned as undeliverable. Nice touch.

  • Don't upgrade!!!

    by Liuhel

    It worked ok before the upgrade but now it won't upload any document, just keep crashing. Very frustrating and the crashes make this appl worthless.

  • Fix please

    by jyang90

    The app is not very reliable. it crashes a lot, especially when I am trying to delete files and folders.

  • Bring back Copy text feature!!

    by Jtolliver00

    I have used box for a few years now. The update took the copy text away. I use the app a lot and we need the copy txt feature back. Would rate 5 stars if the copy txt was back. I still love the app but please please bring the copy text feature back ASAP!! Thanks!

  • Crashes

    by Feistystolaf

    App crashes upon upload attempt. Worthless.

  • Bugged Out!!!

    by Mind Game

    Won't let me upload more than one photo at a time before it decides to crash. Ridiculous, would like to see a select all option as well. Also, code in a line or two about selecting any file that is <250mb so the remaining files will be copied successfully. 50gb storage space is a wonderful game changer among all cloud apps.

  • very good

    by ghas92

    loved it

  • Not really a step forward

    by Chabotnick

    As others have mentioned the app is pretty buggy and crashes for me almost every time I try to move or copy file to another folder. Another big pet peace is if you have a pass code on the app it shows file file or folder you were last working in for about 5 seconds after you open the app before it asks for the pass code..

  • .

    by khashabri

    Everyone should have it.

  • My favorite cloud app

    by Zenspeedstr

    Great job on the latest update/iOS update! Box is now my number one cloud app for file management. Faster, more stable, more user-friendly.... What's not to love?


    by NicoleShizzle

    I thought this would be a great app but it crashes every single time I try uploading pictures or files. I have only ever successfully uploaded a picture one time. It IS compatible with my iPhone so it's definitely the app not my phone. I'm not happy and will be deleting the app. Try it out if you're interested but I'm sure you won't be pleased

  • Probably THE BEST Cloud now!

    by LosAngeles90631

    This service took off with HUGE momentum, overtook it's competitors with a slight edge. Next update will no doubt surpass all others entirely by a huge margin. They offer a big first time storage space with attracts lots of commercial accounts. Box seems to "get it" and is not stingy with it's space. I LOVE this service!


    by Draw bastard

    When I try to upload photos from my photo album it crashes EVERY TIME!!!! Why does this keep happening ? Please update.

  • Something's wrong!!

    by Geesh :/

    The app was working flawlessly but I've noticed today the app starting crashing. And I can't add any new folder now it says "you do not have permission to create this folder" please fix. Have iphone 5s ios version 7.0.4

  • Preview and download views

    by Mellymel62211

    Please bring back the option to see who has previewed and/or downloaded files.

  • App crash and expirence

    by Iphoneguy71

    This app was great for about the first hour it has a great interface and such but it keeps crashing on my iPhone 5

  • Not great

    by Annie Thress

    The Box app repeatedly closes unexpectedly when I'm trying to view large documents. It's no good for actually viewing your files. It's fine if you just want to have access to them or to be able to share them, but use Dropbox if you need to view your documents from the app screen.

  • Eh

    by Lotem_KW

    It doesn't allow the uploading of "collective" files, or folders with extensions. The 50GB is very much worth it, but until I can upload my programming projects, I'll likely stick with Copy. I really hope they implement this soon. But on the upper hand, think 50GB versus Dropbox's 2.5GB. Huge deal there. Copy will give you 15GB, plus 5GB per every referral. The benefit Copy has over this app is that it allows the uploading of .xcodeproj "files", as well as compiled files. Box, however, does not do this, so your folders are likely to be purged of these files and some important data may not be backed up. For simple images and text documents, I would go with this, however my uses aren't covered in this app. Not to mention the CPU leak on the desktop app. Copy runs at 10% of what Box runs at, and, of course, Dropbox is running constantly, but becomes integrated with both Mac and Windows, which is nice. Your final option is Github, but I won't get into that. This is my comparison with other tools and apps like this one. Pick which one works best for you. I cannot stress the importance of having a cloud service to back up your stuff, but I can't stress even more the integrity of the cloud service. If it doesn't do what you need it to do, simply don't use it.

  • Great app, great service but file size limit too small

    by FergyMcFergyson

    The maximum file size allowed (5gb) is a huge limiting factor even if you subscribe to the highest tier membership.

  • :(

    by Elsner79

    Great idea and thanks you for all the space. However, when uploading, the app crashes. iPhone 5S 7.0.4

  • Marginal

    by Cdunvfhxvsfhfhhg

    Only looks for photos and videos on iPhone to upload. Dohhhh.

  • Useless

    by Readyourbible

    Uh every time I try to upload something it shuts down. What the heck is this crap program? Please fix immediately! Your company is a joke.

  • Best online storage

    by Ash aby

    Many thanks for 50 is very helpful to my business and to protect my personal datas

  • For now utter trash

    by Vita821

    Crashes on launch. Useless.

  • Ok but needs a few small updates

    by CA Grown

    Needs a select all option so I don't have to check off 1000 pictures to upload all and needs an auto upload like iCloud from my new pictures in my camera roll.

  • Would be great if it worked.

    by madetoshine

    Was fine to upload 6 pictures, now the app closes any time it try to add or delete anything.

  • extra space is nice but...

    by Rothschilde

    Why cant the simple things be done correctly. When trying to delete a folder within the latest version of the app on an iPad Air the app crashes. Dont you guys even test this basic stuff?

  • Buggy and slow

    by Coochprobz

    I wanted to like this app. I LOVE the amount of storage. 50Gb is phenominal. If only I could use it. I uploaded approximately 5GB of photos from my iPhone to Box, then loaded another handful of documents from the desktop. The sync was very slow, but I attributed this to high demand. Then I loaded the app on my iPad. Big Mistake. It crashes every time I open the app on my iPad 3. I can see the list of my folders, then it crashes. Hopefully can update the app to be usable on iPad soon. Until then it appears functional (if slow) on my iPhone 5.

  • Version 3.0.0 flawed

    by ckaveman

    Ever since updating to version 3.0.0, any tables in my word documents aren't displaying correctly on my iPhone or iPad. Online via my laptop they show up fine & did before the update on my iOS devices. Hopefully that will get corrected soon. Other than that I use this app regularly with ease.

  • 5 star

    by Twana.bnc

    Bcz 50gb

  • Buggy

    by beepifier

    I was excited to try the new app, but it's been virtually unusable since I downloaded it. All the files and folders that were already in my account fail to load, and nothing I've uploaded since I downloaded the app has shown up in the app. Additionally, the app crashes within five seconds of trying to do anything useful. I keep checking the App Store for another update with bug fixes, because I've had a Box account for a while and I know it's a good service. (Though I wish desktop sync weren't just for business customers.) it's good looking and I'm sure it'll work well one day, but for now it's mostly useless.

  • Upgraded app

    by Weeder46278

    I've used the box app daily for years. I installed the upgrade and the app became non functional trapping me in a tutorial phase.

  • Wow

    by pet lobster

    I hate to admit it, but this is one good app and a really good cloud service. Even better than Google Drive. Edit: Gifs don't play anymore?

  • Fiiiiiiix the craaaaaash

    by sexy_girl#1

    Keep crashing when i try to upload

  • Great app

    by Tommy2491

    This is one of those apps I use everyday for personal and business. I travel a lot for work and since I drop everything into Box I don't have any embarrassing situations being 1000 miles away from home and no presentation. So 5 stars to an app that has saved my but on numerous occasions. Thanks Box!

  • Crashes!

    by Yasmine

    Crashes every time i try to upload a pic!

  • Great, but

    by buttermytoast100

    upload limit is too small and doesn't allow me to upload a movie. Bring up upload limit and stars go up.

  • Dont download!

    by Haponingg

    I downloaded this app due to the 50gb promo I uploaded pictures from my phone and once I confirmed they successfully uploaded I proceeded to delete them from my phone. To my horrror when I returned to box to view my pictures they were gone!!! I emailed Box developers and it has been a few days with no response! Shame on you!

  • Awesome new UI and upload photos

    by Vitaly Burlai

    I like your new design and happy for getting photo upload improved. Photos are now called 'IMG_AAAAAA.JPG' like they are in photo album which helps with having them sorted on

  • Crashes while uploading

    by Bruaaa

    Crashes while uploading files via safari or pictures. Needs Camera Sync feature

  • Crashing

    by Sportsmad7889

    Keeps crashing, fix it

  • Love it... If it worked!!

    by flyfreak98

    I was so looking forward to using this app, but it crashes all the time and won't upload photos!! Very disappointed!!!

  • blew my expectations out of the water

    by sappling7

    usually the cloud services apps are a little lacking in speed as well as polish. this app has both and even on older devices runs just as snappy. great app.

  • New version has shortcomings

    by yanni2222

    Looks nice, needs multiple account access and automatic upload of camera roll. Lastly, the app limits a user's ability to save large size folders as Favorites for offline viewing, even though your iOS device has adequate available storage.

  • Keep crashing

    by Paten007

    I can't upload photos anymore, so much with the great update ui and all but lack of everything else

  • Great

    by SyFy geek

    I see no real problem with this app, and getting 50 gb over whatever Dropbox gives you just makes sense. Just wish there was a way to edit documents in the app without requiring 3rd party apps.

  • Takes years to upload

    by TheRipper74

    I really wanted to like this app and merge all my files from Dropbox to Box. Unfortunately "Box" has serious problems uploading and syncing multiply files. Takes years to sync and shows hundreds of fail uploads. For example, today i tried to sync 300 pictures from my pc to Box -15min later i have 299 left. just plain stupid...

  • Barley works

    by AJ Dizz

    Try to transfer albums from vacations to back up photos but only about half the photos in each album work. The rest give me an error and won't work.

  • Update! I love it!!!

    by Nycswthrt

    Just wanted to stop uploading (Data Hoarding) say I love it & go back to adding stuff,Cya!

  • useless for Arabic & Persian users

    by Sahar Em

    Unfortunately it doesn't support Arabic & Persian fonts

  • Thes net noo ap

    by David nag

    No gud its to leggy and thu contuls is stubby

  • Very good

    by Alex ramirez el adorador


  • crashing

    by teddydio

    1sth time i used, worked parfect, now crash everytime on uploads

  • Impressive

    by Heatheri1

    Nice app Loved it

  • I can no longer print from this app-lost business

    by Mo3o3

    The previous version of this app was great. Since upgrading to the new version, I can no longer print from the app. I use this app for my business and the inability to be able to access my documents offline to print is counterproductive and costing me business. This needs to be fixed right away.


    by Cam2969


  • Box

    by Appleuserapp

    Every time I select a picture to download to the box app it crashes

  • Box is a great app! Add back file name change please!

    by megan**

    Please include back with the next update the capability of changing the file name prior to downloading. I think it's a great app! Very user friendly! Going forward if you can include a drop down spot that includes saved name files, it can save time typing. Thanks!

  • Great app and service.

    by thetechdaddy

    Switched from Dropbox. Very pleased. Fantastic on the iPad.

  • Don't use your main email addy

    by TreoRenegade

    I've received more spam from Box in the one week since sign-up, than in the 2 years I've been with DropBox. In mail opt-out is either very slow or ignored. Fortunately, I used a well-known alias service, so it was easy to turn off the unrequested emails. I'm beginning to understand why they have to give storage away.

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