Emoji Emoticons Pro — Best Emojis Emoticon Keyboard with Text Tricks for SMS, Facebook and Twitter Productivity App Review (iOS, $0.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Avocado Hills, Inc.

-- Compatible with more devices
-- Added new symols

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821 Ratings
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826 Ratings


Start typing Emoji icons and other sweet symbols directly on your iPhone keyboard today! Send emoticons to your friends in Mail, SMS, Notes and all other apps!

More than 1,000 Emoji icons and symbols to choose from. See what you can type:

Customer Reviews

  • Evanisawesome!!

    by Nickname guy rocks for me

    Totally awesome and rad!!!

  • The awesomest game ever

    by Head people

    It was a very awesome game I thought that I would never ever find a good emoji but this one is beyond awesome thank you so much

  • Live Me

    by Little Tric

    Worth it!!!!

  • Talia

    by Dogs love em

    Taila was a cancer fighter for a cuple years and she recently passed and she wanted a bald girl emoji. So please in the goodness in your heart add a talia emoji and bald girl and boy emoji for cancer patients and cancer survivers

  • App loving

    by Princessanika

    I love this app I have all the emoji!!!!!!!!

  • Worth It!

    by On Top Of The Chart

    This app is totally worth the 99¢ I LOVE IT!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Awesome

    by Mya5796

    This is so awesome

  • Love Emijo

    by Minion funny

    I love this app my friend does to

  • Great

    by Regans97

    It would be easier to write a review if you if this would pop up after your first use and not before you're finished downloading I have already used it and liked it

  • Emojis

    by Kingofswag1019

    Love it

  • works as advertised

    by david10110

    This is a simple, focused app designed to expand your range of options past plain text. It has a clean interface that functions quite well. I recommend this app!

  • Awesome shortcut

    by DemonickShadowz

    Has over 150 imojis and app is easy to set up

  • Awesome shortcut

    by DemonickShadowz

    Has over 150 imojis and app is easy to set up

  • It's ok

    by I love rating games

    This is my first app when I was able to learn how to get emojis on my keyboard but I just wish It could have more emojis but I know there's all ready a lot. When I want to text like a question mark face there's none I could do.

  • Good

    by Yoshi711

    Awesome app helps s lot

  • by MFR


  • Emoji

    by C.A.C2003

    I love emoji it is so fun and all of the faces are hilarious

  • Emoji

    by Gedev

    Pretty good all besides you have to go to the app too make lettering

  • Smily face

    by Hey _ it's _ Abby _

    Awesome but really u have to pay for it

  • Tacotime

    by Solenass

    Fun app, needs a taco and mermaid emoji ASAP!

  • Load of crap

    by .(shark boy).

    You could go to settings without this app and change it see?

  • Don't waste your money!

    by Dumbest app ever ever ever

    Complete waste of money! It is the same emoji I already had access to plus a few (and I mean FEW) more small, cheap, black and white ones.

  • Emoji

    by L.A Califas

    I like emoji but really don't us it

  • Waste of money

    by mikefifield

    This app does not actually give you anything it just tells you how to use the emoticons that are already installed by default on your phone!

  • Stop

    by James Probst

    Stop charging me for this stupid app !!!!

  • AWESOME but

    by Cute sparkle


  • Rip off?!

    by Dawnyangg

    I can tell you how to get emoji. I knew before this app already, but I got it for the 'wacky words' part which actually isn't as cool as I thought bc it doesn't vary in fonts.

  • by Directioner3037

    Totally love this

  • Best emoticon

    by Pig with a mustache

    I have an iPod 4 and it doesn't come with emoticons so this app is great

  • :/

    by Kamijane2012

    This app doesnt do anything but teach u how to put the emojis on which is dumb considering u shouldnt have to pay nor install an app just go to settings, keyboard, add keyboard then pick emojis -.-

  • Pretty Cool App

    by Kulbeans

    It gives additional ways of expression. I use them all the time!

  • No Cookie Monster

    by DoodleSands19

    I am highly disappointed in your lack of providing a Cookie Monster emoji. Sure there is a cookie,

  • Emoji

    by I love cookies10

    5 star

  • Skkkyyylllarrr

    by Skyyybooo


  • Need more emojis icons

    by VolcanBlack

    Everything is great but a lot of people including myself want a crossbow icon (the walking dead fans) if this can happy we'll be happy

  • -_-

    by Kasumo

    I realized that you can add this without having to buy it at the last second. Go into setting > general > keyboard and add it.

  • I Rate


    Hhshdhehdgdgdhdhdhdhdhdhdhdhdhdhdhdhdhdhdhdhdhdhdhdjdhdhdhdhdhdjskskflfjfhdhwjsueyeuueueueuehbf nfnxvxvsvdydhhdbjd hdvsjsudh Jfgjgyjh

  • App review

    by CLF130

    Love this app. So much fun with my niece. Thank you

  • Emoji

    by Poopy farty unicorn:$

    Great App Best 99 cents ive soent my money on

  • by Al3xi5 <3

    This is awesome!! I love it really cool!❤

  • Fr tho

    by /56( u

    We need a middle finger emoji you feel me

  • It's great

    by Gold_Cocaine

    I looooooove it.

  • DAMN‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️❌❌❌❌

    by Kevin242110

    Why the crap did I buy this if u just have 2 go 2 settings and change it.

  • Awesome

    by Ilenedemi


  • Awesome

    by AfterEffects090

    Very good I always use it during texts

  • Talia Castellano

    by Ilovetalia

    Dear emoji, Talia was a cancer fighter for 7⃣ years and she lost the fight and before she passed she wished for a baled girl emoji for her phone please make the baled emoji for Talia

  • Worth it !

    by John the welder

    It's a nice touch and worth it. An extra way on how to express your feelings.

  • Emoji are Amazing !!!!

    by BitterSweet

    I love Emoji. I use it for messaging, Facebook and goofy little up dates they are amazing !!!!

  • It does work

    by Jazzy got swag Tidwell

    U probably didnt follow directions

  • Don't waste your money.

    by PizzaLord14134

    You already have it in settings. If you read this, you will be happy you did.

  • What a waste of 99¢...

    by KrazYxKiiD

    Seriously... This is such a waste of money and a disappointment to buy...

  • Emoji

    by Wendell Marengo

    It doesn't work

  • It won't work

    by Ross fan 1;)

    I got the iPod three and it won't let me use it I even followed the directions. If I had the right iPod than this thing will be rated high so I rated it as high because I would love it if I could use it. ;) :p love Ross fan 1

  • Emoji

    by Joey bada**

    I love it 

  • by Sr.gatitos


  • You already own this

    by Robbed 2014

    Believe the reviews that warn that you already have this as a keyboard option. I doubted them and found out they were right. This is a ripoff and Apple should not let it be sold.

  • I love emotion

    by Guatemaria

    I gave 1 to 10= 10 ❤

  • This app is awesome

    by Matroix_@beasts*>

    I love this app 

  • I love it!!❤️❤️❤️

    by Booboobear

    I love this app!! It's worth 0.99 cents!!

  • Awesome I can text

    by Cool gar

    I can text my best friend emojis

  • This app is a scam.

    by NG Media emp

    They are making money by "giving" you something you already have. If you really want emojis just go to: Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard > Emoji. There you go, I just saved you a dollar! This app gives you nothing. I've been using emojis for months, I thought this gave me more additional emojis. IT DOES NOT. Do not waste your money like I did. It doesn't even deserve a star.

  • Crashes

    by Swirles94

    My phone only lets me use two emojis if I click on another emoji it crashes and kicks me off my phone fix this!

  • Best app for emojis

    by GngstarrBoy

    Well worth 99 cents

  • Great app

    by Mosy123

    This app lets you have icons in any keyboard. But they need to be bigger. Great app

  • Help me get emojis

    by Mattyb is1

    Ok so I have an I pod and as u know I pods don't come with emojis on the key board. So one day I was looking at emojis for my key board and I come across this one and I see its 99 cents so I bought it to try out and when I opened it, it showed me how to get emojis on my key board!!!!! ☺ So 4 me it was total worth 99 cents + it shows u all the emojis so buy this app it's worth it

  • Emoji

    by I rock u diva

    I love this App it's so cool now i can text with my friends with smiley faces

  • THANKYOU!!!!!!

    by isis rustin

    Yay finally i have emojis!!!

  • Best texting app ever!

    by Karate master kip

    I'm glad I got this app! I ❤ it!!!

  • Emoji is pretty cool!

    by AshECG19

    I like the updated app but it really does not feel like u got that many more emojis

  • Dumb

    by PayPay

    When they said to restart my phone if it don't come up so I did and it still wasn't their and they promised

  • Agreed - Wast of $0.99

    by Apple@Lakeborn

    Thought this was going to be a different Emoji app, something new and exciting. Boy was I wrong. Same old standard Emoji symbols, nothing new or exciting.

  • This app stinks

    by Lil' weirdo

    I would of put 0 stars if I could of.

  • This app SUCKED

    by Ellie the elephant

    I couldnt use the emoji an it froze my phone. Definitely a no for purchasing

  • by Rick rules shane

  • Awesome

    by Soccerguymanu10

    I love it

  • This

    by Dealeitit

    This is the

  • Huh?

    by maahhn

    I like the app and the keyboard but i only got around half the emoticons

  • It is so amazing

    by Nelly200

    This app looks out dated, but it's the best thing ever. It allows you to make one of your keyboards all emoji. I tried it out in notes, iMessage, Instagram, and everything else, and it works! If you want a good app, you're in the right place.

  • I hope you die in a hole

    by Ccraw3

    You wasted my dollar and I hate you buttholes

  • Bad app doesn't work

    by JerseyChich803

    App doesn't work can't activate it!! Even tried restarting phone like they suggests nope. I want my $ back

  • Just a suggestion:)

    by Kaitlin_myriah

    Emoji is by far one of my favorite apps. It's probably the app I use the most, the only thing I would like is when you have a update to add a middle finger emoji, my friends and I always joke around saying "now would be the time for a middle finger emoji" so if you could please add that to you list of possible updates that'd be great!! Thanks.

  • It is so cool

    by Bria conner

    I was never able to have emoji

  • I like it

    by Ebousquet21

    Awesome Buy this app trust me you will like it.

  • Amazing by Gloria Ibe

    by Princess8796

    Express ur feelings through emojis

  • Ok

    by Jeffreypu

    Good but needs more icons

  • Don't buy this app! Your phone already has these emoticons

    by 26.2-beast

    Just go to: - Settings - general - keyboard - keyboard To the apple admin: why do you let these crooks sell this an app that does nothing? To the app developers: Not sure how you live with yourselves, good luck your conscience...

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