TinyScan Pro - PDF scanner to scan multipage documents Business App Review (iOS, $4.99)

  • Category: Business
  • Publisher: Appxy
  • Updated: Oct, 18 2012
  • Version: 3.0
  • Size: 11.17 MB

Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese

Seller: Appxy Information Technology Co., Ltd.

-New iOS 7 user interface
-Supports PDF merging
-Improves scanning process
-Minor bug fixes

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TinyScan turns your iPhone into a mini scanner for documents, photos, receipts and other texts. With TinyScan, you can scan your documents at anywhere and store or email them as PDF files.

TinyScan is well designed and extremely easy to use. The interface is user friendly. It uses fast algorithms and detects page frames automatically. It provides 3 modes for different files - color, grayscale, black & white. Each mode shows a perfect contrast.

TinyScan can help you with:
√Creates PDF documents with multiple scans.
√Detects the page frames automatically.
√Provides 3 modes for different files (color, grayscale, black & white).
√Enhanced the scans to make them readable by adjusting brightness and contrast.
√Easy to manage and order pages in one document.
√Provides different page sizes for PDF export (Letter, A4, B5…etc).
√Download and share document through WiFi.
√Thumbnail view for documents and order by date or title.
√Email the scans as PDF.
√Quick search documents by title.
√Protects documents with passwords.

Download and start to use TinyScan to make your life easier. Please write to us before leaving negative reviews, as we can often help with your problem or help you better use the app.

If you have any problem or suggestions please send a mail to tinyscan@appxy.com, and you will get the response and solution in a short time.

Customer Reviews

  • Must have

    by Clflcllckgndmclfmx

    Probably the most useful app I have!! Use it for work and personal

  • Amazing

    by Dap68

    Better and quicker than a scanner. Make sure the paper is flat for best results.

  • Love it

    by Mrsfab555

    I use this tiny scan daily! I'm an artist and scan my art and ideas to use later for adjustments. I'm so happy I found something so useful that is so easy to use! Thanks guys!

  • Great.

    by Lakho Vanzarro


  • Must have!

    by K P

    great for making quick pdf's of documents! quick and easy to use! If you're a frequent pdf maker of documents this is the app to use!

  • Awesome!

    by superdan267

    This app performs astoundingly well! I have a 3rd generation iPad.

  • Impressive

    by Zeus1997

    I don't usually get to excited over apps as I find I really don't use them much if at all except for tiny scan, I love it, I use it daily. It is awesome, take a pic of my document and email it, instead of a screen shot, I take a pic and email it...actual PDF doc! Great app!

  • Awesome Sauce

    by Dk0927

    Works better than I even expected!

  • Great app!

    by St._eve_

    Use it a lot. I'd recommend it to anyone who doesn't have a scanner. Even if you do, this app will prove helpful when you travel.

  • Simply Amazing

    by Eðvarð

    Tiny Scan allows you to make high quality PDFs of literally anything. You decide whether to make the image be in color, grey scale, or black and white. You can scan anything, anywhere, anytime. In an age when scanned documents have become such an important part of conducting business, this app can be a real life saver and a huge convenience.

  • ไม่เลว

    by ตี๋20


  • Amazing App!!!

    by Teresa J.

    Scans single page and multiple page documents with ease. Saves as a PDF file. Email option works flawlessly. Amazing app!!

  • Doing lot of expenses?

    by deemorino

    This app is THE solution to earn some time. Great design and UX, very simple to use. I like the B&W option to save some ink and the "email me" option. Thanks

  • Time saving god-send!

    by Araider

    My wife and I have been in process of buying our first home. This app has been fundamental in scanning all the documentation needed and getting it back to our realtor. I've been storing everything with this app in unison with Dropbox. It's been fantastic in helping save important financial documents and creates clear and legible black and white PDFs that are perfect for personal records.

  • Time saving god-send!

    by Araider

    My wife and I have been in process of buying our first home. This app has been fundamental in scanning all the documentation needed and getting it back to our realtor. I've been storing everything with this app in unison with Dropbox. It's been fantastic in helping save important financial documents and creates clear and legible black and white PDFs that are perfect for personal records.

  • Good replacement for Scanner Pro by Readdle

    by Ivan_O

    Been using scanner pro for some time, recent "updates" have made it unstable and virtually unusable, switched to this app and it works just a well as scanner pro used to.

  • Tiny Scan

    by PastorCarol

    This is a GREAT app. It is very convenient to use on either my iPhone or iPad. I love that it stores what you scan for later use.

  • Buy This Now

    by EandRDavis

    This app is not only functional but elegant and a joy to use. I promise you will never use your $100+ scanner again.

  • Best scan app I've tried

    by ShezRad

    Easy to use and does a good job. One snafu where I sent old shots with a new one because it wasn't obvious if would do that. Was a bit disappointed that it costs $0.99 to fax. But for the scanner functionality it's a 5 star.

  • Great User Experience

    by Gary Martinez

    The UI is excellent and the quality superb. Bravo.

  • Used to be a great app

    by CDCD

    Very slow to process after update. This used to be my no-fail go-to scanning app, but now I will be looking for another. Processing wheel keeps spinning and spinning until I have to just shut down the app. It used to take pics of everything instantaneously, but now I can't even get it to take a pic of a simple document.

  • Good app for the most part

    by Frogger999

    But the app crashes when trying to put a scan in google drive, the reason I purchased it, and I can't do it.

  • No Longer Good App

    by Catrinus

    After the latest upgrade this app now lacks the ability to name or rename a document. The online Support does not show the correct screen shots of how the app looks. The most disappointing thing is the complete lack of a response after emailing a support question. I'm now looking for a better app to manage receipts!

  • Works wonderfully

    by sdyreng

    So far I've loved it. It does everything I need it to

  • If you are in Business you should have this app!

    by Jcheckers

    I love this app!

  • Best Yet

    by bquin

    This is a terrific app for making PDFs. It works flawlessly and has many options. I use it every day to make the day's Ephemeris for astronomy purposes. Also good for business or compiling anything into a book. Works with screen shots and pics using the camera. Great product!

  • Good app

    by Subhashthampy

    Good app and a useful one

  • A must have

    by DeeDeeRose

    It's useful for when I need to scan things on the fly when you're out and about.

  • Good app

    by Eilandsmen

    Reliable works every time

  • Best scanning app I've used yet

    by lygolden

    So simple to use and I love that things are so easily uploaded to Evernote. Use it almost daily.

  • Awesome Scan Tool

    by Shannon0721

    No expensive scanner needed. This app works great! I can send scanned pay documents on the go without being tied down by a computer scanner. A+

  • Scan

    by twedk

    This app works great, I use it weekly

  • Frozen piece of crap!

    by Bobbi jolynn

    I downloaded this app hoping it would help me but all it does is freeze and not do anything but load image with the very first scan. A waist of time and money.

  • A Gotta Have

    by Linds Ipod

    Great quality pdf scans on my phone or ipad. Easy to use. Has to be one of the best business apps around.

  • Simple and Succinct! MUST HAVE

    by sowho4u

    As a consultant, mobility is key to my success! I literally just started using this app today & I echo every other praise posted but add how much I appreciate you not plastering your logo on my docs. PLEASE DON'T EVER CHANGE THAT! I have officially deleted my CamScan app

  • Really helpful for sharing text documents

    by A Zilch

    Pictures of text documents inevitably are larger in size than these scanned versions and contain extraneous border distractions that this app automatically crops out. I recommend placing your document on a surface with high contrast to help TinyScan auto-crop (or a white piece of paper on a dark table or other furniture). Easy to email a PDF directly from the app. I like this a lot.

  • Easy and Convenient

    by Sara1massage

    This app is perfect for business and personal use. It couldn't get any easier!

  • Great app

    by ladyjustice7

    I use for work and it is great.

  • Love it!

    by Mrspereiraclass

    As an educator, this a fabulous tool for teachers and students! Excellent work! This is a MUST-HAVE!

  • The best scanner ever

    by Abu Feras 911

    انصح بتحميل هذا التطبيق لانه ممتاز جدا في عمل مسح ضوئي لكل الصور والوثائق المهمه سواء من البوم الصور او عن طريق الكاميرا، والاروع عمل ملفات وامكانية اعادة الترتيب وونسخها بصيغة بي دي اف وارسالها بالايميل او حفظها .

  • Amazing

    by Draconez

    This was well worth the money....much easier than a normal scanner!!

  • Alshaibah

    by الهدف تحقيق العدالة


  • Neato!

    by Chuck Normis

    This app is pretty easy to use, and I like that once I scan things, it has options to greyscale and contrast options. All in all a great app!

  • Very good App

    by BinZach

    Works very well and this is the scanner that i have been waiting for. No Ads, clean look and very accurate. Thank you for designing this and PLEASE DONT INCLUDE ADs.

  • Great for teachers/administrators!

    by Kyle Hetrick

    My team and I use this app to turn all physical documents into PDFs and upload them to Google Drive. Handwritten notes can easily be shared with administrators/secretaries without having to travel all over the building. This app saves time and money!

  • MUST HAVE APP (for business and/or personal use)

    by Cloughry

    I work in an accounting dept for a behavioral consulting firm and I must say that this app is BY FAR A MUST HAVE whether for personal or business use!!! As someone who spends all day, every day tediously reconciling expense reports and receipts (which were previously submitted via fax and/or snail mail) it has made my job and my life soooo much easier!!! I recommend this app on a daily basis to ALL of our consultants and new hires as it has been instrumental in our growth and success!

  • Disappointed

    by Mudding28

    Every time I attempt to take the picture to scan it crashes

  • The very best!!!

    by UncleRichey

    Very awesome app...

  • Fantástico

    by jagpbr

    Fácil de usar y efectivo

  • I think it's great

    by Csr5210

    This app is easy to use and does what it claims. I have downloaded many but still continue to use this one because it's user friendly

  • Great App!!!

    by The Pond Digger

    Saved me many times! Wouldn't leave home without it!

  • love it

    by alexstark7575


  • Suggestions

    by Sq6ra

    1. auto-sharpening should be an option; 2. Improve your auto-detection algorithm ; scanner pro is better at this point 3. A little dark on default setting...make the pic brighter plz In general, Scanner pro is better than this app now... I hope you guys can make updates and beat them someday

  • Photos better

    by TIREBOY

    Other than labeling a photo is just as well...

  • Works great!

    by Imedog

    This app comes in handy for all sorts of things.

  • Great app!!!

    by raulurbina

    The perfect work app to create PDF documents.

  • Made doing my expense report a breeze!

    by Gemkeeper

    As the title says, expense reports were difficult each month trying to track down a scanner and turn the images into something I could use for our electronic portal. Tiny Scan solved that problem and makes doing expenses each month a breeze!

  • Very Good product

    by Maryseattle

    This works well for me, the small business owner with no fax/scanner and the occasional need to turn a signed contract into an e-version for email/records. The only drawback is that iPhone photo scans won't be as nice as a true scanner, because it's impossible to align them perfectly square.

  • Scanner

    by ERNurse143

    This is the best app!!! I use it for work and home!! Love it!!

  • Bugs

    by Febeedog

    After last update it freezes and will not scan I do not want to risk losing what is on there if I should have to reinstall .really used this until now

  • App

    by Odair18

    Had to reinstall the app again b/c it was crashing every time I took a picture. It did the same thing when I access my photo gallery. I was charged $4.99 again for the app. I have not experienced the problem again, but I don't like that I was charge twice for an app that I had already paid.

  • The Best

    by Vijaysenareddy

    Best app for Scanning Docs.

  • Amazing!

    by Jeffinner

    My teacher never post the answer key online, I use this scanner to take a picture and keep it my file folder. The quality if the scan is absolutely amazing!!!

  • Awful

    by Muziklovr06

    Loads image forever

  • Greatest App

    by Oscarvaq

    I use this great App regularly, better than any other.

  • Very well done

    by Binobushmaster

    This app is very well done! I use it as often as I can to scan and send documents. It makes attaching documents in emails much easier.

  • Great app

    by Jtruckerjeff

    This app does everything it says it will do!

  • Tiny Scan

    by Kikrah

    Love it!! Works great!! Pics or Docs

  • More useful than I thought

    by Shenabat

    I use it to keep track of financial documents, report cards, recipes, class notes and so much more. Love the export feature.

  • Don't need a scanner!

    by Birdiie25

    I use this to send out all my paper work and it is perfect!

  • Great scanner for my purposes.

    by GinaZ73

    Have had no problems with this app, it suits my needs just fine. No complaints!

  • One app for all scanning

    by LovedbyGod2

    I used to have several scanner apps. Now I only have one. This one. Love it!

  • Doesn’t Work

    by Stejm

    I just bought the pro version for my new iPad air, and it can’t get passed the “loading image” page. It ran for 15 minutes then quit. When I reinstalled the app it did the same thing. I tried photographing several different document with no change in results. What a joke. DO NOT buy this version if you wish to be able to scan documents!

  • Works great!

    by mmwwzz

    Love the way I can keep my files organized. Settings are easy to use.

  • App

    by DChancep

    This app has conveniently replaced my more expensive scanner that is ten times as big as my phone

  • Replaced my traditional scanner

    by jambaby78


  • Love this app!

    by Tonio1234

    I use this app almost everyday for work it's really a big help and easy to use

  • Great application

    by El flaco 0027

    Great app I already recommended to a lot of friends of mine.

  • Practical App

    by RedeemedandOwned

    One of the most useful apps I have. Perfect for times when I need a copy in a pinch.

  • Great for out of office work

    by Vsanborn

    I love this app. Makes my job so much easier when I'm out of the office and need to document something.

  • Does everything promised and more

    by woodchuck chuck

    Great little app use it often

  • Easy and extremely useful

    by Dr. Steini

    Turns out I have used this app a lot more than I expected. Easy to use, uploads directly to cloud storage, renders very clear B&W scans and fixes skew angles nicely. Version 3 clarifies the background of the app and I feel it is a bit faster in rendering.

  • They never should have updated it. :o(

    by Btizzle1211

    I used this app ALL the time for work and now they updated it and it is WAY slower. I used to scan five documents in the amount of time it was still just *thinking* about one with the update. I gave up and went to my real scanner. I've seen reviews saying to uninstall and reinstall it. What a hassle for the money!

  • Best scanner on town

    by natfelkat

    For that price, it is really worth it. Thx

  • TinyScan

    by Happyyyyyyyyay

    This is a very convenient app, you will not be disappointed!

  • Who needs a scanner...

    by Kpizza

    With the last two updates, I have been using this as my emergency scanner almost exclusively. It is a must have if you are an on the go person.

  • Best App Ever

    by Ricky's Audio

    I can no longer live without this app. I use it to get the info from hard-to-reach labels in motors and equipments, as it will fix the aspect ratio from a trapezoidal image to make it like it was taken from the front, and then you can make it more readable by using their presets. Excellent app - 100% recommended.

  • Good App

    by Z Beer

    Does what I need it to. An important thing to remember is that the iPad does not have a camera which makes lighting conditions an issue.

  • The BEST!!!!

    by mec2cat

    Love this, it is the best app ever!

  • Excellent!!!

    by Ufomarc

    Operates as advertised. I can archive all my important documents, and scan new ones with ease.

  • Very useful and great features

    by cY2k

    Use it for collecting travel expenses for work. No need for a scanner anymore!

  • Required a total reinstall after 3.0 update

    by ccerose

    The app stopped functioning after I updated to 3.0; however, after uninstalling the app and then reinstalling it, it is working properly. I really like this app. I use it to scan business cards and other documents on a regular basis. It does a good job of figuring out the borders of your document, and if not, it is easy to set them.

  • Great app

    by addyb737

    Makes it so easy to email documents or digitize/scan important documents.

  • Great program

    by plopsycho

    Very useful.

  • Perfect

    by Mr$.man


  • 很不错

    by Quanyuan


  • Tiny yet powerful

    by c0ffeebabe

    Easy, no nonsense app

  • What's the deal

    by christopher jessee

    Why doesn't it load the file waited 10 min and tried to reload twice?

  • Works perfect

    by Jerdma

    This makes doing work expenses a breeze.

  • Close to perfect!

    by Jf(501)

    Outside of a couple crashes, this app has worked flawlessly.

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