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Seller: Appsverse Inc.

+ Fix crashes
+ Enhance performance
+ Export PDF fixes

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Documents Unlimited Free is an app that allows you to create and edit Microsoft Office® and Open Office Documents on your iPad.

Documents Unlimited Free allows you to create and edit your Word®, Excel® & PowerPoint® documents. The app also supports the creation and editing of LibreOffice and Open Office Documents that are based on the Open Document Format.

The app is based of a fork of OpenOffice that has been downloaded more than 100 millions times. The hosted cloud based solution allows you to access the full functionality of a LibreOffice applications.

+Create, view and edit files
Microsoft Word 2007/2010 (.docx)
Microsoft Word 97/2000/XP/2003 (.doc)
Microsoft Excel 2007/2010 (.xlsx)
Microsoft Excel 97/2000/XP/2003 (.xls)
Microsoft Powerpoint 2007/2010 (.pptx)
Microsoft Powerpoint 97/2000/XP/2003 (.ppt)
Open Document Format Text (.odt)
Open Document Format Spreadsheet (.ods)
Open Document Format Presentation (.odp)
Various graphics format (.png, .jpg, .gif and others)

+Integrated File Manager
Import different file formats and export to other file formats.
Autosave and sync to your local files/
Supports Wifi and USB transfers

+Other functionality
Email files
Export most documents to PDF
Print your documents via Air Print
Type using voice and dictation for supported devices
Precise control using mouse mode

- Not all documents can be opened or edited successfully. Some opened and saved documents may result in a loss of formatting due to formats in compatibility. If you are unsure, you can email us your non-confidential document to our support email to help you test if the app can open the documents successfully for you.
-™ is a registered trademark of Oracle.
- LibreOffice™ is a trademark of The Document Foundation.
- Microsoft® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.
- The Documents Unlimited app is not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by LibreOffice, OpenOffice or Microsoft
- Documents Unlimited is a cloud based and hosted solution for the popular LibreOFfice suite and requires users to be online for its editing features.
- If you are interested in using LibreOffice on desktop computers, please visit

Customer Reviews

  • Major potential!

    by Damon was here.

    Your product has some very major potential. Its similarity and ease of use like MS Word is very convient. I will admit the blitting to the screen is very slow. The absence of scrolling while without a keyboard is almost enough for one to move on. Good use of advertising right above the menubar too. I dont think Ive ever accidentally clicked on someones advertisement more than when using your program. Is there a way to buy an upgrade to eliviate these problems? I would also like to see implementation of the shift key when using my non supported keyboard. ; ) All and all if this product can iron out its flaws, I could easily see paying $15.00 or more for it. One more thing, asking to revert to your originally saved work after coming back to the program is frustrating, especially when choosing yes, then having to open it anyway. Love the config cog withsave feature, and ability to download via ip address. Keep up the wonderful work on this product. I look forward to the updates. db.

  • Love this App

    by nilnoc9

    Have used only for text docs for about 6 months - I love this app! Perhaps that I use a keyboard with my IPAD is the perfect compliment but have no problems, multiple docs saved and love it, thank you

  • Ms

    by Viviana 771

    This great!

  • Good App

    by Mandalay Props

    This is a good app but its not very user friendly, when you are importing docs to make changes.

  • Good app

    by Sevierville,Tn

    Does what it says but is a little slow to react, other then that it is a very good app.

  • Pretty good app.

    by DC_FAY

    It took me a while to get the feel of it, but I like it. I use it mainly to covert my Word documents to PDFs. Makes it easier to read them in iBooks.

  • About the App!

    by Simmer1990

    I like the app but if you want it better make it like the newest computer Microsoft office word

  • Pretty good app

    by Docs app

    I use this for Excel only. Upon review, this is the only viable option. With that being said, it's annoying that you have to load your spreadsheet, save and import, then finally can work in the spreadsheet but it gets the job done. BTW, you have to notice the keyboard icon to type in the thing. That wast intuitive for me.

  • Doc

    by Hross1001

    Good but needs a few upgrades

  • App

    by 25abe

    Great !! App I love it

  • Helpful

    by Chickie1019

    New to using, to soon to form an opinion. Better then any other apps I have used for this.

  • by Campanita

    I like it

  • Great app

    by Pierce211

    Great app for real estate , perfect for iPad

  • Good, but needs work

    by PEAnutBUTter255

    Good app, but I think it needs improving. The editing and stuff is slow. I don't think you should need to have internet to work on documents. I understand if you're trying to send a doc to another computer or something, but not for just reading/working on doc.

  • Rate the Program

    by willietdot

    This seems to be a pretty good program. I'm still learning to work it.

  • Would be nice if I could work on my document without wi-fi

    by Jarnett1

    Once I figured out how to edit my Excel spreadsheet (by going to the Import option in the Settings/gear menu, thanks to customer support for this tip), I thought the app would be really useful. I needed to edit my Excel spreadsheet during a class (using it as a financial calculator to work problems) and did not have wi-fi available. The spreadsheet wouldn't open because it said it had to sync first (I had not made any changes to it since I saved it in a previous session, nor had I accessed it from another device). Unfortunately, this app was not as useful as I had imagined.

  • Great app

    by rock n roll mom

    Works great. Scrolling could be better and need an option to edit offline.

  • جميل

    by 740F0179

    رائع نفس الي في الكمبيوتر

  • Awesome

    by Chewyspaz

    Great app

  • Sugerencia

    by Cano-1993

    Por favor ponerlo en español

  • Totally useless.

    by mark86442

    To many restrictions, Way too many adds. Can't save documents. The worst app on here. frustrating to us. Not user friendly.

  • I do appreciate the look of the app, but...

    by lexyssdd

    It is ridiculously slow to navigate. I like that the app looks similar to Microsoft Word, but I was not in the mood for it to take so long to move the cursor or make changes to the document etc. I believe there is some serious potential here. This app may need a bit more tweaking. I hope to check it out again after some updates and such.

  • Slow

    by Walshie208

    A little slow but good for iPad

  • Does not save info

    by Anay123456

    Most of the time it does not save the information

  • Gotta pay for Dropbox

    by Mikijo12457

    Which is where all of my files are stored. Useless without it, I couldn't even test the app. Delete.

  • Horrible

    by Marc Boulos

    Opened a document during a meeting and it played a video ad, disrupting a presentation. Deleted.

  • Slow

    by Rainbowflashfantage

    First when I was getting ready to go on, I was happy because you didn't need an email or anything( this is why I have it 2 stars). When i got to the word document, it was going very slow. PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM!!! Thank you!

  • Feels like a laggy VNC client

    by soujourn

    Very slow on big spreadsheet files. Does not work in airplane mode, as it will crash upon startup. Using ipad mini, ios 6.1.3.

  • The Worst

    by Poop

    This is the worst app ever! You can't even do anything with it! You guys better get this thing fixed! I'm so glad I didn't get the one where you had to pay money or else I would've wanted my money back! DON'T GET! DEFINITELY DELETING! Going to find another app for PowerPoint. Maybe one that actually works!

  • Needs an update ASAP

    by Miss Cutie

    I have to play tap dance with my fingers for the keyboard to come up so I can type. There is nothing wrong with my keyboard, it is the app. The ads are annoying and huge, and when I click on something to do an insert the cursor does go where I want it to go. I use this to do my homework and that's it. Please fix this error.

  • Good but

    by Mieggs

    This is good but the processors should be updated

  • Could not create a new document

    by Bjans

    Could not create a new document. I downloaded the app and started it and then created a folder and then tapped "new doc". Selected text document from the menu and nothing happened. No new document. Did not appear anywhere. This app does not work.

  • It's ok

    by Vicrider13

    It's ok for when you need it for little tasks, but unless you pay for the app it's kind of useless. I use it for now, but I don't recommend it for writing resumes or important documents.

  • Doesn't even deserve a star

    by Kevin Cipriano

    Glitchy...constantly closed

  • Office support

    by Babri2

    Excellent app for office word, presentation etc A a student I use it to transcribe my notes Has all functions

  • horrible

    by Laylayboogie

    i used this on my iPad and i could not type anything at all, i couldn't type with my bluetooth keyboard. horrible horrible app. save your time.

  • Need more speed

    by Pablojose007

    The app works very good for reading documents but for editing is very slow, and frezes some times, in overall helps you for reading.

  • Good

    by elmachin69

    Good app!!!!

  • It's okay

    by Travel student

    For right now it is a great app to use but the ads are very annoying. If our can see past that then ok.

  • Not worth it - pay for something better

    by poway padres fan

    Worth no stars. The format is clunky and scrolling is very choppy. The intro document has several copy editing errors, which gives me zero confidence in the program. Deleted.


    by Gailmari

    Just what I was looking for!

  • works well

    by Dunc36437

    works well and havent had any problems, except that the keyboard i bought is delayed alittle when it types.


    by NOYB000


  • Works Fine For What it is

    by Foodie3425

    I do not mind that the app is slow or the ads. I would not pay to upgrade so I will live with the limitations. It works fine for the text documents I wish to save on my IPad.

  • Excel

    by Debster203

    Have created files and downloaded files from another PC, both times have had 90-95% same functionality as basic Excel.

  • This app is bait and switch. You can't do anything.

    by Tomez1954

    You have to upgrade to do everything. PURE BAIT AND SWITCH

  • Works for my excel file!!

    by Jaxsewkax

    Program was a little sluggish but met the need I had.

  • So close

    by Booyah! Boy!

    It is really great to have. Useful to have laptop capabilities for spreadsheets and stuff. But the incessant advertising is ridiculous. Then when offering to upgrade is says there is mature content. What is that? I couldn't find anywhere or think of anything why you'd have to verify your age for word processing and spreadsheet usage. Has kept me from upgrading.

  • Very good

    by Vincea Marie

    It work for me.

  • Pop ups

    by Demontriell

    Too many ads!

  • Nice


    Cool app for office

  • Fine

    by jsandraw

    Good function but not stable, very slow.

  • Misleading

    by Big Fan in FL

    Terribly misleading. Can't open docs without upgrading! Don't deceive me please!!

  • Great word app

    by Rydana

    Works great for docs and easy to use.

  • Works nicely

    by TooSweetaudio

    This is a pretty good app. Takes a little getting used to. I'd give it 5 stars if it were more user friendly.

  • Just Okay

    by Unecho

    Slow, ads take up screen space. Requires switching back and forth between pointer and touch screen as well as back and forth between keyboard and screen board.

  • Excellent

    by Rars28

    Very nice... Is excellent

  • Good

    by F3566428,

    Very nice

  • Awesome

    by Author77

    This is a very good word processor; I use it often. The thing people should know is that once you get over ten pages or so, it gets glitchy. Other than that, it is a very reliable and innovative app.

  • Ok

    by Psrespe

    App helps when you only need a couple sheets, but otherwise not that happy.

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