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Seller: Appsverse Inc.

+ Fix Bluetooth keyboard bugs with arrow keys
+ Fix file opening issues with filename having certain characters
+ Improve typing response and speed

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+ Create and edit Microsoft Office® and Open Office Documents on your iPad.
+ Limited time sale 75% off - USD$19.99 -> USD$4.99
+ Top 5 Business app in US app store

Documents Unlimited allows you to edit your Microsoft Office® and OpenOffice documents on your iPad. You can create, view and edit Microsoft Word®, Excel® & PowerPoint® documents. In addition, you can also create, view and edit LibreOffice and Open Office Documents based on the Open Document Format with Documents Unlimited Office Apps suite.

Documents Unlimited brings you the full functionality of LibreOffice in the cloud which is a fork of OpenOffice that has been downloaded more than 100 millions times. Our cloud based solution allows you to access the full functionality of a LibreOffice applications and programs just like on a desktop with the best of breed integration with other quick network file systems.

Documents Unlimited currently supports the management of documents on the device itself as well as Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and Google Docs and it also supports Wifi and USB transfer between your computer and iPad. There is also a file manager where you can take documents to go with you. If you are connected to the Internet, you can also edit your documents through our cloud based solution.

+Create, view and edit files
Microsoft Word 2007/2010 (.docx)
Microsoft Word 97/2000/XP/2003 (.doc)
Microsoft Excel 2007/2010 (.xlsx)
Microsoft Excel 97/2000/XP/2003 (.xls)
Microsoft Powerpoint 2007/2010 (.pptx)
Microsoft Powerpoint 97/2000/XP/2003 (.ppt)
Open Document Format Text (.odt)
Open Document Format Spreadsheet (.ods)
Open Document Format Presentation (.odp)
Various graphics format (.png, .jpg, .gif and others)

+Integrated File Manager
Import different file formats and export to other file formats.
Autosave and sync to your local files/
Edit directly from Dropbox.
Supports, Google Drive and Google Docs
Supports Wifi and USB transfers

+Other functionality
Email files
Export most documents to PDF
Print your documents via Air Print
Type using voice and dictation for supported devices
Precise control using mouse mode

NOTE: You can also import PDF files to edit. However, you should note that only simple PDF files can be imported accurately and the PDF import process is not perfect.

- Not all documents can be opened or edited successfully. Some opened and saved documents may result in a loss of formatting due to formats in compatibility. If you are unsure, you can email us your non-confidential document to our support email to help you test if the app can open the documents successfully for you.
-™ is a registered trademark of Oracle.
- LibreOffice™ is a trademark of The Document Foundation.
- Microsoft® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.
- The Documents Unlimited app is not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by LibreOffice, OpenOffice or Microsoft
- Documents Unlimited is a cloud based and hosted solution for the popular LibreOFfice suite and requires users to be online for its editing features.
- If you are interested in using LibreOffice on desktop computers, please visit

Customer Reviews

  • OK

    by RWHART007

    OK. Not bad. Slow. Not as good as I'd like but does what I want.

  • Nice app but missing something

    by Brad0270

    I just purchased this app with the hopes that it would support "Wildcards" in the Find & Replace section. Can this be added? This helps out tremendously when trying to find issues such as missing punctuation, etc. within a document such as missing periods in a sentence "The boy went down the streeet", etc. Hope to get support for this real soon. It would receive "5 stars" at that point.

  • Doesn't work without wifi!

    by Homework269

    I bought this app assuming i could use it on-the-go, but I was disappointed when I discovered it doesn't work without wifi. It is a good app when you have a wifi connection, but it's useless without one. So if you're going to buy this app for on-the-go word processing, don't buy it!

  • Docs Unlimited

    by Soulman7

    Pretty much as advertised....some refinement needed. Mostly happy with it and it has more than paid for itself in usefulness.

  • Slowly

    by No soudtrac

    This App is realy slow, you can do It better.

  • Could be better

    by Ange J.D. (pending)

    Being able to access/create docs without being connected to Internet would Greatly enhance utility of this product.

  • Little slow

    by Data15243

    Little slow to process. Some trounle with finger pointer, but still learning.

  • Can't beat the value

    by RAP42

    Great program for the price. Does everything you need. Maybe not the most elegant, but it all works, it does all I need, and I recommend it to anyone needing a basic editor and compatibility.

  • Good but

    by Baroouy

    This app is really really good but it's sad how we can't add any pictures, can you please help.

  • Great product

    by Deiselbaseball

    The word productivity program has thus far meet the needs of my company by making it easier to create and access programs from my iPad to our laptop. Whether it is a chart or word document, I am impressed, thanks for the product.

  • Awesome app

    by Go hawks window guy

    I can edit excel docs an print receipts! Love it! Makes my life easier.

  • Does the job

    by Bilal61

    Even though it gets the job done, it could work more like Office. It doesn't save in .docx or .xlxs format, only allows you to export it to that format in a new folder it has to creat. So now you have a file that can only be opened by this app and another file that is a office file in a folder that you may not have wanted to creat. There has be something better.

  • Not Bad

    by bmer2002jack

    It has saved me by allowing me to edit some important documents from home and meeting crucial deadlines. And all that being done from my I-pad which adds the convenience factor. It is a little basic though.

  • Can use an update

    by Maracullis

    It's due for an update. Also please allow for offline editing.

  • Works well, but finding it slows a lot as document grows

    by MattersNot1

    This is a nice program for the iPad. It does everything its computer-sized brother does, however, at least for me, it slows to a crawl and starts to hang up when text documents exceed a page. That is not a terribly large size for a document. I'll keep using it for a while and try to see if this situation can be remedied.

  • Very Disappointing...

    by TheOneandOnlyPhat_Pat

    For the price paid I should be able to edit documents without wifi dependence.

  • Por qué requiere wifi?

    by Euge2000001

    No me gustó que necesite conexión a Internet para usarlo. Un office normal no necesita eso. Limita cuando puedo trabajar. También cuesta mucho cambiar el autocorrector de idioma. Esperaba más.

  • Did exactly what I wanted

    by Hayward Calhoun

    Created several documents while riding on ferry boat to San Francisco. Emailed them to myself. When on my laptop I downloaded the documents and printed. Exactly what I wanted to do. I will next try to print them directly from this app and give a report later on how it worked.

  • Best I've Seen!

    by Mikesmithky

    Best app I've found to view and work with these files. A little cumbersome to get the file to the point I can work with them. But the best I've seen!

  • Word

    by Prfktpkg

    This is a great program with Excel, Word, and everything you can do with MM Word on a PC

  • Poor PDF editor

    by OpticianVlad

    Downloaded this app to help edit PDFs. It lacks in that department. Frankly, I didn't try any other functionalities.

  • $4.99 I will never get back!

    by Gabby7998

    I'm an experienced XL Sp Sht user & this is not worth the money!!! Had they let me try to edit a doc before purchasing, I would not have purchased!! If your looking for an app to edit a doc quick look on, if you have like a week to play with the features before actually having to use it for a job than it might be sufficient. I could list all the bad about this app but I'm limited on characters!!

  • Junk App

    by Zeke Finn

    Do not waste your time.

  • Doesn't allow me to open documents when not connecting to internet.

    by 北美用户

    Pro: looks like a real Microsoft word, so it's easy to get started. Con: files I transferred from QuickOffice HD Pro to this app can only be viewed/edited when the ipad is connected to internet, but not when wifi is unavailable.

  • Garbage!!!

    by Matthew Hurt

    This is extremely flawed. I gave it a chance because most of my work is done on the computer and I was hoping to downsize and be more on the go. WRONG!! The editing pane is horrible!! Yea it looks like Word but it lags when I type. I have to wait for the cursor to catch up. I type fast and this does not help me facilitate typing up a document to my speed. Formatting is even worse!! I really don't remember paying money for this but needless to say I want my money back even if I didn't. SKIP IT!! I MAD THAT I EVEN HAVE TO PUT A STAR UP THERE.

  • Useless without internet

    by Zachary Glaser

    I was hoping to be able to use this app to create documents, presentations, etc. on the go (on an airplane, for example), but cannot do so without internet connection. Also, of the documents I have been able to edit, it does not save the document in its original filetype, making it tedious to fix. On top of that, the app seems to crash more often than it works. Embarrassed to say I payed money for this

  • All reviews are great??

    by iOnlyDanceForTips

    I needed an editable open office app. This appears to be flash based? It reminds me of photon browser, click is like a pebble in a water. Keyboard does not appear when clicking on a textbox. Click, count to 5 edit after clicking keyboard. Save some time on open office docs, save as doc or xls(x).

  • Misses Mark Completely on Many Levels

    by Korkster52

    I really had hopes for this app. I was able to do something I really hadn’t been able to do on my iPad…that is, download a docx microsoft document and edit it on my iPad. I should have been prepared. This program is a designer’s nightmare. First the layout of the app is very non-intuitive While you can download a file to the iPad, the system will not allow you to edit and save properly. The editing pane is the worst piece of design I’ve seen in 30 years. There is no way that the controls are fingertip oriented, and most controls do not work on files downloaded from Dropbox. Trying to navigate down a larger document is just worthless. The real trouble comes when you try to save. You cannot save a document unless it’s in ODT format. While the controls lead you to believe that you can save the document in docx, it tells you that the exported document is in the EXPORT folder, but it’s never there. I will be asking for my $5.00 back as again, I’ve been duped into thinking you can actually save and edit a docX file on an iPad.

  • Not what was expected

    by cee-say5

    The app is extremely basic and simple to use. I do a majority of my business on my iPad via the wireless apple keyboard, and the response time of my typing to it appearing on the screen is delayed and drives me insane. The app looks like a basic version of Microsoft word, and does not have the sleek appearance of some of the other apps. I will be requesting a refund because it is simply not what I expected, but I am sure the app operates smoothly.

  • Available editing options are fine, but...

    by Mlj0910

    Panning and navigating the document is a clunky and un-iPad like process. Still looking for a word editor that is smooth to navigate with and works with files stored on Dropbox.

  • Worst app to purchase!!!!

    by Jojo smoo

    Don't buy this app it's slow, hard to use, and complicated. Should have just used my computer then using this stupid app.

  • Slow app

    by RobertChexx

    This app would be amazing if it didn't run ridiculously slow almost all of the time. It runs so slow it is impossible to use and I ended up downloading a different app. I'd say steer clear.

  • do not buy

    by Customer 11111

    I thought this is a microsoft word software, but it is just a cheap word processor that is very slow. Also, you can not save a document that was opened from dropbox to your ipad. Therefore, you cannot edit your document if you have no wifi connection.

  • Why won't it save Locally!!!

    by Mrnab

    This keeps timing out and wants me to Sync somewhere! This is very disconcerting and makes me not trust this App at all"

  • Rip off

    by sharrd

    This was an absolute waste of money. If your document is more than one page, scrolling is like Russian roulette. Its crashes, freezes, deletes portions of the document, won't properly copy, changes font, and is just a general nightmare to use. I really wish I could get my money back. Also, as many other have mentioned, no access when offline is quite annoying.

  • esnt play well with others

    by DrMcDougall

    I have used docs unlimited with my iPad 1 and iPad RetinaDisplay, but doesnt ssem to want to work with my iPad Air - have only opened one document so far after redoing links and docs over and over again - that's a FAIL in my book! fix this now!!!

  • Hate It

    by Lexianacastile

    What a waste of money. Does not work even if the place has excellent wifi. Is too slow. Completely regret this purchase.

  • Horrible

    by Floridan561

    This program is awful. Typing in a document is delayed. I was writing a document, and it force closed losing all my work. I want my money back. If you have an IPAD mini - STAY AWAY!!!!

  • very frustating

    by Hollyk360

    this is not a program that is all intuitive with Dropbox. Just getting to an edit screen takes time. I can't take it any longer.

  • Bogus Software

    by gbsconsulting

    This software is totally archaic. Scrolling documents is a pain .. you have to use the scrollbars. How easy is that on an iPad. Save your money.

  • Horrible for Asian users.

    by Mbsout

    typing in Korean works horrible. it duplicate every letter. typing response is also terrible. Should be checked the functionality in non English languages.

  • Waste of money

    by Erik Olson

    When an app states it's benefits, such as "send email attachments" and it doesn't work, what kind of false advertising is this? How can Apple or even consumers continue to write 5 star reviews for an app that blatantly lies about its features. DO NOT BUY!!!!!!!

  • Not working

    by oovoo-ist

    I'd give it 5 stars if it works for me. It will not work offline you must have a good Internet connection for some reason this don't work for me at my school but at home it is fine. Also occasionally it would crash on me and I will have to redo some of my entries since it cut out half of what I just did when it crashes.

  • Blank Print outs

    by Whittier Weather Service

    After filling an extensive form, I sent it to the printer and all text fields were blank. What a waste of time.

  • Can't use bluetooth keyboard

    by Sonophile

    This app will not recognize my bluetooth keyboard - standard Mac keyboard, bought from the Mac store. Useless.

  • Not really Worth

    by JoAn Kaylee

    you would think that this app would be awesome because of all the positive reviews it had. i'm using iPad air right now and this app is the worst thing i have ever purchased. i thought it would be perfect and awesome because you have to pay $4.99 but that is not the case at all. i have been trying to write my paper for the past 40 minutes but because of internet that the app requires you to use, the app lags really badly and all i got down was ONE SENTENCE. i don't really think the app is really worth it if it needs internet to write a paper ! >;(

  • freezes 2 much

    by Lynchmobsiab

    it freezes too much and very slow typing, it's not like pages where the typing is smooth

  • Won't synch to my iPad

    by Wishing to love apple

    Bought on iPhone. Won't synch to my iPad No support. Another anti trust apple scam but what are your alternatives....paper? Completely malevolent app deserving of highest shame. Avoid if at ALL possible.

  • Very unhappy

    by greenskittle_07

    It's really slow overall, it kicks me out constantly. Really hard to work with if you are trying to work quickly in order to use this app you have to be patient... I don't recommend it

  • Shouldn't have wasted my money.....

    by JLS037

    Do not let the description fool you. You cannot create new docs with this program. Very disappointed.....

  • Can't use my Bluetooth Keyboard

    by kitkat205

    App isn't working with my bluetooth keyboard, other apps do just fine....

  • Stand Alone

    by Starter Ed

    Sorry. This not for everyone. It needs to have off-line use. No Internet connect. Worhtless!

  • Runs slow

    by Eva Tong

    The typing and the scrolling down run really slow. I guess the developer needs to do some updates to app for iOS 7!

  • ._.

    by Cruzazulbarça08

    I don't like the fact that documents are not available offline. Fix please.

  • Couldn't give it zero stars

    by SixPad

    Downloaded it and was quite happy I could edit Word docs on my iPad. Until I found out it has to be online to work. What the heck is that? Thanks for nothing. Mark

  • Good app, good price

    by deshoum

    Can get a lot of work done. Capably edit Word and Excel files with an impressive feature set of tools and formatting options. Send to other apps, upload to cloud drive, export to multiple file types and email... even print. Preserves original document copies. All around great productivity tool. Better help system and ability to work on docs offline are only things holding back a fifth star

  • Awesome

    by drhinojosa

    Great app! Easy to use, makes keeping all my important docs on my iPad easy.

  • Great substitute for an iPad

    by Berg5150

    Only wish I had a mouse to use it

  • Useful but has limitations and quirks

    by Andy & Sally

    First complaint and most important - it requires an internet connect to run. Not good if you need to work offline! Quirky scrolling, slow processing generally. Otherwise a much needed application and very useful especially if you use Office products. None of the Apple default products have all the features this app has.

  • Writing when the mood strikes

    by Bablaslu

    Since I have my iPad with me on the move when I don't have my laptop, this app is perfect or me. It doesn't mess up the format when I want to copy/paste my spontaneous work from here to my laptop. My iPad is an older version and a bit slow, so I don't blame the app for slowly responding to my key touches, but that helps give me time to think about my writing. If you're familiar with Word, you shouldn't have any trouble navigating this app.

  • Rating

    by Duasdrwtfgry123456

    Can you change the rating of it to 12+ so I could get it on my school ipad?

  • Wasted of $4.99 - Doesn't open PowerPoint Documents

    by Mwhitner

    Title says it all. I wish I could give a zero rating!

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