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- Fixes minor UI issues
- Stability enhancements for app registration

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The AirWatch Agent provides complete mobility management for your entire fleet of iOS devices deployed across your enterprise. AirWatch provides your IT department with the ability to quickly enroll devices in your enterprise environment, configure and update device settings over-the-air, enforce security policies and compliance, secure mobile access to corporate resources, and remotely lock and wipe managed devices.

Web-based, functionally robust and highly scalable, AirWatch also provides unparalleled flexibility by offering three different delivery options. AirWatch can be deployed in the cloud as a Software as a Service model, on-premise providing behind the corporate firewall security, or as a dedicated software appliance.

AirWatch enables enterprise to:

• Manage devices in one console
• Enroll devices over-the-air
• Enforce security restrictions and encryption
• Set up compliance rules and actions
• Configure corporate profiles
• Install certificates for secure access
• Manage applications across the organization
• Upload and manage corporate documents and videos
• Capture detailed device information
• Track devices through GPS device locating.
• View detailed reports and notifications
• Perform a device lock or wipe

AirWatch Simplifies Enterprise Mobility.

Instructions for Activation:

Step 1: Download and install the AirWatch MDM Agent on your device through the iTunes AppStore.

Step 2: Once you load the AirWatch MDM Agent onto your device, activate the agent with an AirWatch-issued activation code and server path.

Step 3: Login to the AirWatch Console to manage your devices.

Customer Reviews

  • Works great

    by MisterDonLee

    This AP works great. Darin said it sucked and would just take up space and run my battery down. But in 3 minutes it was up and receiving company email.

  • Outside Sales

    by DateKate

    Allows me to get corporate email on my personal device. Super easy to use.

  • Works great

    by scevec

    We use AirWatch in our business. The app has worked perfectly for activating over 75 devices. No complaints. Those that are complaining about not being able to access certain features after installing: that is configured by your IT department, not AirWatch.

  • It does what it's supposed to do

    by drnimrod

    What's nice about it is that I can enroll my personal device for access to work related content, if I choose to. I probably won't, but it's nice to have the option. Those complaining that it removes photo stream, etc. hate to break it to you, but that's more likely a result of the corporate security policy than AirWatch.

  • Better than Good

    by Jonathan Ross

    Better than Good Technology's offering.

  • Terrible product

    by Jonathan Cooper

    eats battery, poorly designed.

  • iOS 7

    by Snodsmith

    Doesn't work on iOS7

  • iPhone 5 Support

    by melliott79

    Install was a breeze on my iPhone 5.

  • Drains battery. Keep crashing

    by Mdm1029484

    Hard on battery. Keep crashing. Tech support not helpful.

  • Doesn’t work

    by mikemikaels12

    Just crashes when trying to start up on my iPhone 4s.

  • Upon swiping to check in, phone froze with Apple Logo

    by AndreNY

    1. The app just prompted for a check-in and upon swiping to perform the check-in, the audio for the call I was on cut out and the apple logo was displayed on the screen. It eventually came back to the call and the home screen was displayed. 2. It is disappointing that this app gives me a chore to check in manually. Build a solution that does not require my intervention.

  • Not working

    by javiert30

    Not working on my iphone 5s iOS 7.0.4 when it finish saying success it crash when I press continue and uninstall my profiles by itself

  • The phone wrecker

    by Arianus

    Breaks all the time. I have to reinstall it repeatedly.

  • Updates to IOS7 feel need more work

    by Russianj

    This version is missing a back button at the top of the screen that was present in the last version. Where did it go?

  • Never leaves the loading screen

    by AndreNY

    This app never leaves the loading screen.

  • Say goodbye

    by my335itt

    Bye privacy nice to know you!

  • POS

    by Mcgooglcuddy

    Will not load. My phone is now useless because I need it for company email.

  • Loading all the time with IOS7

    by MMHold3n

    When launching app it just states loading but never loads. I have to remove and reinstall the app every two weeks as it will not stay sync with my corp network. Please someone fix this to work with IOS7!

  • Should never be used on a personal device

    by The real BigJim

    Never should a business require control of your personal device.

  • Horrible App!

    by Justinr9999

    Doing deployments for my company. I see why this app has a 2 star rating. Worst app ever, seriously.

  • Airwatch mdm agent

    by The Smith Fam

    Stinks. Not compatible with io7 just stays stuck in loading. Doesnt anyone read these reviews so you can address the bugs and make your users experience better?

  • Will not load

    by MomentSurf

    The app crashes immediately after opening.

  • Terrible user experience

    by HBSuzyQ

    Always stuck on "loading". Total crap user experience.

  • Pos

    by Cm370z

    Doesn't work, this app is a pos, unfortunately some genius in our it dept decided we need it for email

  • Horrible!

    by Kona rider 808

    Won't load. Compatibility issues. This is probably the most frustrating app I've ever downloaded. I just hope other companies don't waste money on this program. What an incredible waste!

  • Photo stream and shared calendar issues

    by NikTampa

    Update: airwatch completely removes the photo stream capability. So I had to downgrade the app to a 2 star. Hopefully this is something that can be corrected. Just loaded this today so still testing the features but can't access my documents or shared calendars that I need access to. I'm not sure if my company is who decides which features of our desktop we get or the app developers, but this only gives me access to half of what I need compared to the Citrix receiver. For now I have to use both, though the email is much more accessible on the Air watch.

  • New version has problems

    by Yahoo111222

    After upgrading I found bugs where it removes the exchange active sync all the time.

  • LOADING....

    by The Knack

    After last update. App flashes "Loading" 3 times then just hangs there at "Loading". Companies pay big money for this security profiling crap... We lowly users get stuck having to reload "this" crap... Cause while fixing constant bugs... You create new ones.... Now have to logon with laptop to get the instructions from the "IT" gods... On how to start over...

  • Battery life is horrible!!!!!

    by pclemente14

    This app drains out my battery!! I wish they could find a way to figure how to fix this! Not too happy..

  • Ouch my battery!!

    by BigJim1488

    I thought there was something wrong with my iPhones battery but it turns out that my battery draining issues started after I installed this app. Air watch needs to figure out how to be less destructive to battery life.

  • Crash all the time

    by Sam Lu

    Can not open on iOS7.0.2 @ iPad mini

  • Battery drain is terrible!!!

    by RIV0007

    Our company just installed this and now the battery life of the phone is a fraction of what it was.

  • Battery life severely reduced

    by Evanss2

    iPad gen 3 battery life reduced by 25-50% after installing after our company required this app. Will uninstall and disconnect from company email and calendaring if performance does not improve soon. Better to have a device with reduced functionality than a device with no battery power.

  • Cover your camera!

    by Turbotj

    They remotely activated my camera!!!!

  • Thought you had a battery installed?

    by WhatBattery?

    Nope, you don't. Because AirWatch drains it. Thought you had a Mobile Device? Nope you don't anymore, because it's always plugged in! Horrible battery conservation even with location services turned off. Deleting the app now. I don't need my company email this badly.

  • Install message issues

    by Baw-25

    Messages from airwatch wanting to install an update cause the alarm to not function correctly multiple times on the phone.

  • Big brother battery drain

    by Crash02330

    I have nothing to hide, so did not care that my company required airwatch to be installed on my personal phone to continue to receive company email and calendar on my IPhone. I understand that they need to keep their network secure. But the battery drain is brutal. Installed 46 minutes ago and have seen my battery drain from 89% to 61%. This is unacceptable. Won't be able to check my email or calendar because my phone will be dead!

  • drains battery

    by estreet girl

    ever since my company installed this on our iphones, my battery doesn't even last a day. I have a 100% in the morning and by early evening i am at less than 20%, which means I have to now charge my phone twice a day. Before I could go between 36 and 48 hours between charges. My co-workers have noticed the same thing, so I know it isn't just my phone. It's got to be the app.

  • Horrible

    by Dbekoe3

    Waste of time, don't download

  • Complete overhaul

    by Paulamin

    Maybe its more secure but aw engineers do it again complete overhaul and old enrollment functionality is lost. What the hey.

  • Bad App

    by JSSAUCE

    Does not work.

  • avoid!

    by mb123528528

    airwatch disabled my iPad. would you want an app to take control of the device that YOU own? avoid! stay far away!

  • Why?

    by Master115555

    MISD airwatch decided to block iOS 7. This is a major issue, as it blocked checking for updates in general. I have to manually dig to find each individual application I need to update and get it via that way. This causes many frustrations and is a major waste of my time. Change it. Now.

  • Where's the update?

    by Cjklein85

    Doesn't work on ios7. Unacceptable for an app I need for work. Fix it!!!

  • Drains the battery. Avoid this at a costs unless you are forced to use this

    by dmh678

    Miserable for battery life.

  • Great !

    by Dave the Watched

    This is awesome. Often I find myself wishing I was forced to search the airport for an available socket or rush back to my vehicle after a meeting to plug in. I have also noticed my thigh gets cold on the side where i carry my phone. No more! Air watch has made it possible for my phone to run hot constantly as it updates my location and forces software updates! Additionally, I can only get 2-4 hours of standby time on my battery meaning I get to meet new people at the nearest airport wall outlet. Thanks, airwolf. You're the best!

  • iOS 7 support

    by M7mmad1

    When the hell are you going to support iOS 7 ? It's been 2 months since the OS released.

  • ...

    by ConCharger44


  • Doesn't Enroll iPhone 5 Devices

    by Mr. NotHappy

    When enrolling iPhone 5 Devices, after configuring the Agent the message is: "Device is not compatible with this environment. Please contact you system administrator for further assistance. Error Code 9000" We are at a stand still in deployments.

  • Same here

    by bbbbbbb Blaise

    Same here simesterous

  • User un-friendly app

    by LisaR1

    My company uses this app for us to access our company email which is the only reason I use it. Recently I broke my phone, got a new one and restored it to my old phone. MDM Airwatch can't figure this out, so I have to wipe my entire phone just to get my email to work!! Get in the now cloud MDM!!

  • Intrusive and cause iPhone battery

    by Not so fast

    Nothing good to say about this app, once installed you can say good bye to your privacy on that device, it puts control to others to remotely control your device; updates, monitor, tracking, change your configuration, it exhaust your battery much quicker, it does not increase any employee productivity, I do not see point of this app.

  • Allows the school to stalk us

    by danewgui2

    Needs school time restrictions so they can't monitor us at home. They can see my passwords!!!!!!

  • Allows school to stalk us online

    by Zachj1549

    This app is so terrible

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