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Initiating & Planning - PMP® and CAPM® Mnemonics for 4th PMBOK® eBook Introduction

This is a PM-ABC eBook for the 4th Edition PMBOK® Guide: the 5 Process Groups and 42 Constituent Processes.

What should a project manager do during the “INITIATING” process of a project? What’s the key point of having this process? Naming the project? Getting to know the project’s cost and schedule? Or knowing who is involved in the project? Why not try to find out the answers here?

In “PLANNING” process, an experienced project manager will tell you quality is “planned in”, rather than “inspected out”. If you want to be a good project manager, the planning process is the key to your project’s success. How to plan? Who should do what? And what documentation is needed to assist your planning? You will be surprised at how much you need to look at and plan before beginning your project.

Our guides have been PM-ABC’s best sellers in the last 3 years and are highly rated by our students and trainees

This eBook contains the explanations of the Initiating and Planning Processes of project management, and is presented in a mnemonics format. This mnemonic system has successfully helped over 2500 people to pass the PMP® Exam in the past 3 years, and guided numerous people to become certified CAPM®. PM-ABC Inc. Director Roger Chou, PgMP had developed these PMP Mnemonics into iPhone/ iPod touch audio book. The simple and easy to understand explanations in PM-ABC’s eBooks will enable you to memorize with ease all the definitions of the 5 process groups and the 42 constituent processes.

You are advised to listen to our specially designed eBooks 21 times. This will deeply root the concepts of the 5 process groups and 42 constituent processes in your mind. As a result, you will have a quick and accurate recall of project management when taking the PMP® and CAPM® Exam. You can even listen to it while commuting, walking, or even relaxing in bed.

Free Gifts:

Any iPhone and iPod user downloading this free eBook will be issued with a PROMOTIONAL CODE, which allows an additional 50% use of the test exam series. For example, if you are purchasing a test exam for 30 days, the total period will be 30 days + 50% (15 days) = 45 days.

Every iPhone and iPod eBook user is welcome to visit our website at PM-ABC.com to test their understanding of project management with our free Simulated Exam of PMP 200/ CAPM 150 Questions.

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