Adobe EchoSign Business App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Business
  • Publisher: Adobe
  • Updated: Dec, 20 2011
  • Version: 2.1.0
  • Size: 14.36 MB

Languages: Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish

Seller: Adobe Systems, Inc.

·         Support login with Adobe ID.
·         Enable integration with Google Drive.
·         Bug fixes

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Transform the way you work with your customers. EchoSign's complete, automated electronic signature and web contracting solution features the easiest signing experience in the industry. Instantly send, e-sign, track, and file documents securely online, so you can change the game and work more competitively with your customers and partners.

EchoSign for iOS lets you get documents signed and access your EchoSign account directly from your iPad and iPhone.

• Get legally binding e-Signatures in minutes rather than waiting days or weeks for paper.
• Get signatures immediately when meeting a client in person with Hosted Signing.
• Send documents for signature from your EchoSign library, Photo album, or email attachments.
• Attach documents from your, Dropbox,, or Google Drive cloud storage.
• Track progress and manage your agreements on your iPad with real-time status updates.
• View any of the signed agreements you have stored in EchoSign.
• Use EchoSign to get agreements signed anywhere, anytime, even if you don’t have a network connection with our new Offline Mode.
• Sign directly on the screen with your finger or stylus

Sign in to your EchoSign account or create a FREE EchoSign account and start using the Adobe EchoSign App immediately.

The way the world signs
With over 4,000,000 users and 50,000 customers including Google, Facebook, Groupon, Living Social, Twitter, Symantec, VMware and many more, Adobe EchoSign is the leader in Electronic Signatures.

Legal, Trusted
Fully compliant with the Federal ESIGN Act, UETA, and the Electronic Commerce Directive, EchoSign provides protection for both the sender and the signer during the signing process including key authentication and privacy, fraud protection, and consumer disclosure.

Customer Reviews

  • A Good Start

    by Shon024

    If you use Echosign, this gives pretty basic functionality, but does it we'll. If you use Dropbox or Google drive to store your documents, integration is seemless. What's missing is the document management functions. The ability to send reminders would be a welcome improvement. Entry screen when sending docs feels clunky. It does what it does pretty well, I just wish it did a little more.

  • I'm a fan

    by SaaStr

    Used EchoSign for quite a while. I'm a fan.

  • Best e-signature solution!

    by Tyson-Echosign

    This is hands down the best e-signature solution! Using EchoSign already improved our signing process from days to minutes! But having an app for both iPhone & iPad made it even better!

  • Google Drive?

    by Gmelazzo

    A useful app, but it doe not integrate uploading from Google Drive yet. :(

  • It "works" but...

    by Long jons

    When you are using the in-person signing with the iPhone app you can't sign in landscape mode. So your signature can only be as wide as the iPhone is. So its difficult when you are using your finger to sign and make it look like your actual signature. Additionally, their support is lacking with associated products.

  • Love the offline signing

    by Huuhl

    Best app out there for getting key biz docs signed electronically! :)

  • Super user friendly app

    by Love eSign

    This app is awesome and very easy to use. It's user friendly and works great! I've had no trouble accessing my docs and getting them esigned. Love it!

  • Sales

    by Alw13112013

    Great tool for getting contracts signed from anywhere! WAY better than the competition!

  • Needs some improvement

    by Wagon Queen Family Truckster

    Love the website, but the app needs a few more features, such as the ability to identify signature locations for different signers. Also, it would be nice to have a camera that can clean up a document and identify the edges, like some of the scanning apps. Almost there, just needs a few more tweaks to be very useful.

  • Perfect

    by Hamletjavier

    I can see statuses on contracts and send for esign. Love it!

  • Great product!

    by LorenaVargas

    I love Adobe EchoSign. Great product

  • Deverloper

    by Hoa Nguyen



    by Toyotag

    Had to reset App. Now seems to work okay, frustrating at first though!

  • Great stuff

    by SFcontracts

    If you're reading this review you are probably already familiar with the awesome closing tool that is EchoSign. This app just brings a delightful UI to IOS for sending contracts from your iPad. The best part is hosted signing which lets you open a document on your tablet then hand it over to someone to sign right then and there. Save your $0.99 - it's free!

  • Need REAL Mobile Signing

    by Carlo123

    Good to see iOS 7 update but we need to have ability to send documents for signature on Mobile device (insert fields on mobile device for signature not just sign the last page). Docusign does this flawlessly.

  • Frustrating

    by cyclingmaven

    This app took four tries to get it to recognize the account. It doesn't work well, it locks up most of the time and has to be shut down or deleted and re downloaded or opened. It is really awful.

  • Horrible interface

    by cbev1138

    Pinch-to-zoom and landscape views are extremely basic missing features. Signing window is too small (with even smaller invisible boundaries) and not very precise.

  • Won't open at all!!

    by Derricka

    Crashes every time I launch it now!! This needs fixed immediately. I even try to re install it and it updates again and fails again.

  • No Adobe ID Support

    by Ferghus

    I'll have to add my +1 for Adobe ID support. Can't use the app until then.

  • No way to login with linked google apps account

    by todd999

    We have echo sign added to our google account for the whole company to use. But we can not use this app at all.

  • Can't sign in

    by TKappuser

    It gets 1 star because it is RIDICULOUS that you can't sign in with adobe cloud ID. Just beyond ridiculous.

  • Worthless!

    by RogNeal

    This app won't let you use your Adobe ID to sign in to use the app.

  • Adobe ID?

    by AIFIVE

    I am shocked to discover that my existing adobe ID is completely incompatible with Echosign for all intents and purposes. I thought that this would be a nice addition to my existing subscriptions, instead I learn that this application could just as well have been developed by an entirely different company... Come on Adobe... You're better than this!

  • Unable to sign in

    by TiPAB

    Does not accept Adobe ID, which ironic really... Sent a PDF via my creative cloud subscription and now I can't sign on my mobile device...

  • Can't do anything

    by bram1028

    Can't sign in with an Adobe ID!!

  • Doesn't work.

    by NastyNix79

    Thanks for wasting my time. Can't sign in! Can online, not in App.... POS!

  • Useless App. WASTE OF TIME!!

    by RafiQNY

    App does not work. Even signing up and signing in is impossible via app. Web site works, though.

  • Waste of time

    by Tookie Klothespin

    Wanted me to sign in, just downloaded, I don't have a password, never signed on before. Looking for something fast and easy, don't go here.

  • Errors Signing with new version

    by J/K Pharr

    The old version worked as it should, but this version doesn't seem to have anyway to agree to the terms and conditions at the end. So, when I try to click the finish esigning button it just leaves signed contracts in my outbox and they never go anywhere and it states there is an issue with the terms and conditions.

  • New version does not work

    by Orbara

    The ne version does notnwork under the sign in person.... Please fix!!!!

  • No Google App Sign In

    by Steve Bargelt

    This doesn't he,p me. On the web I sign in using my google apps account. I can't do that with the app. Useless...

  • Can't login with Google sign in

    by Happy-One

    I don't have an Adobe ID and was happy not having to create another ID - works great on your web version but I am unable to use your mobile version because it has no clue my google sign in. Please add this option to sign in with Google like your web version. Thank you.

  • Not User Friendly. Adobe: Play w/ SignEasy's App

    by SH0384

    I have to use this app b/c of a company account but, if I didn't, I'd go with SignEasy, which lets me sign documents on my phone or sent to me with my finger and without having to send to anyone. I can also edit my sig box size and placement before finalizing.

  • Completely worthless

    by Titan Mgmt

    I can't attach multiple library documents, I can't pre-fill any document, I can't edit any form or signature box. What's the point of this app. Waste of space on App Store. And we were so excited about signing documents on the iPad it was one of the main reasons we bought it. It's a shame because the web based service is really good. I expected much better. Echo sign is nice to send a lease to get signed but most deals are closed in person at the office so to have no solution for that is a big problem.

  • Lacks functionality

    by El Oscuro Secreto

    Typical adobe. I'm not sure why I even gave this app a shot, I'm definitely going with rightsignature now. I can't connect google drive or box. I just wasted my time signing up and bandwidth downloading the app...

  • Doesn't Work

    by Sknudson55

    Gmail login does not work.

  • Useless App

    by €yber €ookie

    I can sign in to EchoSign from the main web page, using my Adobe ID, but from the phone app, it don't even know who I am, which is a CROCK of " " we'll, you catch my drift. Adobe, it seems everyone is having the same issue! Please fix the problem. For now, the app don't even deserve one star, but I have to give that for the Review :-(

  • What a joke

    by Mike1450

    Good luck figuring out how to sign in if you already have an adobe ID. SO MUCH for customer loyalty. Adobe loves to alienate its users. What a cruel mistress.

  • No Adobe ID!

    by Foggyideas

    I can't login using my Adobe ID! Love the site, would love to be able to send docs for signature via phone too!

  • So much cruft

    by Byscuits

    Such great potential to just sign documents, but good luck figuring out how to sign in on the website, then in the app. Bad experience, waste of time. Such potential, such bad product management.

  • Weak Sauce

    by JimmieChicago

    Really lacking in features and generally useless.

  • Useless

    by Futurer

    What a waste of time. The app does not support any authentication besides username and password. Forget about using Google, Google Apps to login ad you would on website. Uninstall....

  • Bogus

    by lizmc9954


  • Login$&@"!?

    by archtype925

    Can't login with my Adobe ID using the iPhone app, but I can login using the same info on the EchoSign website... What a PIA!

  • Too many missing functions

    by Homerbuyer

    I love the web service. I hate the app. You can't use google login. On my iPhone I can't position signatures or initials or add dates and other personal details. There does not seem to be a "only I sign" function either. There are so many other esign apps out there that have been around for ages that I was expecting adobe to show up with a great app. What a disappointment!

  • No gmail login

    by Redceawl

    Don't know if it works since I can't login with gmail. Try again, Adobe!

  • Could not believe adobe has this poor quality app

    by Macariddi12

    1.I could not login to Adobe EchoSign using my gmail account... In fact it required me get registered anyway! Why would I was offered to login with Google than? 2. In order to open the document that need to be signed you need to have an account with Adobe?? Nonsense! 3. Less headache with EasySign application if you need to sign paper quick and Easy!!!

  • Can't Sign using multiple users

    by Chuck45th

    I am unable to host sign a document and use multiple signers, it keeps telling me that I can't do it because it's not my turn. Then when I log back in the multiple signature feature goes away.

  • Google auth

    by lev.s.levin

    Doesn't let me sign in with google

  • App lock!

    by LadyHawk77

    App won't recognize login after several reinstalls then locks you out of your online account.....back to the fax /:(

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