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Join Om Nom as he travels back in time to feed his ancestors with candy. Cut the Rope: Time Travel is a completely new adventure filled with time-traveling, candy-crunching, physics-based action!

With two cute monsters to feed in each level, Cut the Rope: Time Travel is twice the fun but familiar to play. If you like Cut the Rope, you’ll love Cut the Rope: Time Travel!

There’s no time to waste! Visit exciting locations including the Middle Ages, a Pirate Ship and the Stone Age. Om Nom’s ancestors are waiting – and they’re getting really hungry for candy!

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Customer Reviews

  • Awesome!!!

    by Qqazwsxedcrfv

    This game is awesome and it is one of those games that need stratigey.

  • Amazing, challenging, fun and scary addictive, DO IT!!!!

    by Paulie McShmallie

    One of the best apps for planes, trains, buses, waiting rooms and all those moments when your brain needs some crazy soothing fun time!

  • Awesome app

    by Leyla awesome

    This app is awesome because Ivan ex pres my game points

  • It's fun but cheap

    by The better JenJen

    I love this game but they keep asking u to buy full version it's annoying! No one wants to spend $ on a stupid game! Me and other people prefer to games with ads but not games were they want u to pay for a full version of the game! I won't recommend it to a freind , their very cheap

  • Time

    by Mrsmedina79

    I love it

  • Beast game

    by VeTeRaNz

    Everything's ok but every time I fish a Lvl it brings an add and then says buy full version and every time I say no it comes up everytime

  • Cool

    by The stinky


  • Love it

    by I love sims forever1234

    Omg I love this game it is awesome and easy as crap this game is the best one they have made the 1st one is to easy and not challenging

  • Cuteness

    by XephyMidori

    Om Nom is so cute~

  • It is pretty good so far !

    by Lolo 021103

    It's fun so far !

  • Nice

    by KKristie

    Cut the rope time travel is so nice I love it. So I will rate it.

  • So fun and smart!

    by Bluechickee

    Fun for a 26 year old and a 3 year old too!

  • Cut the rope : Time travel

    by Fatima awsome

    It was awesome ' I love it!

  • Cool!!!!!

    by Wyatt2004/

    I love it the game is good and I love that you can go back in time.

  • Awesome!!!!!!!

    by Drama queue

    I love love love this game it is the best game ever!!!!!!!!

  • Cut the rope time travel

    by Myagurl99

    i love it its awesome and if i die again or don't give him the candy i will rate one and delete it Love, User- Mya

  • Good

    by Bella's a fur ball


  • Cut the rope time travel

    by Barney 54

    This game is amazing this is a 5 star game

  • Fun bays Gf

    by Fghttugfdf


  • Cut the rope

    by Ccccfhfychejgyf

    I like "Cut the rope time travel"

  • Cool

    by BlondeIndian

    This game is so cool !!

  • Can't stop cutting rope!

    by Squidddddyyyyyyyyy

    I think I might buy the full version!

  • It's good

    by 3 star nom

    Very nice game, the puzzles are challenging and great fun with my kids!

  • Om nom cuteness

    by CBbR702

    I originally think om nom is cute and when I saw all the other nom's I was in awe . All the om nom's from other time periods are AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cut the rope lover

    by Maddy1581918

    It's the best game you should get it

  • HELP

    by GirlsRock110402

    Can't uninstall

  • It so fun

    by Alleymaymaycat

    It's fun and different than the other cut the ropes but at the same time it is all fun.

  • Great

    by SaayDeez

    Awesome game but sometimes it crashes. I have the iPod touch 4

  • Cut the rope

    by Sreeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    I love the game

  • Gliches

    by Go Mimi

    I downloaded this game for my daughter and every time I tap on it it goes back to the home menu. I tried reinstalling it and restarting my iPad and it does the same thing.

  • It's ok

    by The Only Gabriel

    I don't think that it's the best game ever I think that that need to make a version that's scarier it's ok as I said

  • Не ставится

    by Kosmit

    Немогу поставить на свой айпод, пока 1 звезда, хоть и нравится серия.

  • Time travel cut the rope

    by J car-pen-ter

    I like time travel cut the rope with 2 characters In it!

  • way bettter than the original

    by ilovedrink

    will buy the full version soon :)

  • Best app ever

    by Lilly B164

    The title say's all!!!!!!

  • Awesome !

    by 563574

    Great game really fun :)

  • Great Games

    by Jo1590

    Great game love playing

  • COOL BEANS!!!!!!

    by Pandamug

    cool beans

  • Cut the rope

    by Ashtonellaboudy

    I love this game bcos you get to travel back in time

  • Disappointed...

    by Abbbbbbbs000

    Okay so it's a good game and everything buttttt- there isn't that many levels. It took me about 5-10 minutes to finish all of the levels. It's pretty much a waste unless you get the full version.

  • I like this game

    by Mrs.Wife&Mom

    I love this game :)

  • Hgfxfjvgfxfuj h

    by Holly Pudwill


  • Crashes I can't play:'(

    by ZebraKitten123

    I can't play because it crashes I have never played the game because it crashes

  • I LoVe ThE gAMe!!! ✌️

    by Cloudygirl100

    This is a very entertaining game!! It is real fun and challenging!! " life is nothing without a little (or a lot) of challenge..." ✌️❤️

  • Lots of fun!

    by Lilflip65

    Great for the kids to learn problem solving skills.

  • Cut The Rope

    by Daafffcdgggf

    Awesome game.I wish I got the full version.

  • Liz1234

    by Pup121246

    I love it's so awesome

  • Cool !

    by supermarioworld

    The hungry om noms looks so cute, I would eat them :))

  • Constant ads ruin it

    by E0wynmonkee

    Impossible to play- ads interrupt game every 15-20 seconds. So, so bad. I understand some ads, but this just made me delete the app in 5 minutes, and now I don't want to buy the full version.

  • fantastic!

    by Bill@seoul

    cute om nom :-)

  • Every 6 seconds

    by Saaammmmmmmm

    There was an ad every six seconds. Literally. Not even worth it

  • Ads!

    by Ytsejam58

    I'm not sure about you guys, but there is this ad in my game that keeps popping up every 2 seconds... Even during gameplay. If there's a way to fix this, it'd be a fun game but this ad is ruining it for me.

  • Too many Ads!!!!!!!

    by SLReturns

    I like the game and I understand the need for ads but not every 3 seconds!! Make it better!!!!!!

  • Decent game but...

    by Sofieee <3

    I love cut the rope and it's like my favorite game! But I kind of want to kill the person that thought that ads would be a good idea! Every 4 seconds exactly a video ad will pop up and it says you can skip it and it NEVER WORKS. The first ad was fine but the next 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 ads were starting to get really obnoxious. And if you're gonna keep on doing that, just go read a book or something. Your full of sh*t ads are really ticking me off.

  • Ok

    by Snuggle the bear

    I love it but it plays stupid videos over and over again

  • Can't play

    by It's an app?

    I like cut the rope but I cannot play it because there are sooooo many ads. I cut a rope and then an ad pops up x10000000

  • Ridiculous!

    by Tardisbabybabybstmmmlll

    I can't even ENJOY this game because of the ads every literal 12 seconds! Fix that and I will right a good review.

  • Ads !!

    by Mybrains

    I liked the first cut the rope. Experiments was fun too. I played this for 20 seconds and 15 of those 20 were the same ad that would play after everything!! I will not be buying this or cut the rope 2, seriously what's with the insane IAPs !

  • Ads

    by EMINEM666

    An ad pops up literally every 5 seconds... Very annoying app.

  • Do not get!

    by Yvsgjbjdsfbjjf

    It give's adds every second! Do not get.listen to me people

  • To many fricking ads!!!

    by Skordo818

    Like every two seconds a ads pop ups I hate I hate I hate but the game is good beside the stupid ads

  • Hu

    by H.Arica

    The worst app ever can't go half a game without an add being advertised

  • Enganação

    by Lukinha17

    O jogo é pago!!!

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