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★ Features beautiful music by SWAHA (which plays during Practices), Higher Resolution Photography & Much More!

101 Yoga Poses features MASSIVE CONTENT - A Fitness Library in your Pocket. Check out the reviews...

★★★★★ "This is by far the best yoga application on the app store!"

★★★★★ "Wonderful - This is an excellent app!"

★★★★★ "I love this app, I use it every day"

★★★★★ "Worth the price i paid - Worth more"

★★★★★ "It actually describes each move better than some other apps"

- THE Premium version of 101 Yoga Poses!
- Exclusive additional features and content.
- A Great complimentary app to all other fitness apps

★ Please consult with a physician before performing any exercise or pose or starting any exercise program.

Customer Reviews

  • Love practices but not music

    by JanieKJ

    I have used the "practices" section of this app but recently updated the app and now there is new music that sounds too techno outer space. The previous music was earthy and organic with a beautiful song and voice.

  • Verbal & Favorites Needed

    by laurose

    Plz update with spoken word & Favorites tab for reference. Thank you! :)

  • Love it

    by Labina4eva

    Its a really good app! They explain everything really well. Their other app for working out is really good too.

  • Good idea

    by Veryberryshia

    Really great but I wish u could have a favorites tab so that u can reach your favorite poses easily.

  • Great!!!

    by Jo6

    Great yoga pose app!!!!

  • =]

    by Naronaxie

    It actually describes each move better than some other apps. And you can chose if you are on the floor, standing, sitting, or table.

  • Does the job

    by XLiO

    Would be nicer if there were verbal instructions so you don't have to keep looking down at the screen.

  • Happily Suprised

    by RedGreen1

    This app could be more asthetically pleasing, but I am very happy with the amount of easy to understand information. The icon is really, really ugly.

  • Beautiful, High Quality App

    by kerifabulous

    I am amazed this is free. It is so well done and provides a wealth of knowledge and is a great resource for anyone who loves yoga. The music is beautiful in the practices. Simply great quality and effort put into this. I love it.

  • Problem with app

    by Mesmith18

    I really like this app and use it a lot but since the new iOS I can't get the list of individual positions to scroll. Will not work on iPhone or iPad.

  • Yoga is Fun Again!

    by resourcesforlife.com

    Well... I guess Yoga has always been fun, so this just makes it funner! The key to enjoying and benefitting from Yoga is to have a diversity in your "diet" of postures/poses. YogaCardz offers a plentiful selection of poses to choose from. It's like having a Yoga instructor in your pocket! It's like having the Yoda of Yoga in your pocket! It's like eating espresso dark chocolate! Live, Love, Laugh, and be well.

  • Good for beginners

    by oceanc

    Very comprehensive and detailed

  • User-friendly yoga app!

    by PeaceBear3

    Well worth the $. Easily navigated. Helpful tutorial while traveling & away from yoga library.

  • Compliments a beginner yogi like me

    by Corey32281

    This app is great for a beginner yogi like me, but I feel that it completely leaves out the spiritual aspect of yoga that I feel is as important as the physical aspects of yoga. I particularly would like to see some of that in the descriptions of the various types of yoga.


    by Zennkat

    Hey great app ... easy to use ...easy to follow and music is cool.. BUT in Yoga styles YIN YOGA is clearly absent...do tell? Namaste

  • 101 Yoga

    by Kibbles102

    Music not here today for first time - how do I get it back??

  • 101 yoga poses

    by New to yoga 1

    The program is very informational like a handbook. I have background music, It has many poses to choose from and learn. For $.99 it's a very good deal.

  • Yoga

    by Bernardo Figueroa

    ...for .99c it is very good. I like it...

  • Loves it ;)

    by DeevaK

    This app works for me, I love the practices given and the ability to select different modes. Setting my own time is cool cause I'm not that advanced and the default 2 minutes felt like forever lol good job...

  • Perfect

    by Glennzville

    If you are yoga curious or a yoga enthusiast 101 Yoga Poses will soon become a reliable best friend

  • Could be better

    by Kimnegrete

    The music stops abruptly before getting through the full session. I would love it if I could create my own yoga mix of positions and then play it back with the music and timer.

  • Music

    by Quincy 2014

    Loved this app until the last update. The music stops durning the pose and is very distracting. Can the bug be fixed?

  • Music

    by vt_13

    The music didn't play, why?

  • Music

    by MGlory3

    Like the choices of poses and practices, but music is not pleasing and only plays the first few minutes of the routine...which in a way is good. The earlier music selection was better

  • Music

    by Dove1956

    Do not like!!!!

  • No scroll

    by YMCA yoga

    The app worked at first then after a few weeks it stopped scrolling, no use in having it now.

  • Can't scroll thru the poses...

    by trwomack

    I used this app all the time and it worked great UNTIL after the upgrade! Won't scroll - therefore you can't see all the poses!

  • Does not scroll

    by Somebodyhelp

    Just paid for this app and cant use it

  • Stopped working

    by suegwood

    Please fix. I used this app all the time. Will not work after latest phone update!

  • Rip off

    by Funskpicks

    I paid for the app and it included music but their is none just like the free version. This is a rip off. I want my money back.

  • Upgraded and now doesn't work!!!

    by Mhutthutt

    I upgraded to paid program and now the screens won't scroll - pls fix! Very frustrating!

  • stopped working

    by street owl

    i just started re-using this app and it's failed this time, the seated, table, standing & all won't scroll down so i can only view a few poses from each but at least the practice mode works fine, i am a paying customer so i hope this gets fixed soon and updated.

  • By Chico

    by Chicster

    There is no music! This is a rip off because it is the same as the free app!!! Extremely disappointing.

  • Where's the music

    by Meifoo

    I uploaded mine & paid for it but where's the music as they had promised fr their advertisement?

  • Good

    by Gallowraven

    Good for beginners. Tells about the different types of yoga. The pictures and descriptions are clear and helpful. And I like the music the upgraded version has.

  • Wonderful!!!

    by PeanutNYC

    This is an excellent ap! Great explanations and photos. I love how I can look up an individual pose and read all about how to do it and what to be mindful of while I'm doing it. This is a fantastic supplement to the actual yoga studio practice. Well worth the price!

  • 101 yoga

    by Highland Park Bubbles

    I got the free one. Now I got the one that is suppose to have music with it, it does not.

  • Good overview for beginner and intermediate

    by Beechsun

    Great for beginner and Intermediate students wanting to improve their yoga practice. Should find a better icon for your app.

  • Informative

    by jmnesb

    I was pleased with the amount of information, history, poses and variety of ways you can utilize this app. Yes, of course we could always want more from this app, but it will get you on your way to a yoga filled lifestyle.

  • Mostly there; could use a couple changes

    by liamstoaster

    This app has a lot of good points; it's got more than enough poses and routines for somebody to spend a good deal of time learning yoga, and the pictures and explanations are generally quite clear. Be aware that as of this writing, the music cannot be shut off. If you don't like the music (and it will get tiring), you have to set the volume to zero, and then the audio queue to change poses is also inaudible. Additionally, if you want to use the timer, you're stuck with two minutes for each pose. No more, no less. Other than that, it's quite well put together; the developers just need to add an options screen where some of these little quirks can be adjusted.

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