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World's most admired jokes app for over 4 years now!
2 million people can't be wrong :)

"If there are any idiots in the room, will they please stand up?" said the sarcastic teacher.
After a long silence, one freshman rose to his feet.
"Now then mister, why do you consider yourself an idiot?" enquired the teacher with a sneer
"Well, actually I don't..." said the student, "...but I have to see you standing up there all by yourself."

18,000 COOL JOKES has been the most popular jokes app ever created for the last 4 years now. Enjoyed by more than 2 million people around the world, the app brings a over 18000 hand-picked jokes to your device. And you don't need internet connection to browse them!

● 18,000+ jokes - no internet connection required
● 49 categories - for anyone and any taste
● 50 best rated jokes - daily, weekly and monthly.
● Rotate to landscape for instant fun!

● Favourites section for your favourite jokes
● Kids safe with Adult filter
● Filter by length - short/medium/long
● Settings section accessible from within the app
● Search jokes by keywords

● Facebook
● Twitter
● E-mail
● Copy to clipboard

● Easy navigation
● Shake detection for a random joke
● Rate jokes online
● Retina artwork


Customer Reviews

  • Pretty good

    by jamjam10

    It has some really funny jokes but I hate how you can only read so many a day

  • Ad Hog.

    by Generalbrick

    Some funny jokes, although some are used over and over. When connected to the Internet there is an ad every 10 seconds.

  • Help

    by AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!coolest

    How to get the funny category

  • Ok

    by Calmman

    Too many adds!!!

  • Funny jokes ?? Hard to tell

    by RonG69

    It's hard to tell whether this app is worth an in-app purchase to remove ads, as ads scroll on the bottom, pop up amidst the read of a joke, continually covering the entire screen, and pop up 2-3 times between a joke - so many ads for candy crush-c'mon people-dont u think if we wanted candy crush by now, we would be playing it rather than trying to read a few jokes? Wow- this app is 300% ad-overkill if you don't purchase no ads- and Good luck trying to do that while fighting off the ad popups- as there was a week I considered spending the $1 in-app, but all the excess ads rather did a wonderful job each time of preventing it-and making me a little angrier each time. Is that the ultimate joke here, or what?

  • 1000 jokes

    by Twta1

    Laughter medication !

  • OK

    by sf@awesome

    Good jokes, Too many adds!!!!!

  • Great book

    by MAC8956

    Great! It's 100% thumbs up when you have people to tell them to.

  • Awesome

    by memetoone

    Hysterical! I love a LOT of these! I love share my favorite jokes via Email!

  • Funny

    by canido000

    Sooo funny! Hahaha, these jokes are so funny. Highly recommended!

  • Love it!!!

    by ppkkooyr899

    I really love this app it's funny and I love it. These jokes are intellectual.

  • Nice

    by baewar

    It's famous one-liner jokes from top funny comedy legends!

  • Great

    by tie4545at

    Entertaining! These one liners serve their purpose...a little laugh when you need one!

  • Fun

    by till0900

    Hahaha these jokes are so funny highly recommended.

  • Love this hilarious app!

    by brebrash09O

    Kinda like a good friend you can count on to get some funny jokes. Great for long rides and for being the funny man with friends and family. Laughed lots of times ever since I got this. Excellent!

  • Tons of jokes

    by Glibleels89

    Very impressed with how many jokes this app contains and how most of them are really that funny. This is now my favorite app and will be a daily habit. Thanks!

  • Good stuff!

    by BevMovesTre

    An effective way to keep things interesting when I'm at my job and an even better company during boring times at home. Good job!

  • Awesome

    by mikeyp0werj4m

    Worthwhile app! Jokes can be a bit long but very entertaining nevertheless.. This can be very useful in conversations.

  • Really funny!

    by Hiced8819

    Handy app to keep around. Works offline and lots of jokes. Majority of the jokes are really funn too. I highly recommend this app!

  • Very good actually

    by SawromeWill

    Pretty nice jokes and the interface is very good. Great for gatherings and occasions where you need to keep it light and fun. Many thanks!

  • Update deleted my favorites

    by BGFirefighter

    All my favorites were deleted in the last update... And with the new version, every time I get a text or something, an ad pops up, and then another. It's REDICULOUS. I will no longer be using this app.

  • Don't get it

    by Superdingo21

    To many ads can't even use the app

  • Frustrating

    by Flydog7

    It used to be a good app, but then it updated. Now you have to close a series of ads every few seconds. It is very annoying.

  • No just No

    by Kyalaboo

    There are way to many ad pop ups like ever 5 seconds I would get it!!

  • Not happy with it

    by Niyen Iredia

    I wanted a joke app not an add app. Toooo many ads can barely get to the next joke without being bombarded with ads

  • ADS

    by RoboMuffinz

    This app is horrible. There is an Ad popping up every 2 seconds, and they come in waves of 3. Can't even read a sentence without seeing over 6 ads! I try to scroll, and the stupid app puts an ad there, so I am constantly tapping Ads I do not want to. Horrible.

  • Too many ads

    by Tlewenz

    I used to love this app, but now there are so many ad pop ups, it's all buy unusable. Look I get you need to make money, but if nobody can use the app, what good is it?

  • Ok where to start

    by Timothy Colvin

    For on stop letting there be adds to if candy crush is in one more I will report then this harassment and it pathetic that I can't read without 13 pop up adds. We do not want apps like this there low quality and annoying. Please I can see adds that are on the bottom of the screen but pop up adds that's just unforgivable.

  • Overwhelming amounts of ads

    by Incorrect Username

    Every few jokes or so, there will be either two pop ups or a video. Upon startup, there are two pop ups, and every time you exit the app, when you return there are two more pop ups. The jokes themselves are old, overused ones, and if you have ever had iFunny, you will find them dull. As a developer myself, it is disappointing to see this.

  • Ads.

    by Auron 39

    I used to spend tons of time going through this app reading all sorts of funny jokes. I forgave the repeated jokes and the misspelled words because the content was good most the time. But I just got a push notification that sent me straight to an Ad. And that's why I'm deleting the app today.

  • Crashes

    by FrancescaTerwilliged

    The jokes are really funny, but the app keeps crashing, so I can't even use it. Please fix it.

  • This App make me Cry! No Joke!

    by Quantamamalee

    I used to love this app, then I got an update to 7.5… Now I can no longer use the app. I have Voice Over enabled. I launch the app and it starts to read a joke and an AD pops on the screen. There is no way to exit the screen with Voice Over on. I handed the iPhone to a sighted user and we disabled Voice Over. We launched the app and attempted to go into settings & another AD popped, exit that pop-up and another AD! - Cant hear jokes anymore, much less read one. It used to be the only issue I had with the app was the navigation of the 10 icons that surround the joke on the screen, since some of them were not labelled for Voice Over, but that is minor now. Now the App is just unusable. And I can't see the point in spending money on an App that is not 100% Voice Over compatible.

  • Adds

    by sept 7

    Used to be my favorite app, but its been destroyed with all the adds. Get rid of the excessive adds and ill give it 5 stars again!

  • 3rd graders

    by whyhellotheresexy

    Only few jokes are funny. Most are lame. Every single one has at least one spelling/grammar mistake. Whoever is writing them needs to learn how to spell and how to use correct punctuations, specifically quotation marks.

  • Very convenient for jokes

    by mundynizen

    Great variety of jokes, some long and others short. Nice functional features too to help with filtering. I like it very much! It gives me a reason to smile even when I'm a bit stressed.

  • Great, love it.

    by PhilScerfumfor

    One of the best apps to have lots of laughs and the options makes it so easy to share these funny jokes to everyone. Very well done.

  • Jokes

    by Lonelylady

    This is sooooooooooooooooo nasty

  • Hahaha

    by promiseluo

    I can't stop laughing even I'm in the office,I like it

  • Review - 18,000 Cool Jokes

    by johnson8ryley

    These jokes are absolutely hilarious. I can't stop cracking up from some of these. I have a bad habit though of sharing all my funny jokes with my friends. Interaction with app is super easy.

  • Goooddddd

    by Jon Zheng

    The jokes are surprisingly good and I haven't encountered a limit, so yeah its a really nice app.

  • Great Jokes.

    by Zifferinolpm

    Good for blogging or just having a good laugh.

  • Ruined

    by Polar_gang

    It was good, but after the last update I would get 2 ads each time I changed joke... Horrible, you just lost one more user!

  • Terrible

    by Oslap

    Worked great was awesome. Then I updated, and you can't get to the app because it keeps sending you adds and forcing you onto the Internet ever Tim you open it.

  • Very nice

    by hansdown2pau

    Nice app, very organized with categories and you can favorite jokes that you really like so you can show to friends later.

  • 5 stars!

    by Alextowning

    If you find yourself running out of things to talk about with friends or just about anyone, this app will definitely come in handy. Cheers guys!

  • Thumbs up!

    by Drewsknows101

    Funny app that works right off the bat and it also doesn't take too long to setup and load like other apps. I definitely recommend it for lots of laughs and fun! (:

  • Well done

    by haskettjf.

    This is a wonderful jokes app. It contains 18,000 + jokes. And I don't need internet connection to browse them. Fantastic. I look forward to more interesting features.

  • Nice app

    by jacquefwb

    What a nice app. It has been the most popular jokes app ever created for the last 4 years now. It brought me a lot of joy, and I like it very much. I need more language support.

  • Interesting app! Amazing design!

    by sweetanhua

    This app is so cool! In this app, there are many jokes. And I can share these jokes to Facebook and Twitter. This app is easy navigation. And it works very stably on my iPhone. I'm so glad I downloaded it! I recommend this app for my friends. Thank you for a good app!

  • Funny

    by Nicholas.Baker

    Very funny app,it has more than 18000 jokes,and you can easily share these to your friends via facebook or twitter.

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