[MANGA]Always by Your Side/Solaruru Book App Review (iOS, $0.99)

  • Category: Book
  • Publisher: NTT Solmare
  • Updated: Dec, 30 2008
  • Version: 1.0
  • Size: 4.83 MB

Languages: English

Seller: NTT Solmare

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No matter how hard you look, the only place you can read this Solaruru comic is here!
Let the cute artwork and warm yet wistful story soothe you!
It’s a little different from famous Japanese Horror stories! Japan also has some cute, kind-hearted ghosts!

This is a fantasy story set in a school at Xmas time. Jun is an ordinary high school student with a special gift which ordinary people don't have. Because of this special gift she meets a boy with a secret past. Do their wishes come true?

Comic Adventure
Save the Cafe(Sweets Fighter)
The Tale of the Stone God-Guarding You at Your Service(akaisisyugokitan-omamorisimasu!)
Magic Academy-Miire & Rajie-(mahou gakuen-mire to raje)

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Customer Reviews

  • cool manga

    by koyata

    I liked this manga. Great story and very well drawn characters.

  • Great!

    by chibibunny713

    Wonderful story for the iPhone! Great use of vibration and touch screen. More manga please!

  • Should be converted into a novel!

    by Wooster

    This is a really sweet story. It constantly reminds me of the Nintendo DS game "Trace Memory" (or "Another Code", to our international friends). Both stories present a 'young' male ghost character to a female protagonist. But, unlike the majority of ghost stories, these are not ghosts with hidden agendas, sinister plots, or broken and vengeful personalities. These are lost and lonely characters, who above all, just want a friend. Between Trace's "D" ghost, and this one's Rej, I enjoyed Rej more. Rej is quirky, helpful. Where D has more emphasis on backstory and how he died. Anyways, the only reason I'm giving an excellent story like this 4 stars is because the reader is not in English, and scrolling backwards is not an option. I can get to the configuration menu, but I have no idea what the on/off switch is for, nor what the three other buttons do. Never mind that the help menu isn't translated. Excellent story, below average reading experience. Honesty, I would love to see this story, or one similar to it converted into novel form. There's a ton in it I could easy see being fleshed out and expanded into a full novel.

  • Please make another one

    by azn_nice

    Please make another one cause I really enjoyed it. ^_^

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