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Introducing the MARVEL COMICS app, a revolutionary new way to experience the Marvel Universe on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, featuring the world’s most popular super heroes! Download hundreds of comic books featuring your favorite characters -— including Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Spider-Man, Wolverine and more -- on your mobile device with the touch of a button. You’ll experience Marvel’s greatest series and stories like never before, with your choice of guided view (an animated, panel-by-panel path through the comic), or by using regular device controls to zoom and pan your way through pages of sizzling story and amazing artwork!

Each of your downloads can be protected and backed up when you use your Marvel.Com account, meaning the next time you lose or upgrade your device you’ll find your comics waiting to be read again!

Not convinced? Check out our free downloads now and find out why everyone can’t stop talking about the MARVEL COMICS app! Take the Marvel Universe with you anytime & anywhere!

Customer Reviews

  • Little disapointed

    by dj_Buddah

    A long time fan of everything marvel I am really dispointed that the digital versions of the books are not cheaper than their paper counterparts, nevermind that the price of the books has jumped from $1.99 to $4.99 in the last 10 years, I love you Marvel but you can't have anymore of my money

  • Download Error

    by Floidberger

    I'm getting the same download error on certain comics. A partial solution is to scroll through all the panels and it will be available offline. Otherwise, you'll get a message to connect to WiFi to download. Once I scrolled through the whole issue, I disconnected and it was all available. However, the issues still remain in my download queue with the error. Hope an update/patch/fix is out soon.

  • Good but needs more

    by Pimpaway

    It just needs to things you should be able to read and right reviews of comics and have like a demo of the comics

  • Improvement suggestions.

    by dragonraven

    I have been a Marvel man since picking up Classic X-Men battling Black Tom Cassidy! I'm also glad that I have been a Marvel Digital guy since the site came up. It allows me to keep up even though I am overseas. Now my 6 yr old daughter is following my path! Few points. 1)The new version keeps crashing. 2) Old back issues are WAAAY more expensive than they should be considering the "middle person (being PC)" has been taken out. This should go for current issues as well. The cost should be nominal for digital vs print on a number of levels, thus should be reflected in pricing. 3) A recent review suggested sound and voices. While I agree I know that would RAISE the aforementioned price, but might make it actuall worth the $3.99+ price tag. Madefire is doing excellent work with limited sound or movement comics (Injustice, Arkham Origins, etc.). Look into it! Love Marvel, but implementation of some or all of these suggestions would be awesome!

  • awesome

    by Leviton121976

    everything works fine for me

  • Love the Marvel App

    by softballer090 

    This app made me start buying comics again after a 10 year hiatus. Comics are fun again. The $.99 Monday and Friday sales are fantastic for catching up or trying something new. Have never had a single problem using the app.

  • Amazing app, just 3 problems

    by  Vballlover5425

    I'd like working notifications, a refresh button so I don't have to close out of the app to see what's new, and for the missing issues in a few series to be added.

  • Suggests to buy comics not in the story arc

    by Blue6678

    Reading Death of Captain America story arc. At the end of Issue #30 the next two issues it says to buy in the story arc, are totally not related! And then the third one recommended is from before that arc started. Frustrating to purchase issues I wasn't interested in reading. Otherwise, purchases and loads well. And usually makes good suggestions for newbie readers like me.

  • Avengers

    by Avengers geek

    This comic app is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

  • Awesome

    by Tisykjairooyrays

    I.O.U!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

  • Great!

    by atmv1

    Great App and has brought me back into comics book. No complaints.

  • What happened to my previous purchases?!

    by Imbranato00

    I really enjoy reading comic books this way, they look fantastic on a big iPad screen! Why did you take away the ability to go through my archive to see what I have already purchased? It is only possible to go to the store to find the cover of the book and then click on it to see that the option to buy is replaced with download. I WANT to see a list of everything that I purchased IN ONE PLACE!

  • Crashes on new iOS

    by Dumbalex

    I love this app, but it sometimes crashes when I try to turn pages or scroll. It happens at least once every time I sit down to read a comic. The screen freezes and goes black and then I have to wait a few minutes for the ipad to reset or eventually go back to the home screen. It didn't happen before the new iOS. I have the newest update for the app as well. This doesn't stop me from giving the app five stars, because it's basically perfect, besides that little annoyance. Hopefully they're able to fix it soon.

  • Best ever

    by Boy2257boy

    Awesome get it

  • Actually not bad

    by Wolferz

    It's nice reading some comics on the go but still doesn't beat paperback.

  • Addicting

    by Evan1151

    This app is like crack! i cannot stop buying Deadpool comics! Where was this when i was a kid who didn't live near nor know my way around a comic book shop?

  • Works

    by Ssgtjoe

    You read comics online on it.

  • Good but...

    by Whagios

    Great app but it would be even better if you could put the digital code for the comics in the app

  • Please fix ratings!

    by picketfence14

    Love the app! Love the new look. Transitions are really smooth. Only complaints are I can rate comics, but the ratings never. I wish I could rate my comics through the app. I also wish you could cancel a download rather then just pausing it. It's annoying to have to delete content to make room for the downloads instead of just changing my mind about downloading them at that time. I will happily raise my review once those changes are made. Keep up the amazing work, Marvel's digital comics are years ahead of DC's!

  • Great app, but DIFFERENT from the marvel subscription

    by stricktlyTUPAC243

    Remember folks, this app is powered by Comixology, so it's different from your online digital subscription. If you wanna use your digital subscription, you need to download the Marvel Unlimited app. That being said, this app, like the other Comixology apps (DC, Image, etc...) works like a charm. Yeah, some books are kinda pricey for being digital, but that's the publishers' call, not Comixology's. You also can't beat guided view, which I almost prefer.

  • No iOS4??

    by  Roseli Junqueira

    Come on guys, this seems like a pretty big app and I've been pouring money into comics.. How bout you update it already?? Multitasking and retina graphics are all I ask..

  • Buggy. VERY buggy

    by Szieve

    This app is apiece of near junk. I'm not surprised its in the App Store or that it passes apples quality standards, as there are none since the demise of Jobs. If you really want to read marvel, go to their website... At least that functions. I have uninstalled and reinstalled this app 2x. And I really don't want to do it a 3rd, but I have paid for comics and cannot download. Beware. Until cyclops gets bifocals, make mine marvel....except for this app.

  • Cannot access subscription with this app!!

    by ErocM

    I have a membership and I can read comics on my Nexus but the only option I have is to buy them on this app.

  • Won't Download Purchases

    by RabbitNYCity

    So I went ahead and downloaded this app so I can catch up on some spidey before picking up some Superior Spider-Man @ my local comic book shop. I went ahead and bought Amazing Spider-Man "Dying Wish". It is stuck at the Download queue and it says all the time "Download Error" after paying $6.99 for it!!! Now I'm stuck without reading it, out $6.99 and could've just bought it at the comic book shop. PLEASE FIX OR GIVE ME MY $$ BACK!!

  • Not a happy camper

    by Daasrask

    I decided to give this app a try. What a mistake. I bought my first comic on it and then it refused to download. I just kept getting download error after download error. Can I get a refund on my unreadable comic? I can't even download it to another comic viewer. What a waste of time. I recommend anyone looking for a way to read their digital comics to look elsewhere.

  • Not working!

    by Olivia_Weisz

    The app is not working properly...

  • Error downloading

    by itamez

    Once you purchase a comic, you might get the error download message constantly. Paying for a comic that won't download. Do not use this app. Fix now!!!

  • New update!!!!

    by Shadow_star_blu

    I just downloaded the new update and the app keeps crashing!!!! What gives guys? I wanna read my new books.

  • Cannot connect to store !

    by علي أ م

    Every time I open the app to browse comics, it loads a few results, then shows the message "Can't connect to store" Must fix AS !!!

  • Marvel == corporate greed

    by Bricks haw

    The back issues are way over priced. Who is going to pay two dollars for a comic that was .75 twenty years ago. I can go on eBay and buy a run of any marvel books for less than twenty bucks. New issues are all art no content so have fun paying four bucks for a five minute read. Greed has destroyed this industry this last remnant will be gone in a few years thanks to marvel's greed and trying to charge a fortune for tired rehashed characters and plots.

  • Need narrators and sound effects

    by Leedawg01

    A digital comic book is not is not a comic book without narrators and sound effects. If I want to actually read a comic book, I would go to the store and buy a printed copy, but this is digital! I think you should have a sound choice in settings so the reader could toggle it on or off. But I want sound! Each character having a voice. Explosions, people screaming, etc. having sound! This would be boring just reading the words. There's a lot more here to experience than just reading!! Please make this happen.

  • Won't download

    by i dance to no music

    Nothing that I have purchased will download. I feel like I have wasted my money. Very unsatisfying.

  • Errors

    by handycapman 

    Won't let me download

  • Download Error

    by po-boy

    Purchased my first comic book, keep receiving a download error. Pretty lame app.

  • Crash!!

    by Josuave

    Downloading the app itself took way too long. Once downloaded I finally bought a comic. Again, took a couple hours before I was able to download. Once downloaded the whole app crashed. I'd give it zero stars but it forces me to leave a one star...

  • Bad

    by Mase455795

    Worst app ever stopid old comics

  • A slap in the face to all us digital subscribers...

    by MR-M7MD 

    It's ridiculous that you would ask those who already pay annually for Marvel's digital comic subscription to pay again and again for the same content. I won't give this app anything above a single star until the developers add support for subscribers, and the OPTION to download and buy individual comic issues to read offline. I would be perfectly fine with viewing my digital subscription online-only just like the flash version on the website, and pay .99 or 1.99 to store them in my library permanently.

  • Bugs

    by clinton76c 

    I've had this app for a while and I love it. However, recently it started closing out of the comic in the middle of reading also some comics I cannot even view I've never had this problem so hopefully marvel can find a quick solution so I can get my read on again

  • Login broken - Cannot read comics

    by J.Lloyd

    Marvel app login is broken, not accepting the correct login info -- and thus, won't let me read any of the comics I purchased in-app or sync with my Comixology purchases from Marvel. When I choose option to reset my password, Marvel just sends me an email that gives my username and password (same login I am already attempting, and isn't working). Emailed customer support, but have not received response.

  • Update crashes

    by VinniviciMan

    Yeah, your update for "stability" crashes the app every time.

  • Just sad

    by Plague carrier

    Now with 60% of my previous purchases are now gone, now leaving big holes in the storylines I enjoy and entire mini series just gone, please fix

  • Take care!

    by Toohoop666

    Take care and dont buy subscriptions on the site because YOU CANT USE YOUR SUBSCRIPTIONS ON THIS APP !!!

  • What a shame

    by crazy e caos

    This app has it's moments however every few months it deletes earlier comics from redeeming hard copy comics and ask for a repurchase from the store. Your better off getting ComiXology app. This has been a huge disappointment .

  • Comic store unavailable

    by johhny54

    while i was browsing on marvel app on my itouch. I noticed the numbers in invaders (1977) and tomb of draucla (1972) were not right. I don't know what to do. can you help? Actually it's when I go to the store for more issues of invaders (1977) and tomb of Dracula (1972) the comic store is unavailable and when I try any other series it's available. Plus my iron man vol 1 comics are constally asking for updates and when I give it to them. I try delating them and downloading them again and they still ask for updates.

  • Nice Update

    by Grin job

    The new update works better than ever. This app lets me read comics wherever and whenever

  • Good App

    by ChazzyMoto

    Great app, got all my comics in one place through the cloud.

  • Fixed

    by Siucease03

    Thanks - new update works and looks great.

  • Nice functionality...but HATE the new color scheme.

    by emnm13

    The functionality running under iOS7 is improved but it is my opinion that you've taken one of the best looking apps on the iPad / iPhone and ruined it. I really dislike the new color scheme, the pastel colors and the mostly white backgrounds. If this is where things are headed, please give us some options for picking a color scheme. Also, I think you went from having the best splash screen of all the comic apps to now having a bad one...boring. Thanks!

  • Love reading comics on my iPad

    by Asgshadow

    Marvel comics app makes it easy to download and search for hard to find comics. This is a great resource to have for any comic enthusiast

  • Open problems

    by SuperdooperDAN

    What the heck!!! Sometimes the app is doing fine. Most of the times the app won't even open. I have to delete and re-download alot now. Please fix it. I don't want this to be a constant thing. I have to keep downloading my comics whenever I redo this. It's getting really annoying.

  • Glitchin'

    by KalUrufu

    Whenever I try to turn a page the app freezes up and i have to reopen it, please fix!

  • Crashes and reboots

    by EddyHopper

    Turn a page or two, the screen goes black and the iPad reboots. And here I thought Marvel was staying away from reboots.

  • Keeps crashing

    by Jessiemst

    This new update only seems to be good for crashing my iPad. Please fix this, there's a lot of comics to read and not enough time to be dealing with a glitchy app.

  • Problem downloading

    by Ironjoe1015

    Having problems downloading comics. Please help me or fix it

  • Crashing while reading

    by Smev Farris

    On my iPod touch, this app crashes at least three times per comic while reading. Occasionally, it even causes my iPod to reboot. Please repair this, because I really loved this app.

  • Broken

    by PrismaticEcho

    Just downloaded the app 9/19/2013 and nothing happens when I click to buy a comic. It doesn't show up in my comics or anywhere. Guess it's broken.

  • Not showing comics

    by O2456

    Make it work for the iPod please.

  • Just a mess

    by DMV98

    I've spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on in app purchases with this app, and now I can't access any of them without repurchasing? Lame!

  • What happened?

    by SirDMG62207

    Mobage! What happened? When started playing this game I thought it was great and would be greater as I got the hang of it. Well, I was wrong! As soon as I start to understand this game everything is screwed up... My deck that spent money on is useless... The raid events are total crap! The only way to win is to get raider cards which we now have to buy instead of being rewarded with them for placing well in the previous event! Well I can answer my own question... What happened? The same thing that happens to all great games... You made money and now you want more and you do not care how it effects your players... I thought this game might have been different... But I was wrong!

  • Needs ability to arrange series

    by jahasnell

    Firstly, I love the app. It could definitely use more issues of the series I love (Hulk), but I assume they will come with time. One thing that I would make my experience with the app MUCH more pleasant would be for the developers to allow user the ability to sort their collections the way they want to instead of just having everything be sorted alphabetically. I would like to sort my series/issues in a manner that has them chronological in order of release. It may be nit-picky, but it really is the one thing keeping me from five-star reviewing the app. PLEASE add personal control over the sorting of my digital comics!!!!

  • Works great with iPad mini!!

    by bmahmud88

    Love this App! Plus I can use my iTunes gift cards to buy comics. I'm never gonna buy comics that take up space again! This is awesome!

  • Use to be great

    by WHSH

    I use to love this app, it was fast, responsive, and organized. Very little crash. Now, after the last update, it crashes before it is finished loading, so for a week, I haven't been able to read any of my comics. Also, when it was working, very slow moving. Once updated, I'm sure it will go back to being a great comic app.


    by mentlegen

    FIX IT.

  • Error

    by 7 Wrath 7

    Can't log on any more. :(

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